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December 10th

Little Miss Party shops Century 21 for the Holidays

It’s no secret…we put a great deal of effort into our outfits around here. C’mon…we worked in the fashion biz for a decade. There’s just no giving up on looking good.
So when we found out we were getting a gift card from the sweet team behind Century 21, we were pretty stinkin’ excited. Perfectly timed to run out and find something to wear for the upcoming holiday cocktail parties we have been invited to. blog pic 6
My girlfriend who was visiting from Toronto this weekend said it best – “When you go to Century 21 you need a goal. You need to know exactly what type of pieces you are looking for (ie. a black dress, white shirt, you get the pic) so you can focus in and be efficient with your shopping.” – I appreciate these words of wisdom as C21 is a big store and can be a tad overwhelming….especially during the holidays!
I grabbed Ali and we took a shopping trip…all the way downtown. New outfit? On C21 for LMP? Sounds good to me!
We made a few purchases….and later made a few more. The beauty of C21 is their great shop ONLINE! Who doesn’t want to just buy a gorgeous black dress while sitting on your couch. It doesn’t fit? Send it back! So easy. Look at what we found…blog pic 5

xx, Seri

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November 8th

Wake the Living

When I was a kid…I would be up, unable to fall asleep, for hours the night before Halloween. I would get myself so psyched about my outfit and the trick or treating that was ahead for that wild holiday every year. And for the first night in the longest time that I can remember…I got that excited for Halloween.
This year we were asked to style a Halloween party sponsored by Piedra Azul Tequila. The brand is full of Day of the Dead / Dia de los Muertos motif so we used the logo and artwork on their website for inspiration. Check this mood board out…love this one!
The party was called for the night of Halloween in Pop Up Shop/Event space Eva NY and our plan was to deck the event space with skulls, ghouls and black crows. We created a dessert table cemetery with tons of fabulous supplies from Party City and stocked the organic dirt filled set up full of mini cupcakes from NYC Catering for the guests to enjoy while sipping on Piedra Azul Tequila spiked Signature drinks.

BEFORE: We spent hours prepping for the event spraying pumpkins, gourds, Agave plants and tons of skulls…adding glitter to some and placed them around the space for a spooky while glam effect.
AFTER: The space looked so fab with all the dark and some glittery pieces placed around the shadow box built-ins and tables.

xx, Seri

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November 5th

Rainbows & Bubbly

We most recently had the great pleasure working with a gal from our old stomping ground, J.Crew. Roxanne came to us for help with her daughter Madeline’s 5th birthday party. She wanted a rainbow + unicorns theme + a venue where the kids would have some activity. We immediately thought of The Craft Studio. A FAB space uptown where kids can be creative with crafts, get their face painted and play all sorts of organized games. They close down the shop for private events and have a space that is perfect for a big group of kids and adults.
Of course with the theme we went bananas since we love working with bright colors! So we designed the kids tables with huge balloons in a rainbow of colors anchored into glass cubes of gum balls, set out gold mason jars of flowers and hung a garland that we made out of bandanas from Party City.
The team at the Craft Studio was incredible to work with. They were so friendly, super helpful and amazing with the kids.
They set each kid up with a station for crafting with a smock and supplies, greeted them with face painting and continued on with a dance party and games.
To ensure the adults had a good time as well…we set up an area with bubbly drinks. Mini bottles of champagne with personalized labels that Ali designed for us, personalized water bottles and wine to sip on.
The Craft Studio served pizza to the kids and we chimed in with a platter from Murray’s Cheese along with tons of great sweets! A candy bar in a rainbow of colors along side sprinkle clad carrot cake pops, cupcake cones and a special “M” cake for Madeline that was layered in the colors of a rainbow when you cut in all made by the fabulous AnnMarie who baked the delicious goodies that we used at the last rainbow themed event we threw!
To throw some unicorns into the mix we spray painted figurines and used them to put our food place cards on top of…cute little touch, we thought.
The kids had a blast…and most importantly sweet Madeline and her family had a fabulous and truly memorable birthday party.
We loved working with this beautiful family and hope to do so again soon! Happy Birthday sweet Madeline!

