May 24, 2017

LMP Custom Boxes

Did you know….

We build custom party boxes?

Yep. Just for you.

Name your theme or colors, items you want to see in there and we’ll send you a box full of ideas as quickly as possible.

For those of you who already caught on to our little game here…we’ve seen some pretty fabulous themes and the boxes are out of control!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Little Man

Mermaids under the Sea

Backyard Tea Party

There’s so much more.

Keep ’em coming people. We love making your party dreams come to life!

Now can you do us a favor? When you throw these parties, with the Little Miss Party in a Box…can you please send us pictures?  We are dying to see!

Little Miss Party in a Box. Build a Party Box with us Here.

xx, Seri
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May 18, 2017

Party down with Inspired by This

We recently sent the LMP Bachelorette Bash in a Box to the gals at Inspired by This and here’s what they came back to us with….fun, fun and more fun.

There are times when I think my heart may explode due to the extreme excitement that I feel when I see our party boxes set up so beautiful by our clients and peers. The girls…totally outdid themselves.

With donuts, champagne, CHEERS letters that they crafted and a stunning bar cart, they set our bachelorette box up for the perfect party.

After they set up this stunning bar cart, all that was left to do was pop some bubbly, toss some confetti and pose for photos… how cute are they?!?

Thanks to the ladies at Inspired by This for doing such a fab job featuring our Bachelorette Party in a Box! You can get your own here.

xx, Seri
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March 6, 2017

The Bachelorette Bash in a Box

There’s nothing more fun than celebrating your best friends engagement especially when it comes to the bachelorette party. With that excitement in mind and knowing just how special a party like this should turn out we are so thrilled to present the Bachelorette Party in a Box now for sale in our shop!

There is so much amazingness in this party box. Starting off with the amazing price. We know how quickly a party can add up and cost so we made sure to create a box that was functional while also affordable costing only $17 bucks a head!

So what do you do now?

First:  Get your hands on this amazing box by clicking here to purchase.

Second:  Open the incredible blueprint that we have included in the box. You will find this booklet will guide you through the entire set up and prep for your party with to do lists, a cocktail recipe and so much more.

Last but certainly not least: Eat, Drink and be MERRY! Enjoy every last moment with your friend before you send her off to be married.

Photos by Janina Santillan

xx, Seri
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March 1, 2017

Erika’s Bookish Baby Shower

My best friend from college, Steph, and her mom were throwing a Baby Shower for Steph’s sister Erika.  Since this is Erika’s first child, they wanted the shower to be extra special, and they asked me to help with the decor to give it an LMP touch. The Sandberg’s are like family to me, so I jumped at the opportunity!

Steph and her mom had already thrown a smaller shower for Erika over the Holidays at their grandmothers house, and this shower was for the Dad’s side and also everyone from Erika’s hometown. At the first shower, they had done a book theme, and we were able to reuse some of the decor items from that, such as this adorable Golden Books banner and these BABY marquee letters.

Since Erika and her husband, John Paul, are not going to find out the sex of the baby before the birth, we kept the colors neutral – soft green, yellow, orange and white, with hints of metallic gold and silver.

I used the metallic confetti balloon with gold fringe from our Shower Party in a Box, and supplemented it with jumbo white and regular latex balloons on our chosen colors.

We kept the food simple with dishes that either Steph’s mom made, or the guests brought for a delicious lunch buffet.  We provided wine and beer, and a beautiful “Make Your Own Mimosa” Bar.  I set up champagne to chill in an ice bucket, with a carafe of OJ and cut up fruit in the pretty paper cups that come in our Shower in a Box.

For the gift station, I hung a “Welcome Baby Igoe” banner on the fireplace for people to put all of the gifts under, and we set up a gift opening station nearby for when Erika was ready to open everything.

Their mom had found a bunch of Erika’s blankets from when she was a baby, so we draped a nearby chair with a beautiful embroidered one for her to sit on when it was gift time!

For dessert, Erika and Steph are both gluten-free, so Steph had coordinated for the cake to be gluten-free, and for there to be a variety of gluten-free and regular cupcakes, which were color coded so the guests could choose their preference.  I topped the cake with a silver glitter “Oh Baby” cake topped from out favorite, All That Glitters Party Shoppe.

