May 15, 2017

A Bachelorette Bash with DivaDance

You know we’re in the thick of wedding season right now. May flowers bring weddings, bachelorettes and bridal showers!

Now when we launched the Little Miss Bachelorette Party in a Box we wanted to know how girls would be celebrating with it…so we did our research.

What did we discover? Lots. One of the best finds? DivaDance. We were immediately intrigued so we got in touch to find out what this DivaDance was all about.

I received a response immediately. And not just any response, but the most enthusiastic, excited to connect with us response ever.

Head Diva, founder and CEO Jami Stigliano was thrilled we found her and the feeling was mutual. She explained how DivaDance works and it was exactly how we hoped…

DivaDance is a full blown dance party for you and your friends. A cool, ready to “slay” professional dancer shows up and teaches your group an easy to follow dance routine. They offer DivaDance classes in NYC for folks who want to dance off some steam, get a work out, meet new people and have fun. We of course were all over this dance class and tested one to find out if we could keep up…

We had a blast and had a smile on our faces for the entire hour. It was so much fun.

And don’t be fooled, no one in the class knew how to dance. That’s part of the fun of it is just going with the moves and enjoying the music. you guys no seriously, it’s so fun!

We knew after not only meeting Jami in person but dancing with Jami that we were a match made in heaven.

We love to dance


We love to party.


So now let’s talk about DivaDance and Little Miss Party.

What’s the occasion?
Think Sister’s 35th birthday party
Friend’s Bachelorette
Girls just wanna have fun

Gather your gals, pop that confetti and make it festive, dance and have FUN.

Here’s how you make this happen:
Book your DivaDance party here.
Order your Little Miss Party in a Box for all tableware + decor and guess what?  We have a discount code for you! Enter LMPlovesDivaDance at checkout and save 10%!
Invite your friends over.
Pick up some prosecco + maybe a few cupcakes…

Was that a joke?  Sounds too easy right? Well it is THAT EASY.

Naturally, we like to keep our glasses full with bubbly, wine and water, duh!  Have to hydrate.

Bottom line you guys…if you like to have fun, sing and dance your heart out to great music with a few cocktails to follow then we’ve got you.

Want to learn more about the DivaDance classes and pop ups around the country? Make sure you’re signed up for the DD Newsletter.

We love you Jami!  You are the ultimate DIVA! We LOVE dancing + partying with you, girl. Mwah!


Big huge thanks to Dave Robbins Photography for always making us look so good in photos.

xx, Seri
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May 11, 2017

Abby’s Italian Adventure

If any of you guys follow my personal Instagram account, @abbycopleston, you may have noticed that I was in Italy last week… I KNOW.

It was a week full of wine, pasta, walking, sightseeing, cheese, bread, pizza… and more wine. Aka, my dream world.  Seriously, everybody needs to book a trip (or several) to Italy in their life… there’s a reason why it has such an incredible reputation.

This trip came about when my good friend, Jules, found a deal on flights to Europe through Delta last November. We had always talked about booking a trip together, and she studied abroad in Florence and has been DYING to return.  So, when she found an unbelievably cheap roundtrip flight from JFK to Rome, she texted me and asked if I’d be down. I had been on Long Island running errands for LMP and driving between Target and Ikea and Seri’s house, and at each stop I would jump on my phone to answer Jules’ very persuasive texts.  I’m normally a stickler for planning (hence the job of party PLANNER), but the decision to go to Italy felt like exactly what I needed at the time, and the price was so right that I pulled into a Panera, whipped out my computer, hopped on their wifi and BOOKED IT.

Panic & excitement soon set in, but not one ounce of regret. After a few months of planning, we came up with an itinerary, and decided to hit 3 places – Florence, Cinque Terre and Rome! We flew into and out of Rome, and took trains between each destination.  The trains in Italy are very easy, clean and affordable… but I learned my lesson about packing too much! When you’re changing trains with only 5 minutes until your next departure, you definitely regret bringing those extra shoes.

STOP 1: FLORENCE, Wednesday – Saturday

We decided on Florence as our first stop, since Jules studied there and I had already been there twice, once with friends and once with my parents when I was studying abroad. We thought it would be a nice place to recover from our jet lag, eat, relax, and gear up for the more fast-paced last few days of our trip. I recommend all of the staples on the standard Florence itinerary – climbing to the top of the Duomo, walking along the Ponte Vecchio, visiting the Uffizi Gallery, strolling though the Boboli Gardens, but here’s some suggestions for some other special spots…

Piazzale Michelangelo: This Piazza overlooks the river and all of the city of Florence.  It is a bit of an uphill hike, but the view is beyond incredible, and a great way to justify drinking an entire bottle of wine at the top! I’d recommend heading up a half an hour before sunset, bringing wine and snacks, and staying up there until after dark when you can enjoy the view of the city lights.

