August 10, 2013

Pancakes in your PJ’s

When a kid is looking their all time cutest…it’s usually in a pair of pajamas. I know my kids get me every night after the bath…melts my heart.
So we were super psyched when a mom called us recently and asked if we could help her out with her daughter Livie’s 2nd birthday party…and she wanted a Pancakes in your PJ’s theme. Such fun! And so fitting for a little girl.
Lindsey, Livie’s Mom, had a clear vision of what she wanted for this party. A palette of grey, pastel yellow, grape purple and kelly green. Love love love these colors combined! She had a friend design the invite and she asked all the kids to come dressed in their jammies. Brilliant.
To entertain the kids Lindsey arranged for a musician to come in and also requested we set up some activities. So Ali designed pages for the kids to color and we also set out bowls of cereal with string to make necklaces and bracelets…and eat some sugary treats along the way!
 The party was called for 10:30am. Best time for the kids because they are fresh and ready to play. Also a great time for the menu Lindsey had planned…
We called in Chef Sue Park to whip up a delicious brunch which consisted of:
* Mini fritatas
* Mini pancake skewers with fruit and maple syrup & cinnamon butter
* Fruity pebble and Rice Krispy bars
We also set out some mini cinnabons and donuts on sticks for the guests to grab and go.
To round it all out we served some bagels, lox and cream cheese from Murray’s Cheese alongside a platter of fruit.
The food all went on a table that was set to look like a bed with a flat purple sheet, pillow and bunny to boot. We filled glass vases with cereal and stuck yellow glitter letters that Ali crafted into each to spell out Livie. Was so cute!
For a sweet ending we got mini cupcakes from Sugar Sweet Sunshine. We surrounded the minis around a large cupcake that was made special for Livie.
The birthday event took place in the party room of Lindsey’s apartment building. What an incredible perk to a Manhattan apartment!  I wish I had a party room in my building!! We set up kids table and chairs for the little ones to do their activities and eat. No one sat for very long but it sure did look cute with all of the polka dot balloons that we used to decorate!
Though I was not actually at this party — it was all set up by the amazing Ali — it looked like it was a ton of fun and was absolutely adorable.
I’m so glad we had the opportunity to help make this birthday special for this sweet 2 year old…Happy happy birthday Livie!

xx, Seri
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