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July 9th

Little Miss Chatty with Cari DeCoons, co-founder of CityMANI

We’ve all been there…your week has been so jam packed with deadlines, play dates, meetings and trips to the farmer’s market…you look down and realize your manicure is quickly beginning to become an embarrassment.  But how are you going to fit a fresh manicure into your already insane day?  There are simply not enough hours in the day for the woman who juggles it all. cityMANI turns a luxury into a convenience for any woman who has too much on her hands. By allowing women to make appointments in their home, office or happy place, cityMANI enables them to focus on their lives without ever having to look unpolished.  If this doesn’t put a smile on every busy NYC girl’s face, then I don’t know what will! Oh and did I mention you can book online? I know, it keeps getting better !! We recently sat down with Cari DeCoons, one of the co-founders of cityMANI and found out how these ladies turned a truly brilliant idea into a reality for every City girl.

What inspired you to launch cityMANI?
Trying to juggle a busy work schedule, a toddler and lists upon lists of daily errands I found that it was impossible to find time for my favorite pastime, a fresh manicure! I was determined to find a solution!

Where do you see your business in 5 years?  
In 5 years cityMANI will be found in close to a dozen cities delivering thousands of manicures to time-starved women across the US

Who are your ideal clients and events?
  Who doesn’t love a manicure! Our ideal clients are everyone from the working woman to the stay at home mom and everyone in between. We are focusing on hitting various markets by having a presence at all types of events this summer from office takeovers at fashion showrooms and editorial companies to children’s festivals and nightlight events. Every woman is a potential client!

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June 3rd

Family Time, with a Perfect Picnic in New York City

People often ask what my favorite thing to do with my family in New York City is. I think the answer is getting boring already because it’s always: a picnic in the park.
New York is filled with the most beautiful parks all with history, scenery and grassy patches open for picnicking.
So now let me tell you about the most genius idea ever. Perfect Picnic NYC.

Since Father’s day is so soon I thought it would be fun to get some new photos with my family. When I called Raquel to schedule a mini father’s day shoot I told her I don’t want to meet in the usual spot – my apartment. As much as I love the photos that I have with us in my home, I wanted something different. Something fun and seasonal.
I gave the ladies at Perfect Picnic NYC a shout. They got back to me immediately and together we worked out the most fabulous picnic.
Really nice to have someone else do the thinking for once, just grab your basket and go!
Perfect Picnic NYC put together one of the most beautiful spreads I’ve ever seen on a blanket. There was no detail missed.
Imagine if you could show up in the park to this. C’mon seriously? It’s genius.


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April 28th

A look back to (one of) the best days of my life

Michelle Cassera and Brian Bachman
Before my daughter was born, August 13th, 2011 was hands down the best day of my life.  Looking back, our wedding day really was the best day.  Besides the obvious:  great food, a jaw-dropping view, kick-ass band, stunning florals, insanely gorgeous dress, hot future husband – Having everyone we know and love together in one room and there to celebrate us was really an unbelievable feeling.  I could have never planned for the overwhelming love and joy from everyone in that room.  It was truly magical.
Like every other bride out there, I too felt the ups and downs of planning a wedding.  It is not easy.  My husband and I always joke around that we never argued until we decided to get married.  You quickly realize that everyone has an opinion.  And that is ok! My biggest piece of advice is don’t sweat the small stuff.  At the end of the day nothing else matters but the new family you will become as husband and wife.  Oh and my other piece of advice — hire a videographer!  Pictures are fabulous, but being able to re-live our wedding day is irreplaceable.  Check out our video by Tweed Weddings.

Here are some of my favorite moments from our wedding day:

Spending the morning getting gorgeous with 10 of my best friends was a time I will never forget.  I didn’t even have time for my nerves to set in.  Nothing like good music, even better friends and tons of laughs.
Michelle Cassera and Brian Bachman

Even though we had seen each other that morning,  the moment I saw him dressed in his tux my heart started to race.  That may have been one of the happiest moments of my life.
Michelle Cassera and Brian Bachman

Brian and I met and fell in love in NYC so it was only fitting to have pictures taken on the streets of this amazing city.
Michelle Cassera and Brian Bachman

Every little girl dreams of this moment her whole life…and I was no exception.  I LOVE this picture.
Michelle Cassera and Brian Bachman

Husband and wife.  Absolutely one of my favorite shots of the whole day.  I love that you can actually feel how happy we are!
Michelle Cassera and Brian Bachman

The party.  Need I say more?
Michelle Cassera and Brian Bachman

Michelle Cassera and Brian Bachman

For more wedding photos, you can check out this Style Me Pretty feature of our big day!

Congratulations Katarina Madej for winning our Gracious Goodies Giveaway!  Please shoot me an email to claim your prize!



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December 10th

Little Miss Party shops Century 21 for the Holidays

It’s no secret…we put a great deal of effort into our outfits around here. C’mon…we worked in the fashion biz for a decade. There’s just no giving up on looking good.
So when we found out we were getting a gift card from the sweet team behind Century 21, we were pretty stinkin’ excited. Perfectly timed to run out and find something to wear for the upcoming holiday cocktail parties we have been invited to. blog pic 6
My girlfriend who was visiting from Toronto this weekend said it best – “When you go to Century 21 you need a goal. You need to know exactly what type of pieces you are looking for (ie. a black dress, white shirt, you get the pic) so you can focus in and be efficient with your shopping.” – I appreciate these words of wisdom as C21 is a big store and can be a tad overwhelming….especially during the holidays!
I grabbed Ali and we took a shopping trip…all the way downtown. New outfit? On C21 for LMP? Sounds good to me!
We made a few purchases….and later made a few more. The beauty of C21 is their great shop ONLINE! Who doesn’t want to just buy a gorgeous black dress while sitting on your couch. It doesn’t fit? Send it back! So easy. Look at what we found…blog pic 5

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November 8th

Wake the Living

When I was a kid…I would be up, unable to fall asleep, for hours the night before Halloween. I would get myself so psyched about my outfit and the trick or treating that was ahead for that wild holiday every year. And for the first night in the longest time that I can remember…I got that excited for Halloween.
This year we were asked to style a Halloween party sponsored by Piedra Azul Tequila. The brand is full of Day of the Dead / Dia de los Muertos motif so we used the logo and artwork on their website for inspiration. Check this mood board out…love this one!
The party was called for the night of Halloween in Pop Up Shop/Event space Eva NY and our plan was to deck the event space with skulls, ghouls and black crows. We created a dessert table cemetery with tons of fabulous supplies from Party City and stocked the organic dirt filled set up full of mini cupcakes from NYC Catering for the guests to enjoy while sipping on Piedra Azul Tequila spiked Signature drinks.

BEFORE: We spent hours prepping for the event spraying pumpkins, gourds, Agave plants and tons of skulls…adding glitter to some and placed them around the space for a spooky while glam effect.
AFTER: The space looked so fab with all the dark and some glittery pieces placed around the shadow box built-ins and tables.

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