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January 22nd

Valentine’s Day with Chex…The Snack Table.

Chex Table 5
I love a good challenge. So when Little Miss Party approached me about restyling their Halloween Chex Little Miss Party in a Box, of course I couldn’t resist!

The box arrived on my doorstep just as cute as can be. The attention to detail and adorable packaging made it feel like I was opening a present.
Chex Table 1

I took an inventory of what I had and decided to focus on three key items to pull together a simple and sweet Valentine’s Day snack table. The other goodies will be saved to for next Halloween.

While planning out what I was going to do for the set-up, I opened up the box of Chocolate Chex and couldn’t get over how good they were just on their own. In fact, handfuls of the cereal kept disappearing each time my two young children would walk by! It was then that I realized, I could serve the Chocolate Chex straight out of the box on the snack table. I mean, it doesn’t get any more hassle free than that!
Chex Table 10

I used the chevron favor bags embellished with a gold foil heart sticker to serve the Chex mix. And on the other side of the table, I included the black and white striped cups also embellished with the same gold foil heart sticker. Sticking with my no hassle approach to snacks on the table, I looked to my pantry and decided to add some cereal bars stacked on a cake plate in the center of the table.

Chex Table 9

Chex Table 8

I decided to drape some gold sequin fabric behind the table and thought it could use another element, so I created an “XOXO” banner cut out from the chevron favor bags.
Chex Table 3
To make the banner, I blew up the letters “XO” in 550 pt font in Microsoft Word. I printed and cut the letters out and traced them on the favor bags. Then I cut the letters out of the favor bags, punched holes at the top and strung the letters on a strand of jute twine. It was so easy to make and turned out so cute!
Chex Table 2

Chex Table 4

Chex Table 7

Thanks Little Miss Party and Chex for sending along the box of goodies! I had fun putting together the snack table and my boys had even more fun devouring the treats with their friends!

Chex Table 5
This post was written and photographed by our sweet friend Tara Berger of One Stylish Party.

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January 13th

Cocktail Party Chic in Brooklyn

I think the cold weather alone should be enough to want to gather your friends and celebrate. A Winter celebration is the perfect way to stay warm and cozy on a cold night.
CN 2 Blog
That’s what we had in mind when styling a cocktail party for 50 people in Brooklyn this winter. Comfort food was passed to the guests while they lined up for a variety of sweet eats.CN Blog 1
We love a boozy cupcake and have a fond obsession with Prohibition Bakery. Their bite size cupcakes are party perfect and make for great conversation when tasting the flavors.
CN 3 Blog
CN 16 Blog
Peppermint snowflake shaped bark was a must at this affair. Minty, sweet and so winter appropriate.

Now check this out and yes you are seeing these right……gold dipped cake pops in waffle cups.  Oh.My.No you didn’t. SO good! All of the desserts were made by our sweet friend, Making that Cake.
CN 5 Blog
We styled the main dining room table with winter greens, hycientha flowers and wine red peonies. We added in fuchsia ornaments and star lit trees to make for a romantic setting.
CN 6 Blog
Our current obsession are these marquee lit stars from Restoration Hardware. They add instant beauty anywhere we light ‘em up!
CN 7 BlogCN 8 BlogCN 9 BlogCN 10 Blog
For the cocktails we served a couple of signature drinks one being a winter punch packed with fresh cranberries, rosemary, apple and white grape juice. The other was a Bourbon cocktail which was a hit amongst the gentlemen at the party.
CN 11 Blog 
Our client happened to have the most beautifully styled apartment. We are so lucky to have the opportunity to work with these incredible people who have such great taste.
CN 13 Blog     CN 18 BlogCN 19 BlogCN 20 Blog
The guests nibbled on hors d’oeuvres from Cobblestone Catering including tomato tartlets, BLT bites, truffled mac n cheese and duck spring rolls just to name a few.
CN 21 BlogCN 22 Blog
The evening was a huge success, full of great eats, drinks and fabulous company.

All photos above by Karilyn Sanders.

