September 28, 2017

DIY Gold Foil Apple Place Settings

Last week, Seri hosted the most beautiful Rosh Hashanah Dinner. I was so excited to help her work on the pretty details for her guests. Seri’s sister, Mandy, had the genius idea to use apples as the place settings for each guest. Apples are symbolic of a “sweet” New Year in the Jewish tradition, so this idea was beyond perfect.

Mandy’s vision for these apples included a swish of gold plus each name in script, so I made it happen! For this DIY project, you need apples, white spray paint, gold leaf paint, a paintbrush, and a fine-tip Sharpie.

Step 1: Spray your apples evenly, making sure the paint doesn’t drip.

Step 2: Allow the apples to dry FULLY before moving forward.

Step 3: Once completely dry, add a swish of gold leaf to each apple. One to two swipes should give you a sufficient base.

Step 4: After allowing the gold leaf to completely dry, use your favorite script font as a reference to write out each guests name. You want to make sure the name is on the upper hemisphere of the apple so it is visible from above, while looking down at the table.

Step 5: Set the table and ENJOY!

I had an amazing time at my first Rosh Hashanah dinner, and am so excited I was able to partake in this beautiful tradition. L’Shana Tova!

xx, Maggie
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August 24, 2017

DIY Cork Name Place Cards

Whenever the LMP team is hosting a dinner party, one of my favorite tricks to “wow” our guests is to provide them each with a unique name card for their place setting. This way, they can each find their seat and take home the name card if they wish.

Last week, we hosted a backyard dinner party and wine tasting, so I made each guest a name card using CORKS, of course! I feel like we’re constantly yelling “GIVE US ALL THE WINE” so you can imagine that this was a hit as a finishing touch to our table.

The best part is, it’s super easy. You will need:

  1. black construction paper
  2. print out of your guests names in your favorite script
  3. scissors
  4. pencil
  5. ketallic sharpie
  6. old corks
  7. kitchen knife
  8. hot Glue & a glue stick

Step 1: Prep your corks by carefully slicing into them with a kitchen knife. Make sure the cut is deep and wide enough to securely hold the construction paper.

Step 2: Make your cards by measuring the height of your corks and deciding how wide your would like your card to be. My corks were about 2″ tall, so I made my card outline 2″ by 3″. I used a ruler and marked my paper, then folded it over so each card will be double layered for thickness.

Step 3: Once your cards are cut out, bring in your print out and start to make an outline of each name in pencil.

Step 4: Go over your pencil with the metallic sharpie, and add extra details (like leaves!) if you wish.

Step 5: Use your glue stick to glue your layers together.

Step 6: Apply the hot glue in the crevice of the cork and insert the folded edge of your card inside.


xx, Maggie
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August 10, 2017

The Home Edit for LMP

Many moons ago, I worked in fashion. Back in my fashion days, I met some really awesome people. One girl, Rachel, ended up being a best friend, fast. As Rachel and I got to know each other, I met her friends. One of her friends was named Clea. She was always a chic, cool girl who I enjoyed getting to know.

The years went on and we all got busy with life, kids, careers, etc. Clea moved to Nashville and I hadn’t seen her in years.  I would always ask Rachel about her until one day, I no longer had to ask how she was doing. I could see for myself….

Clea started a business called The Home Edit. I noticed her new venture on Instagram and was immediately drawn in as I too am totally OCD and obsessed with organizing.

The Home Edit is a service where Clea and her partner Joanna, and now team of amazing organizers come into your home and edit your closets for you. They analyze your junk, work with you to purge, shop for containers to sort is all in to and then leave you with a closet full of organized chaos.

When I found out that Clea + Joanna travel all over the country to organize people’s closets I said….come on over girls!

Their team spent one day in our office and when they were done we were in awe of what they had done. They organized our party supplies by type making it so easy to find inventory when we need it and of course labeled each container with their signature calligraphy.

I’m so in love with our closets I never want to touch them again in fear that I may move something out of place.

Thank you Clea, Joanna, Nick & Sumner for spending the day making the LMP office perfectly organized! You guys are amazing.

xx, Seri
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June 28, 2017

LMP Summer Gift Guide Twenty Seventeen

Now that is officially summer, we are fully diving into summer hostess mode.  Summer parties are always the absolute best… everyone is so excited to be outside and enjoying the beautiful weather, getting tan, and rocking the hottest summer fashions.

We always get asked… what should you bring the hostess for all of these summer parties? Well, I went ahead and put together a little collection of super cute gifts that are sure to thrill every type of hostess and their families… even the Canadian ones!

