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October 30th

Batman + Superman Turn 5,42

A Halloween Birthday20
When a five year old kid has a clear vision of what he wants his birthday party to be you cannot help but make sure you follow through and go all out.
A Halloween Birthday3
This summer Gavin started gearing up for his birthday very early as he was often conversing with his best friend, Mazzy’s Dad, Mike about their birthdays falling on the same day.
All summer long Gavin would tell Mike - we’re going to have a superhero bowling party, together.
Mike always agreed.
And here we are today.
Was the biggest blast. Celebrating a 5 year old boy and 42 year old man.
A Halloween Birthday21

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October 16th

My Boys.

I tend to joke a lot about how much my kids drive me nuts. You know sometimes they do.
But no really, they are the ultimate precious beings in my life.
If I could bottle the love I have for these boys I would do so and slap a funky label on it. The bond that I share with these little people is unimaginable and more special to me then I ever would have dreamed.

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October 2nd

LMP and the City

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined moving to New York City and fulfilling my dream of partying for a living. How did that happen? It’s a long story that I won’t bore you with. For now…will you please look at how fabulous these photos turned out? Michelle and I had a BLAST with Dave Robbins doing a little LMP and the City shoot on the streets of New York…Enjoy! And thank you to Tara from One Stylish Party for the awesome balloon!
LMP and the City1
LMP and the City7
LMP and the City3
LMP and the City5
LMP and the City2
LMP and the City9
LMP and the City11
LMP and the City8

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September 23rd

Don’t feed the Animals

There’s nothing more rewarding then having a client call one year after their baby shower to say “Girls, my baby is turning one! Will you help make the party fun?”. That’s exactly what happened here. One year ago we put on the most beautiful baby shower at Da Andrea and now we are celebrating this little man’s first with a Safari party at Citibabes.
We had so much fun with the details at this party.
From safari pith hats to gold spray painted elephants, there were so many adorable touches at this party.
We worked with Angela of Making that Cake on the delicious sweets such as candy dipped pretzel rods, cupcakes and chocolate covered marshmallows. She also made us the most fabulous animals to go on top of the cake.
We worked with Tara of One Stylish Party on the jumbo balloons and safari colored tissue tassel and which looked gorgeous on our food tables.
Lunch was catered by Le Pan Quotidien and we brought in the drinks.
A “safari” sangria, lemon ice tea and beers on ice for the adults.
An extra special treat for the kids was chocolate milk. We wrapped ribbon around milk bottles so they could grab and slurp out of birch tree patterned straws.
For signage, table confetti and bunting we turned to our friends at Minted. They have the most amazing line of jungle party decor that was so perfectly fit for this party!
Citibabes is an awesome venue for kids birthday parties. They have so many great packages to choose from and the staff is so hands on it’s a dream. You really don’t have to worry about a thing. For this party the guests enjoyed animals of all kinds who were roaming around and there for the kids to touch.
I kinda wanted to take this turtle home with me but got caught when I tried to walk out with him…
No party is complete without a little favor to take home. These guests took home the most beautiful animal cookies from Sweet Dani B. Individually wrapped these cookies were as beautiful as they were delicious!
To one of our favorite families – happy birthday to your little man!  We are always so honored to be a part of your special events and look forward to celebrating many more happy occasions together.
All photos above were taken by Raquel Langworthy of Raquel Bianca Creative.

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July 9th

Little Miss Chatty with Cari DeCoons, co-founder of CityMANI

We’ve all been there…your week has been so jam packed with deadlines, play dates, meetings and trips to the farmer’s market…you look down and realize your manicure is quickly beginning to become an embarrassment.  But how are you going to fit a fresh manicure into your already insane day?  There are simply not enough hours in the day for the woman who juggles it all. cityMANI turns a luxury into a convenience for any woman who has too much on her hands. By allowing women to make appointments in their home, office or happy place, cityMANI enables them to focus on their lives without ever having to look unpolished.  If this doesn’t put a smile on every busy NYC girl’s face, then I don’t know what will! Oh and did I mention you can book online? I know, it keeps getting better !! We recently sat down with Cari DeCoons, one of the co-founders of cityMANI and found out how these ladies turned a truly brilliant idea into a reality for every City girl.

What inspired you to launch cityMANI?
Trying to juggle a busy work schedule, a toddler and lists upon lists of daily errands I found that it was impossible to find time for my favorite pastime, a fresh manicure! I was determined to find a solution!

Where do you see your business in 5 years?  
In 5 years cityMANI will be found in close to a dozen cities delivering thousands of manicures to time-starved women across the US

Who are your ideal clients and events?
  Who doesn’t love a manicure! Our ideal clients are everyone from the working woman to the stay at home mom and everyone in between. We are focusing on hitting various markets by having a presence at all types of events this summer from office takeovers at fashion showrooms and editorial companies to children’s festivals and nightlight events. Every woman is a potential client!

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