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August 12th

XO, I love you.

When throwing a shower there’s no reason not to keep it super simple. Less is more. White is chic.
We recently styled a shoot for a wedding shower and took a stab at a few Chex Party Mix recipes to serve up and I gotta tell you something…um, wow. I developed a major addiction.
While Michelle slaved away with Marshmallow fluff in the kitchen…I was trying to set the scene. But the sweet and saucy smell drew me in and I soon found myself knee deep in The Wedding Day Chex Mix.
To serve we found the most adorable letter bowls to spell out XO.
From the cupboard we had an old square of fabric which we turned into a triangle runner.
To drink we used shatterproof champagne glasses. Ready to toast the bride to be!
Have you ever tried the Sofia Coppola cans of champagne?  They are the cutest.
What’s a party without stripe-y straws? I mean c’mon. Don’t.
My favorite thing about a shower? A good favor. Cartons of that Wedding Day Chex Mix, Yes please. Tie it with a fat piece of hot pink ribbon and there you go. Thanks for coming!
Of course if you are having a shower in the NYC area and need a photographer….we will tell you to call on Raquel. She was the darling photographer of the photos you see in this post today.

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July 28th

Eat our decorations.

When designing a party we get pretty nuts with the decor. For some reason we just can’t contain ourselves. We live for those ridiculously chic details that makes a party stylish.
Of course…there’s nothing as important as the food. Keep everyone happy by having a nosh on something delicious throughout your celebration.
So we were thinking…
What if…
We could eat our decorations?
LMP loves cereal, especially when its sweet, crunchy, bright and bold.
Well lucky for us…we got to work with General Mills on an awesome project for Trix. Every day this week we will be telling you all about the new fruitier flavors that Trix has released to the shelves…and how we styled these delicious puffs! Make sure you check back daily for all of the amazing details. DIY tutorials, a special interview with a surprise, Canadian friend, a giveaway and more!
After coming up with super fun and some silly ways to use Trix cereal as party decor, we got to build a special edition of Little Miss Party in a Box for Trix. We sent out these boxes to some notable friends and cannot wait to hear what they think…
Since the theme here is edible décor…let us show you some fun ways to play with your food!
Let me ask you a question: Could it get any easier then this? Take yogurt of your liking (my fave is vanilla) and layer it with crushed and whole Trix. Add whatever else you wish in there such as fruit, granola, shredded coconut, you name it. Gorgeous, delicious, boom. Brightens up the room and makes a great dish for brunch.

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July 22nd

Pink by the Pool in a Pinch

If you’ve been following along you know we love to party by the pool. After being holed up from that winter we had, who wouldn’t?! So last week when we got a call giving us four days notice to set up a party for a 5 year old’s birthday…in Bridgehampton by the Pool…it was hard to say no.
Would you like me to let you in on the secrets to planning a party last minute? Oh and making it look super pretty? Here you go:
Step 1: Flowers. They change everything. Add fresh flowers to your party and you have instant decor.
Step 2: Tableware. Outdoors? Plastic. No doubt. We wrapped up forks and knives in napkins and tied with twine. This way the guests could just grab and go as they served themselves lunch. No fuss, no muss. We set out a bucket of spoons along side for dessert.
Step 3: Make it festive.We kept the decor simple. Tissue fans and paper lanterns for the sunbrellas, a garland and gold sprayed “A” for our birthday girl Alex and some oversized balloons for the kiddie table which we dolled up with tissue tassel.

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July 7th

Party by the Pool

What better way is there to spend July 4th weekend combined with your son’s second birthday? POOL PARTY of course! We invited all of our friends and family over this weekend to eat, swim and play. It was a total blast.
Here are a few tips for a a successful and super fun pool party…
1.) Snacks, Water, more snacks and tons of food: When you invite people over for a party they expect to be fed. No matter what time it is! Now this was a birthday party for a 2 year old. But it was also July 4th weekend. So we had a big crowd and I knew the kids would be running wild. This means – they will have no interest in sitting down to eat at any time. So I set out a ton of snacks for the kids to grab at any point during the day and of course I put them in cute cups…blueberries, pretzels, cut up grapes and veggie chips. Of course I made sure to serve tons of water. Ali designed labels just for my lil guy and we set them out in pails of ice all over the backyard.
For lunch we created an easy BBQ menu of grilled chicken legs, hot dogs and shrimp skewers. All easy to grab and go or have a seat and relax while you eat. On the side there were salads and crudités.

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June 26th

A birthday celebration for Well Rounded NY

Many of you have met our friends Jessica and Kaity from Well Rounded NY;  we helped them with their launch party last summer and also featured the two talented ladies on last weeks Little Miss Chatty.  Well, a year has passed and it was time to say Happy First Birthday!!
We were thrilled to find out the event was to be held on the rooftop of the Bloom Baby headquarters. The space was amazing but very large. Using a “summer in the city” theme, Seri and I knew we needed some really impactful rentals to stand out in such a huge space, without breaking the bank.  It just so happened that the week we were coming up with ideas for the event we had a meeting with Please B Seated where we found some pretty stand-out rentals which were perfect for this outdoor event.
These hedges made for the perfect photo backdrop. We strung colorful lights on them and turned it into a polaroid station where guests could take pictures with funky sunglasses and the giant polaroid props we made.  Guests used mini clothes pins to clip up their pictures for an extra special touch.
We loved how the black and white beach balls made such an amazing background and filled up this blow up pools.  We set out some colorful beach chairs and hoola hoops and we were all set.
Check out these huge Bloom letters the guys brought up from their showroom? Of course Seri and I had to pose in them!
For the bar we also used a hedge, which looked absolutely awesome. An oversized mason jar dispenser was the perfect vase for the centerpiece of our bar. Pom Wonderful  helped to sponsor some drinks so we created a very tasty cocktail and served it out of this gorgeous Pottery Barn beverage dispenser. Guests were also sipping on coronas and water to keep cool.
What better food for a summer party in NYC than hot dogs and soft pretzels. The Bark Hot Dogs and Cafe Katja pretzels were stacked in lucite trays and accompanied by a fully loaded toppings bar. Cucumber relish? Yes Please! We used mini terra-cotta pots that we sprayed pink to stick in food place cards.
What was for dessert you ask? Baked by Melissa cupcakes of course. Those little treats are seriously addicting. They looked amazing stacked into a galvanized tiered tray and were eaten up in no time!
Another sweet treat to cool guests off were popsicles which were passed on white melamine trays lined with lemon slices. Gorgeous and delicious!
Guests were given this fabulous tote sponsored by Babyganics - it was filled with some really useful goodies for moms. I was especially happy about the sunscreen because I always seem to lose mine in my diaper bag!
We love these gals and were thrilled they asked us to be a part of another milestone event.  Best of luck in your second year Well Rounded NY. Cheers and see you next year!

All gorgeous photos courtesy of Lara Levine Photography

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