December 28, 2016

Our current winter obsession


As we were putting together the LMP 2016 Gift Guide this year, we stumbled upon the BEST.GIFT.EVER….Inflatable snow tubes in your favorite childhood candies and more!


Sleds and snow tubes are usually soooo boring looking. Well not these you guys! Candy peppermint twist, a plaid mitten, a snow cone, the iconic donut that was trending in everyone’s pool last year…each one is better than the next.


Lucky for us, the creators of these awesome inflatables at Big Mouth got wind of their product on our gift guide and got in touch with us to partner up on a GIVEAWAY! We said….AWE YEAH!!


We got our hands on so many of these amazing snow tubes we set them up for a festive winter gathering!


Imagine…you have your friends over, you serve cake (preferably shaped like a touque baked by Making that Cake as a holiday gift to the LMP team this year), coffee (spike if you like), chocolate brittle and donuts and you go snow tubing! I mean c’mon…how fun does that sound?!







So guess what guys? Nows your chance to get your hands on one of these fabulous snow tubes to enjoy this winter!



Grab your touque, stir up that hot cocoa and enter now with our Rafflecopter below!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner will be announced on Friday December 30th at 12pm EST live on our Instagram feed. Winner will receive a Big Mouth snow tube of their choice (pending availability).



xx, Seri
Party conversation
  1. Will G

    I love going sledding/tubing!

  2. Mary Cloud

    I’m not a fan of Winter but I love the Holidays we celebrate in Winter

  3. Linda

    I’m a snow baby so I love the snow!

  4. Courtney H

    I love sitting by the fireplace and reading a good book

  5. Chui c

    It’s definitely a great treat to win xx

  6. Emily S

    I love how beautiful fresh snow is covering the ground.

  7. Marty Crosson

    Fireplaces, cocoa, and all the “cozy” things that you do when it’s cold outside

  8. Alyssa Popp

    Fun for the whole family!

  9. Julie

    I love reading by the fire

  10. Kimberly G

    I like the holidays and the snow,

  11. Nataly Carbonell

    Weather feels just perfect for drinking hot cocoa!

  12. Emi

    I’ve been scoping these out around town! I’m in Minnesota so we have plenty of snow for one of these and are usually desperately in need of a pick me up come mid-January!

  13. Heather S

    I love playing in the snow most! Woo hoo!

  14. Rochel S

    Love building snowmen with my kids!

  15. Emily Smith

    I love winter clothes. Comfy sweaters and cute boots!

  16. Lindsay Bade

    I love sledding with my kids! Hearing them scream as we go down the hill is the best!

  17. Laura mueller

    I love everything about winter! I love the first snow fall, sledding, making snowmen, and spending time with my family outside!

  18. Kristin Tyson

    The holidays and the chance of snow. Plus winter break with the kids.

  19. Lyla Gleason

    these are the cutest! My daughter would love one of these for winter!!!!!

  20. Laura Sharp

    I love the first morning of snow, everything is so white, sparkling, and peaceful, it’s like finding yourself walking through a Narnian Winter!

  21. Susan D

    Winter brings cozy clothes like sweaters and scarves, cocoa in front of fires, building snowmen and skiing… then hot soup and warm breads after a cold afternoon shoveling snow. I love winter. It’s so peaceful!

  22. Amy

    I’ve been loving getting some winter hiking it!! It’s so nice to not be sweating to death and the world just looks so beautiful sparkly and white!! Atleast here in Boise we get sunny days, even if the high doesn’t even but freezing!! I’d love to win one of these babies to take over to Bend next month when I go see my niece and nephew, they’d freak out about them!!

  23. Esther Aitchison

    I love when it snows so much school is cancelled no one goes to work and the whole family hangs out together. We go sledding and build snowmen and snow forts then come inside to get warm with hot chocolate. Then we play board games. Those are the best days in the winter.

  24. Kristin A

    My favorite part of winter is that it’s not hot! LOL except it was 81F here today in Orange County CA

  25. donna

    i love the snow and being able to spend warm comfy nights by the fireplace

  26. Catalina torres

    I love ising my slow cooker more!

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December 19, 2016

LAST MINUTE Gift Ideas and Gifts for YOU


Well folks, it’s down the wire here with your Christmas shopping. But don’t worry…if you still have a big list, we’ve got you ! GOT YOU!


I was thinking the other day…my girlfriends who love to entertain would LOVE to receive a party box from Santa. Last minute guests…? You pull out the box! Plates, napkins, straws, cups, decorations I mean c’mon!


Now here’s the AWESOME part…

Since Christmas AND Hanukkah (SO excited they start on the SAME day this year….UNITY!) are just a FEW days away…we’re going to give you a little gift with every order……….


The Remarkably Average Book Party in a Box will include The Mommy Shorts book, signed by the author (!!) and a  ceramic black cake stand (to die for!!). Let’s Party Down!


New Years Eve will include a set of 6 mini disco balls to add to your tabletop, a ceramic cake stand and set of vintage glass bud vases!


The Ho Ho Holiday Cocktail Party will include a FREE box of your choice. ADD A PARTY BOX FOR FREE!


So what are you waiting for guys?  Before it’s too late, shop now and surprise your friends with the best gift ever…the gift of PARTYING!


xx, Seri
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December 14, 2016

Top Tips for A Rockin’ New Years Eve Party


I’ll never forget the year my sister was in town, we invited a few friends over and we fell asleep around 9:30. On New Years Eve! I swore I would NEVER let that happen again! If there’s ever a festive night to celebrate, that is it!


