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July 1st

LMP Summer Sips with CB2

When life gives you lemons…what do you do? You slice them and make lemonade!
We have teamed up with our favorite home furnishing brand, CB2 to show you how we are serving our lemonade this summer….and we want to know….what type of lemonade do you fancy?
We always look to the season to guide us when planning a menu and styling a table. When visiting our local farm stands we work with color palettes dictated by what is bright and fresh.
Here we have lemonade 4 ways which we’ll be serving to our guests all summer long!
Classic Lemonade:
Using the CB2 Glass Beverage Dispenser
Add 4 cups of fresh squeezed lemon juice and then fill the rest of the dispenser with ice cold water leaving 2-3 inches from the top.
Add sugar to taste.
Add in ice and lemon slices before serving.
Styling tips for your classic lemonade stand:
1. Acrylic outdoor glasses are the best for avoiding glass breakage.
2. A pretty paper straw will make everyone’s drink more festive.
3. A bright colored watering can makes for a cool looking vase for flowers.
4. DIY Tip: paint a wood crate in an ombre pattern by mixing a solid color with white paint until you reach your desired shades. Use as a riser to prop your beverage dispenser on top of for easy serving.
Berry-infused Lemonade:
Using the CB2 Glass beverage dispenser
Fill the glass pitcher with store bought lemonade and plenty of ice.
Add tons of fresh or frozen berries.
Styling tips for your berry-infused lemonade:
1. Set out a few pre-poured glasses so guests can grab when they arrive.
2. We used the stainless steel snack bowl as a vase for peonies that we picked from our garden.
3. Set out a bunch of mint for guests to add to their drinks if they wish.
Fill glass beakers with homemade or store bought lemonade.
Add sliced fruit such as berries, peaches, whatever your heart desires and let the drinks infuse for at least one hour before serving.
Styling tips for your fruit-ade:
1. Use a planter as an ice bucket for chilling wine or sparkling water to top off your drinks with. Before you fill with ice line the planter with food safe plastic wrap or parchment paper. And don’t forget the ice tongs!
2. Use a watering can to fill with a bunch of mint for a fresh smell and unexpected look on your bar.
3. The black cake pedestal is perfect for propping up the beakers to give height to the table.
Fresh Herb Lemonade:
Using the CB2 Glass beverage dispenser
Fill will a mix of store bought or homemade lemonade, ice cold water, ice and lemon slices.
Set out cups of herbs for guests to add to their drinks.  We used rosemary, mint and thyme.
Styling tips for your fresh herb lemonade:
1. Use stainless steel snack bowls to fill with lemons for a bright pop of color on our bar.
2. We used a black cake pedestal to prop up the beverage dispenser for easy serving.
3. This glass beaker makes for a unique vase for fresh flowers from the garden.
So? Tell us what kind of lemonade you’ll be sipping on this summer in the comments below….we want to know!

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June 18th

Cocktails, Canapes and a Couples Shower

When a very good friend Dorie came to me and said she needed help planning her shower, I immediately knew she would not be having the traditional women only daytime event. Instead, I suggested she throw a couple’s shower – and make it a cocktail party. No cheesy gift opening, no games, no women-only crustless sandwiches…instead we threw the coolest cocktail party Soho has ever seen.
Chic and sophisticated was my goal when designing this event, which was held at a loft on Crosby Street. The loft decor has very bold purple couches and deep wood and metal accents, so I had to be careful when choosing a color scheme. I stuck with silver, white & gold and added in bright pops of purple and deep pink flowers to compliment the space.
At the entrance, I placed a small marble pedestal table. On top sat mercury glass vases filled with bright blooms and a gorgeous cluster of silver, white and marbled balloons. To the string, I tied a black and white couple of the photo taken during their engagement. A simple statement that set the tone for the event to come.
I placed a few more monochromatic balloons clusters throughout the space, and used the strings to clip many photos of the couple and their family/friends throughout the years. This was the perfect way to showcase their love story that spanned over a decade.

