August 16, 2017

A Dreamy First birthday

I’m sure you’ve heard of first birthday shoots before. The baby of honor sits around smashing a cake with perfectly styled props all around him or her. Well thats what we had the pleasure of working on just a few weeks ago, except we took it to a whole other level.

The backdrop for this posh shoot was in our client’s Brooklyn apartment. The clean white lines served as a blank canvas for us to work off of. The wooden dinning table, being the star of the show.

All shoots must have a theme, and for this we went with a rustic bubble bath. Doesn’t sound like it would work right? Well it did, oh so chicly. We blew up huge jumbo balloons to act as bubbles, these were floating all around the floor and were kept on hand to throw up in the air as pictures were taken of the guest of honor.

No bubble bath is complete without rubber duckies. Thats why for this we had to incorporate them, but with an edge. We found ducks of all different shapes and sizes and sprayed them a metallic silver and then glued glitter crowns to each for a festive look.

For a dramatic look on the table, Natalie created an all white floral runner down the center of the table, hanging off down to the floor.

To create dimension on the book shelves that we styled, we took old library books and covered them with pretty paper. Maggie hand wrote words, the birthday and name of the child on each. For extra texture, we threw in honeycombs and paper lanterns so that we would have a variety for our “bubbles”.

First birthdays mean big, fabulous cakes. We worked with our favorite Brooklyn bakery, Nine Cakes, who knows how to master the “naked” cake look. We’re sure you’ve seen the trend happening on Pinterest. Each table setting had its own person cake and we had larger ones styled around our runner.

The pictures turned out better than we could have ever imagined thanks to Dave Robbins Photography. These photos will definitely be keepsakes for this happy family for years to come.

xx, Seri
Party conversation
  1. Mary

    Absolutely love this theme and the soft neutral tones and white light. Its all so delicate and lovely. The bubbles are such a unique and charming touch. Love it all! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Princess & Tiaras

    This just looks so perfect! Surely the soft natural hues give it a whole new feel. It comes across as one of the most amazing birthday party theme for 1st birthday of babies.

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August 3, 2017

A Parisian themed Bridal Shower

Hosted by the bride’s mother and soon-to-be mother in law, we celebrated a Parisian-inspired bridal shower lunch at a quaint restaurant in Toronto’s Distillery District. Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie is a venue fit for a chic event like this one. The room is decked out in vintage décor, art, and mirrors. The beautiful windows, lighting, and ceilings make the space charming and full of character.

Guests enjoyed a lovely three-course lunch. Guests could choose to start with either a tomato soup or Caesar salad. The main course was a choice between salmon or chicken. And finally, the sweetest course of all was a maraschino cherry tartlet, with vanilla and salted caramel ice cream.

This shower will filled with many traditional-game-loving guests, but we kept it simple and only played a few games that didn’t really involve much movement. Games were organized at each guests’ seat and they were simple and sweet. One of our favorites was He Said, She Said. The game card had a variety of different statements and guests had to guess who they thought said each – the bride or the groom! Another crowd pleaser was the Date Night Jar. Guests were able to write a fun date idea for the happy couple and place them in a jar for the bride and groom to use when they’re stuck for a date idea! 

The dessert table was created with a two-tiered semi naked cake as the focal point. Also included on the sweet table was a variety of cookies and squares made for the taking. There were to-go containers ready for the ladies to pack up as many cookies as they could fit!

The lovely groom-to-be popped in at the end for a quick hello and flower drop off. 

At the end of the party guests walked away with “thank you” succulents potted in gold sprayed terra cotta pots. It was the perfect send off to the most perfect shower.

Party Credits
Photography – Magnolia Studios
Venue – Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie
Floral Design – Coriander Girl
Invitations, Place cards, Menus – Minted
Cake – Nutmeg Bakeshop 
Event Planning and Styling – Daniella Visconti for Little Miss Party and Debi Traub of Simply Beautiful Eating

xx, Seri
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April 26, 2016

Gettin’ Cheeky with Ya


The second the weather turns around and the air starts to warm up the first thing on my mind is to PARTY. Sunset cocktails, yes. Light seasonal bites, yes yes. The new Party line from Cheeky at Target, yes yes holy yes!


When we found out that Cheeky launched a party line of paper plates, napkins and cutlery we emptied the shelves at our local Target and got to planning.

Each piece in the collection is brighter then the next with bold colors and soft white graphics. We thought…how about a WHITE party. ALL WHITE. The decor, the food, the dress code….AND…Cheeky will be the STAR.


That’s exactly how this all played out. We logged onto our favorite invitation website, Minted and used one of their brand new online designs to send our invite. With a click of a button all the work was done for us. RSVP tracking, reminders and a final tally. We were ready to party!


We set the table with modern white vases and fresh white flowers found in the farmer’s market that morning. We thought it would be pretty chic to add a couple of jumbo white balloons which always scream PARTY.