Strolling along the Arno at night: The Arno is the river in Florence, and it is a beautiful place to walk along, especially at night!

La Giostra: This place was recommended to me by our former LMP intern, the lovely Juliana, and it was my favorite meal of the whole trip! It was a touch fancier than my usual meal out, but so worth it.  The atmosphere and food were both incredible – I got a seafood risotto that I will dream about for the rest of my life.

Caffé degli ArtigianiJules and I stumbled upon this little bar while wandering on the South side of the river, and ordered wine and apertivi, and sat outside overlooking the Piazza della Passera. We loved that spot so much, we came back 2 more times. It’s quiet and removed from the touristy areas of Florence, but not to far off the beaten track.

Acqua al DueI ate here when in Florence with my parents, and it was worth the trip back.  They make some killer marinated steaks, and are most famous for their blueberry variation.  Jules and I got the tasting menu to share, and tried and sampling of 5 different house special pastas and 3 steaks.  To die for.

Gustapanino: This was definitely the most popular picture I posted during my trip, and for good reason.  Gustapanino (attached to Gusta Pizza) was a spot I went on one of my previous trips to Florence, and was recommended to me by almost every person who has been there (lookin’ at you, Kim, Kathleen and Juliana).  Its cheap, and their paninis are fresh and delicious. I mean – just look!


Leather Market: I’m a sucker for a good leather jacket, so this trip brought on the purchase of a SECOND black leather jacket.  I have no regrets. I also got some gifts for friends and family – purses, a wallet, bracelets.  My advice? Get there early, so avoid crowds, and haggle. I got my beautiful jacket for a €100 less than list price, quite easily!

Kiko Milano: I have a bit of an obsession with makeup, which Jules noted, so she insisted on taking me to Kiko Milano in Florence. And OHMYGOD i’m glad she did.  I got a ton of fun makeup, including pink, teal and purple eyeliner, AND glitter mascara, which will be popping up in future LMP photoshoots!

STOP 2: CINQUE TERRE, Saturday – Monday

I was most excited for Cinque Terre, since I had never been to the Italian Coast before, and it did not disappoint.  The whole time we were there, I felt like I was in a movie.  We stayed in Monterosso al Mare, the largest and northernmost of the 5 towns, in a beautiful Airbnb that used to be a wine cellar.


Hiking:  This is a no-brainer, and the reason that people flock to Cinque Terre.  There are trails connecting all 5 towns, and people can choose the red (hard) or blue (easy) trail to hike between them.  The idea is to hike between all 5 cities in one day, which is totally doable. We had planned on hiking the blue trail and heading south from Monterosso to Vernazza, then Corniglia, then Manarola, and ending in Riomaggiore, and then taking a boat back up to the Monterosso al Mare to drink wine and collapse.

Unfortunately, most of the blue trails were closed, so we had to do the red trail first thing, from Monterosso to Vernazza, which was almost entirely uphill on stone steps for 2 hours straight.  It was beautiful, and so worth it, but my legs have never hurt so bad in my life.  We ended up making it to 4 of the 5 cities, skipping only Riomaggiore. Each city was extremely beautiful, but Jules and I both agreed that our favorite was Manarola – it was quaint, quiet and beyond beautiful!

Chilling on the beach in Monterosso al Mare: The first day we got to Cinque Terre, we were exhausted from the train ride, and decided to grab a blanket, a bottle of sparkling rosé, and chill on the beautiful beach, which was a 5 minute walk from our Airbnb.  It was the perfect spot to read and enjoy the incredibly blue ocean. We didn’t go in the water, but plenty of people were swimming, so definitely bring your bathing suit!


Trattoria da OscarThis place was recommended to us by our Airbnb host, and it was a very small, cute little spot around the corner from home.  I recommend the linguini with clam sauce.

Enoteca InternazionaleThis was a little store/ restaurant where we picked up the keys to our Airbnb, and it was so cute that we wen’t back as soon as we were settled for wine, prosciutto and bufala mozzarella. They had an excellent selection of white wine, which is typically my go-to, and I had been craving it after all of the red wine we were having.

