April 26, 2017

Party in Palm Springs

Recently we found the Little Miss Bachelorette Party at the most fabulous party in Palm Springs.

This bachelorette party was being hosted by the sister of the bride. She got her hands on our bachelorette party and set up the perfect party for gals to enjoy with snacks, champagne and a very special activity.

The Bachelorette Party box includes a blueprint booklet that walks you through the planning process and steps for prepping your party. Also included is a bridal party game about how well you know the bride.

I love how with the bachelorette party box you don’t have to think about the tableware and decor at all. We put together a beautiful, color collection that is so festive for this fun, wild celebration.

After the girls popped champagne and tossed the confetti…the surprise activity was to begin.

The girls hired the Artful Bachelorette. Our new obsession. Owner and girl boss, Fleur is an artist who started this incredible business where an artist comes to your space with a male model who poses nude for the girls to sketch.

EVERY time Artful Bachelorette puts on a party the girls go wild. They draw, giggle, drink, giggle more. It’s a hoot.

I mean…that tushie. Do I need to say more? What a GREAT idea for a bachelorette party! So much classier and cooler than a scary stripper!

We are so excited to be working with the Artful Bachelorette to offer the Bachelorette Party in a Box at a discounted rate when you book their service for your party. Contact us here for more information.

Photos by Scott Clark Photo

xx, Seri
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March 20, 2017

Flower Power

Today is about using fresh flowers to make pretty crowns just in time for spring…which is TODAY! Happy Spring everyone.

We recently brought a new team member on board, the most fantastic intern, Natalie who has been a great asset to our team. Her greatest skill in the LMP Office: flower arranging. Could she fit in any better?

She lead a flower crown making workshop for us and we of course turned it into a party. What a fun way to spend a morning with friends, huh?! We served a simple breakfast with fresh pastries, croissants and a enormous sweet brioche that we found at our local bakery. Abby brewed a pot of coffee and of course we toasted with pink bubbly.

If you plan to host a flower crown making party, ask your friends to dress for the season and no doubt they will pull out some pretty fabulous pops of color…

Here’s how you can make these flowers crowns with a few materials (easily found on Amazon) and a lotta flowers (if you live in warm climate then check your backyard first!).

Floral Wire
Floral tape
Good scissors
Leafy florals (ie. Italian ruscus, babies breath, spray roses)

1. Take your floral wire and fit it around your head so that you know how long it needs to be.

2. Shape the floral wire into a circle and then twist the end in order to keep it in place at the length you need. (For added security, make the length even longer and wrap the extra around the crown to make it thicker).

3. Take your floral tape and begin wrapping it around the entire crown (Make sure you are gently pulling the tape as your wrap, so that the tape becomes sticky).

4. Begin making small bouquets with your flowers and greenery. Then wrap the ends with the floral tape.

5. Take a long piece of greenery and twist it around the crown, then secure with floral tape.

6. Add in the small bouquets and secure with floral tape, add or subtract to your liking.

7. Take some pictures and have fun!

Photos by Gillian Stippa

xx, Seri
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August 24, 2016

We are officially inspired to write a book….


A few months back we met some really lovely ladies who started a company called Tweed Wolf. They came in to our office to explain what they do and our eyes immediately lit up. These gals craft beautiful photo books. The best part is…you don’t have to choose the photos. They will do it for you!


Remember back in the day when you had FILM? We had to snail mail it in to get photos printed. Then buy photo albums with sleeves and stick the photos in there. Yeah, well, I have about 40000 photo albums from when I was a kid…up until about my first born was one. Now…I have NOTHING!  It’s all online, totally unorganized and all over the place.


So when Tweed Wolf came over and said “We’ll take all of the beautiful photos you have from the years of work you have done and we’ll cull them down into a photo album for you…” we were like, yes please!


Before sending the photos we did however come up with a concept for this book. A way to showcase the photos so they make sense to other people who may flip through our photo book.


After receiving this album from our friends at Tweed Wolf we have decided to keep this concept hush for the moment….because this book is so fabulous it has quite literally inspired us to get writing! And hopefully one day have a Little Miss Party book that we can share with the world.


And you know what else? This may just have to be my new go to gift for milestone birthdays. This weekend my niece is turning one. I hired a photographer for the event….guess what I’ll be doing with the photos?!