Custom cocktail napkins and coasters are always a fun way to add a little personalization to an event.
It happened to be the Groom’s birthday that week, so Dorie wanted to surprise him with a cake. I reached out to our girl Angela at Making that Cake and we came up with this amazing design. This is the ultimate cake for a die-hard Michigan fan marrying a die-hard Maryland fan!
I was obsessed with this topper I found on Etsy!
dorie10 copy
When we started discussing food and catering, it was evident that Dorie wanted something different, out of the ordinary; Pinch Food Design is just that. Not only is the food mouthwateringly good, but their presentation is unlike anything I have seen before. Have you ever seen crudite look so amazing? This is their hedge bar which was set along the kitchen island for guests to nibble on when they first arrived.dorie14
What followed was equally as amazing.
In-between rounds of passed small bites and plates were “interactions” where guests were dazzled by the unique presentations.
Here are homemade flatbreads hanging from a copper rod!
Leave it to Pinch to making eating and drinking easy to do at the same time. When serving small plates, they use dishes that have a ridge underneath so you can rest them on top of your water or wine glass. The dishes also have a place for your fork prongs so no forks accidentally fall to the floor. Genius!
We drank a ton that night, but my favorite part was the beverage cooler – guests were able to help themselves…and boy did they ever!
It was a great night with family and friends – the best kind of party. Congrats to these two love birds!

Images by: Stephanie Mann

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June 11th

Summer is Here.

It’s that time guys….SUMMER!  BBQ’s, sammies on the beach, cocktails during sunset…we are ready to party!
150527-LMPB_Summer_015 copy
When entertaining a crowd in my backyard I love using pretty paper plates to make for a fast and easy clean up.  We worked with our favorite vendors to find the best party supplies for summer and boxed them up for you. Your welcome!
Summer is here
Included in our summer party box are paper plates, ice cream cups and a pitcher to keep your drinks cool. All the necessities that you will need to host your friends outdoors.
150527-LMPB_Summer_022 copy
To shop our summer box click here.
150527-LMPB_Summer_020 copy
If you follow us on instagram and are getting ready to celebrate the summer – tell us what you’re doing with the hashtag #LMPSummer. We want to see!
150527-LMPB_Summer_005 copy
All photos above were taken by Raquel Langworthy.

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May 19th

Cheese Board Basics

Why don’t you come over for a glass of wine before dinner….?
What does that mean? It means, cheese + wine. My favorite combo ON THE PLANET EARTH.
Now how many ways are there to put together a board of cheese? A LOT!  So today we’re rounding it up for you…to make it super easy. You can do this is in less then 20 minutes flat…
* Crackers
* 2-3 types of cheese: soft, hard (cube it) and stinky
* Grapes and/or dried fruit and nuts
* A cured meat if you so desire
* Cheese knives, cocktail plates and napkins
Don’t forget the olives and I love serving crusty bread. I even like to add a little rosemary to the plate for the woodsy aroma and the fresh green pop that it gives to the board.
So what are you waiting for? Invite your friends over…we just made it so easy for you to do so!

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May 4th

Dip your Chip

I find the playdates at my house run smoothest when I have some type of:
A. activity planned
B. delicious snack prepared
So when the boys got together with their gal pals I thought it would be fun to craft some tissue flowers. Using TONS OF PINK of course.
It’s teacher appreciation week at school this week and Gavin thought it would be nice to make his teacher flowers. Well it doesn’t get much cuter than that.
Of course these flowers are perfectly timed as a crafty DIY decoration to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with some color!
Speaking of, I was inspired to make guacamole with the boys and then create cups of 7 layer dip. Just dip your chip.
All of this was so simple. Here’s what ya do…
Tissue Paper Flowers
Layer pieces of tissue making sure there are two edges all lined up
Fold the tissue paper back and forth like an accordion.
Cut the edges for a pretty scallop or design.
Unfold each layer and pouf it out.
Cinch it all together in the back and secure with a rubber band.
For the guacamole (a favorite around these parts) we mashed the following together:
2 avocados (hit them with the juice of a lime after you peel)
1 plum tomato
1/2 sweet onion
1 clove garlic
salt and pepper to taste
If the kiddos weren’t around I would have added a minced jalepeno!
To make the individual servings (so perfect for kids or a party!) I layered these ingredients into plastic tumblers:
* salsa
* sour cream
* shredded cheese
* the guacamole
* scallions
Oh wait. That’s five ingredients. Well who’s counting? Those are the ingredients I like.
And of course….to top it all off we enjoyed margarita sangria. You heard me right…salt, tequila, fruit and wine? Um….Thank you Pinterest!

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