April 20, 2017

LMP Travels: Coachella and more in Palm Springs

This past week was Spring Break for my kiddos. Since I have my own biz and can party, I mean work, from anywhere, I use my kid’s time off as an excuse to travel. One may say I have somewhat of a travel addiction…

This time around, we hit California. I spent 3 days in LA with the boys which I’m going to write about another time. I have a lot to tell you about LA…but for now…let’s talk about the time we spent in Palm Springs. AKA: Heaven.  No but seriously, snobby heaven.

So here’s the story. People often ask me how I travel so much with the kids. With and without them. Couple things…

1. My kids got frequent flyer mile cards the day they were born. They were born to fly. I’m from Toronto so I travel with them very often to spend time with my family.

2. My kids love to travel so they make it easy. We have a system as I travel with them on my own often so often while my husband is working…to pay for all our travel. What a guy. (LUCKY for us he planned a work trip around our trip to California and met us there for 3 days! He got to RELAX and golf with Gavin! Was so awesome for us and him.)

*If you ever want my perfect plane packing list for kids please leave a comment.  I’ll write one if enough of you request it.

3. I always have help when I’m traveling without the kids and they are back at home.  I have some of the most amazing sitters who have all become part of our family.

Sometimes when I travel with the kids if the situation permits it then I bring one of them along to help. Here’s a photo of Ali, who joined us on this trip to LA & Palm Springs.

(PS – we’re posing with our MZ Wallace bags that they gave us after a recent “BFF” photo shoot. You’ll see more on that soon…)

So there’s Ali. I met Ali when Gavin turned one and I was looking for a part time babysitter. Ali was the 12th person I interviewed in a week just when I was feeling like I could give up on the whole process. Instead, we fell in love. I  still have the heart that I made on her resume in my files.

Ok so long story short – Ali’s been in our life for awhile. She ended up working for Little Miss Party for years and then she flew the coupe to the music world where she belongs.

Ali worked from her LA office and arranged for her friend to watch the boys at night for us so we could get out on the town. And that we did. But the ultimate plan was to make our way over to Coachella together, hitting a few parties along the way.

In order to go to Coachella and truly enjoy it…I needed some help on that front. You see…I’m a very lucky gal. I have some of the best family members in the world. I mean truly. You know those people? Who are just really good people? Well that’s my cousin, Bailey. There’s not many people I trust as much as I trust her. She’s just that good. I love her.

Anyway, BAILEY joined us in Palm Springs. And guess what? We stayed at the best hotel for kids on the planet…the Marriott Shadow Ridge Enclave. Rooms priced well AND they were HUGE! We had a massive 2 bedroom with a full kitchen, pull out couch, king bed, double beds, 2 bathrooms and a walk out patio onto the water view of the golf course. Oh and with the mountains behind them. Could you die from that view?

We woke up every morning and fed the turtles and the ducks. Hello!

For the kids….get yourselves ready….they had: swimming pools with water slides, splash pads, mini golf outside our room, basketball courts, bars and food at every pool, “dive-in” movies every evening by the pool.  I mean…C’MON dude!  Amazing.  Kids lost their marbles.  I could go on and on about this hotel…but I think you get the idea.

So the boys + Bailey hit the pool while Ali and I went off…to Coachella.

There were parties…and more parties. Cocktails and stunning people. Everywhere. I don’t mean me and Ali…I mean really stunning, drop dead gorgeous people. We just didn’t take pictures of them. But trust me they were everywhere.

When we walked into this party that was hosted by Funboy x Smashbox, we pretty much almost fainted. Like what is this fantasy world that they call Palm Springs, huh?!

They were serving rosé in lip floaties. I mean…stop.

Every party included a taco cart with fresh chicken, tofu and shrimp tacos. Ok. That will do alongside the basil + lemon cocktails.

Now let’s try that photo again and talk about Ali’s Chrome nails and her Coachella ringlet from Ramblerose. I mean, oh god.

Then came Coachella. Oh Coachella. What a special place, if ya like that sorta thing.

