March 20, 2017

Flower Power

Today is about using fresh flowers to make pretty crowns just in time for spring…which is TODAY! Happy Spring everyone.

We recently brought a new team member on board, the most fantastic intern, Natalie who has been a great asset to our team. Her greatest skill in the LMP Office: flower arranging. Could she fit in any better?

She lead a flower crown making workshop for us and we of course turned it into a party. What a fun way to spend a morning with friends, huh?! We served a simple breakfast with fresh pastries, croissants and a enormous sweet brioche that we found at our local bakery. Abby brewed a pot of coffee and of course we toasted with pink bubbly.

If you plan to host a flower crown making party, ask your friends to dress for the season and no doubt they will pull out some pretty fabulous pops of color…

Here’s how you can make these flowers crowns with a few materials (easily found on Amazon) and a lotta flowers (if you live in warm climate then check your backyard first!).

Floral Wire
Floral tape
Good scissors
Leafy florals (ie. Italian ruscus, babies breath, spray roses)

1. Take your floral wire and fit it around your head so that you know how long it needs to be.

2. Shape the floral wire into a circle and then twist the end in order to keep it in place at the length you need. (For added security, make the length even longer and wrap the extra around the crown to make it thicker).

3. Take your floral tape and begin wrapping it around the entire crown (Make sure you are gently pulling the tape as your wrap, so that the tape becomes sticky).

4. Begin making small bouquets with your flowers and greenery. Then wrap the ends with the floral tape.

5. Take a long piece of greenery and twist it around the crown, then secure with floral tape.

6. Add in the small bouquets and secure with floral tape, add or subtract to your liking.

7. Take some pictures and have fun!

Photos by Gillian Stippa

xx, Seri
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February 13, 2017

A Valentine’s Day Milkshake Date

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow so in the spirit of this holiday of love, Ilana and I planned a little date for the kids.

We went to Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beers. For those of you who live in New York City, this place is a MUST GO TO. They are known for their giant, candy filled milkshakes that are off the charts delicious and stunning. They also have a full menu of burgers and beer…it’s a great spot for a date or to go with your family.

Tomorrow Black Top Burger is featuring a Valentine’s Day milkshake in partnership with Magnolia bakery. So there’s a huge piece of red velvet cake on top of the shake. The kids got to test this shake out and when it was put in front of them their eyes bugged out.

While Mazzy and Gavin were sipping on their shake, Harlow and Luke were looking like an old married couple who’s been together for 50 years. These two make my heart SING.

Last week Luke made cupcakes and crafts for Valentine’s Day. One of this gifts was for Harlow.  He had crafted a picture frame just for her. Seems as though Harlow was smitten with her gift and even more so when he pulled out a bouquet of flowers for her!

Ditto goes for Gavin’s gal. He brought her a heart shaped frame with photos from their first Valentine’s Day date. He also gave Mazzy a bouquet of perfectly pink in NYC flowers.

Who said chivalry is dead? Not my boys. Happy Valentine’s Day friends!

Photos by Janina Santillan
When the kids date…so do Ilana and I. And by date, I mean document their every move. Read more about their adventures with Milkshakes over on Mommy Shorts where you’re guaranteed a good laugh.

xx, Seri
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December 21, 2016

For the Love of Dim Sum


Every year, just before the holidays I remember…oooh…time for family photos! Obviously I take a million and one photos on my phone every day…but they are nothing like a professional shoot.



This year, I wanted to make the shoot super fun and casual. No posing, no sitting still but more like a day in the life of my family.




I asked Sasithon Photography (Sas) to shoot for us this year and told her that I’d like to have the shoot in a setting that is very familiar to my family. So I chose…our favorite Dim Sum Restaurant and said just follow us along there!



So we met downtown around Dim Sum Go Go and tooled around a bit first because it was such a beautiful day. Sas of course directed us into the most well lit areas and was able to snap some really beautiful shots of my family.



Then it was off to eat. Everyone was SO happy to be there and had no clue that Sas was following us around the table taking photos. We played tic tac toe, enjoyed delicious dim sum and each other’s company. It was perfection and now I have the photos to cherish forever.









xx, Seri
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December 14, 2016

Top Tips for A Rockin’ New Years Eve Party


I’ll never forget the year my sister was in town, we invited a few friends over and we fell asleep around 9:30. On New Years Eve! I swore I would NEVER let that happen again! If there’s ever a festive night to celebrate, that is it!


