August 18, 2016

Beauty with Brittany Lo


I’m so excited to be back and writing my second post for LMP! The response that I received after the first post was incredible, and I want to thank you all for being so welcoming.

After my first post, I received some questions and requests for me to write about certain topics, which is exactly what I wanted! Please keep those questions coming.

One reader asked if I had any tips from a quick and easy way to transition your hair and makeup from day to night, after a long day at the office. And the answer is YES! This is a transition that I have gotten down pretty well… after living in the city for a while, you learn to pack for your whole day in the morning when you are getting ready for work. Most of us work at least a train ride away from where we live, and don’t have the time to head home to change or freshen up before heading to an evening event. That’s why a lot of native New Yorkers look like pack mules with this full change of clothes and such when you see us walking around during the day!


I decided to share with you guys my go-to quick and easy routine for getting after-work event ready! LMP team member and my new blog manager, Abby was coming over to the Beautini offices, and she agreed to be my model. Abby had been running around the city all morning prepping for an LMP event, and was coming over to get ready for a networking event that we were both going to. We had about 30 minutes before we had to leave, which was plenty of time! Abby made us a quick cocktail and I got to work!


By about 4PM, your morning makeup has probably smeared a bit so it’s important to start with a clean face, or around the eyes at the very least. I cleaned up Abby’s eye makeup and began with her eye shadow makeup as she wanted a quick smokey eye. My rule is that if you are doing a simple eye look you can do foundation first but if you’re putting more shadow on then it’s best to do that before applying the foundation to ensure you can wipe away any shadow that falls onto the face when applying. The Urban Decay basics palette has great neutral colors and is compact so it can fit well in your makeup bag! I used ‘Foxy’ as the base with ‘Faint’ and a touch of ‘Crave’ in the corners.
Next I used Stila’s Liquid Liner to create a small cat eye on Abby.


This liner is my absolute favorite because it’s easy to apply the liner and the liner does not come out too thick. After that apply some mascara on the top and bottom for added drama. If you are going to a night time event then feel free to also add pencil liner to your bottom as well. For Abby I smudged her bottom liner with a MAC 263 Small Angle Brush to give a slightly softer look.


Once the eyes are completed, clean under the eyes with a makeup remover wipe and add your foundation and concealer. For Abby we used Make Up Forever’s HD Foundation and their cream palette concealer. Both products provide full coverage but are lightweight so they do not give the “cakey” look when applied.


Next we added some warmth to her face and I used my FAVORITE bronzer from Too Faced. Oh, did I mention that it’s made with cocoa powder? Yes your face will smell like chocolate as you are applying this! I added some blush along Abby’s cheekbones to add a tint of color to her face as well.


Lastly we used a NARS lip pencil in Rikugien (after she sipped on her cocktail of course!) and she was all set for the event! To complete the look, I threw Abby’s hair up into a low messy bun.


Super easy, right? This whole look took me about 15 minutes to finish, with frequent breaks for sipping on my French 75 and to snap some pictures. What do you think of Abby’s look?


Have any requests for a makeup look you’d like me to write about? Just leave a comment.

Until next week!
XO, B.Lo

xx, Abby
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March 3, 2016

A Romantic Wedding in the East Village

DARA and MICHAEL - 00035

Last summer I got a call from an old friend, who was also my first roommate when I moved to New York City. She told me that she was getting married and was looking for some help to jazz up the party with special touches.

DARA and MICHAEL - 00137

We don’t do weddings…but how could I say no? Especially after she told me it was going to be a small, intimate dinner party, with a low key ceremony lead by their close friend. Now that’s my speed. I was IN!

DARA and MICHAEL - 00078

Dara asked that I take charge with all of the decor and coordination. Nothing makes me happier then a client who sits back and lets us do our job. Everything was seamless. Dara & Michael chose Il Buco Alimentari E Vineria which is the most perfect spot located in the east village for an intimate dinner party. There were 50 people and the party was held in the private space upstairs where the walls are all exposed brick and there are several farm tables to sit at.

DARA and MICHAEL - 00133

I proposed soft, romantic, stunning decor. We styled peonies in milk glass bud vases all over the wood tables mixed with candles in antique gold holders that we found at the Hatch Prop Shop.