Music, wine, incredible food, breathtaking scenery. Ya. It’s pretty damn cool. I’ve been going to this music festival for years. I used to meet my best friend from Toronto there every April. Then we got pregnant and had kids so had to take a break. Now I’m BACK BABY!

For our last night in Palm Springs I told Ali I was going to get us a room at a hotel I’d been dreaming at staying at for many many months. The Saguaro Hotel. I had seen it on all the cool West Coast Instagram accounts and I have literally been having dreams of visiting this place.

Well you guys. It was dreamy all right. WOW! Everything was crazy colorful, bright, happy and fun. And…the rooms were huge. I was shocked!

WARNING:  I’m about to show you a LOT of pictures. Sorry. I can’t hold back. You’ve been warned.


They had parties going on all weekend at this hotel, so we joined in for the brunch and cocktails shindig when we got there. They had people set up everywhere. Nyx did our make up and Get Glammed did our hair. It was too amazing.

So all done up, off we went to another party. This one, was hosted by American Express Platinum. More…gorgeous people. In the most gorgeous hotel. With the most fascinating art like this gold palm tree —-


And how ballsy is this?

i.love.it @ The Parker Palm Springs Hotel

I tried to document this whole trip on my Instagram story. I normally film all my stories on Snapchat and share on both channels but on this trip I had a revelation. That is…I spend too much time on my phone. So I chose one outlet and that was Instagram. Now that I’m home many of you have reached out to ask WHERE DID YOU GO ON SNAPCHAT? omg you guys!  I’m SORRY!  I didn’t mean to ditch you!  I will get back on there. In the meantime, you need to get caught up! I posted Day 1 and 2 from Coachella on the LMP YouTube channel for you to see here:
Coachella Day 1
Coachella Day 2 (my service was SO bad so when we were watching Lady Gaga I tried to post more but nothing went through!  UGH!  I filmed Katy Perry walk right by us and watch the concert standing right across from me! With Wiz Khalifa! omg.  At least I’m here to tell you about it.

Coachella Day 3 – I forgot to save that story!  KICKING MYSELF!  The highlight from that night was Hans Zimmer with Pharrell guest preforming! And Lorde sang that night, she was UNREAL.

This may have been my longest blog post to date.  If you’re still with me here, you deserve a medal. Hope you enjoyed my adventures in Palm Springs! Next up…LA. Stay tuned and in the meantime…Stay Wild. I need that sign.

xx, Seri
Party conversation
  1. Ali

    Love you. Love this trip. Love the Swooguaro. LOVE IT ALL. xoxoxo

  2. LauraP

    That hotel is so so cool. And so lmp!!! You guys are so fab. Thanks for sharing

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June 23, 2015

The Perfect Festival Crossbody

As you may know by now, we at Little Miss Party LOVE music festivals.  An event that combines sun, cocktails and live outdoor music is an absolute no-brainer.


As you may also know from my guest posts on the blog to this point, I also work in the world of music festivals.  I have been freelancing for a variety of festivals over the past 5 years, which has helped me see some truly legendary musicians and work with the most incredible people.

Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival has always been my favorite. For those of you that are unfamiliar with this event, its is a four day festival that happens every year in early June on a farm about an hour from Nashville in Manchester, TN.  Over 300 musical acts, comedians, art installations, you name it.  To me, it is heaven on earth.

This year’s Bonnaroo was my fifth, and also the first one that I attended as a guest with two of my close friends, as opposed to working.  Which is an entirely different experience.  It meant that I had to approach the festival in an entirely new way.  In addition to scrounging up camping supplies from relatives and friends, I also had to pack differently.  Instead of dressing for function, I could actually bring cute stuff! Which meant that I could ditch my festival fanny pack.  I decided to switch it out for my Marciana Flap Crossbody  by Patricia Nash Designs.



This bag was the perfect size to fit all the essentials — my phone, charger, festival guidebook and sunglasses.  The adjustable cross body strap was easy to sling across my body unobstrusive.  And the genuine leather strap was so thin and lightweight so it didn’t make me sweat unnecessarily or stick to my skin.