Pizzeria La Smorfia: Delicious, cheap, straightforward pizza place.  With wine, of course!

Bar Enrica: This was a little wine bar at the base of the trail in Manarola, at the top of the city. It was so picturesque and an excellent place to people watch and enjoy a hard earned glass of wine.

STOP 3: ROME, Monday – Wednesday

I’ll state the obvious first… the Coliseum, Vatican City, the Spanish Steps, the Trevi fountain, the Sistine Chapel, the Pantheon… all worth seeing! I didn’t pay to go inside and tour any of them, because our time in Rome was so short and the lines were always long, but if you have time you definitely should!

Trevi fountain

Vatican City

The Spanish Steps

Since Jules had already been to Rome, we also made it a priority to explore some less-touristy areas, based on recommendations from random travel blogs. They turned out to be our favorite stops along the way!

Quartiere Coppedé: This is a very small group of buildings, called “The Fantasy District”, entirely designed by architect Gino Coppedé with influences of Art Nouveau, Baroque and medieval architecture. It was a little bit of a trek, but beyond worth it.  Jules and I spent some time there taking pictures and picking which building we’d be living in when we can have our second homes in Rome (HA!)

Street Art in OstienseI’m a sucker for cool street art, so we trekked out to where the locals live to visit the Ostiense District and their extensive collection. The neighborhood that these murals were in is mostly an area that locals live in, and was full of cool bars and restaurants

Trastavere DistrictWe walked through this neighborhood across the river on our way to Vatican City, and upon some research found out that this is where a lot of young locals and college kids live.  It was chock full of cafés, bars and restaurants.. and incredible gelato spots! When I come back to Rome, I will for sure be staying here.

Locanda del ProsciuttoThis place makes the top 3 list for meals in Italy.  We came here because of the fact that it had “prosciutto” in the name… can’t go wrong with that! We each got wine and shared this incredible charcuterie platter.

Arco di San CalistoJules and I had walked through this beautiful Piazza in Trastavere on our way to Vatican City, and made a note to come back to it for dinner.  When we did, this beautiful little archway on a side street was all lit up with bulb lights, and we snagged a table outside at this cute little place.

My advice? Book a trip to Italy. Now. It lives up to the hype.  Most of the time, I felt like I was in a dream.  That might have been aided by all of the wine drinking, but still! Thanks to Jules for being an excellent travel buddy, and for teaching me to ALWAYS order a bottle of the vino rosso della casa, or house red wine.  Not one time did I regret that!

Feel free to reach out for any more suggestions or if you’d like more info on any other the places I suggested! Make sure you eat gelato every day, drink all of the wine, eat plenty of prosciutto and mozzarella, and never turn down the bread. EVER. Happy traveling, eating, drinking… etc.


xx, Abby
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December 29, 2016

Best of LMP in Twenty Sixteen

Looking back on our year it was almost impossible to choose the highlights. There were SO MANY! Wow. I’m so proud of what we have accomplished and what we have in store for the future. From the bottom of our hearts we thank YOU for following along and supporting our dreams of partying for a living.

Without further ado…here is a recap of our favorite moments from the year 2016…


We ate a LOT of cake…for A very special Sixtieth + Dylan’s First Birthday + Luke’s 4th Summer Soiree and an NYC Barnyard Bash.


We blew up a LOT of Balloons! For a 6th Birthday Movie Screening + an Around the World Bat Mitzvah + a Surprise 40th Birthday party turned WEDDING + The Mommy Shorts Book Party.


We committed to helping others with the team whom we love at Sips for Sunrise + the children in the clinic at Mount Sinai Hospital + We walked in the garden with Dr. Oz.


We got to party down with the global team at MAYBELLINE.


Little Miss Party in a Box was all over the news with the Halloween Box on NBC + The Every Day Soiree was the perfect set up for Mother’s Day Brunch + we launched the first ever Kids Bash in a Box + New Years Eve was a HIT, as always.


We visited the White House to see Michelle Obama speak about healthy eating (MAN are we gonna MISS HER!) + We threw an all white party to honor the launch of the very colorful Cheeky Party-ware + We turned a boardroom into a lush, gorgeous garden for Vanity Fair Lingerie + We rocked a 50th birthday party in St. Barths.


We made a debut on YouTube with all kinds of PARTY content! LMP expert tips + “The most beautiful Baby Shower we have ever seen” says Kathie Lee and Hoda + Gavin and Luke make guacamole + We made a Charcuterie surfboard for a bachelorette party in partnership with Hallmark.

