September 22, 2016

Five Must-Have Beauty Products for Touch-Ups

Hey guys, I’m back again for round 3 of Beauty with Brittany Lo! I was talking to a reader recently in the Hamptons who was frustrated about her makeup melting away minutes after the party had started. Us ladies spend SO much time and effort getting done up for weddings and special events but often times we look back at pictures and cringe at the state of our makeup post cocktail hour. However, do not fret! I have shared my list of must have products to pack into your clutch before attending any event. This army of beauty products will help hold your look from beginning to end so all you have to worry about is enjoying yourself on the dance floor!

1) Translucent Finishing Powder


A translucent powder like Makeup Forever’s HD Microfinish Powder should be your newest best friend. The powder applies invisibly and the silica microspheres absorb oils and sweat from your face without smudging your makeup. This lightweight, silky smooth powder is also available in miniature sizes at Sephora that are perfect to fit into your clutch!

2. Oil Blotting Sheets


Blotting sheets provide a discrete way to touch up while seating down for dinner or in a crowded space. The trick is the blot on your T-zone or where you tend to get most shiny until you have a chance to go to the bathroom and apply the translucent finishing powder. I personally love Boscia’s blotting sheets because they are made of linen that seem to absorb more than other brands and has a soothing element with the green tea extract.

3) Lipstick


This seems like a no brainer but I cannot tell you how many times I have forgotten my lipstick at home. If you are getting your makeup done professionally, ask them to use your lipstick so you can easily do touch ups throughout the night.

4) Concealer


Think of a concealer as a magic eraser. If you notice that your eye liner has fallen or your lipstick has smeared around your lips, simply take a creamy concealer like bareMineral’s Correcting Concealer and gently apply with your fingertips. This will help brighten up your face and keep it looking fresh.

5) Bobby Pins


Once you hit the dance floor, your hair is most likely going to get a little messy and that’s okay! Isn’t the purpose of attending an event (well at least most) to have fun? My advice is to not try so hard to keep the original look perfect but rather pin back a few pieces of hair that start looking disheveled. The hairs out of your face will allow you to remain put together all night long! I hope you remember these 5 products when attending your next event or party and let me know how everything holds up!

What are some of your favorite go-to products? Let me know if the comments below.  Also, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

See you next time!

Xo, B.Lo

xx, Abby
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September 20, 2016

Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco


This weeks cocktail was made for me over the summer by my best friend in the world.  You see, Sarah studied abroad in Italy, and during her time there was introduced to the wonders of limoncello.


Over the summer, we were having at her parents lake house in Maine, and Sar whipped up a delicious cocktail that combined limoncello, prossecco and fresh raspberries.  It was beyond delicious. Recently, Sarah moved to Denver, and I have been missing her hardcore, so I decided to make some of these in her honor and share with you guys!


Here’s what you’ll need:
-1 bottle of limoncello liqueur
-1 bottle of prosecco
-fresh raspberries
-fresh lemons for garnish
-fresh mint


Here’s what to do:

1) Combine 1 cup limoncello with 3 cups of prosecco in a pitcher.
2) Add 1 cup of raspberries and a few sprigs of fresh mint. Stir lightly to combine.
3) Pour into each glass, and garnish with more raspberries, mint and a lemon wedge. Sip, and enjoy!



Thats all for now… See ya next week!

