July 8, 2013

Luke’s Luau

Being a born & bred Canadian, I’ve never really cared much about the 4th of July holiday. For me it’s always been about Canada’s birthday which happens to fall a few days earlier on July 1st since I grew up there and all of my family is still there. But this all changed one fateful evening last summer…just after July 4th…
It’s hard to believe that one year ago I had the best day in Sunset beach followed by a drive to the hospital
So this July 4th was definitely different from the rest. I couldn’t have been more excited to celebrate.
Last year I was super stressed over the thought of having a c-section for a crazy little breeched baby…turns out…he was an angel. I am so blessed and thankful that the decisions I made a year ago all worked out and brought me another sweet baby boy.
As the summer kicks off we have a business to be so proud of and a family to be so grateful for. We are so lucky to be surrounded by our beautiful babies from days old Alexandra to the big man on campus.
This July 4th I wanted to have a weekend that would go off with a bang…and since Luke’s first birthday happened to fall on the Saturday just two days after the 4th it was set up perfectly to throw a kick ass party.
I imagined given the date it would be a scorcher…and thought:  A Luke Luau. How perfect?!
What do you think of for a Luau? I think, Pig.
After endless research Ali found Fig & Pig. The second I heard that name I was sold. It’s all about the clever name…
I called em up and said – I want a pig. Talk to me. Do you build a spit? Does it have an apple in it’s mouth? Can we name it? You may have stopped reading by now and I apologize to the vegetarians out there reading this blog post. Please don’t hate me for being a food lover!
Here are the answers in case you’re wondering…all given to me by the amazing Holly of Fig & Pig:
* for a noon start time, no spit. We will cook the pig the day before and finish it at your house.
I wonder…
Will a pig fit in my oven? It did. All 30 pounds.
* Sure you can name it! Our pig is from Leaping Waters Farm in Alleghany Springs, VA. 
Ok so we named it Norma. Not sure if it was a girl – just go with it.
* The pig will have an apple in it’s mouth. 
The reason I believe is because the teeth are nasty…
Unfortunately the apple fell out of our pigs mouth in cooking…so we made do with it’s teeth hanging out of it’s mouth on the table with us…
I can tell you this. That pig was amazing. Perfectly cooked and delicious. Our guests went nuts.
What was even more amazing about Fig & Pig was the rest of our menu for Luke’s Luau…
Brace yourselves.
Whole Roasted Heritage Pig brioche buns, spicy pickles
Grilled Corn
Fava, Spring Pea, and Local Greens Salad
Buttermilk Coleslaw
Lemon and Herbed Potato Salad
Thomas Jefferson Baked Beans
24 Hour Brined Fried Chicken (AKA the BEST chicken I have ever eaten in my whole entire life. Bold statement and I stand by it)pig6
 The food was outrageous. Holly from F&P and her staff were an absolute pleasure to work with, fried fresh chicken in my garage and made sure no one went hungry. What a great find from Brooklyn…We capped the meal off with Fudgie the Whale cakes from Carvel – so perfectly fitting for the steamy hot and sunny day that we got so fortunate to have for our party…along with bite size mini cheesecakes from Holey Moses in Westhampton which are so good they literally make you want to shout: HOLY MOSES!

The rest of the details were made super easy by my friends over at Party City. Who better to turn to for Luau supplies?! We created a Tiki Hut bar where we served John Daly’s (Sweet tea Vodka mixed with Lemonade over ice) in Pineapple Sippy cups (yes the adults used these) while giggling under an inflatable Palm Tree Cooler filled with Beers and Sodas. 
Of course we set out paper umbrellas at the bar along with tons of drinks, stripey straws and some pineapples that we cut out to make vases with…
From Party City we also got tons of leis, Hawaii themed paper plates, cups that we personalized with stickers designed by Ali and lantern garland to boot.
I set out some pictures from Luke’s first year which is something we do for so many of our client’s events and is always fun for the guests to look at.
We had about 40 kids at the party. After speaking with my friends who were staying with us for the weekend I got super nervous about what their reaction was going to be to the dead pig on the table. Like why is Olivia the pig burnt to a crisp and up there ready to be eaten?
Luckily…Norma didn’t phase any of them at all. Actually…they lined up to take pictures with her instead…
And then hit the pool and hit it hard.
The weekend was incredible. One to be remembered and a birthday for Luke that we’ll never forget. Though it was a lot of work, it was worth every minute of it. A client recently asked me what the secret was to be able to do it all. I thought about this for a few minutes ..and the only thing I could think of was actually…I might be a robot. But that’s not it…it’s the people I surround myself with. Most importantly my husband, the best partner and person on earth, my children who are my heartbeats (as my mom always says), my partner Michelle and our talented staff members Ali & Kelsey along with the rest of my family and my friends. Who else would go to these lengths to come dressed as a family in matching Hawaiian outfits…I mean, c’mon. BEST FRIENDS EVER!

We had friends and family travel out east to spend the day celebrating with us and couldn’t have been more grateful. We love you all and hope you know that you are so special to us.
Happy first Birthday Lukie! Here’s to many more July 4th weekend celebrations and good times ahead.  We love you!
*All photos above taken by Ali & Tim.

xx, Seri
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