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April 14th

Uncork and unwind with LMP

Whether you say “Vin et Fromage, Vino e Formaggio or Vino y Queso,” Wine & Cheese is an all-around favorite prelude to any meal or sometimes best enjoyed as a meal in itself.  There are endless ways to enjoy both, from a simple pairing to a rich mix of savory and sweet.  We enjoy a little bit of everything.
We start with a good quality cheese board, this gorgeous wooden board is from our friends at Williams Sonoma.  In addition to wood, we also love using a beautifully rustic slate board such as this one from Brooklyn Slate Co, which can also be found at WS.   When using slate, simply write each cheese name directly on the board with chalk or soapstone for an easy presentation.
When selecting cheeses to serve, I love to offer a variety of different tastes and textures.  As a little girl, my dad taught me about parmigiano-reggiano, a Italian cheese with a sharp, complex fruity/nutty taste made from raw cow’s milk and aged about 12 months. As you can guess, it always makes an appearance on my cheese plates.  Pecorino, a deliciously buttery sheep’s milk cheese is also one of my favorites, so when I recently discovered black truffle Pecorino, I knew I had a winner.  Next I went with a french blue cheese called Bleu d’auvergne, which is made from cow’s milk and has a strong and pungent taste, but to a lesser extent than other blue cheeses.  Lastly I added slices of a sharp Wisconsin cheddar to round out the assortment.  You can set out some sweet elements to compliment the cheese such as wild honey, homemade fig jam, dried apricots or plump red grapes.  Next add a bit of crunch with some roasted almonds or walnuts. And lastly, I always set out a bowl of Cernignola olives, which originate from the Southern Italian Provence of Italy called Puglia.  They are mild, delicious and just THE best olives you will ever taste.  Promise!

So now that we got the cheese taken care of, let’s move onto the wine.  Instead of using a boring ice bucket to chill our white wine we opted for this fabulous silver banded punch bowl from Williams Sonoma; just fill it with ice, stick in your favorite bottles and top off with a few fresh flowers for an instantly gorgeous display. Way better than that plain old silver one you have lying around!
When serving wine with cheese, variety is key to balance out the different flavors.  You want to offer both a refreshing and dry white wine, in addition to something bubbly.  I am a red wine drinker so you will always see me with a robust glass of red in my hand no matter what I am eating.
Over the years, I have started somewhat of a collection of cocktail plates.  I just love them.  Such a perfect way to add color or personality to your party.  This set is my favorite as of late; Tracy Reese for Target!
We kept the flowers simple using antique bud vases filled with white and green stems.  They look gorgeous against this wooden farm table!



For Wine & Cheese parties on the go, check out these amazing shatter-proof glasses we found from Go vino.  Not only are they as elegant as real stemware, but they are absolutely unbreakable, reusable and recyclable! A must-have for any outdoor occasion.
Is there anything better than Wine & Cheese? Not in our books.
So uncork and unwind!

All gorgeous photos courtesy of Raquel Bianca Creative.

xx, Michelle

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April 11th

Ready, Set, Weekend with Hannah Baker

Please join us in welcoming Hannah Baker to the LMP family.
After spending some time with Hannah in the Mommy Shorts office we quickly realized Hannah shares our love of style.
So Hannah will be joining us weekly to show off her beautiful cocktails and creations. Hope you follow along to see what she comes up with each week….we are certainly squealing with excitement over here.
Without further ado…enjoy!
Pomegranate & Orange Champagne Cocktail
By: Hannah Baker

1 bottle of champagne or Prosecco 
3-4 medium sized oranges
1/2 cup POM juice 

A super easy cocktail to have with your ladies this weekend to celebrate the beginning of springtime! (OK, for those of you on the west coast or the south, it probably started a little earlier than for us NYCers…We’re jealous). This cocktail is light and fresh, perfect for spring.
Pour one bottle of Prosecco or a drier champagne into a pitcher, and add 1/3-1/4 cup of POM juice.  Juice 3-4 medium sized oranges (note: this will not taste as good with store bought OJ, juice those babies yourself!) and add to pitcher. Pour and garnish with a little orange peel (to smell more of the orange when you drink it, or, just to appear fancy).




xx, Seri

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February 17th

LMP Rocks

We were recently inspired by a Rockin’ First Birthday brunch that we did for one of our adorable clients. We put together a styled shoot with our DIY record player cake stands to set up a simple yet classy little brunch with some light bites and sweet treats.
We took a buttercream frosted vanilla cake from Empire Cake and dressed it up with yellow glitter flag bunting.
I think this may be my new favorite palette…The yellow and teal colors pop so brightly of the black and white!
A rock n roll themed party is no fun unless you add some props to dress up with!
We picked up croissants and macarons from the bakery at Lafayette. So delicious!
For your one stop shop of party goods we love Party City! Plastic tumblers (shown here with skull & crossbones and a slice of lemon dropped in!), paper plates, napkins, photo props like wigs, gloves, glasses and hats…they have it all!
Rock on Party People!
These rockin photos were taken by Raquel Langworthy of Raquel Bianca Creative.

xx, Seri

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February 4th

Style At Home With LMP

So you may remember the post I did a little while back about my apartment…well check this out…
Canada’s Style At Home has run a feature on it! I quite seriously could not be more excited about this article. The writing by Jennifer Hughes is spot on. “The Fun House”…??  I mean come on! So perfectly fitting for a family like us who loves to party!
Big huge shout out Thank You’s go to my dear friends who were the creativity and talent behind this incredible project…Lisa Hershman, Playchic for decorating and Raquel Langworthy, Raquel Bianca Creative for the gorgeous photographs.
And to our favorite Press Manager, Mandy Dick, I say…I love you and THANK YOU!
If you were as excited as me you would have downloaded the digital issue of this magazine as well. This was my first online magazine and I loved every bit of it!

xx, Seri

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January 7th

A Mad for Plaid Christmas Celebration

Anyone else finding it really hard to take down all of your Christmas Decor? I just LOVE Christmas.  I am almost all packed away except for the outdoor lights…I just want a few more days with those twinkling beauties!  Every year the holiday season seems to fly by quicker and quicker!  To bring you back into the spirit of Jolly Ole Saint Nick, check out this awesome Mad for Plaid themed holiday party from a few weeks ago…
As a fun alternative to the “Ugly Sweater” holiday party theme, we suggested our client build in a Mad for Plaid theme, encouraging guests to dress for the occasion.  As you can see, everyone did just that!
The signature cocktail setup was probably my favorite part of this party!  We thought it would be fun to serve two cocktails out of glass punchbowls, but added some fabulous LMP details, of course.  First up — Christmas Sangria, complete with diced apples, sweet cranberries, and rosemary dusted in sugar crystals.  Gorgeous, right? Oh and it was delicious as well!
Second, we served a sparkling holiday punch which we spiked with vodka, this was a party after all!
A large sign POP CLINK FIZZ stood as the backdrop to the drink station.  Plaid fabric wrapped vases filled with red holly branches and gold dipped babies breath were placed on either side of the sign.
Custom coasters were printed so guests were able to take each cocktail recipe home with them.

xx, Michelle

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