October 23, 2017

Creating Good with Brit + Co.

Living and working in New York City means that we have the opportunity to experience a lot of really cool events, but it’s always our favorite when we get to be involved in actually producing those events.

Maggie and I went to college with our friend Kelly, who lives in San Francisco and happens to be the DIY Designer for Brit + Co. Every year, Brit + Co. works tirelessly to produce incredible pop up events, including Re:make, which has been held the past few years in San Francisco.  This year they decided to bring their efforts to NYC for #CreateGood, a pop-up experience centered around inspiring women to be their best selves and encouraging them to be the most confident, creative versions of themselves.

Which is, of course, right up our alley.  Kelly and the team at Brit + Co. asked if we could not only help them build the event, but also design a few spaces within the event, and we were so excited to participate!

One of the sections of the event that we helped to build were the sensory rooms, which represented each of the 5 senses.  This event took place in an old American Apparel, so there were some fitting rooms built in, so each was repainted and repurposed.

There was the “Smell” room, which was painted to look like a watermelon and included a bunch of watermelon air fresheners so when you stepped in it it smelled entirely like watermelon.

The “Sound” room had a bunch of xylophones screwed into the wall so that whoever entered it could play them at will.  The back of the door had a pair of sweet glitter headphones, which I painted on.

The “Taste” room was filled with mini gumball machines on shelves that Kathleen built, and the walls were filled with gumball art, including swirls, dots and a big “Treat Yo Self”, made of gumballs.

The “Sight” room had a bunch of tchotchkes glued to the wall, which were spray painted hot pink.  You had to search the items and find the frog hidden among them!

Finally, the “Touch” room had a bunch of cool, different textured fabrics stapled to each wall, so people could enter the room and feel every surface.

We also helped to paint and build a few more spaced on the main floor, including the epic yarn wall, for which Maggie hand-stapled and zip tied each skein of yarn.

Maggie and I traced and painted this abstract wall, which acted as a backdrop for the Mixbook mailing station.

We helped our friend Kelly trace and paint the ice cream “YUM” wall, which acted as backdrop to the Talenti Gelato station.

One of the special events that Brit & Co. hosted in the space was a Disney’s Coco- themed family brunch on Saturday morning, for which me and my friend Ali painted these awesome white Ikea tables for the kids to sit at.

Throughout the rest of the upstairs, there were a million other Instagram-worthy areas, including the Don Julio Bar (with free cocktails), the Tattly Temporary Tattoo station, the Coco Guitar Wall, the Sorel Foot-Selfie floor, the Arcade, the Kia “Sky’s the Limit” Lounge, and the #CreateGood Stage.

We were asked by Brit + Co. to create some floral arrangements for the days of the event, which ended up being absolutely stunning and fit so well within the decor of the space.

Downstairs, we took the reins in designing some cool spaces, including the green room where the talent would be getting ready before going out on stage for their presentation.

Maggie created an epic yarn wall backdrop behind the hair and makeup station, using yarn and pom poms.

We spray painted some cardboard letters that spelled “Lookin’ Good, Feelin’ Fine”, which we affixed to the wall above one of the couches in the green room lounge area.

We also designed two separate vignettes, one warm and one cool, which acted as little video sets where behind-the-scenes interviews of the talent were conducted.

As you can tell, we had the best time being a part of this event, and could not be happier with how everything turned out.  Thanks again to Brit & Co. for including us!

Photos via Brit + Co. and Maggie Antalek. 

xx, Abby
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September 6, 2017

Summer in the City with MZ Wallace

After pretending to be a model for the MZ Wallace Mother’s Day campaign earlier this year, the team asked if LMP would host their #MZWSummerintheCity store event and I couldn’t have been more honored.

Guests were invited to the MZ Wallace Soho Store to shop and meet the LMP team plus hear some of our tips about “How to Host” a party.

What better way to promote a party than with PINK PARTY BALLOONS!  We filled the MZ Wallace store windows with our favorite script balloons and drew the crowd in off the street.

Best part of the party was Abby’s cocktail station where she mixed drinks and led a cocktail demo to teach the guests how to make her Ruby Red Grapefruit Gin & Tonic, which featured gin provided by our favorite NYC Liquor delivery service MiniBar Delivery.

The MZ Wallace team designed a beautiful postcard with the cocktail recipe on the back for guests to take hope and make themselves!

