November 7, 2016

DIY with LMP: Turn yourself into art confetti


Every now and then we work with clients who come to us with the most amazing ideas and ask for our help with executing. That’s what we were dealing with her when one of our most creative clients said she wanted to have an art themed birthday dinner.


There were so many incredible details that made up this dinner party but my absolute favorite was the art that we turned into confetti. Let me explain…

Our client asked us to design her face into some of her favorite artists masterpieces. Maggie worked her magic and turned our client into the Mona Lisa, Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe pop art and Cindy Sherman.


We purchased mini canvases at Michael’s Craft Store, a bottle of modge podge and brushes. We printed the artwork onto card stock, cut into the coordinating sizes of the canvases and then brushed the canvas with a thin layer of modge podge. We then placed the cut piece of card stock onto the canvas and continued to paint all over it with more modge podge ensuring the edges were covered with glue well.





Check.This.Out…..How fabulous are these?!


We decorated the dinner table with these all over…looking like personalized art confetti.

Photos in this post were taken by Abby Copleston.

xx, Seri
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October 17, 2016

Little Miss Party Favors in a Box


My friend Pam recently had a birthday party. She booked a dinner reservation at one of the best Mexican restaurants in the city – La Esquina. I knew a fun evening was in store…

She told me that 8 people would be at dinner and I really really wanted to surprise her by doing something special that night….but what…hmmm.


I came up with the idea of doing a little favor gift box for each guest. I wnted to build these boxes with festive items that Pam would appreciate and know I put thought into. So I got to building…


We found the perfect size black boxes and pink ribbon to package these favors in. I wanted confetti of course, so included a mini party cracker in each that said HOORAY! The best part about these was everyone opened theirs at the table and read the joke and wore the crown.


Everyone loves coffee so we included a $5 gift card to Starbucks. And who doesn’t love gummy bears and champagne? Well thanks to Sugarfina we found adorable clear boxes of champagne gummy bears in each box!


Pam’s alcohol of choice is tequila so we put mini bottles of Patrone into each box. The perfect addition. And last but not least…an itty bitty cupcake from Baked by Melissa for something extra sweet.


What do you think? Pretty cute right?! The girls LOVED these and were blown away when they sat down to a gift placed at each of their seats.

Like what you see? Order your custom Little Miss Party Favors in a Box by getting in touch with us here.


xx, Seri
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September 5, 2016

Lil’ Firefighters to the Rescue!


Three is the age when kids start to know what they like and don’t like. Cars, trains, firetrucks! That’s exactly what lil’ Billy wanted the theme of his third birthday party to be.


We love nothing more than parties in the backyard. Fire up the grill, roll towels by the pool and sip on sangria. And for Billy’s party we were going to do just that.


We took full advantage of the backyard by bringing in a water slide and have a magician perform a wacky show.


Our favorite Hamptons caterer, Janet O’Brien put out the perfect afternoon spread starting with a huge bowl of rosé sangria and chips, salsa + guac.




Once the guests settled in, Looney Louie grabbed their attention and put on a hilarious and fun performance. Following the show, lunch was served buffet style and each dish was more delicious than the next.



Of course we placed adorable details all over the place. Sunflowers in boots?! Clusters of balloons, honeycombs hanging from the umbrellas and my favorite… the kids picnic tables set for each child with a fireman’s hat, hydrant sippy cup and “fire extinguisher” water bottles that Maggie custom design for the party.








For dessert we used the “stop, drop and roll” way and served a tiered tray of “fire” cupcakes that were sitting on top of gum drops and Tootsie Rolls. Along side were fireman hat cookies and a cake so stunning we were afraid to cut into it. All desserts were made by our friends at Sugar Sugar in Quogue.




Lil’ Billy had a blast with his friends while the grown ups enjoyed rosé and beers. Happy birthday little guy! We can’t wait to see what interests you next year….


Photos by the amazing Sasithon Photography.

xx, Seri
Party conversation
  1. Brittany

    AMAZING party and awesome photos!!!!!!! So nicely put together.

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June 27, 2016

DIY with LMP: Poppin’ Pink Popcorn Bar


Okay, let’s be honest here, popcorn is totally the new “it” snack. These days, we’re all looking for the healthier option than chips and dip at the party table, and I’m not talking about the raw veggie platter (does anyone actually touch that thing?!). Well, various forms of guilt-free popcorn have become my new favorite. I think this adorable popcorn bar is just what you need the next time you have all the girls over to watch a rom-com.

All you will need is:

plain white take-out cartons (or another take-home vessel)
popcorn (we chose Skinny Pop!)
white chocolate chips
baking sparkles


Step 1: Set up your bar so your guests can easily access each ingredient to mix themselves.


Step 2: Start with popcorn as the base, filling only halfway, and add each ingredient that you desire.


Step 3: Finish adding each ingredient, leaving plenty of space below the top to be able to shake it up.


Step 4: Close the top, shake it up!


Step 5: Enjoy!step8

Make sure each guest takes some extra home with them. A perfect party snack AND party favor!



xx, Maggie
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May 26, 2016

Nibbles N’ Nails


These days, I don’t really get much time to myself. Between the kids, my husband, friends, running a business, oh and LIFE (!!) it’s kinda hard to ever just sit back and relax.


In an effort to avoid burning out, I decided to carve out some time for me and my girlfriends whom are all in the same boat to enjoy a few moments to ourselves.


I booked a babysitter and asked my husband to make plans with friends so I could go into this knowing everyone is looked after.


I thought, it would be nice to pamper everyone with nibbles n nails. So I went over to my local Walgreens and searched for the essentials: Chocolate, nail polish and ice.


Yes. The weather just took a crazy turn and it is now 90 degrees out there! We are going to enjoy ICE COFFEE!


When it comes to chocolate, my preference is milk and I love a crunch to it. I recently tried NESTLĖ Damak®  and was in instant heaven. This chocolate is brand new to the U.S., and actually hard to find sometimes as it’s so popular! This Turkish chocolate is the perfect combination of creamy chocolate and savory pistachios. Definitely the indulgent snack that I was looking for. And to make sure I satisfied the likes of all of my guests, I got a mix of milk and dark chocolate.



I set the table with succulents and greenery making it feel relaxed and inviting. I set out an ombre of nail polishes, cotton balls and nail files for the gals to help themselves to manicures.




We enjoyed every second of this “time for ourselves” brunch and couldn’t have been happier to nosh on chocolate and paint our nails.




So what do you think? You deserve a little time to yourself too…Right? If you want to follow our lead here, we’ve got great news.  Beginning June 26th, receive $2 off when you purchase any two (2) NESTLĖ Damak® Chocolate with Pistachios 2.82 oz. bars. Go to to receive your coupon, then visit your local Walgreens with coupon and card in order to redeem the offer.

Enjoy Mamas! You deserve it. And for more inspirational ideas just like ours, follow along with the #DiscoverDamak Pinterest board to indulge and escape the everyday.


I was asked to participate in the #DiscoverDamak campaign, sponsored by NESTLĖ Damak at Walgreens. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

xx, Seri
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