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December 8th

Mandy’s Meals & More

Copper is the new gold! Have you heard? It’s all the rage.
With the recent announcement of Pantone’s color of the year, we have been testing different colors that enhance the upcoming “Marsala” tone.pantone
Copper is a perfect pairing with this deep, rich “rust” color. We played around with the new metallic at our American Thanksgiving, in Canada.
This adorable reindeer was from Target! We bought copper spray paint from Lowes and doused the guy in the backyard.
MM&M 12.7 2
We also played around with tea light candles and an old mustard jar.
MM&M 12.7 3
Find any glass jar in your house and wrap it with painters tape, as many lines as you please.
Then spray paint!
Let it dry over night before carefully pealing the tape off.
Voila! Metallic striped vase.
MM&M 12.7 4
Given that it was thanksgiving we painted mini pumpkins.
MM&M 12.7 5
For Christmas and Hanukkah you can make it more seasonally appropriate.
What about spray painting twigs copper? Or Copper glitter vases? Ohh lala!
MM&M 12.7 6
How would you enjoy these new metallic colors?
Let us know in the comments below!

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October 16th

My Boys.

I tend to joke a lot about how much my kids drive me nuts. You know sometimes they do.
But no really, they are the ultimate precious beings in my life.
If I could bottle the love I have for these boys I would do so and slap a funky label on it. The bond that I share with these little people is unimaginable and more special to me then I ever would have dreamed.

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October 13th

The Apples of my Eye

The air is crisp, the leaves have turned and Thanksgiving falls one month early in Canada. It’s my favorite time of year to travel back home to visit my family. And what better way to spend a warm, sunny fall day then to go apple picking?
The orchards just outside Toronto are beautiful. Today we visited the Carl Laidlaw Orchard. It was perfection. A hayride, apples upon apples and a pit where you could roast your own hot dogs and corn. The kids had a ball.
The apples were crisp and perfect for snacking on while we were out today. We also brought bags of them home to make pie, crisps and stuffing with.
I have the fondest childhood memories of going apple picking and I hope to be creating the same precious memories for my kids. Talking about the colors of the leaves, recipes we can make together and fun we had with Aunt Mandy and my best friend and her kids…was a perfect way to spend a Sunday in Toronto.
Check back with us tomorrow…we’ll be giving you a glimpse into our Canadian Thanksgiving dinner with a sesame turkey and so much more.

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June 25th

No Brainer Dreamsicles by The Garden of Eatin’

I think by now you know that here @thegardenofeatin I’m obsessed with easy recipes which require a minimal amount of ingredients. Well folks, this frozen treat CANNOT be more simple to make. Haul yourself into the kitchen right now because you need to create these magical treats on a stick. Here’s what you need to do…..
Open your fridge. Look inside – most likely to the left in the back on the second shelf you should have a container of yogurt…preferably Greek. How did I live without Greek yogurt for my entire life? And what took the Greeks so long to mass produce this dairy product? These are questions I need answered but not right now. Now open your fruit drawer and see if you have any peaches (4 to be exact) ….if you only have 3 peaches and 1 nectarine you can improvise and substitute one for another or if you don’t have peaches you can use ANY form of berry that you have hanging around…no one will judge you.
Let’s grab that yogurt container and those fruities and get going because the only difficult part of making this recipe is waiting for these suckers to freeze.
12 oz of any flavour non-fat Greek yogurt (I used ZERO fat….which is even better for bikini season)
4 peaches or nectarines, peeled – remember, you can sub berries if you don’t have peaches/nectarines
(I hear you thinking out loud….why are there only two ingredients listed here…she must have forgotten to write something above OR while cutting and pasting she neglected to PASTE)
There are really and truly only 2 …YES 2 ingredients needed for this deliciousness. Wouldn’t life be grand if every recipe was 2 ingredients? Perhaps.
Fill the popsicle mold up halfway with the greek yogurt.
Freeze for at least 3 hours.
Purée the peaches or berries in blender and pour into the *ice pop mold.
Add the popsicle sticks.
*Here’s a little trick for you. I recently purchased a really cool ice pop maker by FOX RUN which comes with an aluminum top that has little slits for the sticks. I made a batch of blueberry ice pops last weekend and had a huge fight trying to release that top from the mold. So as to avoid throwing the whole thing against the wall this time around I simply stuck the sticks in and covered the mold with tin foil! Easy and no need to wrestle with the stupid thing.
Freeze for another 3 hours and…..

These are totally worth the 6 hour wait…. similar to flying from here to London to see the Crown Jewels.
xoxo Debi

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June 11th

Homemade Froyo with the Garden of Eatin’

Hi!! The Garden of Eatin is back this week to bring you a family friendly favorite. The sun is shining and it’s getting stinkin’ hot outside so what can you make that’s quick (except the waiting for it to freeze part), easy and budget friendly? Helloooo! Homemade FROYO! I’ve always been obsessed with kitchen gadgets but have never allowed myself to buy an ice cream maker. When I researched frozen yogurt recipes I came across one that doesn’t require another kitchen appliance that will inevitably end up sleeping next to my fondue set which I last used in 1981.
The best way to produce an interesting treat in your home is to try it first on unsuspecting rent-free tenants……my boys. Even if the food product is inedible, it somehow seems to disappear into their bodies. That’s the beauty of having sons with appetites the size of a small country. Just for information purposes only….we have a local froyo shop around the corner, you know the type of operation I’m talking about.
Step one enter the store.
Step two grab a giant cup.
Step three grab a bunch of tiny taste testing cups.
Step four pull down the levers of at least 6 flavours into your giant cup.
Step 5….pile on the toppings…oh those toppings!
Step 6…weigh your cup and wonder how in the world a “low-fat” cup of frozen yogurt can be tipping the toledo’s at over 2lbs. Gaaahhhh!  Oh who cares.

This week I attempted to recreate the classic froyo and lo and behold this vision of beauty came into our lives. The recipe is super easy, which if you get to know me you will understand that making anything with over 5 to 7  ingredients makes me shvitz ( sweat ). Try this recipe and let me know if it’s worth its weight in deliciousness. Oh and by the way…when no one was looking I baked up a batch of giant peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, slapped some FroYo in between 3 of them and jacked it up into a super fun decadent dessert.

Homemade Froyo by The Garden of Eatin
6 cups mixed berries – I used strawberries raspberries blueberries and blackberries, but you can use one or all
2/3 cup  instant dissolving fruit/berry sugar
2 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
2 cups  Balkan-style plain yogurt, Greek or 2% plain yogurt
In a food processor (yes a food processor), whirl together fruit, sugar and lemon juice until smooth. Add yogurt; whirl until blended. Stick your finger in and taste it…I know you want to.
Press though sieve into 2 x 9-inch square metal cake pans; freeze until almost solid, about 1-1/2 hours. Break up the froyo and puree in food processor until smooth. Scrape into airtight container; freeze until firm, at least 4 hours. (Make-ahead: Freeze for up to 1 week.)

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