August 3, 2017

A Parisian themed Bridal Shower

Hosted by the bride’s mother and soon-to-be mother in law, we celebrated a Parisian-inspired bridal shower lunch at a quaint restaurant in Toronto’s Distillery District. Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie is a venue fit for a chic event like this one. The room is decked out in vintage décor, art, and mirrors. The beautiful windows, lighting, and ceilings make the space charming and full of character.

Guests enjoyed a lovely three-course lunch. Guests could choose to start with either a tomato soup or Caesar salad. The main course was a choice between salmon or chicken. And finally, the sweetest course of all was a maraschino cherry tartlet, with vanilla and salted caramel ice cream.

This shower will filled with many traditional-game-loving guests, but we kept it simple and only played a few games that didn’t really involve much movement. Games were organized at each guests’ seat and they were simple and sweet. One of our favorites was He Said, She Said. The game card had a variety of different statements and guests had to guess who they thought said each – the bride or the groom! Another crowd pleaser was the Date Night Jar. Guests were able to write a fun date idea for the happy couple and place them in a jar for the bride and groom to use when they’re stuck for a date idea! 

The dessert table was created with a two-tiered semi naked cake as the focal point. Also included on the sweet table was a variety of cookies and squares made for the taking. There were to-go containers ready for the ladies to pack up as many cookies as they could fit!

The lovely groom-to-be popped in at the end for a quick hello and flower drop off. 

At the end of the party guests walked away with “thank you” succulents potted in gold sprayed terra cotta pots. It was the perfect send off to the most perfect shower.

Party Credits
Photography – Magnolia Studios
Venue – Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie
Floral Design – Coriander Girl
Invitations, Place cards, Menus – Minted
Cake – Nutmeg Bakeshop 
Event Planning and Styling – Daniella Visconti for Little Miss Party and Debi Traub of Simply Beautiful Eating

xx, Seri
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July 27, 2017

How to Host a Garden Party

Our new Little Miss Shower Party in a Box is quite possibly the cutest selection of party supplies we’ve ever seen. Since you have the option to choose between a script balloon that says “love” or “baby,” you can really use it for any occasion! We chose Love, for a bridal shower, and we glammed it up with this glitter balloon DIY.

Last week, we hosted this bridal shower in Seri’s backyard and recorded every step so you can see EXACTLY how she made it look so fabulous. It was easy, fast, and beyond gorgeous. This How to Host episode will show you how to prep your meal, set your table, and serve your drinks. Below the video, you will find printable cards with the shopping lists and links for everything we made!

Watch and LEARN! Seri is the hosting queen, and she’s ready to show you just how easy it is to do yourself.


You can find the steps for our Summer Corn Salad here and the steps for the Potato Salad here.

For more party tips and behind the scenes, follow @littlemissparty on Instagram!

xx, Maggie
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July 20, 2017

DIY Glitter Balloon

Last week, we hosted a Garden Party Bridal Shower (post and video on that coming soon!) using our Little Miss Shower Party in a Box. In that box is one of our favorite script balloons, and we decided to glam it up for this event. It’s the easiest DIY ever and such a quick way to add a little sparkle to your decor.

We created this video with each of the steps. Watch and see just how easy it is!

You will need:
-A foil balloon, like our “love” balloon shown here.
Spray adhesive, which we found on Amazon.
-Iridescent craft glitter from Michael’s.

We can’t wait to see how you transform this DIY! Be sure to share your photos with us by tagging @littlemissparty on Instagram!

xx, Maggie
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July 12, 2017

Daniella’s Bachelorette Bash with our Party in a Box

Ok, how perfect is the Bachelorette Party in a Box? I think the day that Little Miss Party released it I sent a group text to my bridesmaids telling them my bachelorette absolutely needed it. They were onboard and then told me that my work was done and they had the rest handled…..with wedding planning this is exactly what a bride wants to hear! As a someone who is obsessed with all things wedding and party related, by passing this Party in a Box off to my bridesmaids I was able to rest easy knowing the party was going to be the most tasteful, gorgeous bachelorette.

My bridesmaids hosted a pre-party at my condo in Toronto using the box. We had gone to Her Majesty’s Pleasure in the afternoon, which is a chic nail and hair salon, to get party ready. We then we popped over to Gusto 101 for a quick dinner before coming back to get the bachelorette fun underway!

Since we had eaten, we kept the food light and simple: veggies, popcorn, and chips to munch on. We had sugar cookies that guests could take as favors, and a cake that had the line “One Penis Forever”, because it’s the truth and it’s really as vulgar as we wanted this party to get.

We made a huge batch of sangria to use as our signature drink – the neon champagne flutes were perfect for this! We did a big group cheers and started to party.

One of the most fun parts of my bachelorette party was that my bridesmaids hired a “butler” from Butlers in the Buff. This was such a great alternative to someone else that may come to the party…. You know, the guy who is dressed up as a police officer and tells you that you’re party is too loud…… Our butler was such a gentleman and was so much fun to have around! He made us drinks, poured us extra champagne, helped us with our party games, and took photobooth photos for us. Oh and he helped us put on our “Bride Tribe” tattoos from the box! All while giving us a great view of his back side.

Just to throw this out there…..I hate bridal, wedding, bachelorette cheese. If I never have to dress someone in a toilet paper wedding dress I will be a happy girl. So, here are my top three non-cheesey games for bachelorette parties (and they happen to be the three games we played!):

1) Who Knows The Bride Best (….this is included in the Party in a Box and it was such a hit!): Guests answer a card full questions about the bride. The person with the most correct answers wins and gets to hand out five shots to party-goers!