DARA and MICHAEL - 00134

DARA and MICHAEL - 00138

DARA and MICHAEL - 00152

My favorite part of the set up was the placemats. We asked our friends over at Paperfinger to source burgundy paper and customize with every guest’s name in calligraphy as the place setting. So. So. Stunning. We especially loved our play on the bride and groom: wifey and hubby.

DARA and MICHAEL - 00147

DARA and MICHAEL - 00146

As always we had custom menus printed by Minted. And we worked with our favorite cake designers at Empire Cake to create a two tiered red velvet cake with a brush gold painted effect. We added fresh blooms and boom. STUNNING right?!

DARA and MICHAEL - 00159

DARA and MICHAEL - 00142

Dara, Michael and their family were staying at the Bowery Hotel the weekend of the wedding. The room where Dara was getting ready was so perfect for kicking off her photos.

DARA and MICHAEL - 00014

DARA and MICHAEL - 00024

DARA and MICHAEL - 00002

For Dara’s bouquet we worked with Designs by Ahn who nailed the arrangement that I had been dreaming up in my head. Not only were the flowers gorgeous but the bouquet worked so perfectly with Dara’s dress.

DARA and MICHAEL - 00023

DARA and MICHAEL - 00001

The couple strolled through the streets of the East Village with Dave Robbins for photos prior to meeting their family at Gemma (where Dara and Michael had their first date). They later walked into the venue to see the set up and tears started flowing, including my own. Seeing their reactions to how the room was transformed was thrilling.

DARA and MICHAEL - 00065

DARA and MICHAEL - 00077

DARA and MICHAEL - 00072

DARA and MICHAEL - 00074

The night went off without a hitch and there was nothing but happiness, good food and love in the room. A success all around.

DARA and MICHAEL - 00327

DARA and MICHAEL - 00325

DARA and MICHAEL - 00391

DARA and MICHAEL - 00370

Huge hearty Mazel Tov to my friend Dara and thank you for letting me play such an important role in your big day. I wish you and Michael a long life full of good health and happiness.

DARA and MICHAEL - 00080

Photos by Dave Robbins Photography
Also find this wedding featured on Style Me Pretty

xx, Seri
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February 11, 2016

Feeling the Love

Seri's Selects Vday-26

The other day my friend Ilana wrote a heart felt blog post about our relationship as friends, work wives and fellow Mothers. Her words brought a tear to my eye as I was reminded how lucky I am for the friends I have made while living in New York for the past 16 years.

Seri's Selects Vday-51

Valentine’s Day is the ultimate excuse to show your love. And obviously you know that we will use any excuse to have a random brunch, party or gathering.

Seri's Selects Vday-5


When Ilana asked if I could style a brunch for her to host for her “work wife” friends…I was like, um, yes. Yes yes I would love to.

Seri's Selects Vday-135

I’m addicted to black, white, pink and gold. Throw some copper in. I can’t help it.

Totally obsessed with these marble plates from CB2. And of course we have the most fabulous menus printed by Minted for every setting.

Seri's Selects Vday-40

Seri's Selects Vday-16

For the seating cards, Ilana wrote a “love note” to each guest.

Seri's Selects Vday-4

Seri's Selects Vday-125

Seri's Selects Vday-121

Hershey’s was behind the idea of this gathering and provided chocolates upon chocolates for us to play with and gift.

Seri's Selects Vday-18

Seri's Selects Vday-22

We adore Chef Sue Park and brought her in to make a delicious breakfast for us. Smoked salmon heart shaped toasts – oh my yum! Sausages in a blanket, heart shaped frittatas, kale salad with roasted acorn squash and heart shaped pie pops filled with brie and jam. YUM!!

Seri's Selects Vday-66

Seri's Selects Vday-131

Seri's Selects Vday-137

This brunch was such a fabulous excuse to have a delicious meal, cocktails and laughs with best friends, new friends and work friends. Needless to say…this brunch also made for some great photos….

Seri's Selects Vday-144

Thank you Ilana for always making me part of the fun. And damn our hair looks great.

Seri's Selects Vday-42

To all my friends and family, I Love you.  And let the Valentine’s Day weekend begin!

