July 28, 2015

Romance on the Roof

Getting engaged is pretty much it. One of the ultimate, most incredible moments in your life.
When our best friend asked for my help in planning the engagement for his soon to be fiance, I was elated with joy and honored to be a part of such a huge milestone in their lives.
The proposal was on the roof deck of our building (we live in the same apartment building) over looking the entire New York City. Candles, lanterns, champagne and flowers. It was perfection and she said yes.
Fast forward to this spring and these two are busy planning for their wedding this August, in Brooklyn.
D+D Portraits-0153
When they asked me for help with some of the vendors I was happy to share and super pumped when they chose Sasithon Pooviriyakul (Sas) as their photographer.
Michelle and I met Sas years back and have worked her several times in the past and next week Sas will be photographing Michelle’s brother’s wedding as well.
My friends worked with Sas to plan an engagement shoot around Soho, ending up on the roof top of our building where they got engaged, to enjoy the sunset.
They asked if I could help set up a little engagement picnic up there for the shoot and for a little something to eat and drink when their shoot comes to a wrap.
Naturally, I was all over this.
To set the roof top picnic, I put down a blanket and brought up some books to hold it down from the wind.
To serve I went to Murray’s Cheese and sampled my favorite cheese and meats, added some dried apricots, grapes, crusty bread and a bucket of wine.
Govino makes the most amazing shatterproof wine glasses which are perfect for outdoors. And I put out some pillows to make the scene comfortable and relaxed.
I’m so excited for these friends to get married. It’s going to be one of those weekends…that’s just a boat load of fun.
All photos above were taken by the talented and super sweet Sasithon Pooviriyakul.

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June 2, 2015

Festival Life

Summer festivals are upon us and we have been making our way through the stages. This week we’ll be hitting up The Governor’s Ball. Can.not.wait!
If you’re not making it out to any of the festivals this year, fear not! We are going to give you a few festival inspired party ideas so you can invite your friends over for some good eats, cocktails and tune into some great music!
summer festivals5
The food:
Festivals have come such a long way from funnel cakes and fries. One of my favorite dishes at the Governor’s Ball last year was the fish tacos that I found at a nearby food trucks. We made our own version of these tacos by simply sauteeing white fish (we used cod) and topping with a Sriracha cabbage slaw, guacamole and sour cream.
What else do you eat at Festivals? Hot dogs. I am one who will never get sick of a good ol’ juicy dog. We topped ours with a mango salsa. Here’s an easy recipe for ya. DEE-LISH!

To drink:
At our festival party you know there’s going to be sangria flowing freely. We suggest serving the sangria out of a beverage dispenser, punch bowl or large pitcher if you have one. This way guests can help themselves as they please and you won’t get tied up in the kitchen having to make more!
With all the wine you may consume, it’s important to also stay hydrated. Especially in the heat!
We found these water bottles with a built-in filtration system from Brita® and we infused our water with fresh fruit. Pick your citrus: lemon, lime, orange…so refreshing!
summer festivals3
summer festivals4
For something sweet:
Cool down with an all natural snow cone! Brings us back to our childhood while enjoying a new twist on an old classic. We used the recipe from The Garden of Eatin’ found here.
summer festivals1
If you didn’t catch it last week, we made flower shades to wear to the shows this year. We are also (while late to the party) really into these flash tattoos. Actually…a bit obsessed.
summer festivals2
What we’re listening to at our Festival Party:

If you are going to the festivals, go prepared! It’s a long day in the heat and it’s much more enjoyable when you have all the essentials on hand. The quick list for you:
* Sunscreen, face wipes, lip protection – we love the products from Burt’s Bees® for all of our sun protection.
* Sunglasses, hat, headband
* Water bottle
* Blanket
summer festivals7
For those of you who do make it out…be safe and have fun!

Photos above were taken by: Dave Robbins Photography

See more excuses to get together on the Gather Now Tumblr Feed.

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May 28, 2015

DIY Flower Shades

We’re packing our bags and getting ready to hit the field for the Governor’s Ball next Friday. Last year we got decked out in flower headbands. This year we are making flower sunglasses. Here’s how…
What you’ll need:
* Cheap pair of sunglasses – we found a Ray Ban style from a street vendor in NYC.
* Glue gun and glue sticks
* Mini faux flowers – we found at Michael’s Craft store
* Scissors
What to do:
* Cut the mini flowers off the wire stem.
* Glue the flowers around the edge of your sunglasses.
Boom. You’re done. Um….was that the easiest project EVER?
Now you’ve got a pair of jazzed up shades and are ready to rock!
Check back next week as we’ll be showing you how we’re prepping for the upcoming festivals. And in the meantime, see our festival tips on the Gather Now Tumblr Feed.

Photos by Dave Robbins Photography.

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February 25, 2015

A Winter Wonderland Birthday Party

As we walked into the room and set up the wintry mix of teal, white, silver and grape at the Downtown Dance Factory, the snow started to fall. This mom couldn’t have gone with a better theme for her daughter’s 5th birthday if she tried.
As the kids came off of dancing up a storm they enjoyed pizza followed by sweet eats from Making that Cake.
We styled the airy feeling room with jumbo confetti filled balloons dangling with snowflake garland from One Stylish Party. She also made us fringe bunting that we hung up to look like a sky with tissue flakes falling down.
We’re always looking for a good excuse to celebrate and there’s nothing better then a birthday. Cheers to turning 5 and so many more wonderful celebrations in the future.

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February 17, 2015

Crushin’ on Predame’s Lip N’ Lash Bar

Last summer we had the pleasure of meeting Stefanie and lizzie, two of NYC’s Pre-Dame gals. Stefanie has curated a team of editorial artists who’s goal was to bring high fashion makeup to the everyday girl. They are now known around town as the team to call when you and your girls need some glam before a big night out.predame15
Clearly they had the right idea when calling Michelle and I….since we love getting glammed up to party…!
One of the reasons they got in touch was to share their new venture – The Lip N’ Lash Bar which was born out of demand from clients who wanted to create a sort of ‘glam bar’ at their events.predame5
The Lip N’ Lash bar is a pop-up beauty bar where guests of all ages sit down for 5-10 minutes for false lashes and lip gloss application. Each guest also receives a complimentary Pre-Dame lip gloss that best suits their coloring. They even keep things exciting by offering fun colored gel liner. They put a cobalt blue liner on me that I never would have thought to use and absolutely loved the look of!
Um….is this perfect or what? A shower, bachelorette, birthday party…having these girls come in prior to your party or going out for a night on the town is brilliant. Think about it. You set out a fun cocktail, wine and/or prosecco, add a cheese plate and your best girlfriends. The Pre-Dame girls will complete your face and make you look FABULOUS!predame8
It was exceptionally exciting when these girls came to us to style their lip n’ lash table. Talk about glam…we loved every minute of this.
Making sure to stay true to their branding we kept the set up simple and chic with a bold color palette of black, white, pink and charcoal grey.
We found this cool metal shelving unit from the Land of Nod for the lip glosses which we styled with bud vases and pink flowers on top.
Then we took a plain lucite storage box and did a little glitter DIY making their new holders for q-tips and lash brushes a little more fun.
The bright pink Poppin trays were a huge hit as they made a big impact for the boxes of lashes, business cards and Pre-Dame’s signature tattoos.
I of course could not wait to see what these girls had to offer. The lips, the lashes and the tattoo! I sure felt pretty after they were done with my face!
They left me with a lipgloss that I am now obsessed with and never leave home without. Love these ladies, their lips and their lashes!

The photos in this post were taken by the adorable Jami Saunders.

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