July 29, 2014

Styling Trix

Well…we are kinda busting right now. Please brace yourselves…because I never thought cereal could look…this good. Ready?
Michelle and I were asked to design a Little Miss Party in a Box for Trix. Celebrating 60 years, new flavors and a whole new look. Chic, Colorful, Edible, Go.
So we brightened up brunch!
The box serves 6 of your friends for Sunday brunch, filled with goodies from some of the most adorable gals and fellow “mompreneurs” to making cereal super chic.
Set your table with these awesome placemats from Outside the Box Papers. They designed these fabulous placemats for our party and are the sweetest to work with!
Top your table with the basic setting BUT…make it super cute:
Ice cream cereal bowls, biodegradable spoons, cocktail napkins and stripey straws all by the awesome Joanne of Oh Goodie Designs. She made confetti wands just for us….do you know how much fun it is to toss confetti? Try it. Trust us.
Glass milk bottles for your orange juice, milk or to set out some flowers! These fabulous striped bottles are from our fave party store online: Shop Sweet Lulu. Filling all of your party needs in the most chic way!
Do you remember when you were growing up…going to a magic themed party? They were amongst my fave. The guy dressed up in a tux with a hat that he pulled a bunny out of? Got me every time. We used this nostalgia as inspiration to create a suitcase of Magic Trix. Filled with a magic wand, deck of cards that Ali designed a custom tin for and a suggestion for a magic card trick. All makes brunch a little more fun…!
To decorate our party, our ridiculously hard working, awesome intern, Caley, sorted through boxes and boxes of Trix to isolate each of the six new solid colors. This is where it all got real.
She then glued a rainbow of Trix onto clear glass cubes to make for the most fabulous centerpieces. My son, Gavin was all over this project taking great pride in sorting each of these fruity, colorful little puffs.
This whole set up made me feel like a kid again and gave great light to our breakfast table. And to make it even sweeter we added a super large clear balloon with rainbow confetti with a tissue tassel to match. Made by our gal Tara of One Stylish Party. Her balloons never fail when it comes to dramatic decor…and makes for great props in photos (as above with Me + Michelle).
Last but not least we filled a vase with Trix and added flowers to our decor. The secret is….take a glass of water for the flowers and drop it into your vase. Then fill in around the sides with your cereal. Voila! Chic and festive flowers.
Now want to know the best part of today? We are GIVING AWAY a Little Miss Party in a Box for Trix to one lucky winner! YAYYYY!!! You guys, you don’t want to miss this! You can set up your very own cereal chic party and we can’t wait to see how you do it. Here’s how you can enter for this LMP in a Box…
Enter to win:
1.)  You must be a Little Miss Party Planner Facebook Fan
2.) Leave a comment on our blog, Facebook or Instagram telling us how you would make cereal chic.
3.) Tag 2 friends on our Instagram for an additional entry.
Winner will be announced this Friday August 1st.

All photos above were taken by Dave Robbins Photography

xx, Seri
Party conversation
  1. Lisa Hershman

    First, I would take a cereal like Trix and separate out the different colors. Then I’d take a series of shadow box frames with white borders and line the back with a black and white print wallpaper, wrapping paper, whatever. Then I would partially fill each shadow box with a different color cereal and hang them on the wall in a row or a grid. Poof – chic cereal home decor! :)

  2. Marissa

    You came up with some really creative ideas!

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