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March 16th

Mandy’s Meals & More

So my family has come to expect my macaroons to make an appearance at Passover dinner now. For the past several years I have used the same coconut macaroon recipe from Martha Stewart (obviously) and it has never failed me.
Every year I try adding something slightly to change it up.  Whether its dipping them in chocolate, using fresh vanilla pods (highly recommend) or maybe covering them in sliced almonds. Check out my step by step instructions below, they make a perfect gift anytime of the year and I promise, they will not disappoint.
Recipe adapted from Martha Stewart.
2 large egg whites
Pinch of salt
1 can (14 ounces) sweetened condensed milk
2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract (I usually scrape a full vanilla pod as well)
2 bags shredded sweetened coconut (14-ounces each)
Macarons9 copy
1. Heat oven to 300 degrees. In a medium bowl, whisk egg whites and salt until frothy, about 2 minutes. Stir in condensed milk, vanilla and vanilla pods if using. Using a rubber spatula, fold in coconut until well combined.
2. Line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper or nonstick baking mats. Using a teaspoon and your fingers, form macaroons into 1 1/4-inch mounds about 1 inch apart.
3. Bake until macaroons are golden brown, about 20 minutes (usually takes a bit longer for me and I tend to make bigger macaroons). Transfer baking sheets to a cooling rack; let cool completely. Store in an airtight container for up to a week.
Once they are ready to be eaten the fun begins.
Throw a couple in a cellophane bag and tie it  them up! Check out the hangtags we got from Minted. Aren’t they adorable? Check out for so many more party & décor items.

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March 10th

It’s a Smash!

We have been pretty thrilled with the response we have received to our Little Miss Birthday Party in a Box. But when we receive direct feed back from our customers including beautiful photos showing every detail we can’t help but hear our hearts skip a little beat.
CustomerBox 2
The goal of these boxes that we have created for birthdays, the pink party, showers and soon spring and cocktail hour are to minimize stress when throwing a party. In the boxes we have sold to date, we have proven this to be successful and this brings us great joy.
CustomerBox 3 CustomerBox 4
This particular customer threw her adorable daughter a birthday party with the supplies that we included in our box to which she added a gorgeous cake and beautiful spread of food and drinks.
CustomerBox 5 CustomerBox 6  CustomerBox 8 CustomerBox 9 CustomerBox 10 CustomerBox 11
From the looks of it all…the party was a smash.
CustomerBox 12
Photos taken by Ashley Cordle.

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February 26th

Brown Bear Brown Bear

One of my favorite times of day with my daughter is story time before bed. We both love to snuggle on her chair and read some great books. There are so many books in her collection that are new to me (Pinkalicious!!) and yet so many classics like Brown Bear Brown Bear. This is one of my favorite books and we were thrilled at the idea of designing a party around this wonderful theme.
Color is very important to the Brown Bear story. Each animal is a bright, bold color that children can relate to and remember. We started our design process with a fabulous dessert table. I found this amazing Brown Bear fabric on Etsy and it was the perfect base for the dessert table. Two bright yellow 36″ balloons were anchored on each side of our table. Custom colored tassels from One Stylish Party were made to attach to each balloon, corresponding to all of the colors in the book. We love how these small blue OLIVER balloons looked hung up behind the table.
White modern trays from Poppin were the perfect size and depth to be filled with different color jelly beans – This created the base for some delicious treats like cupcakes, cookies and candies.  To add height on the table, we also filled glass cubes with colored jelly beans to put underneath the trays in the back row. Each animal was from the story was represented on the table.  Our amazing sweets girl Angela from Making that Cake carved all of these gorgeous animals out of sugar. Can you even believe how amazing they are? We were blown away!
Olly1st056-XL Olly1st018-XL Olly1st022-XL Olly1st016-XL Olly1st013-XL
For the cake, I loved the way Angela 
incorporated each animal while still keeping it relatively simple and classic.
With all of these sweets, we also included some colorful fruit kabobs for guests to nibble on once they had their sugar intake for the day! Kraft take-home containers were displayed so guests could take a gorgeous cupcake or treat home with them after the party.