Let’s party this New Years Eve…here’s a fool proof plan for you all…

1. Little Miss Party in a Box: I think it’s safe to say you already know how clutch it is to have this in your possession for a party. Tableware + decor that is to die for and recyclable for easy clean up! (I mean really…who wants to clean up after New Years?!)



2. Prep your party in advance: We are giving away free notepads + pens in our party boxes right now and we want you to USE THEM! Here’s your check list:

Food:  Keep it simple. Set platters of meats, cheeses, tons of bread + crackers, olives, fruits, crudités and cupcakes. Late night at your party, plan to order pizza.




(Our ridiculously gorgeous food came from Poppy’s Catering)

Drinks: Plan for a self serve bar so you don’t get stuck mixing drinks all night! Serve one signature drink (holiday punch or cherry mimosas), beer and wine.




Make sure you have:  Sparkling water (for those who will want a glass of bubbly to toast but may not be drinking), toilet paper stocked in the bathroom and fill your freezer with some frozen pigs in a blanket (just in case!)


Balloons:  Take your balloons to your local party store and ask them to have them filled with helium and ready for delivery or pick up the morning of your party.


Music:  Make a long, fun playlist. Or find us on Spotify so you can tap into ours. Here’s our NYE 2016 playlist.

Morning of your party:
Chill the wine and beer either in your fridge or outside in the cold (says the East Coaster).
Set up all decor and tableware.
Set out props for photos.
Set the bar. Make sure to include a bottle opener, bucket + tongs for ice and a cute dishtowel for drippy bottles.
Clean the bathrooms.


Doll up.
Pre-mix your signature drink.


1 hour before the party:
Pump the tunes.
Light the candles.
Set up your platters of food out.
Set out all wine and beer on ice.


Now let’s Party!




Photos by Janina Santillan
Fringe backdrop, disco balls and confetti by Decorative Novelty

You guys, it’s been such an incredible year! To say thank you for all the support and love you have shown LMP we are GIVING AWAY one New Years Eve Party in a Box WITH a $50 American Express gift card to put towards your NYE party. Leave a comment here telling us what the best part of your year was and we will draw a winner between our blog, Facebook and Instagram entries on Dec. 16th at 12pm EST. GOOD LUCK!

xx, Seri
Party conversation
  1. Bianca

    the best part of my year was getting a new suv!

  2. Seri

    Oh la la…that’s a good one!! xoxo

  3. Laura P

    Ahhh! This post is everything! Can’t wait to impress my guests all thanks to you 😍 My favorite part of the year was traveling out of the USA for the first time. Jamaica is a beautiful island and I highly recommend it mon.

  4. Lisa H

    The best part of my year was actually keeping my resolution to spend more time with the people I love. :)

  5. Seri

    Jeez. You’re the cutest. xoxo

  6. Amanda

    Best part of 2016?! Too many to count but the top of my list would be spending 2 AMAZING weeks traveling around Iceland with my two high school best friends and passing the California Bar Exam!

  7. Abby Copleston

    Best part of my year was traveling and all of the fun shoots and fake parties at work :)

  8. Joan McDonnell Carr

    Best part of the year was celebrating thanksgiving with my family at the beach

  9. Jennifer Lee

    Best part of my year was becoming an aunt!!

  10. Sean G

    Best part of my year was getting my promotion

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December 13, 2016

Old Fashioned’s with Bulleit Rye Whiskey


Last week, we hosted a Holiday Jewelry party in our NYC studio using our Shower Party in a Box to showcase our favorite jewelry, Ramblerose, by our very own Maggie Antalek.  During the party, I served up some cocktails using Bulleit Whiskey.  What you may not have know is that we featured not one, but TWO signature cocktails using our delicious, new favorite whiskey!



That’s right… in addition to the Irish Buck, I also mixed up some Old Fashioned’s!


Here’s what you need:
-Bulleit Rye Whiskey
-sugar cubes
-angostura bitters
-maraschino cherries with the syrup
-fresh orange wedges
-club soda

Here’s what to do:

1) Take one sugar cube and put in each glass.  Shake 3 drops of bitters into each glass, on top of sugar cube. Use muddler to combine sugar and bitters.

2) Measure out 2 oz. Bulleit Rye Whiskey into each glass, topped with a short splash of club soda.

3) Stir mixture together.  Add a few cubes of ice to each glass.
4) Add a splash or maraschino cherry syrup to each glass.

5) Garnish each glass with a maraschino cherry and a small orange wedge.


Voila! Enjoy your Old Fashioned for any Holiday party, or any party at all.  These drinks are a wonderful way to stay warm and feel festive.



Until next week… cheers!

xx, Abby
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