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October 8th

Halloween BOO-tifully styled with Chex Party Mix and a Giveaway!

I think you may know by we now we are total suckers for the holidays. Especially starting in the fall. Halloween and Thanksgiving….We can’t get enough. Every year we hope to out do the last.
Well this year we teamed up with Chex cereal to build a Little Miss Halloween Party in a Box and we are so excited to show you how we styled all of the fabulous components. PLUS…we are giving one away! So stay with us here to find out how you can enter to win!
There are so many easy ways to throw a party. Well we say that cause we have been doing it for years. Today we’re going to tell you exactly how you can host your friends for a themed holiday party…like Halloween. So get those invites out, you still have time! And let’s get planning…
-Black, White, Orange and Gold – your color palette.
-Tissue combs (they look like pumpkins and are easy to hang) and gold lanterns.
-Candles, candles and more candles. Whatever you have around. Even use recycled glass jars from your kitchen.
-Use household items for a vase for fresh flowers. We used a skull shaped plastic pitcher and spray painted it gold. Then added some fresh flowers that we found in the farmers market.
-Carve out the inside of a medium sized pumpkin and line with a bowl or napkin. Fill with Deviled Chex™ Mix and set on the table with stripe paper cups for your guests to fill.
Add a Fun Twist to Your Favorite Party Dish: Top your cupcakes with Halloween chocolate. Add crushed Chex to the melted chocolate before filling your Halloween chocolate molds and add an extra crunch to your bite. Here’s how we made these spooky and sweet treats…
-Crush 1 cup of your favorite Chex™ cereal (we used Cinnamon Chex™) in a bag.
-Place chocolate chips or discs (we used a 12oz bag) into a microwave safe bowl.
-Heat the chocolate in stages of 30 seconds giving a stir in between until all chocolate is fully melted.
-Add the crushed Chex™ into the bowl of melted chocolate and stir.
-Pour or spoon the melted chocolate mixture into your graveyard hand mold tray. Let the tray set in the fridge for at least 15 minutes.
-Pop your Graveyard hands out, top your cupcakes and enjoy!
We did the same with a skull mold and put them on sticks. We stuck them into a gold sprayed pumpkin so guests can grab and go.
Something to Wet Your Whistle: Set up a Bloody scary Mary bar. Fill your skull pitcher with tomato juice and add the trimmings alongside.  Olives, mini pickles, limes, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce and celery salt will make for a killer cocktail.  Use your witches cauldron as a tub to fill with ice and a spirit of your choice for your guests to spike if they like. Set out napkins, cups, straws and stir sticks for a make your own cocktail station.
A Little Something Extra: Send your family or guests home with a gory treat by filling black and white striped favor bags with Chocolate Chex™ cereal and attach a recipe for the Red Velvet Chex™ Party Mix.
We are super excited to be giving away a Little Miss Halloween Party in a Box! One lucky winner will receive a box on their doorstep filled with all of the essentials to throw a Halloween themed party.
Rules to enter:
-Must be a Little Miss Party follower on Instagram or Facebook.
-Must be a US or Canadian Resident.
-Leave a comment and tell us why you love Halloween or how you plan to celebrate.
All entries will be put into a witch’s cauldron and a lucky winner will be drawn on Wednesday October 15th.
All photos above were taken by Raquel Langworthy of Raquel Bianca Creative.

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October 7th

The perfect night for a fiesta

After Labor day has come and gone, I often find myself nostalgic for the summer. Don’t get me wrong – I love the fall, I really do. But there is something about the summer that is special. And so, imagine our surprise when a late September event was as warm and sunny as mid-July; without the humidity, of course. It was the perfect night for a fiesta.
A fiesta, you ask? That’s right – An Engagement Fiesta. Jen and Nick are getting married at one of the most gorgeous Mexican resorts of Mayakoba and asked Seri and I to help plan an equally chic and fitting engagement party for them. Margaritas? Check. Tacos and tostadas? Check. This is why we love what we do.
We met the happy couple on their building’s outdoor rooftop space and were immediately inspired. It is one of those NYC spaces you dream about having access to. Our planning began the moment we stepped foot outside. Tacombi, an amazing taqueria on Elizabeth street, would set the scene for the perfect party food. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love homestyle Mexican food? Pair that delicious food with with a prickly pear or spicy jalepeno margarita, and you have yourself a party!
I know what you’re thinking…what is a prickly pear margarita? Let’s start with the prickly pear, a cactus that produces a luscious and delicious fruit from which prickly pear syrup is made. One of the wedding colors is vibrant pink, so Jen fell in love with the idea of the signature drink being vibrant pink — and so we made it happen — and boy, was it delicious! To offset the the sweetness of the prickly pear, we also served a spicy jalepeno margarita that was equal parts spicy and refreshing.

