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December 16th

A Pop Up Party

Ok have you ever heard of a Pop Up Party? I hadn’t. Until my friends over at Flatiron 27 put this together…you’ve gotta check it out…
PopUpParty 2 12.16.14
With the holidays fast approaching, having a fully stocked bar is a must - particularly if you are hosting a New Years Eve party. Flatiron27 was inspired to create a sparkling-chic cocktail cart by our friend Little Miss Party and Little Miss New Years Eve in a box. The black and gold themed party in a box couldn’t make hosting a New Years party any easier - or more stylish. It comes with everything you need to host a bash - from the decorations, to the champagne flutes and party hats. All you need to buy is the champagne! We found an incredibly cool vintage Italian bar cart on 1st Dibs (here is one more option) and stocked it full of fun bar essentials including a Bauhaus cocktail shakerShagreen Tray and lots of metallic accents. Read on to see how we plan to decorate – and celebrate New Years in style!


PopUpParty 1 12.16.14
PopUpParty 3 12.16.14

1. Glass Bottles with Stoppers - West Elm | 2. Tom Dixon Eclectic Tongs - abc carpet and home | 3. Crystal Bottle Stopper - homenature | 4. Chocolate Shagreen Butler Tray - Aerin | 5. Bar Trolley - 1st Dibs | 6. Bauhaus Cocktail Shaker - Stardust Modern | 7. Lustre Bottle Opener - Kelly Wearsler | 8. Direction Bar Glasses - Crate and Barrel | 9. Resin Ice Bucket - Barneys | 10. Agate Coasters with Silver Trim - homenature.

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December 11th

An Unexpected Hostess Gift

I don’t travel very far without gifts in hand during the holiday season. Especially when I’ve been invited to a holiday dinner or cocktail party, I always bring a little something special for the host.
This season I’ve been trying to come up with more creative ways to show my appreciation and stumbled upon the most fabulous gift. Have you heard of the Italian Olive Oil, Nudo? The coolest thing about this Olive Oil is they offer an adopt an olive tree program which allows people all over the world to adopt an Italian olive tree and receive its oil.
The programme involves a collaboration between a group of small scale, artisanal olive producers in Le Marche, Abruzzo and Sicily. Each olive farmer keeps responsibility for the care of their grove, and all the olive oil goes into the Nudo adoption programme. In giving financial security to the olive farmers, the programme makes viable the traditional farming methods which, quite simply,produce the world’s best olive oil.
How incredible is this? So I’ve been building hostess gifts with a bottle of their olive oil and pairing with a baguette and wheel of brie. I designed a little recipe card for baked brie to include with the gift and also included a little card explaining the history behind the Nudo Olive Oil and how to adopt an olive tree in Italy.
Earlier in the month my friend Laura gifted a bottle of Nudo Olive Oil to me (which is how I discovered this fabulous brand) and I have been using it all winter long. I have been topping on crostini and pasta making for an extra delicious appetizer or meal.
Please let us know what you’re gifting this year…we’d love to hear! We’re always looking for cool and creative new ideas over here.

The beautiful photos above were taken by Karilyn Sanders.

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December 8th

Mandy’s Meals & More

Copper is the new gold! Have you heard? It’s all the rage.
With the recent announcement of Pantone’s color of the year, we have been testing different colors that enhance the upcoming “Marsala” tone.pantone
Copper is a perfect pairing with this deep, rich “rust” color. We played around with the new metallic at our American Thanksgiving, in Canada.
This adorable reindeer was from Target! We bought copper spray paint from Lowes and doused the guy in the backyard.
MM&M 12.7 2
We also played around with tea light candles and an old mustard jar.
MM&M 12.7 3
Find any glass jar in your house and wrap it with painters tape, as many lines as you please.
Then spray paint!
Let it dry over night before carefully pealing the tape off.
Voila! Metallic striped vase.
MM&M 12.7 4
Given that it was thanksgiving we painted mini pumpkins.
MM&M 12.7 5
For Christmas and Hanukkah you can make it more seasonally appropriate.
What about spray painting twigs copper? Or Copper glitter vases? Ohh lala!
MM&M 12.7 6
How would you enjoy these new metallic colors?
Let us know in the comments below!