My friend Alli got jealous of my cool, functional bag, and decided to steal it from me for the better part of the day on Saturday of the festival.  She ingeniously clipped her reusable water bottle to the side strap, which kept her hydrated and kept her leg cool.  Form an function right there.


In addition to being a GORGEOUS bag on its own, it withstood the Tennessee heat and dust like a champ.  Seriously, by Sunday of the festival, me and everything I own looked like I had but it in the dryer with a few scoops of dirt, but the bag still looked perfect.


Thanks to Patricia Nash Designs for my new favorite bag, for festivals and beyond!


xx, Abby
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June 2, 2015

Festival Life

Summer festivals are upon us and we have been making our way through the stages. This week we’ll be hitting up The Governor’s Ball. Can.not.wait!
If you’re not making it out to any of the festivals this year, fear not! We are going to give you a few festival inspired party ideas so you can invite your friends over for some good eats, cocktails and tune into some great music!
summer festivals5
The food:
Festivals have come such a long way from funnel cakes and fries. One of my favorite dishes at the Governor’s Ball last year was the fish tacos that I found at a nearby food trucks. We made our own version of these tacos by simply sauteeing white fish (we used cod) and topping with a Sriracha cabbage slaw, guacamole and sour cream.
What else do you eat at Festivals? Hot dogs. I am one who will never get sick of a good ol’ juicy dog. We topped ours with a mango salsa. Here’s an easy recipe for ya. DEE-LISH!

To drink:
At our festival party you know there’s going to be sangria flowing freely. We suggest serving the sangria out of a beverage dispenser, punch bowl or large pitcher if you have one. This way guests can help themselves as they please and you won’t get tied up in the kitchen having to make more!
With all the wine you may consume, it’s important to also stay hydrated. Especially in the heat!
We found these water bottles with a built-in filtration system from Brita® and we infused our water with fresh fruit. Pick your citrus: lemon, lime, orange…so refreshing!
summer festivals3
summer festivals4
For something sweet:
Cool down with an all natural snow cone! Brings us back to our childhood while enjoying a new twist on an old classic. We used the recipe from The Garden of Eatin’ found here.
summer festivals1
If you didn’t catch it last week, we made flower shades to wear to the shows this year. We are also (while late to the party) really into these flash tattoos. Actually…a bit obsessed.
summer festivals2
What we’re listening to at our Festival Party:

If you are going to the festivals, go prepared! It’s a long day in the heat and it’s much more enjoyable when you have all the essentials on hand. The quick list for you:
* Sunscreen, face wipes, lip protection – we love the products from Burt’s Bees® for all of our sun protection.
* Sunglasses, hat, headband
* Water bottle
* Blanket
summer festivals7
For those of you who do make it out…be safe and have fun!

Photos above were taken by: Dave Robbins Photography

See more excuses to get together on the Gather Now Tumblr Feed.

xx, Seri
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March 18, 2015

Sing your heart out

We are pretty psyched to be working with Gather Now. It’s a feed of photos, ideas and tips to give you an excuse to get together with your friends. Pretty brilliant right? We had the pleasure of styling a party shoot for them and today…we had music on our mind.
We found cardboard letters at our local craft store and sprayed them gold. While wet we hit ’em with gold glitter. Perfect backdrop on our wall.
Glee 5
Make your microphones! We filled ice cream cones with brownie batter and baked them off in the oven like a cupcake. Once cooled we slathered them with icing and covered in silver non-perils.
Glee 2
Glee 7
Glee 10
For lunch we served High school cafeteria style. Pizza bagels, mac ‘n cheese muffins and a tator tot bar with Hidden Valley Ranch, ketchup and mustard to dip.
Originally inspired by the series finale of Glee coming this week, we made these delicious grape slushies with cupcakes. Stick a straw with a musical note on it and bam! You’ve got the perfect dessert for your party!
Glee 6
We love a good DIY project so we included our record player cake stand which were so perfectly fitting to our rock ‘n roll theme.
Glee 1
Last but not least…don’t forget to make yourself look all glam. Have you tried the burts bees lip shimmer? Unreal. No seriously. Moisturizing while giving bright, shiny color to your lips! I always carry one in my bag no matter where I’m going.
Check out more on the Gather Now Tumbler feed here where you can also click to follow along.
More coming soon…..!!