We kicked off the weekend every Friday with a new, beautiful recipe from Simply Beautiful Eating


We drank our way through Tuesdays every week with Abby’s cocktails


And then there was Leo. Closing out the year with our newest team member…


A big, huge CONGRATS to Michelle and her family on this precious gift, baby Leo who arrived on December 12th, 2016.

We hope your year was just as fabulous as ours was. We wish you a healthy and happy new year. Be safe, friends. Our love, LMP.

xx, Seri
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  1. Laura Sharp

    I love the first day of snow, everything is so white, sparkling and peaceful!

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December 26, 2016

A Cozy Winter Cocktail Party


As soon as the cold weather hits in the east coast hibernation sets in. Time to celebrate the great indoors!
What better time to invite friends and family over to join in and keep cozy?




To set the stage for an inviting environment during the coldest of months, we focused on three specific elements:
1.) The HOT bar: We love the smell of hot apple cider. We also love the smell of hot cocoa. Why not offer both?! And some light rum and Baileys to spike it if you like of course. We set aside a carafe of hot water for those who want pumpkin spice tea.
Since our guests spend a lot of time mulling around the bar, the festive décor is focused in that direction. We borrowed a vintage white frame and filled the inside of the frame, on the wall with cut berry florals hanging upside down. Also borrowed, was a rustic bark-lined lantern. We dropped a small copper vase of fresh flowers inside for an unexpected chic and outdoorsy pairing.



2.) The food: An event of this nature results in a revolving door, people popping in and out to say hello. To avoid getting stuck in the kitchen all day, heating food and then heating more food to replenish, we set a table with an edible runner for guests to enjoy all day long. The runner has an assortment of dried meats, cheeses, fruits and tons of fresh breads. Guests could help themselves and chat at the table or fill up a plate and go lounge on the couch.



3.) Activities: It’s important to me to keep everyone warm so we provided tons of blankets and pillows. Pop some party crackers or play games by the fireplace, whatever your friends are in to.





Now call in the troops.If they ask you what they can bring…tell them wine. You can never have too much to drink when you’re bundled up with good company inside.



Credits and Thanks for contributing to this shoot to:
Venue: Bash Studio
Photography by: Sandra Brzezinski
Copper Teapot, gold and copper vases, rose gold bread basket:  CB2
Blankets, party crackers, paddle, thermos and tote:  Hudson’s Bay Company

xx, Seri
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September 29, 2016

The Mommy Shorts Remarkably ABOVE Average Book Party


I’ll never forget when I first met Ilana. It was almost 6 years ago, when our kids were in the same preschool class that we met. We hadn’t said one word to each other for the first 5 months of our kids first school year. We’d both drop the kids at school and run off to work. It wasn’t until this big gala that the school held where we started chatting over cocktails and hors d’ouerves. It was the usual conversation…you know…so what do you do? When she told me that she used to work in advertising, got let go after having Mazzy and then started a mom blog…I thought a mom blog? Hmph. I wasn’t overly impressed. She told me the name of her site and I ran to the bathroom to check her out.


Turned out…she was way more than a mom blogger. She was a hilarious, sarcastic, marketing genius. I think she probably thought I fell into the toilet because I was immediately addicted to reading her blog and spent quite some time checking her out before heading back into the party.


We became fast friends. Not only her and I, but our husbands as well.  We even got pregnant with our second children at the same time. Over the years we’ve been come so close, I consider these guys a part of our family.


When Ilana told me she was going to write a book I thought GOOD FOR YOU! Her writing is so brilliant it would be a shame not to write a book. I of course told her I would throw her a kick ass party as soon as the book launches.


And here we are today….

Ilana’s book is now available in all of the major book stores and I couldn’t be more proud of her. It’s not every day you can say my friend wrote a book!


Naturally I wanted her party to be extra special. First, we needed a venue. I remembered my cousin Daniella once telling me about this fantastic coffee shop in Toronto called Maman. She said she’s friends with the owner and that she has a couple of locations in NYC! I always kept this information on file and pulled it out for Ilana’s party thinking it would be a great spot. Well…it WAS. It was perfect.


This Maman was located in Tribeca. Elisa, the owner could not be more lovely. I adore her. The space is rustic, has exposed brick walls and TONS of book shelves. Could this have been a better fit?  I don’t think so.




Ilana loved it and when we had our discussion on the menu we decided to go with a kids menu that had an adults twist to it. Things like grilled cheese, mini pizzas, chicken and waffles, milk n cookies and a huge table of cheese and charcuterie were served.