Loving credits go to:

Photographs: Dave Robbins Photography
Catering: Chef Sue Park
Hair and Make up (on Seri, Ilana and Abby): GlamSquad
Tableware (Plates, copper utensils, napkins and pink champagne flutes): CB2
Red cake stands: Fish’s Eddy
Custom menus: Minted
All Chocolate Kisses: Hershey’s

xx, Seri
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December 31, 2015

Best of LMP in 2015

Looking back on our year it was almost impossible to choose the highlights. There were SO MANY! Wow. I’m so proud of what we have accomplished and what we have in store for the future. From the bottom of our hearts we thank YOU for following along and supporting us in this “Mompreneur” world. It’s not easy but we are doing our best to have FUN!

Without further ado…here is a recap of our favorite moments from the year 2015…


LMP 2015 v2

Host a shower in your home + A Vanity Fair Breakfast supporting Dress for Success + A Lil King turns one + Dining under the stars for Baby Dick

brit and co box v2

LMP Box 2015 v2

See what our customers are saying + Little Miss Party in a Box is now sold on Brit & Co + MEN set up our party in a box + A New Years Eve stunner.

sbe v3

SBE 2015

Pretty in Cheesecake Pink + Crostini makes the best party food + Simply Salad + Dye me Devilved eggs

Mandy's Meals opener 2

Mandy's Meals & More 2015

Mandy’s Asparagus salad + The YAY in our LMP in a Box + DIY bath salts for Mom + Holiday party snacks that you can doll up for your guests to take home.

LMP Kids v2

It’s sorta hard to believe how fast these lil ones are growing up…and how amazing it is to see our family grow!

LMP Kids 2015

Gavin went on a lot of “dates” + Lukey ate his way through 2015 + Alexandra made for the cutest reindeer on this planet + We welcomed our newest team member, Baby Dylan.


Cocktails 2015

It’s Cocktail Time: Cranberry Mojitos + Spiced Mulled Wine + Classic Lemonade with CB2 + Bar Essentials

We hope you’re year was just as fabulous as ours was. We wish you a healthy and happy new year. Be safe, friends. Our love, LMP.

xx, Seri
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November 26, 2015

First time at the Big Apple Circus


Last weekend we got our hands on some tickets to the Big Apple Circus at Lincoln Center. I was pretty psyched for this show because I hadn’t been to the circus since I was a little girl and I have never been to the circus in New York City.


When I told Adam and the kids that I got tickets they were just as thrilled. What a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon with your family, right?


We weren’t 100% sure what to expect aside from some jugglers and maybe a few animals. So we went in bright eyed and bushy tailed and couldn’t wait to discover all that they offer at the circus these days.


When we walked in, it was exactly how I remembered the circus looking and feeling as a child. Every iconic feature was in place: The large tent, the red and white boxes of popcorn, stimulating art hanging from the ceilings and the walls and ushers who were making sure everyone got to their seat in time for the show to start.






As we walked inside I was surprised to see a rather small stage which I happened to love because the show just turned into an intimate gathering that made you feel very special to be a part of.


We took our seats and out came the ringmaster with a big ol’ top hat and a stripe coat with a long tail. He fit the bill and kicked off the show with a bang.


My boys could not take their eyes off the center stage from start to finish. The look of excitement and curiosity in their eyes was making my heart melt into a puddle. So much so I could hardly focus on the show.




When your child experiences something as magical as the circus for the first time and you are there to witness it, that memory burns into your mind forever. These are the moments that make parenthood feel extra cool. These are the special times you will always remember in your life.



The show was full of incredible talent, dogs and horses. The kids loved every single second of it and so did Adam and I. Oh I didn’t even tell you the best part…..they served wine! I wasn’t expecting that but boy was I ever pleasantly surprised!




We talked about the show for the entire walk back to the car at the end of the night. What we liked best, who made us nervous and why, when will the circus be back and can we go?! For those of you who live in New York or who are planning to visit  sometime soon, you’ve gotta get yourself some tickets. You will absolutely love the show.

For more information and to buy tickets to the Big Apple Circus click here.

This post was sponsored by the Big Apple Circus but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

xx, Seri
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