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January 7th

Making our cocktails…romantic.

Here we are just coming off of a pretty fabulous Christmas and New Years eve and we’ll already onto the next holiday. Well aren’t we always?!.
Valentine’s day is just around the corner and we’re getting ourselves geared up. What better to celebrate then a little romance.?!
I gave my girls Erin and Abby an ice cube challenge. I simply said: Find ingredients in the kitchen along with any ice cube trays left over from previous holidays and let’s see what you can do.
Erin made orange juice skull and crossbones and fruity hearts.
In the heart tray Erin added fresh cut blueberries, tiny chunks of strawberry and water. The kids would obsess over these. They love ice cubes.
For a bubbly sip I thought it woujld be nice to mix Canada Dry gingerale with vodka and a splash of lime juice. To chill and garnish fill with heart shaped fruity cubes. Pree-tay.
Oh I  know. The tree. I will be keeping that tree up till the day we see spring. I am just too in love to take him down.
For the boys…and those who love a stiffer cocktail….
I thought it was sort of genius to drop an OJ skull into your glass of Bourbon. Just the right combo of sweet n’ ice.
And obviously…guess who else loves these cubes? Um, the kiddos. Duh. They are obsessed. What a great punch of vitamin C on a daily basis this winter!
Have any great winter ideas? Cocktails, recipes, crafts…please tell us! We would love to hear and TRY SOME OUT!
Styled and photographed by Abigail Copleston

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December 31st

Cheers my Dears!

This is it guys! We are counting down to the big night…and have some final tips to share. Hope you all have the most fabulous New Years Eve! Be safe and CHEERS MY DEARS!
Greet your guests with a cocktail. Make sure you have non-alcoholic drinks on hand for those who don’t drink.
Pomegranate or Cranberry juice is the perfect mixer for prosecco and delicious on it’s own with a splash of Club Soda.
Accessorize your outfit and your party! Set out coasters for drinks, add paper straws to the cocktails and style your home with bright colored flowers.


Don’t let yourself get stuck in the kitchen. Take a little help from the store and serve up ready to heat appetizers such as mini quiche, pigs in a blanket and spring rolls. You can pre-make fresh dips to serve with each.
End the night on a sweet note with mini cupcakes and pretty toppers.
Set the tunes on high and kick off your heels. Let loose and enjoy the big bash.
3,2,1…don’t forget to share! We can’t wait to see how you PARTY!

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December 16th

A Pop Up Party

Ok have you ever heard of a Pop Up Party? I hadn’t. Until my friends over at Flatiron 27 put this together…you’ve gotta check it out…
PopUpParty 2 12.16.14
With the holidays fast approaching, having a fully stocked bar is a must - particularly if you are hosting a New Years Eve party. Flatiron27 was inspired to create a sparkling-chic cocktail cart by our friend Little Miss Party and Little Miss New Years Eve in a box. The black and gold themed party in a box couldn’t make hosting a New Years party any easier - or more stylish. It comes with everything you need to host a bash - from the decorations, to the champagne flutes and party hats. All you need to buy is the champagne! We found an incredibly cool vintage Italian bar cart on 1st Dibs (here is one more option) and stocked it full of fun bar essentials including a Bauhaus cocktail shakerShagreen Tray and lots of metallic accents. Read on to see how we plan to decorate – and celebrate New Years in style!


PopUpParty 1 12.16.14
PopUpParty 3 12.16.14

1. Glass Bottles with Stoppers - West Elm | 2. Tom Dixon Eclectic Tongs - abc carpet and home | 3. Crystal Bottle Stopper - homenature | 4. Chocolate Shagreen Butler Tray - Aerin | 5. Bar Trolley - 1st Dibs | 6. Bauhaus Cocktail Shaker - Stardust Modern | 7. Lustre Bottle Opener - Kelly Wearsler | 8. Direction Bar Glasses - Crate and Barrel | 9. Resin Ice Bucket - Barneys | 10. Agate Coasters with Silver Trim - homenature.

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