My favorite part? Elisa told me she has an ice cream cart in the shop! How perfect?  Not only do Mazzy and Harlow love ice cream…But Mazzy has always dreamt of having her own ice cream store!





How about Harlow’s love of waffles? Elisa suggested a waffle station for dessert! AH! Could not have been more perfect even if we tried.


I asked Maggie to design signs for Mazzy’s Ice Cream cart and Harlow’s waffle bar and gosh did she ever do a stellar job. So on brand with the Mommy Shorts blog!


Moving along…let’s talk about all of the stunning little details here.

First off, I took great advantage of all of the vintage pieces Elisa has in the restaurant. Ladders, a high chair, a scale, the bakery counter…I covered it ALL with books, flowers and Ilana’s favorite Instagram shots from her @MommyShorts account which we printed from Artifact Uprising.







When doing a party like this it’s always important to me to stay on brand. Ilana has these yellow chairs in her house out east that she used to take the photo of her burnt toast for the cover of her book on. Well guess what? I found chairs that look almost identical for rent from RentQuest. I brought in a few to spice up the table where guests could sit.


When you walk into the restaurant Elisa has these awesome, deep couches making for really comfy spots to sit. They were decked in royal blue pillows. I love royal blue, but not for Ilana’s party. So I reached out to Elisa’s designer Tania Kovalenko Ltd. and she made me custom white covers to brighten up the couches for the party. I added colorful pillows in Ilana’s brand colors and boom.  I love love love how this turned out.



When the guests arrived, I wanted them to have that WOW, Celebrity type feeling with Ilana. I worked with Manhattan Neon to create a huge backdrop of Ilana’s book cover created. Abby and I climbed up onto stools and pinned balloons all over the top to create a fun, festive look. It was exactly how I dreamt it. PERFECTION and everyone stopped to take a photo!




Ilana had so many friends, family and special guests at the party. One in particular, her new friend Sarah Bennett. One of the most amazing things about Ilana’s work is how she is able to connect with her readers by integrating them into her site to share their stories. Sarah’s story is not only courageous but one that will make you think twice the next time you complain about a chipped nail. I was happy to see her having such a wonderful time at Ilana’s party.


To create a fun, happy vibe, we brought a DJ from our fave entertainment company, Generation Events. Tony C was spinning the top hits all night. At one point I found myself dancing with Ilana’s mom. We had the best time.




Ilana said a few words to thank her girls for all the inspiration that they provided for the book and her career. It was so sweet.


Then Mike got up and surprised Ilana with the sweetest speech. More tissues please!



Last but not least, was the book signing. All authors do a book signing at their party, right? Well this party was a celebration for Ilana and I didn’t want her sitting at a desk all night! So I created a book signing station TO Ilana. The guests all signed one book to Ilana to congratulate her on her successes. It was so sweet, especially when Abby took Mazzy over to the book to sign the sweetest note to her Mom.





To send everyone off at the end of the night, we had the most fantastic Mommy Shorts bags made. Thanks Imagination Branding for working with us to create these gorgeous bags. I bring mine everywhere now! These bags were filled with awesome goodies from all of Ilana’s sponsors making an awesome swag bag.



Now it’s time to take a moment to relish over the photos from the party. I knew that I had to bring in the best to take photos at Ilana’s party because Ilana is absolutely obsessed with quality pictures. It’s her thing! So who did I call? That’s right. Dave Robbins of Dave Robbins Photography. Dave: I cannot thank you enough for ALWAYS making time for me when I ask you. For showing up with that charming smile and doing whatever I ask of you. Photograph THIS! Photograph THAT! Come over here and shoot Abby and I! Go over there and shoot Ilana and the girls! You’re one of a kind and your photos are above and beyond the best I have ever seen. Truly. Thank you a million times over. THANK YOU!







Want to be part of the action? You can purchase a copy of Ilana’s book here. Want to have your own party? We suggest buying our Little Miss Party in a Box that is perfectly branded in Ilana’s colors, which you can do by clicking here. CHEERS!

Mazel Tov Ilana. Love you.

xx, Seri
Party conversation
  1. Gloria Barreto

    You did an amazing job. Watching your snaps was so much fun. I almost felt like I was there.

  2. Marissa

    What an awesome party! Congratulations to Ilana on her book! I totally would want you to plan and orchestrate any party that I wanted to host!!!!!

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