We devised a menu of all white foods including a white vegetable crudités with a blue cheese dip, celery root soup topped with creme fraiche, potato rounds topped with creme fraiche and scallions, an assortment of white cheese and crackers and last but not least, sweet white vanilla cupcakes. One item that we were not confident in making on our own were white summer rolls. So we asked our darling friend Chef Karen Ferries, the Cocktail Party Chef for some help…I think it’s save to say she nailed these. And boy they were delicious!



Our guests arrived wearing white and each gal looked gorgeous then the next. We played a super fabulous playlist on our Spotify and poured white wine and processco throughout the night.


The highlight of course…was when out came….



Pink, Teal, Green and Red….how fab is this stuff?

There is no doubt Cheeky was the star of our show.





Gavin even made an appearance at our party. He came over showered and wearing a white popped collar shirt, dressed to impress his best friend, Ali.


The night was absolutely lovely with great friends, food and beautiful tableware.

Want to know the best part of this all?

Cheeky gives a meal for every pack you buy in partnership with Feeding America. Their products are very easy to find in (my favorite store as I’m sure you know if you follow LMP on Snapchat) TARGET, specifically in the party department.

Partying AND doing something amazing for the world? Sounds good to me.

Photos by Maggie Antalek.

xx, Seri
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February 22, 2016

Who needs an excuse to PARTY?


We’ll give you one! A birthday, shower, engagement, farewell….do you need us to go on? The point I’m trying to make here is, no matter what the excuse for your party, we can help. You probably know pretty well by now about our Little Miss Party in a Box collection.


We designed these party boxes with the intension of their being extremely versatile. Take our Chic Party Box for example. We love bold black and white patterns with yellow and gold accents, but what we love the most is that you can customize this party with so many different themes.


Let’s say you’re throwing a party for your son who is super into trucks and cars. You can make his party an “On the Go” theme. Aren’t all little boys always on the go…?  MINE ARE!


You can find inexpensive toy trucks that can be used on your buffet table to hold food, even as part of a cake! We found this cake on Pinterest and are obsessed…


Take mini taxi cabs and use them as food place cards. You can hot glue gun small food cards right onto the taxi cab sign on the top.


Now blow up your PARTY balloons (each letter comes with a straw and no helium is required!) and let’s PARTY!


Find more of Little Miss Party in a Box on and enjoy 20% off Paperless Post printed invitations when you shop the box. 

xx, Seri
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February 11, 2016

Feeling the Love

Seri's Selects Vday-26

The other day my friend Ilana wrote a heart felt blog post about our relationship as friends, work wives and fellow Mothers. Her words brought a tear to my eye as I was reminded how lucky I am for the friends I have made while living in New York for the past 16 years.

Seri's Selects Vday-51

Valentine’s Day is the ultimate excuse to show your love. And obviously you know that we will use any excuse to have a random brunch, party or gathering.

Seri's Selects Vday-5


When Ilana asked if I could style a brunch for her to host for her “work wife” friends…I was like, um, yes. Yes yes I would love to.

Seri's Selects Vday-135

I’m addicted to black, white, pink and gold. Throw some copper in. I can’t help it.

Totally obsessed with these marble plates from CB2. And of course we have the most fabulous menus printed by Minted for every setting.

Seri's Selects Vday-40

Seri's Selects Vday-16

For the seating cards, Ilana wrote a “love note” to each guest.

Seri's Selects Vday-4

Seri's Selects Vday-125

Seri's Selects Vday-121

Hershey’s was behind the idea of this gathering and provided chocolates upon chocolates for us to play with and gift.

Seri's Selects Vday-18

Seri's Selects Vday-22

We adore Chef Sue Park and brought her in to make a delicious breakfast for us. Smoked salmon heart shaped toasts – oh my yum! Sausages in a blanket, heart shaped frittatas, kale salad with roasted acorn squash and heart shaped pie pops filled with brie and jam. YUM!!

Seri's Selects Vday-66

Seri's Selects Vday-131

Seri's Selects Vday-137

This brunch was such a fabulous excuse to have a delicious meal, cocktails and laughs with best friends, new friends and work friends. Needless to say…this brunch also made for some great photos….

Seri's Selects Vday-144

Thank you Ilana for always making me part of the fun. And damn our hair looks great.

Seri's Selects Vday-42

To all my friends and family, I Love you.  And let the Valentine’s Day weekend begin!

Loving credits go to:

Photographs: Dave Robbins Photography
Catering: Chef Sue Park
Hair and Make up (on Seri, Ilana and Abby): GlamSquad
Tableware (Plates, copper utensils, napkins and pink champagne flutes): CB2
Red cake stands: Fish’s Eddy
Custom menus: Minted
All Chocolate Kisses: Hershey’s

xx, Seri
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