June 22, 2017

Taking a Tea Break with Harney & Sons

I have a slight obsession with tea.  It started in my teens, when I decided that I thought coffee was disgusting, but still needed a little jolt to get me going in the morning.  So I opted for green tea.  I now love coffee, but the obsession with tea has prevailed.

Photo via @cityfoodie

I have also been a huge fan of Harney & Sons as a brand AND for their tea flavors for many years.  Even before I moved to NYC, I would make a trip to the Harney & Sons showroom in Soho, and their store and restaurant in Millerton, NY.  That’s why, when Harney & Sons reached out to team LMP about participating in a Tea Party video shoot for their #ThisIsTea campaign, I was quick to jump at the opportunity.

On the day of the shoot, I trekked to Brooklyn to the cutest little house called “The Love Shack”, and after hair & makeup, spent the whole day shooting a video all about our epic tea party.  I met some other incredible influencers from NYC, and got to sample some pretty delicious tea and tea party snacks in the process.

The people from Harney & Sons interviewed me about what tea means to me, and I explained that when I studied abroad in England, it was a favorite activity of mine to go to this cute little tea room in Camden Town to sample the tea and read, for hours.  Every time I drink some delicious tea I think back to studying abroad and how I had the time of my life! You can see my whole interview here:

Thanks to Harney & Sons for inviting us to participate in this campaign! You can snag your own tea here… my favorite is the Chinese Flower!

xx, Abby
Party conversation
  1. pirate show magaluf

    A little break makes us fresh minded. If these are tea break then we can be passing our time totally awesome. Really impressed by this article.

  2. Jennifer Essad

    Harney & Sons offers the most creative blends too. I love the seasonal blends and enjoy changing it up when I can

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May 31, 2017

How to host a grown up birthday party

It’s HERE! The Grown Up Party in a Box and it’s super fabulous! Where do I even begin with this…?!

First of all, let’s talk about the cups that our amazing Maggie Antalek designed for Govino. Govino is our favorite wine glass company who make shatterproof wine glasses that are perfect for entertaining – especially outdoors! PARTY PEOPLE in the houseeeee!

We are even more obsessed with the new script balloons from Northstar our favorite letter balloon vendor. No helium is required for these balloons you just use the straw that it comes with to inflate with air.  Stick a piece of tape on the back and adhere to the wall for an instant backdrop.

Now let’s talk about the gold splatter painted plates we found from these amazing gals who we found on Etsy. Seriously how stunning are these plates?! Almost too stunning to eat off of.

We included so many more fabulous items in this box such as gold glittered plastic utensils, a stunning set of balloons, metallic gold straws, confetti and candles.

Now who’s ready to PARTY?! WE ARE!

xx, Seri
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May 29, 2017

Stephanie’s Fortieth Birthday Surprise

We’re definitely experiencing a disco party trend right now which happens to work out perfectly for our clients who are turning forty.

When styling this disco themed, surprise 40th birthday party we worked with a chic color palette to compliment the stylish home we were working with. White, shiny silver and peach. We found disco balloons in the Studio DIY Shop, that we clustered with an assortment of white and marble balloons which we anchored to disco balls.

We are totally obsessed with the diamond tissue honeycombs that are sold in the Oh Happy Day Shop and found them in peach matching perfectly to the stunning flowers that we arranged for this party in our favorite white, geometric vases.

The jumbo clear confetti balloons are the best and looked perfect in the nook next to the bench for guests to hang out with drinks. We tied mini disco balls down the string and filled a glass cube with the disco balls as a way of anchoring the balloon down.

We strung peach tissue garland banner under the kitchen island counter and created a bar on top for those who wished to help themselves to a glass of wine or the signature cocktail that was being served. The best part was the mini disco ball drink stir sticks that we found on Etsy

A fun detail that we always build into a milestone is customized napkins. These solid gold printed napkins were so festive and cool for guests to grab with hors d’ouerves and cocktails.

The most important part of a party is the food. We brought in one of our favorite catering partners for this event, Cobblestone Catering. We worked with our team to style the food in a playful way and of course everything was so delicious.

Our birthday girl is gluten free and we wanted her cake to be perfect and enjoyable! We found the Happy Healthy Chef who whipped up a delicious, flourless cake for the celebration. Because there’s no such thing as too much cake, we also worked with Making that Cake to serve a silver drizzled, strawberry shortcake at the party. We styled both cakes with small disco balls and put them front and center on the table.

No doubt this was an awesome, disco fever filled party and a very happy birthday!

xx, Seri
Party conversation
  1. Madeline O'Toole

    Absolutely love the silver number balloons and monogram napkins where did you find these?

  2. Seri

    Hi there – Thank you! We love those balloons too. They are from https://shop.studiodiy.com/shop/balloon-shop
    The monogram napkins are from: https://www.foryourparty.com/

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May 24, 2017

LMP Custom Boxes

Did you know….

We build custom party boxes?

Yep. Just for you.

Name your theme or colors, items you want to see in there and we’ll send you a box full of ideas as quickly as possible.

For those of you who already caught on to our little game here…we’ve seen some pretty fabulous themes and the boxes are out of control!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Little Man

Mermaids under the Sea

Backyard Tea Party

There’s so much more.

Keep ’em coming people. We love making your party dreams come to life!

Now can you do us a favor? When you throw these parties, with the Little Miss Party in a Box…can you please send us pictures?  We are dying to see!

Little Miss Party in a Box. Build a Party Box with us Here.

xx, Seri
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May 18, 2017

Party down with Inspired by This

We recently sent the LMP Bachelorette Bash in a Box to the gals at Inspired by This and here’s what they came back to us with….fun, fun and more fun.

There are times when I think my heart may explode due to the extreme excitement that I feel when I see our party boxes set up so beautiful by our clients and peers. The girls…totally outdid themselves.

With donuts, champagne, CHEERS letters that they crafted and a stunning bar cart, they set our bachelorette box up for the perfect party.

After they set up this stunning bar cart, all that was left to do was pop some bubbly, toss some confetti and pose for photos… how cute are they?!?

Thanks to the ladies at Inspired by This for doing such a fab job featuring our Bachelorette Party in a Box! You can get your own here.

xx, Seri
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