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December 5th

Ready, Set, Weekend with Daniella V!

Hi everyone! Daniella here. Aunt Debi is on vacation this week so I am subbing in and am pretty excited about it!
I’m part of Seri’s Toronto family and I’m a big DIY-er who obviously loves to party. Ever since Little Miss Party started their party in a box concept I have been so excited to get my hands on one. When Seri told me she was sending me a Halloween CHEX party box I couldn’t wait! Except… I had to wait even longer because she said she was going to send it AFTER Halloween. Seri wanted me to revamp the materials in the Halloween box and turn them into something new and exciting. I was up for the challenge! Once the box came and I saw all of the AMAZING (and versatile) items, the wheels in my brain started turning! This is what I saw when I opened up the Little Miss Party in a Box for Chex…
GardenofEatin' 12.5 1
We’re having a small holiday party in a couple of weeks so I wanted to use these items in a festive way! Our colour scheme for the party was red and metallic, but when I saw the beautiful black and white in the Halloween box I knew it would look great. These are the ideas that I came up with to reinvent some of the gorgeous party supplies for our holiday party! Let’s get crafty…
GardenofEatin' 12.5 2
This was a no brainer. The black witch’s cauldron was an easy spray paint job to turn it gold. First, I filled it with ice and a bottle of champagne…. And voila! No longer a spooky cauldron. We have ourselves a chic bubbly cooler!
You can also line the cauldron with a festive napkin and fill it with your favorite CHEX mix (mine is the gluten free cocoa CHEX)!

Pom Pom Sticks
I love gold spray paint. I did a quick spray on the tops of the sparky sticks and threw them into glasses of champagne. The pom poms were already a copper colour – great for a metallic holiday party – but a little splash of gold is always a good thing!

Paper Cups
I cut out a thin strip of red wrapping paper, hand wrote guests’ names with a permanent marker and used a glue gun to secure it along the middle of the black and white striped cups. A great way to tie in a color scheme and of course, so simple and easy!
GardenofEatin' 12.5 3
GardenofEatin' 12.5 9
Chevron Favor Bags
These bags are beyond amazing. First I made a quick garland. All you have to do is trace circles onto the bag, cut them out and use a glue gun to glue the circles along a piece of string. I alternated the chevron pattern with gold circles (I used thick gold sparkly ribbon that I found at the dollar store for these).
GardenofEatin' 12.5 8
Next up… Chevron trees! Cut two triangles out of cardboard that are the same size. Cut the favor bag down the sides so that you have two pieces. Wrap the chevron pieces around the cardboard and use a glue gun to secure. Then cut a slit in the first triangle from the top tip down to the middle. Cut a slit in the second triangle from the middle of the bottom up to the middle of the tree. Slide the triangles into each other from the slits and you have a gorgeous tree that is festive and mod!
GardenofEatin' 12.5 4
I am obsessed with these chevron bags. Can you tell? I wrapped one inside of a mason jar and filled it with festive dried cranberry leaves. This would also look amazing with fresh flowers!GardenofEatin 12.5 5
Confetti and Napkins
Did I mention I’m a teacher? As a kindergarten teacher, I can confidently tell you that almost anything can be used for a kid’s craft. I drew Christmas Tree and Menorah coloring pages (using only a permanent marker and a ruler). I gave my kiddies the confetti, cut up napkins, glue (plus CHEX to snack on) and asked them to color with those materials instead of crayons! They thought I was nuts. But the mosaic effect is gorgeous… And time consuming (bonus!). After their art dried, I cut them out and glued them onto chalkboard paper placemats that I found at Target! I love the idea of then using these placements for the kid’s table at a holiday party.
GardenofEatin' 12.5 6
GardenofEatin' 12.5 7
I love that LMP’s Halloween party in a box was so versatile. So many of the items were easy to reuse and recycle into almost any party! And the classic Halloween items in the box (like the skull mug and the BOO serving pieces) are timeless and will definitely be used Halloween after Halloween. I can’t wait for the next party in a box to be delivered to my door stop! And next time I’m just following the blueprint.
Daniella xx