Let’s party this New Years Eve…here’s a fool proof plan for you all…

1. Little Miss Party in a Box: I think it’s safe to say you already know how clutch it is to have this in your possession for a party. Tableware + decor that is to die for and recyclable for easy clean up! (I mean really…who wants to clean up after New Years?!)



2. Prep your party in advance: We are giving away free notepads + pens in our party boxes right now and we want you to USE THEM! Here’s your check list:

Food:  Keep it simple. Set platters of meats, cheeses, tons of bread + crackers, olives, fruits, crudités and cupcakes. Late night at your party, plan to order pizza.




(Our ridiculously gorgeous food came from Poppy’s Catering)

Drinks: Plan for a self serve bar so you don’t get stuck mixing drinks all night! Serve one signature drink (holiday punch or cherry mimosas), beer and wine.




Make sure you have:  Sparkling water (for those who will want a glass of bubbly to toast but may not be drinking), toilet paper stocked in the bathroom and fill your freezer with some frozen pigs in a blanket (just in case!)


Balloons:  Take your balloons to your local party store and ask them to have them filled with helium and ready for delivery or pick up the morning of your party.


Music:  Make a long, fun playlist. Or find us on Spotify so you can tap into ours. Here’s our NYE 2016 playlist.

Morning of your party:
Chill the wine and beer either in your fridge or outside in the cold (says the East Coaster).
Set up all decor and tableware.
Set out props for photos.
Set the bar. Make sure to include a bottle opener, bucket + tongs for ice and a cute dishtowel for drippy bottles.
Clean the bathrooms.


Doll up.
Pre-mix your signature drink.


1 hour before the party:
Pump the tunes.
Light the candles.
Set up your platters of food out.
Set out all wine and beer on ice.


Now let’s Party!




Photos by Janina Santillan
Fringe backdrop, disco balls and confetti by Decorative Novelty

You guys, it’s been such an incredible year! To say thank you for all the support and love you have shown LMP we are GIVING AWAY one New Years Eve Party in a Box WITH a $50 American Express gift card to put towards your NYE party. Leave a comment here telling us what the best part of your year was and we will draw a winner between our blog, Facebook and Instagram entries on Dec. 16th at 12pm EST. GOOD LUCK!

xx, Seri
Party conversation
  1. Bianca

    the best part of my year was getting a new suv!

  2. Seri

    Oh la la…that’s a good one!! xoxo

  3. Laura P

    Ahhh! This post is everything! Can’t wait to impress my guests all thanks to you 😍 My favorite part of the year was traveling out of the USA for the first time. Jamaica is a beautiful island and I highly recommend it mon.

  4. Lisa H

    The best part of my year was actually keeping my resolution to spend more time with the people I love. :)

  5. Seri

    Jeez. You’re the cutest. xoxo

  6. Amanda

    Best part of 2016?! Too many to count but the top of my list would be spending 2 AMAZING weeks traveling around Iceland with my two high school best friends and passing the California Bar Exam!

  7. Abby Copleston

    Best part of my year was traveling and all of the fun shoots and fake parties at work :)

  8. Joan McDonnell Carr

    Best part of the year was celebrating thanksgiving with my family at the beach

  9. Jennifer Lee

    Best part of my year was becoming an aunt!!

  10. Sean G

    Best part of my year was getting my promotion

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November 7, 2016

DIY with LMP: Turn yourself into art confetti


Every now and then we work with clients who come to us with the most amazing ideas and ask for our help with executing. That’s what we were dealing with her when one of our most creative clients said she wanted to have an art themed birthday dinner.


There were so many incredible details that made up this dinner party but my absolute favorite was the art that we turned into confetti. Let me explain…

Our client asked us to design her face into some of her favorite artists masterpieces. Maggie worked her magic and turned our client into the Mona Lisa, Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe pop art and Cindy Sherman.


We purchased mini canvases at Michael’s Craft Store, a bottle of modge podge and brushes. We printed the artwork onto card stock, cut into the coordinating sizes of the canvases and then brushed the canvas with a thin layer of modge podge. We then placed the cut piece of card stock onto the canvas and continued to paint all over it with more modge podge ensuring the edges were covered with glue well.





Check.This.Out…..How fabulous are these?!


We decorated the dinner table with these all over…looking like personalized art confetti.

Photos in this post were taken by Abby Copleston.

xx, Seri
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October 17, 2016

Little Miss Party Favors in a Box


My friend Pam recently had a birthday party. She booked a dinner reservation at one of the best Mexican restaurants in the city – La Esquina. I knew a fun evening was in store…

She told me that 8 people would be at dinner and I really really wanted to surprise her by doing something special that night….but what…hmmm.


I came up with the idea of doing a little favor gift box for each guest. I wnted to build these boxes with festive items that Pam would appreciate and know I put thought into. So I got to building…


We found the perfect size black boxes and pink ribbon to package these favors in. I wanted confetti of course, so included a mini party cracker in each that said HOORAY! The best part about these was everyone opened theirs at the table and read the joke and wore the crown.


Everyone loves coffee so we included a $5 gift card to Starbucks. And who doesn’t love gummy bears and champagne? Well thanks to Sugarfina we found adorable clear boxes of champagne gummy bears in each box!


Pam’s alcohol of choice is tequila so we put mini bottles of Patrone into each box. The perfect addition. And last but not least…an itty bitty cupcake from Baked by Melissa for something extra sweet.


What do you think? Pretty cute right?! The girls LOVED these and were blown away when they sat down to a gift placed at each of their seats.

Like what you see? Order your custom Little Miss Party Favors in a Box by getting in touch with us here.


xx, Seri
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