2) The-Almost-Newlywed Game: Bridesmaids come up with a list of questions for the groom to answer (i.e. Where was your first kiss? Tip: There are tons of question ideas on Pinterest!). Keep answers recorded then ask the bride the same questions. Provide a white board and marker for her to write on her answers on. If she gets the question right and her answer is the same as the groom’s she hands out a shot, if she gets the answer different from the groom, she takes a shot! My sister scored extra points and she actually videotaped my fiancé saying his answers out loud and hooked up her phone to the TV so we got to see him answer the question, which was so much fun! Another note…. I got 7 out of 12 questions wrong. Yup. I took 7 shots in less than 15 minutes.

3) Porn or Polish: All over Pinterest there are lists of nail polishes that may be mistaken for the name of an adult movie. We had a list of questions and bicycle bells. The person running the game says the title, and the first to ring in answers if it is a porn or polish. Of course, loser takes a shot and calls up the next girl to battle!

After the games we blasted our LMP Spotify Playlist and hopped into the photobooth! You’ll notice that we had tinsel backdrop and “she said yaaaas” banner for our table AND for our photobooth backdrop. Well, that’s because the ladies at Little Miss Party are so accommodating and love to customize their boxes. We fell in love with the backdrop and knew we needed it for behind the table and for the photobooth. All it took was one quick email and our box was customized to include the extra items. I mean, how easy is that?

Photobooths need props! We found a website that sold printable bachelorette themed props, printed them off onto card stock at Staples, and hot glued a wooden dowel from the dollar store to the back.

Ladies, if your friend or sister or anyone you know is engaged and you’re planning a bachelorette, you absolutely need this Little Miss Party in a Box. It made our party planning so simple, easy, and the end result was absolutely stunning. Can we all make a pact to eliminate penis straws and feather boas from our bachelorette vocabulary?

xoxo, Daniella

xx, Seri
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June 14, 2017

Last Minute Wedding Planning Tips

We most recently had the honor and challenge of pulling of a beautiful, earth day inspired wedding in less than 6 weeks.

When the first email came through, our bride, Isabel, sounded hopeless. Like no one could pull off a wedding in such a short amount of time. I said huh? Us? We strive under pressure and tight timelines. I said Bring.It.On.

Isabel knew what she wanted. She had a clear vision, she just needed someone to execute it. That’s where we stepped in. And here’s how we accomplished one of the most beautiful events to date…

Venue: The big popular venues book up months, even years in advance. However there are always options as long as you’re willing to be flexible. Isabel was lucky enough to be able to hold her wedding in her fiancé’s parent’s  apartment. We made the space work by setting up chairs that we rented for the ceremony, set up a satellite bar for cocktail hour in the hallway (one neighbor, and she was cool with it!) and flipped the room for dinner.

Officiant: Isabel had this all lined up with a best friend who prepared a beautiful ceremony led with passion and love.

Marriage license: You will need to have this arranged ASAP to have in time for your ceremony. You can find all the details and paperwork to apply with a simple search online.

Attire: The best site for last minute, quality, well priced wedding dresses is BHLDNThey offer a huge variety of styles in the latest fashions and are ready to ship so you can receive quickly and with enough time to take to your local seamstress to alter if necessary. Isabel was on this and already had her dress when she got in touch.

Photographer: The most important vendor at your wedding. We booked Dave Robbins Photography for Isabel’s wedding and she told us after receiving the photos, it was the best decision she made.

Look & Feel of the wedding: The wedding date was set for April 22nd, Earth Day. Isabel wanted decor to give an eco-feel to her party with tons of lush greenery and pops of fuchsia. She had inspiration photos for us to review including a photo of a stunning flower crown that she wanted us to make for her to wear for the day.

The team over at Paperfinger took care of sourcing these brooklyn light bulbs for our table cards and wrote in stunning calligraphy, the name of each guest. For the menu, we used recycled sparkling water bottles and affixed the menu.

Hair & Make up: For wedding beauty we love to refer our clients to Beautini. They show up with a team of artists who work their magic and leave you looking gorgeous and ready for photos.

Food:  Fresh, seasonal ingredients are a little last minute themselves. So the food is the easy part. Check out your local caterer, tell them what you love, or leave it to them. We love Poppy’s Catering for their creative, delicious, gorgeous meal for Isabel’s wedding. They also baked a cake to perfection. We decorated the simple, buttercream frosting with greenery and Isabel placed it with a meaningful cake topper.

Flowers:  Flowers  can add up quickly at a wedding. If you’re on a budget you can find flowers at your local farmer’s market or flower shop and if you tell them they are for your wedding the vendor should be willing to negotiate. Use household items such as recycled wine bottles, glass jars or pretty water glasses as vases. Prep the flowers the night before and keep them in a cool, dark spot until you are ready to use them.  For Isabel’s wedding we arranged a huge runner of greens and fuchsia peonies to line the dinner tables. It was a dramatic look but low enough that everyone could see the person they were sitting across from.

Guest Book: It’s so nice to have something when it’s all said and done, to remember your wedding day. Of course, the photos are #1. But we love coming up with a creative way to have a guest book.  For Isabel’s wedding we took a page from my Sister’s wedding and set up a Jenga game with markers so each guest could sign a block. After the wedding and for years to follow, Isabel & Sean will always be able to look back at their guest’s notes and remember their special day.

All photos by Dave Robbins Photography

xx, Seri
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