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September 2nd

Birthdays Best

We’ve now been part of a countless number of birthday parties here at LMP. From first to 90th. And from it all, we’ve put together our faves to ship in your Little Miss Birthday Party in a Box. We are so excited with the turn out…and know you’re going to love it too. Watch, Listen and contact us if you’d like more information…
Birthdays are supposed to be fun and colorful! We certainly were not shy with color when building the components for this party.
We have a small obsession with oversized balloons and tissue tassel from One Stylish Party and boy do we love a good party hat!
A party is not complete without a little confetti sprinkled on top which is why we collected so many of our chic party essentials from Oh Goodie Designs. Her confetti wands are festive and make for fun decoration on any table…
And her Cheers cups are a no brainer for all drinks at the bar.
We also went as far as making you guys water labels! Just peel and stick onto your bottles.
Since our parties are all about the food we assume yours are too. So we included everything you’ll need for a meal and dessert: rainbow striped forks, pretty party plates, lunch and cocktail napkins and rainbow striped spoons.
There is a whole cupcake kit in our box with liners and flags to top. You can go the traditional route or be funky and use the liners as candy cups and the flags to top the food that you’re serving. Oh and don’t worry…we provide a suggestion menu list for lunch and the bar as well as giving you a full party blueprint for the set up with styling tips.

If you don’t have the time to think this all through and throw a bash for your loved one, just ask us.  We love to party and will help you!
All of the photos above were taken by Dave Robbins Photography.

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August 26th

Don’t you know it…

We LOVE our cocktail hour around here! And so what if we do? Do we talk about it too much? Too bad. These mamas need a drink at the end of the day!
Ok so how about when we are having friends over? The easiest way to entertain especially if you’ve had a long day…wine and cheese. Pop open a bottle of your favorite wine and set out some cheese, olives, grapes and crackers. And these slate boards from Brooklyn Slate make it that easy. You get a soap stone to write the name of your cheese and a knife to cut it!
We love these French cheese cocktail plates for easy nibbling. And we adore these cloth napkins from Folk and Faro.

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July 28th

Eat our decorations.

When designing a party we get pretty nuts with the decor. For some reason we just can’t contain ourselves. We live for those ridiculously chic details that makes a party stylish.
Of course…there’s nothing as important as the food. Keep everyone happy by having a nosh on something delicious throughout your celebration.
So we were thinking…
What if…
We could eat our decorations?
LMP loves cereal, especially when its sweet, crunchy, bright and bold.
Well lucky for us…we got to work with General Mills on an awesome project for Trix. Every day this week we will be telling you all about the new fruitier flavors that Trix has released to the shelves…and how we styled these delicious puffs! Make sure you check back daily for all of the amazing details. DIY tutorials, a special interview with a surprise, Canadian friend, a giveaway and more!
After coming up with super fun and some silly ways to use Trix cereal as party decor, we got to build a special edition of Little Miss Party in a Box for Trix. We sent out these boxes to some notable friends and cannot wait to hear what they think…
Since the theme here is edible décor…let us show you some fun ways to play with your food!
Let me ask you a question: Could it get any easier then this? Take yogurt of your liking (my fave is vanilla) and layer it with crushed and whole Trix. Add whatever else you wish in there such as fruit, granola, shredded coconut, you name it. Gorgeous, delicious, boom. Brightens up the room and makes a great dish for brunch.

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July 17th

Vanity Fair Lingerie – A New Product Launch Event

We recently had the opportunity to style a fabulous event for Vanity Fair Lingerie. VFL is launching a new bra campaign and had a specific vision in mind for their event. The Vanity Fair Lingerie woman is sophisticated, authentic, feminine, and confident and they wanted the event to feel the same. The Gramercy Terrace at the Gramercy Park Hotel was the event space of choice and from there the design process came to life.
It was important to select furniture and decor elements that properly represented the brand, so we turned to Pottery Barn for inspiration. We started by creating individual vignettes with custom doors that we had built for the event. They were a fantastic way to transform the already gorgeous space.
Each door featured a black metal hook used to hang a classic white robe, white silk shirt or just a simple black bra. And how amazing are these doorknobs?
To bring the VFL vision to life, we brought in classic furniture and paired it with some modern elements such as acrylic nesting tables and mercury glass vases. Teal is the pop color for VFL, so we added it in subtly these gorgeous frosted teal vases from West Elm.

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July 3rd

Born in the USA

I happen to be born in Canada and just celebrated Canada’s 147th birthday this past July 1st. However my husband and children were born in the USA. So the 4th of July is now on my list of holidays to celebrate!
Red, white and blue, Stars & stripes, Bruce Springsteen and Coca Cola.
Grass, cherries, watermelon and lemonade.
American Summer!
There are so many easy ways to make your 4th of July chic. How about using blue mason jars to serve lemonade? We found these at Target and stuck red and white paper straws in to serve to our guests.
Make your bar easy to self serve and festive. We filled up a large beverage dispenser with lemonade, mint and sliced lemons plus tons of ice and stuck a blue bandana on top.
Of course a party wouldn’t be an LMP party without custom water bottle labels. These may be one of my favorite designs by Ali to date…
Watermelon has got to be the most refreshing snack of the summer. We dressed some slices up with fresh feta, mint and a drizzle of balsamic. Makes for a great snack, side dish or even healthy dessert!
Speaking of dessert, if you’re serving something sweet…spice it up with a fun and celebratory topper. We found these adorable pinwheels at Michael’s Craft Store.
However you celebrate this patriotic holiday, make sure you are safe and have fun!
Please share your photos on our facebook page! We would love to see what you served, came up with for decorations and/or did with the kiddies.
Cheers!  And Happy 4th of July!

A hearty thanks to Dave Robbins Photography for the beautiful shots seen in this post.

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