xx, Abby
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September 15, 2016

Hamptons hanging with Maybelline

We were honored to be a part of the global Maybelline IT girls Hamptons weekend! After the epic pool party, it was time for the girls to relax while we changed over the house for an evening of fun under the stars. The rain stopped so we were finally able to enjoy the gorgeous yard.
As the ladies entered the house, a 12 foot Step and Repeat was setup, complete with 3D NYC buildings all outfitted with the latest makeup products from Maybelline. Thank you 11th Street Workshop for this beauty.
The first thing everyone saw as they made their way through the house and onto the back patio was the amazing “Lip and Lash Bar” we created. Under the black and white cabana, we set up a long lacquer table with a light up bulb mirror set on top. What a gorgeous pop of light as the sun went down.
Inside the cabana, the girls had access to every Lip and Lash product they could ever want!
img_1162 img_1169 img_1167 img_1166
We took advantage of the clear night time skies and setup LED spheres in assorted sizes and strung bulb lights throughout the yard. These gave SO much gorgeous light and created an inviting outdoor space.
In addition, we re-positioned all of our outdoor lounge furniture and brought in an oversized fire pit. They loved sitting around the fire, drinking, chatting and enjoying a summertime classic –  Smores!
As the ladies made their way back into the house, they found a sweet NYC skyline candy bar setup in the kitchen. Candies and lipsticks in shades of “Maybelline” hot pink were setup in rectangular glass vessels and set in front of an oversized skyline cutout.
img_0651 img_0658
We also had smaller skylines constructed and to these we glued more product to create these awesome centerpieces around the house. Pretty gorgeous, right?
When it was time to eat, Janet O’Brien catering wowed with some amazing passed apps and an impressive sushi bar. We love food that looks as good as it tastes!
With day one complete, it was time for the gals to get some rest as they were in for even more fun on day two…img_2822
On the second day of their Hamptons weekend, the Maybelline IT girls woke up early to take part in a NIKE workout session at the house. After a great sweat session, they changed into their cutest boating attire and spent the day on a catamaran that took off from Sag Harbor. Not a bad day so far! While they enjoyed the day, we were back at the house setting up for the elegant dinner party that awaited them that evening.
We started with gorgeous white lacquer tables and layered on matte black plates, gold cutlery, pink glassware, black and white striped napkins, gold and white vases and of course bold fuchsia flowers.
img_1356 img_1410 img_1406
Ghost chairs were the perfect compliment to this tablescape.
Details Details Details!
img_1355 img_1369
In lieu of traditional place cards, I thought it would be so fitting to use a photo from each girls’ instagram account to serve as their seating card. How amazing did these turn out?? The pictures were printed on card stock and placed into a small wooden block. It’s the little details that really pull a table like this together.
In addition to the formal seating area, we created a new lounge vignette by bringing out some modern leather couches and chairs and this chic white fireplace.
After dinner we surprised the girls with a fun balloon drop from the top balcony!
img_1454 img_1464 img_1471 img_1473 img_1476
It was the perfect way to end a pretty fabulous few days in the Hamptons with these gorgeous Maybelline IT girls.  CHEERS ladies!!

Photography : Maggie Antalek
3D Step & Repeat / NYC skyline(s) / Black Carpet production: 11th Street Workshop
Black and White cabana & white lacquer dining tables: Luxe Event Rentals
Light up bulb mirrors: Rent Quest NYC
LED Spheres: Luminous Designs
Event Lighting: Karen Lenahan Designs
Flatware, glassware & gold vases : CB2
Black matte plates: Party Rental Ltd
White faceted vases: Dwell Studio
Instagram place cards: Artifact Uprising
Catering & Sushi: Janet O’Brien Catering
Lounge furniture: Taylor Creative Rentals
Florals: Sag Harbor Florist

xx, Michelle
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September 13, 2016

Grapefruit Mint Moscow Mules

IMG_7507 copy

I’ve been chomping at the bit to make another variety of Moscow Mule.  Any excuse to use my favorite copper mugs, I’ll take it! I found these gorgeous grapefruits at the market the other day, and knew that it was a sign.

IMG_7504 copy

If you’ve never had one, Grapefruit Moscow Mules add a bit of a tart punch to the old classic, and also some beautiful color.

IMG_7493 copy

Here’s what you’ll need:
-moscow mule mugs
-your favorite vodka (I used Tito’s)
-fresh lime juice
-ginger beer
-fresh grapefruit juice
-fresh grapefruit slices
-fresh mint

IMG_7431 copy

IMG_7453 copy

Here’s what to do:
1) Fill each mug with ice.
2) Add 1.5 oz. of vodka, 2 oz. of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and 1 tbsp. fresh lime juice to each mug.
3) Top off each mug with ginger beer until full. Use spoon to stir lightly to combine ingredients.
4) Garnish each mug with a sprig of mint, a slice of lime and a slice of grapefruit.

IMG_7477 copy

And enjoy! To me, this is a great cocktail for the transition from summer to fall.  Light and cool enough for warmer weather, but substantial enough for those chillier days as well.

IMG_7533 copy

What is your favorite type of Moscow Mule? Let me know in the comments and I will be sure to make some :)

See ya next week!

xx, Abby
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August 30, 2016

Cosmos and Cupcakes


Just like Sex in the City taught us, there is nothing more chic than a good cosmo. I’ve been back in the city for a few days prepping for a few events coming up, and I decided it was time to make a cocktail to celebrate.



I had set up our custom PJ’s and Pancakes Party in a Box that we built for a client in our studio, and made my drink to show how to transition your party in a box for cocktail hour after the kids party is over!


Here’s what you need:
-triple sec
-cranberry juice
-fresh lime juice
-fresh limes
-cocktail shaker

Here’s what to do for 2 drinks:
1) Take your cocktail shaker and fill up halfway with ice.
2) Add 4 oz. of vodka, 1 oz of triple sec and 2 oz. of cranberry juice to shaker.  Shake slightly.
3) Add 3/4 oz. of fresh lime juice to shaker and shake well.
4) Divide mixture evenly between each cocktail glass.  Add fresh lime slice to each glass for garnish.

YUM. Sip on this beauty once you have gotten all of your guests out the door and the kids to bed.  Maybe indulge in some leftover cupcakes?


Celebrate your hard work… you can clean up tomorrow!


See ya next week… Cheers!

xx, Abby
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