Huge huge huge thanks to Tweed Wolf for the work and effort they put into creating such a beautiful album for us. We will cherish this forever.

Tweed Wolf albums can now be purchased through the Little Miss Party in a Box website.

xx, Seri
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August 10, 2016

An Epic Bachelorette Party


One of my favorite memories from the time I was preparing to get married was my bachelorette party. There is something to be said about your best girlfriends making a huge effort to celebrate such a special time in your life.


Recently we planned a bachelorette party with a Little Miss Party in a Box. We planned for a backyard cocktail party including a huge surf board charcuterie.



We gave the task of setting up our box to one of our friends as a challenge to prove just how simple it is to do. She nailed the set up and created a stunning tablescape for our surfboard snacks.


We toasted to the bride while sharing tons of memories and laughs. It was nothing short of a fabulous evening.


Thanks to Brittany Lo of Beautini for turning our Little Miss Party in a Box into an epic bachelorette party. And to Maggie Antalek for the gorgeous photos and this incredible video of our set up…

Take the stress out of planning your next party with a Little Miss Party in a Box. You can shop the box here.

xx, Seri
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  1. Vanessa Hodge

    Bachelorette parties are always rocking and is the best time to spend together with all your friends. I would surely suggest my friend to have her bachelorette party with little miss party planner.

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August 4, 2016

A Glamping Inspired Engagement Shoot


This adorable newly engaged couple loves spending time together reading and snuggling, especially with their handsome kitty, Blue. Since the early Spring weather was too cold for an outdoor shoot, we decided to stay warm and cozy inside with a glamorous lace teepee (Tuscan Teepee) that might remind the couple of a spring-time glamping trip ahead, as well as plenty of fluffy blankets (KnottyBlankets) and pillows for cuddling, relaxing, and playing with their kitty Blue!


To keep things modern and chic, we looked for minimalistic and geometric decor to complement the space: a gorgeous handmade hexagonal tray (WhiskyGinger) served iced tea and cupcakes, two colorful geometric modern ring boxes stored their new treasures (OhDierLiving), and polygonal terrariums and lanterns spruced up the space with greenery and light. To give it a personal touch, we also included a custom, handmade wooden Connect 4 game (ThePearsonShop), personalized with the couple’s name and wedding date, as well as some fun and flirty calligraphy pillows and mugs (ParrisChicBoutique). Our florist for the shoot, Sweet Thorn Flora, added a pop of color and texture with her beautiful and varied floral arrangements.





When envisioning the wardrobe for this shoot, Allison Koehler’s main goal was to keep things cozy and romantic. We immediately pictured a loose, flowy top and cozy long cardigan for the bride-to-be and a layered look for the groom-to-be. We wanted to balance out the color of the scene with neutral tones and different washes of denim. There’s nothing like cozying up to the one you love in an outfit you feel comfortable in; we love the way the couples’ looks compliment each other without matching. LP Styling did the bride-to-be’s hair and makeup to create a glamorous, yet natural and relaxed look.


An engagement shoot in the early spring should also be enjoyed with crisp and bright flavor, so we decided to welcome the warmer weather with lavender lemonade and lemon iced tea! We wanted the bar to compliment all of the bright flowers so they added edible flowers to a large punch bowl of homemade lemonade. To serve the ice tea we propped up a glass beverage dispenser garnished with sliced lemons and fresh mint. The couple also snacked on sweet vanilla rose piped chocolate cupcakes made by The Cupcake Studio.




It was romantic, sweet and so lovely working with this fabulous team. These two will definitely have an engagement album of photos to remember!

Photography / Diane Hu Photography 
Event Planner & Food / Little Miss Party
Wardrobe Stylist / Allison Koehler
Florist / Sweet Thorn Flora
Hair & Makeup / LP Styling
Desserts / Cupcake Studio NY

Special finds:
Mason Jars & Calligraphy Pillows
Brass Himmeli
Personalized Connect-4
Ring Boxes
Hexagonal Tray

xx, Seri
Party conversation
  1. Vanessa Hodge

    Simple, elegant and sweet, I guess these three words are enough to describe this post. Couple look gorgeous together and compliment each other very well. Congratulation to both. may they have a beautiful wedding too.

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