Gifts include 1) Shatterproof Wine Glasses with Metallic Gold “Party People” Lettering, 2) BigMouth Double Cherry Pool Float, 3) Pink Party Straw, 4) “No Bad Days” Pink Swimsuit with Holographic Text, 5) Silver Pineapple Ice Bucket, and the 6) Tropical Wireless Mobile Speaker.

Gifts include 1) Cover Fx Custom Enhancer Drops in the shade “Halo”, 2) Holographic Bubble Clutch, 3) Coachella Hand Piece, 4) Pink Water-Resistant Liquid Eyeliner, 5) Turquoise Fringe Statement Earrings, and the 6) Essie’s Parisian Summer 2017 Collection.

Gifts include 1) Beach, Please! Towel, 2) Long Live the Beach, 3) Collapsable Wine Cooler Bag, 4) Portable Beach Speaker, 5) Super Chill Cooler Bag, and the 6) Canned Babe Rosé with Bubbles.

Gifts include 1) The Coolest Cooler, 2) Neon Light Swim Shorts, 3) Portable Beach Grill, 4) Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Sunglasses, 5) Spikeball Outdoor Game, and the 6) Driver Drink Dispenser.

Gifts include 1) Lazy Fish Inflatable Baby Pool, 2) Emoji Beach Ball, 3) Mahina MerFin, 4) Child Walkie-Talkie 5) Melissa & Doug Chameleon Bean Bag Toss Game, and the 6) Hydro Twist Pipeline Sprinkler.


Gifts include 1) Multistripe Hammock-In-A-Bag, 2) Mud Pie Pie Plate and Server, 3) Mud Pie Sweet Tray Set, 4) Life is Better in Canada Pillow Cover, 5) The Drake Coloring Book, and the 6) Hudson’s Bay Large Pool Float.

And of course… we can’t forget our Parties in a Box AND our newly launched Party Supplies Shop! Any of our boxes or items would be an excellent gift for any hostess… Our current personal favorite is our Let’s Go Outside Party in a Box, which we created for outdoor summer entertaining.

From all of us at LMP, we wish you an INCREDIBLE summer.  Happy gifting!

xx, Abby
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May 25, 2017

An LMP Inspired Grad Party

Hey party people! You may or may not have spotted me here and there on LMP’s Instastories and Snapchat. I’m Natalie, LMP’s best and brightest intern, (ha!).

Throughout my four years of college I’ve been juggling school, working a part time job at a local restaurant, and doing floral design on the side. Then in January I threw interning into the mix and needless to say, my brain has been fried. So after all of my hard work, my parents decided to throw me party at our home in the suburbs to celebrate my 18 years of schooling being DONE.

Of course after a few months of interning with LMP, I’ve picked up a tip or two on party must haves, set up, decor, etc. My inspiration for my graduation party actually came from The Little Miss Shower Party in a Box. I loved the simplicity of the colors… metallic and white with small touches of color. So I set my color pallet: white, silver, lavender, and iridescent touches here and there.

The first thing I did after I set my date and theme, was make a checklist of all the things I had and all the things I still needed to order or buy. Various members of my family generously donated things like tables, candy jars, chalkboard signs, linens, and more! This cut my costs down a ton! And since my parents had already paid for my 4 years of college tuition, I wanted to be very mindful of the budget.

I decided to set up a tent where all the food and beverages would be stationed (and to keep it out of the sun!)

A dessert table with a fabulous backdrop for photos and sweet treats

A table for gifts, cards, & the favors for my guests to take home

And finally a welcome sign to show my guests where to enter the backyard (this is also a good way to keep the foot traffic out of your home!)

I spent months researching decor inspiration on Pinterest and all my favorite stores like Target (where I found all my paper products) and HomeGoods (where I found all my cake stands and random decor pieces). By giving my self enough time to do the research I was able to not overspend on last minute purchases.

The week of I bought the beer, made a fruit infused Lemonade (which I actually stole from Seri’s How To Host: The Perfect Picnic)….

And helped my mom prep all the food for our 7 course meal that fed 50 people (yep, she cooked it all…. she’s insane).

With all that I had to do, I didn’t have the time to make a playlist. So, I just set my speakers to the LMP Party Playlist on Spotify. My guests LOVED it because there was something on there for everyone to enjoy.

The day before, I bought and styled all of my own flowers.

And had my amazing boyfriend, Liam, lug around all the party rentals, hang stringed lights from the trees, and clean up the backyard

Since I prepped so much in the days leading up to my party, the day of all I had to do was put out the food and take lots of pictures.

At the end of the night, it was a fast clean up since I used all disposable paper products and let guests take home any extra food, desserts, and flowers.

The party was such a success, I’m already on to planning the next family affair…. Maybe I’ll share that one too :)

Until next time!

xx, Natalie
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