I topped the cupcakes with gold glitter animal cupcake toppers by Paper and Parties, and placed them in this super cool cupcake tree that Steph’s mom has!

Steph also made an incredible diaper cake for Erika out of a ton of clean diapers that she had rolled up, which acted as a perfect supplement to the dessert table.

Too add to the decor, I sprinkled silver confetti over the dessert table and bar, and placed fresh white flowers in bud vases around the room.

A few months before the shower, I had taken some maternity photos for Erika and John Paul in Central Park, which Erika had framed, so we placed those photos around the room, along with an ultra sound of the baby.

On the coffee table in the present opening area, Steph put out some baby shower games that she had printed, with markers for each guest to fill out as the shower went on.

In keeping with the book theme, Steph printed out pages from some of the most popular baby books, and we string them down white columns that are throughout the room.

Finally, we set up a favor station, which had soaps and “bookworms” – aka gummy worms, for guests to take home!

Thank you so much to the Sandberg & Igoe families for letting me be a part of this special day!

xx, Abby
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January 9, 2017

Abby’s Epic Twenty Sixth Birthday


Confession: I LOVE birthdays. Like, over the top love.  And not just my own… I look forward to the birthdays of all of my close friends and take advantage of any opportunity to go over the top.

So… for my 26th birthday, the universe aligned and I leapt at the opportunity to throw an LMP-style bash! You see, my birthday is December 30th… the day before New Years Eve.  Seri just happened to be away for the Holidays, and the LMP studio was open and available.


I spread the word. A little but earlier than necessary… October 19th to be exact. But I wanted to be able to give friends PLENTY of time to plan on coming. And it worked! Friends came from far and wide… Denver, Boston, San Diego, Philly… and Brooklyn.

I knew that I wanted the decor to be very glam and sparkly, using mostly metallics with touches of black and pink.  I reused the silver fringe wall from our friends at Decorative Novelty that we featured in our Top Tips for a Rockin’ New Years Eve Party post.


For balloons, I went to our local party store and found these amazing, obnoxious 40″ letter balloons in a shiny, coppery-gold and spelled out my name.  I positioned these beauties right in front of our studio windows, so the first thing my guests saw when they walked in was giant ABBY balloons. I also used some black and gold ‘Cheers’ balloons that were leftover from our 2016 New Years Eve Party in a Box, and purchased some additional 36″ jumbo magenta balloons and 12″ gold balloons. I attached clusters of these guys to our bar cart and food table.



I also checked the LMP balloon stock and found that we had a bunch of pink ‘2016’ number balloons leftover from last years New Years Eve Box, so I took a few sets, removed the ‘0’ and ‘1’, and voila! 26!


I stocked the bar cart with the essentials – a pineapple-shaped ice bucket from CB2 (a birthday gift from my bestie, Sarah), star swizzle sticks and black and gold cocktail napkins leftover from one of our Holiday parties in a box, carafes filled with champagne and raspberries, and plenty of confetti.


On the food table, I used more items leftover from our past parties in a box, including gold and black star food toppers by All That Glitters Party Shoppe, gold foil and white dessert dessert plates, metallic gold and magenta paper straws, and black chevron stamped food picks.



I served some snacks – charcuterie, chips, salsa, hummus, pretzels, and cupcakes. I provided beer and wine for my guests and asked them to bring their own if they wanted any specific liquor. I chilled the white wine and champagne in Seri’s gorgeous gold champagne bucket. To top off the table details, I added our favorite gold and white deer bust, our pink letter board, and of course, plenty of confetti.


We had a little extra of the silver fringe, so I lined one of the walls in our office to set up a photo booth station, which my friends and I had way to much fun posing in front of.






Even disco pig got some love in the photo booth!


The best part? Maggie work sneakily with my friends Steph and Christina to make me the most perfect Snapchat geofilter for the party… showcasing my love of Beyoncé.


Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate.. it was truly the best birthday ever!

xx, Abby
Party conversation
  1. Laura P

    This is AWESOME!!!! I’m glad you had such an awesome happy birthday Abby!!

  2. Abby

    Thank you, Laura!!

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