We recently launched Little Miss Party in a Box and our Birthday Box was the perfect addition to this party! The colorful paper goods work so well with any themed party, especially a colorful one like this.
In addition to tableware and cutlery, we set up the kids table complete with party hat, personalized water bottle and felt animal masks for each child. Brown Bear themed blocks were scattered around the table for the little ones to play with and a lucite tray was filled with small containers of goldfish in case anyone needed a snack before lunch.
We styled additional 36″ confetti balloons with matching tassels around the room, anchored in glass cubes we filled with white jelly beans. Along the bar we set up white wooden frames with pictures of Oliver throughout his first year. Pictures are always an important part of a 1st birthday celebration as kids grow and change so dramatically in that first year!
The favors for this party were some of the best we’ve ever done. The older kids got a Brown Bear puzzle and the younger kids received a Lollacup in the shape of a red bird. Each favor was wrapped up with a clear box of animal crackers with a personalized sticker, ribbon and yellow mini honeycomb.  A Thank you tag was attached to each that read “That you BEARY much for coming to my party!” I had extra Brown Bear fabric so I laid it on the table beneath the favors and it was the perfect way to tie it all together.Olly1st007-XL
To keep the kids entertained we brought in Penny and the Puppettes who always do an amazing job with the little ones! Their 45 min show keeps them engaged and loving every second! We set out foam mats on the floor along with a bunch of Duplo blocks for the kids to play with.  It looks like the adults had just as much fun as the kids!
Happy First Birthday Oliver, thank you for letting us share your special day !!!Olly1st033-L

All gorgeous photos courtesy of Cindy Johnson 

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February 11th

Little Miss Party in a Box now ships to CANADA

So we’re kinda excited on a couple of different levels right now…
First off, we realized you guys need Little Miss Party Packs! As we’re powering away on the development of these boxes, we’ve been receiving some incredible feed back and working through it all.
So to accommodate all different types of party sizes, we are introducing Little Miss Party Packs. You can now add on tableware and/or decor for your birthday party. You can even buy them separately! Whatever you want.
Secondly….now please sit down for this one….WE CAN NOW SHIP TO CANADA!!!!! SO many of you have asked us! We are SO excited for this!
As a native Canadian I am so proud to be able to ship this box home now! You guys are going to love it.
So go ahead. Shop the Box. Enjoy it! And we’re around…so just email us if you have any questions or feedback!

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January 22nd

Valentine’s Day with Chex…The Snack Table.

Chex Table 5
I love a good challenge. So when Little Miss Party approached me about restyling their Halloween Chex Little Miss Party in a Box, of course I couldn’t resist!

The box arrived on my doorstep just as cute as can be. The attention to detail and adorable packaging made it feel like I was opening a present.
Chex Table 1

I took an inventory of what I had and decided to focus on three key items to pull together a simple and sweet Valentine’s Day snack table. The other goodies will be saved to for next Halloween.

While planning out what I was going to do for the set-up, I opened up the box of Chocolate Chex and couldn’t get over how good they were just on their own. In fact, handfuls of the cereal kept disappearing each time my two young children would walk by! It was then that I realized, I could serve the Chocolate Chex straight out of the box on the snack table. I mean, it doesn’t get any more hassle free than that!
Chex Table 10

I used the chevron favor bags embellished with a gold foil heart sticker to serve the Chex mix. And on the other side of the table, I included the black and white striped cups also embellished with the same gold foil heart sticker. Sticking with my no hassle approach to snacks on the table, I looked to my pantry and decided to add some cereal bars stacked on a cake plate in the center of the table.

Chex Table 9

Chex Table 8

I decided to drape some gold sequin fabric behind the table and thought it could use another element, so I created an “XOXO” banner cut out from the chevron favor bags.
Chex Table 3
To make the banner, I blew up the letters “XO” in 550 pt font in Microsoft Word. I printed and cut the letters out and traced them on the favor bags. Then I cut the letters out of the favor bags, punched holes at the top and strung the letters on a strand of jute twine. It was so easy to make and turned out so cute!
Chex Table 2

Chex Table 4

Chex Table 7

Thanks Little Miss Party and Chex for sending along the box of goodies! I had fun putting together the snack table and my boys had even more fun devouring the treats with their friends!

Chex Table 5
This post was written and photographed by our sweet friend Tara Berger of One Stylish Party.

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