*All pictures above were taking by the fabulous Raquel Bianca.

xx, Seri

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November 4th

Beauty On Demand with the GLAMSQUAD

For those of you who know me personally, you know I always take on a little too much…and make it look like it’s so easy to get it all done. Well the truth is…I surround myself with incredible people who help me manage my crazy life. This now includes the fabulous group from the GLAMSQUAD.
We met at the Well Rounded NY launch party when I saw them doing hair for some of the guests at the event and they explained their concept to me…which was one I squealed over…
GLAMSQUAD is an on-demand beauty service that brings the Blowout Artist to you. Founded on the firm belief that women should spend less time en route to looking fabulous, their professionally trained (and personally appointed) stylists come to you, for a blowout in the comfort of your own home. Because New Yorkers understand the beauty of delivery.
Um…ya I do. I love the beauty of delivery! And I LOVE the idea of ON DEMAND! When I first discovered I could watch my HBO and Showtime shows whenever I want without having them taped…I was pretty psyched. Lame, yes. I know. But hey – the simple things in life really make me happy. And how about the fact that I can pretty much order anything at anytime in this fantastic city that I live in. Ordering food in NYC on demand is no novelty, but something I’ll never get tired of having 24 hour access to.
So when I discovered the ladies at GLAMSQUAD who developed this concept where you could get your hair done in the comfort of your own home I almost fell over. I find myself with less and less time to do things for ME on a daily basis having two kids, a hubby and a business to tend to. So to have girls come into my apartment with their beauty supplies in tow allowing me to sit at my dining room table doing work, drinking my coffee and giving my son something to photograph and talk about…was pretty damn cool.
The GLAMSQUAD came in to do hair for me and Ali first thing on Thursday morning. We were busy prepping for a tequila sponsored Halloween party that night and had to have our hair done for the party so it was absolutely perfect. There was NO way we could have left the apartment and been out for 2 hours before this event to tend to our beauty needs. When making the appointment I discussed hairstyles that Ali and I wanted so everyone was prepped and we could get moving quickly. You can find examples of hairstyles on their website here or you can choose your own and send to them for inspiration. I had a waterfall braid over curled hair which looked so fab for the party that night.
I quickly realized that these girls would be so perfect for so many occasions. If only they were around when I got married…I would have been all over them. I will surely be using them on a frequent basis go forward now for everything else going on in my life.
We highly recommend the gals at the GLAMSQUAD for your next event or required blow out. They made it super easy to book an appointment, they are a pleasure to work with and will leave you looking fabulous!

xx, Seri

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August 19th

Well Rounded NY Is here!

We’ve had the opportunity to be a part of a few really cool launch parties over the past couple of years. And last week we had the chance to help welcome a brilliant new site to the world: Well Rounded NY.
Earlier this year we met Jessica & Kaity and instantly fell in love with the two of them and the website they created.
Well Rounded NY is an outlet for pregnant moms in NYC who are looking for cool places to eat, shop and talk babies & kids.
Since both Michelle and I are now mothers we thought we were a match made in heaven with these two…
So when they asked if we could help design the party they were throwing to launch their “baby” we jumped all over it. The direction for the party was a Sip n See “granny chic” style where they drew inspiration from the adorable floral straws that they found on Pinterest. When I think “granny chic” I think of my Boobie. I think: lace, gold accents and doilies which I found tons of in all shapes, sizes and colors here at Party City.
I went to the garment district to source floral fabric from Mood and lace from M&J Trimming. I used these both with doilies & twine to wrap bottles and vases that I had on hand and filled with tons of white, green and pink flowers to place throughout the party.
The party was held at a fabulous showroom called DucDuc in Soho. The girls who work the showroom are lovely and they sell furniture for all ages that is absolutely beautiful. It was such a great spot for this party because of the size of the space and the great items they had for us to work with. I just loved setting up the bar on this cart that they have and they let us use all of their glasses – what a bonus!
On top of this bar cart we set up a glass mason jar beverage dispenser topped with granny chic fabric that I found and tied with twine. We filled this with rosemary infused lemonade and tons of ice which made for a refreshing mocktail for all those moms who were steering clear of wine and beer. Of course we set out a tin of floral straws that Jessica & Kaity provided to go along side this signature drink!
To nibble, the girls worked with a couple of super talented chefs. The Nourishing Vegan provided healthy vegan bites that were incredibly tasty. I got to chat with Chef Jenné for a little while. She was super sweet and so passionate about healthy eating! As for the delectable desserts that were provided by Chef Mary London…I went nuts with the styling. Each bite was prettier and more delicious then the next…
The desserts transformed into looking granny chic simply by plating them on frilly cake stands and surrounding with vintage frames. I also took some wooden baby blocks and sprayed painted them gold to stack on the table which looked really sweet.
We also took mini animals that they sell at Party City as cake toppers, sprayed them in gold paint and tucked them around the sweets to honor the “baby” in this party.

xx, Seri

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