March 20, 2017

Flower Power

Today is about using fresh flowers to make pretty crowns just in time for spring…which is TODAY! Happy Spring everyone.

We recently brought a new team member on board, the most fantastic intern, Natalie who has been a great asset to our team. Her greatest skill in the LMP Office: flower arranging. Could she fit in any better?

She lead a flower crown making workshop for us and we of course turned it into a party. What a fun way to spend a morning with friends, huh?! We served a simple breakfast with fresh pastries, croissants and a enormous sweet brioche that we found at our local bakery. Abby brewed a pot of coffee and of course we toasted with pink bubbly.

If you plan to host a flower crown making party, ask your friends to dress for the season and no doubt they will pull out some pretty fabulous pops of color…

Here’s how you can make these flowers crowns with a few materials (easily found on Amazon) and a lotta flowers (if you live in warm climate then check your backyard first!).

Floral Wire
Floral tape
Good scissors
Leafy florals (ie. Italian ruscus, babies breath, spray roses)

1. Take your floral wire and fit it around your head so that you know how long it needs to be.

2. Shape the floral wire into a circle and then twist the end in order to keep it in place at the length you need. (For added security, make the length even longer and wrap the extra around the crown to make it thicker).

3. Take your floral tape and begin wrapping it around the entire crown (Make sure you are gently pulling the tape as your wrap, so that the tape becomes sticky).

4. Begin making small bouquets with your flowers and greenery. Then wrap the ends with the floral tape.

5. Take a long piece of greenery and twist it around the crown, then secure with floral tape.

6. Add in the small bouquets and secure with floral tape, add or subtract to your liking.

7. Take some pictures and have fun!

Photos by Gillian Stippa

xx, Seri
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February 6, 2017

DIY Valentine’s Day Banner

Hello fellow craft-lovers! What a perfect way to celebrate your LOVE for crafts with this awesome DIY Valentine’s Day Banner. If you’re throwing a v-day party, this is the perfect activity to get all the guests involved with. Not only does it look super cute, it’s an awesome way to leave something fun behind for your Valentine’s Day Party hostess.

The best part? It’s SO easy. In fact, YOU don’t even have to do much work, other than to set up the Valentine-making station. After that, you leave it up to the party-goers to leave their own note for the hostess. Here’s what you’ll need:

string/ribbon for hanging the banner
paper for the Valentines
coloring utensils and stickers for decoration
pink tassels from the $1 section at Target (optional!)
clothes pins- plain or FUN, like our pink & red arrow pins from Target

Step 1: Hang your string on a plain wall. Add any extra decor pieces, like the tassels, to make it pop! Then set up your Valentine-making table with all your craft supplies.

Step 2: Get making! Create cute Valentines using the various craft supplies, making sure to sign the back so your hostess knows who made it!

Step 3: Hang your Valentines, and enjoy the outcome of your full banner!

Thanks for tuning in! Be sure to post pictures of your own Valentine’s Banner and tag #DIYwithLMP so we can see how it turned out!

xx, Maggie
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January 23, 2017

DIY xoxo Marquee Lights


Hello crafters!

It’s been forever since I last contributed a DIY for LMP! I was so excited to come back to NYC this week to spend time with the team prepping for Valentine’s Day. Luckily, Seri set me up with these amazing “xoxo” marquee lights by Heidi Swapp. The best part about these lights is that you can really do ANYTHING you’d like with them. They’re a blank canvas, so you can use any craft supplies to decorate them. To give you some ideas, I’ve listed my supplies and showed you how I decorated mine!


You will need:

-The X and O lights, which you can purchase at Michaels.
-Mod Podge, hot glue, double sided tape, or any other glue method you prefer
-glitter, assorted papers, and fun washi tape- we recommend choosing a color scheme and sticking with it! We went with gold & pink.

IMG_5871Step 1: Remove the bulb lights from the letters so they don’t get ruined. The bulbs pop off easily, so just set them aside until you’re finished decorating.


Step 2: Start decorating! We went with an easy medium first, which was sparkle tape.



Step 3: If you’re adding any fun papers, just glue it down, cut around the edges, and poke through the holes to make sure you can bring the lights back through.




Step 4: If you decide to add glitter, use mod podge or glue all along the inside of the letter and sprinkle the glitter over it.


Step 5: Once every piece is dry, add your lights back in and reassemble the letters.


Step 6: Put on display and ENJOY!


IMG_6019 IMG_6026  IMG_6038


xx, Maggie
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December 29, 2016

Best of LMP in Twenty Sixteen

Looking back on our year it was almost impossible to choose the highlights. There were SO MANY! Wow. I’m so proud of what we have accomplished and what we have in store for the future. From the bottom of our hearts we thank YOU for following along and supporting our dreams of partying for a living.

Without further ado…here is a recap of our favorite moments from the year 2016…


We ate a LOT of cake…for A very special Sixtieth + Dylan’s First Birthday + Luke’s 4th Summer Soiree and an NYC Barnyard Bash.


We blew up a LOT of Balloons! For a 6th Birthday Movie Screening + an Around the World Bat Mitzvah + a Surprise 40th Birthday party turned WEDDING + The Mommy Shorts Book Party.


We committed to helping others with the team whom we love at Sips for Sunrise + the children in the clinic at Mount Sinai Hospital + We walked in the garden with Dr. Oz.


We got to party down with the global team at MAYBELLINE.


Little Miss Party in a Box was all over the news with the Halloween Box on NBC + The Every Day Soiree was the perfect set up for Mother’s Day Brunch + we launched the first ever Kids Bash in a Box + New Years Eve was a HIT, as always.


We visited the White House to see Michelle Obama speak about healthy eating (MAN are we gonna MISS HER!) + We threw an all white party to honor the launch of the very colorful Cheeky Party-ware + We turned a boardroom into a lush, gorgeous garden for Vanity Fair Lingerie + We rocked a 50th birthday party in St. Barths.


We made a debut on YouTube with all kinds of PARTY content! LMP expert tips + “The most beautiful Baby Shower we have ever seen” says Kathie Lee and Hoda + Gavin and Luke make guacamole + We made a Charcuterie surfboard for a bachelorette party in partnership with Hallmark.

We kicked off the weekend every Friday with a new, beautiful recipe from Simply Beautiful Eating


We drank our way through Tuesdays every week with Abby’s cocktails


And then there was Leo. Closing out the year with our newest team member…


A big, huge CONGRATS to Michelle and her family on this precious gift, baby Leo who arrived on December 12th, 2016.

We hope your year was just as fabulous as ours was. We wish you a healthy and happy new year. Be safe, friends. Our love, LMP.

xx, Seri
Party conversation
  1. Laura Sharp

    I love the first day of snow, everything is so white, sparkling and peaceful!

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November 30, 2016

Chef Luke & Kathleen Make Holiday Popcorn Mix


Here’s something you might now know about Chef Luke… he absolutely LOVES popcorn.  We got him an air popper last year and he asks for freshly popped popcorn as a snack pretty much everyday.




It was an absolute no-brainer to make a fun and festive Holiday Popcorn Mix for one of Luke’s cooking shows! Enjoy the full video below:

We also decided to serve the mix in this adorable Reindeer Bag Craft, which is included in our Limited Edition Kids Holiday Bash in a Box.  Get yours today, and mix up some of Luke’s Holiday Popcorn Mix for the Ultimate Kid’s Holiday Party!




We hope you enjoy, and Happy Popping!

xx, Abby
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