Ice cream micro-cones:  Baked by Clarelicious
Photographs:  Dave Robbins Photography

xx, Seri
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  1. Marissa

    So creative!

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February 12, 2015

Little Miss Party’s Essentials for Your bag at Bonnaroo

Spring and summer are fast approaching, which also means that music festival season will be upon us VERY soon. There seems to be a festival or three every weekend from April through October! One of the big annual ones is the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, which lasts for four days in June in Manchester, TN. Bonnaroo always boasts a unique lineup that represents almost every genre of music you can imagine. This year will feature Billy Joel, Mumford & Sons, Deadmau5, Kendrick Lamar, My Morning Jacket, and SO MANY MORE ACTS. That being said, a diverse group of people attend each year, guaranteeing an extremely good time.Bonnaroo Ferris Wheel
In addition to being an Assistant at Little Miss Party, I also work for Bonnaroo during the summer, and am one of the lucky few who get to stay in a hotel for the duration of the festival. But most people that attend Bonnaroo like to rough it and camp. And yes, I did say that they actually LIKE it! Throughout my 5 years with Bonnaroo, I have figured out what is essential to keep you hydrated, looking cute, and smelling decent for the duration of the festival!

Here are some of my top picks for Bonnaroo 2015 (or any music festival that you’re attending this year!):

1) Warby Parker ‘Reilly’ Sunglasses – These shades will keep your eyes safe and protected from dust, and also happen to be super cute!
2) Frends ‘Layla’ Headphones – Gold – For when you get some down time and want to do some listening to bands on the lineup that you may not have heard of.
3) Batiste Dry Shampoo – Original – Showers are few and far between at Bonnaroo, and when you are able to take one, you have to pay for it… Use this to keep your hair from getting too gross while saving yourself some money.
4) Wet Ones Travel Pack – THESE ARE GOLDEN.  For your hands, face, and… other things.. those porta-potties get mighty gross!
5) Bonnaroo 2013 Moustache Bandana – This will come in SO handy, whether you use it on your head to keep the sweat out of your face, or use it to cover your face to avoid inhaling dust!
6) MyCharge Razor Plus – Pink – It is pretty essential to stay in touch with your friends while at Bonnaroo.  There are charging station throughout Centeroo, but they are always in high demand, so why not carry your own backup battery for emergencies.  This bad boy will deliver 13 additional hours of talk time for your smartphone!

Bonnaroo 2
7) Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Broad Spectrum, SPF 50+ for Face and Body – Sunscreen. Enough Said.
8) S’well Sparkling Champagne Reusable Water Bottle – The Bonnaroo grounds boast many different stations where you can refill your water bottle, for free! Use this stylish S’well bottle to stay hydrated.
9) DownBeats High Fidelity Hearing Protection Earplugs – During some point throughout the festival, you will inevitably end up way too close to a very loud speaker — be proactive and prevent ringing ears in old age with these cute and compact Ear Plugs, made specifically for live music.
10) Child of Wild Flash Tattoos – Gold.  Shiny. Temporary. Perfect.
11) Sugar SPF 15 Lip Treatment – Fresh – This lovely lip treatment has SPF 15 for great protection while keeping your lips soft and supple.

Bonnaroo 3
12) Free People ‘Neela’ Headpiece – Brass – Headwear is one of the most popular accessories at festivals right now — this headpiece from Free People has a touch of sparkle, and totally fits the whole bohemian look.

Enjoy your Bonnaroo… You can find me at Mumford and MMJ’s sets for sure. Hope to see you there!
Happy Bonnaroo!

xx, Seri
Party conversation
  1. Ali

    Ahhhh now i REALLY can’t wait!! See ya there!!! xoxo

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