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December 4th

Throw a Chic New Years Eve Party in your Home with LMP

My all time favorite way to spend New Years Eve is…AT HOME! Now I don’t mean at my home sitting on the couch in my jammies watching Dick Clark. I mean at home with friends, drinks, great eats and beats.
I’m going to give you a few easy tips to plan your New Years Eve party this year. Follow along and you’ll avoid the lines, hassle of finding a taxi and the cold weather! Stay in and enjoy the big night in the comfort of your own home this year…
New Years Eve with LMP:
1.) LMP in a Box: We have been over the moon with our official launching of Little Miss Party in a Box. We have partnered with so many fabulous vendors who we have worked with over the years as we carefully selected the items to build these boxes with. Want to know what’s inside? Balloons from The Flair Exchange, Confetti from Oh Goodie Designs, Pretty party plates from Meri Meri, Govino Shatterproof champagne flutes and MORE! We are currently selling a Little Miss New Years Eve Party in a Box so you don’t have to run around finding the supplies you’ll need to set up a beautiful NYE party. Click on over here to buy one now. Quantities are limited, so grab while you can!
2.) Plan your menu: We love serving finger foods for a cocktail party. Lucky for you our LMP in a Box comes with pretty cocktail forks from one of our favorite Etsy vendors, Angie Hearts Jared, to dress your food! If you make your shopping list in advance and prepare as much as possible the day before your party, you won’t be scrambling in the kitchen so you can actually enjoy the food that you serve with your guests. Click over to Michelle’s post about cocktail party appetizer ideas to get your menu together.
3.) Plan your bar: You’ll want to serve lots of bubbly at this party. Perfectly fitting for a toast, kiss and ringing in the new year! Set out a beverage tin filled with ice, white wine, sparkling wine and beer if you plan to serve. Make sure you have extra ice in the freezer or stored in a bucket on your deck or in your backyard. Stock up on still and sparkling water, lemons, limes and you’ll be set to party. Notice I did not mention red wine…? Too many white carpets in my home so I don’t serve it at parties.
4.) Make your party FUN: Here’s a quick list of things you can do to guarantee your guests will have a fantastic time:
- set up a playlist and turn up the volume.
- jazz it up…use the pretty paper straws and pom pom toothpicks that we have included in our LMP in a Box to make your drinks and food festive.
- set up a station with party props and sparkly hats. Don’t worry…these are included in our LMP in a Box! If you have one, set out a polaroid camera and your guests can take pictures from the night home with them. We use this Fujifilm Instax Mini camera at pretty much every party we throw. Always a hit!
- Make it sparkle – that’s right. We also included a set of 2015 sparklers in our LMP in a Box. How fun is that?! Stick them into a cake, cupcakes or just hold them and light ‘em up when the clock strikes midnight!
Speaking of clocks…set one out, count down to the big moment and get that confetti ready (YES! Also in our box!) to shout Happy New Year!
- Bring the outside in. Set out a vase of fresh flowers to add a pop of color to your table.
- End the night on a sweet note. We found raspberry macarons and S’mores…killer combo.
5.) Get Dressed up! Last but not least pick out a glitzy outfit. Let your hair down and throw on some red lipstick. It’s New Years Eve…happens only once every year….make it count!
Stick around with us this month because we’ll be giving you more tips and ideas on holiday entertaining and will be coming out with a very special post to show you exactly how to set up our LMP in a Box for NYE!
*All of the photos in this post were taken by Karilyn Sanders…and we had so much fun shooting these with her!

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