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September 24th

Effortless style in the kitchen

I love to entertain – that’s no secret. But these days my time spent prepping in the kitchen is limited and usually involves a toddler dangling from my leg. Even though my priorities have changed, my style hasn’t. I still love to dazzle in the kitchen so I’ve come up with some easy yet impressive cocktail party ideas you can throw together with items in your house.

Olives and cheese are a perfect combo, so here I have used chevron striped food picks to serve them – simple, right?


Frozen meatballs might seem crazy to an Italian girl like myself, BUT I swear these are amazing. I found them in the frozen section of Whole Foods many years ago when I was pressed for time, and had to impress. You can serve them plain with a dipping sauce or cook in a pot of your favorite marinara and your guests will think you slaved for hours!



By now you’ve heard how much I love Ina Garten’s roasted shrimp cocktail – it’s THE best. To turn it up a notch, I skewered the cooked shrimp on bamboo picks and served them on a bed of chives.


A good punch is a great way to serve a crowd. We love to whip up different recipes using whatever we have on hand in the house. For a gorgeous presentation, prep the cups in advance with a slice of lemon and a striped straw. Serve your punch along side a few red and white wines and your guests will be glad they came.


Everyone loves crostini, and the combinations are endless! I used up the last of my heirloom tomatoes and basil from the farm for a fresh brushetta. I paired this with a fresh ricotta drizzled with wild honey and a sprinkle of thyme. Patterned cocktail plates are the perfect way to bring some color onto your table and these Tracy Reese for Target plates are no exception! Check out these other options from Target.


Don’t forget the sweets! Store bought S’mores and macaroons are the perfect way to end an evening.



Thank you to Karilyn Sanders for these gorgeous photos !!

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September 16th

Mini Mixologists

Today on my walk home from school with my lil man we chatted about his day and of course what was for dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow. Somehow our conversation always turns to food real quickly. Guess cause we both love to eat?! So as we discussed dinner I asked if he’d like to make a mocktail to go with his meal. His eyes lit up like he had just seen Santa. Me? Make a mocktail? Yes!
My favorite time of year for food is the fall. The farmers markets are at their best. Fruit is so juicy, veggies are crisp and the weather is turning. It’s time to get cooking!
So I cut up the stone fruits that I had by the window from this weekend as well as a few lemon slices. I come from a long line of family members who believe lemons cure all.

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September 9th

Eat, Drink & Be Married

We’re already over one week into September, which means many of our calendars are filling up with fall weddings and bridal showers. If you’re a maid of honor or bridesmaid, you’re probably especially swamped with planning such events. But don’t fret! Organizing a bridal shower can be tons of fun – especially when you have a Little Miss Party in a Box to help you.
Over the past few years we have hosted and planned so many different bridal showers for our friends, family and clients. We know what works and what doesn’t. We have learned that simple + pretty works best. For months we have been building the perfect LMP in a Box to make hosting a bridal or baby shower a breeze.
Fancy table settings including lunch and dessert plates, wooden cutlery, glitzy pom pom cupcake toppers, Govino shatterproof champagne flutes, confetti and pretty paper straws.
Let’s not forget about the decor. An easy and beautiful way to decorate your home or a venue is with tissue fans. Girly, sweet and easy to assemble and hang!
Now you need to come up with a menu. We love to host brunch or lunch for this type of party serving crudités, quiche, fruit salad, a delicious green salad, of course a cake and champagne!
When setting the table we love to wow the guests and make an impact on the setting. Set a mini cupcake for each guest to have a sweet bite upon arrival or to save for dessert or even to take home with them.
Want to get more details on our Little Miss Party in a Box for your friends? Get in touch. We would love to share more of the details on what we put together to make entertaining a breeze!

All of the gorgeous photos above were taken by Dave Robbins Photography.

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