In addition to the cocktail, we also set up a station for small bites, sparkling champagne and water for guests to enjoy.

Throughout the rest of the space, we tied our favorite jumbo white balloons to MZ Wallace handbags, to call attention to the bags that were for sale.  We attached a variety of their fabulous accessories to the neck of each balloon.

To compliment the season we arranged fresh hot pink, peach and deep red flowers in white dwell vases and styled them around the room for bright pops of color that transition easily from summer to fall.

The event was such a success and we had so much fun sharing our tips with our fabulous guests.  We even had a special visit from a friend at Martha Stewart, who wrote up an awesome article about the event which you can read here.

Huge thanks to MZ Wallace for having us!

xx, Seri
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July 27, 2017

How to Host a Garden Party

Our new Little Miss Shower Party in a Box is quite possibly the cutest selection of party supplies we’ve ever seen. Since you have the option to choose between a script balloon that says “love” or “baby,” you can really use it for any occasion! We chose Love, for a bridal shower, and we glammed it up with this glitter balloon DIY.

Last week, we hosted this bridal shower in Seri’s backyard and recorded every step so you can see EXACTLY how she made it look so fabulous. It was easy, fast, and beyond gorgeous. This How to Host episode will show you how to prep your meal, set your table, and serve your drinks. Below the video, you will find printable cards with the shopping lists and links for everything we made!

Watch and LEARN! Seri is the hosting queen, and she’s ready to show you just how easy it is to do yourself.


You can find the steps for our Summer Corn Salad here and the steps for the Potato Salad here.

For more party tips and behind the scenes, follow @littlemissparty on Instagram!

xx, Maggie
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June 22, 2017

Taking a Tea Break with Harney & Sons

I have a slight obsession with tea.  It started in my teens, when I decided that I thought coffee was disgusting, but still needed a little jolt to get me going in the morning.  So I opted for green tea.  I now love coffee, but the obsession with tea has prevailed.

Photo via @cityfoodie

I have also been a huge fan of Harney & Sons as a brand AND for their tea flavors for many years.  Even before I moved to NYC, I would make a trip to the Harney & Sons showroom in Soho, and their store and restaurant in Millerton, NY.  That’s why, when Harney & Sons reached out to team LMP about participating in a Tea Party video shoot for their #ThisIsTea campaign, I was quick to jump at the opportunity.

On the day of the shoot, I trekked to Brooklyn to the cutest little house called “The Love Shack”, and after hair & makeup, spent the whole day shooting a video all about our epic tea party.  I met some other incredible influencers from NYC, and got to sample some pretty delicious tea and tea party snacks in the process.

The people from Harney & Sons interviewed me about what tea means to me, and I explained that when I studied abroad in England, it was a favorite activity of mine to go to this cute little tea room in Camden Town to sample the tea and read, for hours.  Every time I drink some delicious tea I think back to studying abroad and how I had the time of my life! You can see my whole interview here:

Thanks to Harney & Sons for inviting us to participate in this campaign! You can snag your own tea here… my favorite is the Chinese Flower!

xx, Abby
Party conversation
  1. pirate show magaluf

    A little break makes us fresh minded. If these are tea break then we can be passing our time totally awesome. Really impressed by this article.

  2. Jennifer Essad

    Harney & Sons offers the most creative blends too. I love the seasonal blends and enjoy changing it up when I can

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April 9, 2017

Introducing: Seri’s Closet

While our lives here at LMP revolve around party planning, we also dedicate time to finding inspiration. For Seri, that means FASHION. She always has a killer new outfit to show off. Whether it’s casual for running errands or glamorous for a night on the town, Seri always finds the best pieces to pair together.

Everyone who follows her on Instagram and Snapchat are constantly asking “where did you get that?!” So we decided it’s time to start sharing Seri’s fashion secrets. This series will feature our favorite outfits from the week, but we’d love to hear your opinions too! If there’s an outfit you loved, give us a shout and we’ll be sure to feature where each piece is from.

Party Prep Flower Shopping

Top: Zara // Pants: Gap // Shoes: J.Crew

Ready to dance at the Dr. Oz Gala

Dress: Clover Canyon // Shoes: Kendall + Kylie

Throwing back colorful cocktails

Skirt: Free People // Crop top: Vintage

xx, Maggie
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