November 16, 2017

Boobie Frieda is 96

It’s kinda hard to believe but my Boobie is 96 years young today. 96. That’s a number one can only hope to live up to. Or is it a number you wish never to receive?

My Boobie Frieda is sharper than sharp. She’s got 20/20 eye vision and she still hosts my family over at her house every time I visit Toronto. The problem is, her body, is not keeping up with her age. She is slowing down and sometimes I look at her and think is she comfortable? The answer is no. I know that. She knows that. She tells me that! I feel for her and I don’t want her to EVER leave me. But I also don’t like the thought of her being uncomfortable. None the less, Boobie keeps on trucking and tells me every day that she’s living to watch her beautiful family grow. So we continue to make her happy and proud.

In case you’re wondering…Boobie’s fashion forward sweatshirt is from Old Navy. I’m obsessed with it.

Last week I took Luke on a trip to Toronto and Maggie joined us so she could meet my family as well as capture a few very special episodes of cooking and crafting with two of my aunts. More on that soon!

When we arrived in Toronto, our first stop was Boobie Frieda’s house. Of course Boobie had a table full of food waiting for us and we devoured it all the second we sat down.

Mandy joined us and prior to the trip we came up with a plan to decorate Boobie’s living room and surprise her for her birthday. Mandy picked up my a confetti sprinkle cake and I brought home some of my favorite party supplies from the Little Miss Party Shop.

Once we had a chance to sneak off and set up we asked Gemma, Boobie’s incredible caretaker to wheel Boobie on up the stairs, into the living room.

When Boobie saw what we put together she started to cry. So then we started to cry. It was a big old sob-fest. Boobie was so touched and it couldn’t have made me happier.

We figured 96 candles may burn down Boobie’s house so we opted for a set of “awesome” candles for her to blow out. We took photos, ate cake and told stories for hours. It was a wonderful afternoon with our favorite lady.

May we keep celebrating YOU with many more birthdays, Queen Boobie! We love you. Happy Happy Birthday.

xx, Seri
Party conversation
  1. debi @simplybeautifuleating

    Oh boy. Now I’m crying. This is the best POST ever. Love you all for doing such an amazing surprise party for my mama (aka Boobie Frieda). She is one incredible lady who continues to inspire all of us. xoxoxoxo

  2. Marissa RevzenEllis

    May Frieda have many more years of good health and happiness!

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November 8, 2017

This is Forty.

Milestone birthdays are literally the best. Truly the best reason to throw a party! For this 40th birthday party, we worked with our client to style a fall inspired table for an intimate dinner for her husband’s birthday.

The dinner was for 17 people and was to take place in the couples Manhattan apartment. Parties in Manhattan apartments are our specialty and actually the reason I started this company. When I was living in a one bedroom apartment, before having children, I used to throw huge parties and worry I wouldn’t have enough space. That was never the case. There was always plenty of room, so much so it was hard to get our guests to leave.

Transforming a space into a party takes some skill and planning, moving furniture around, adding in compact party furniture such as cocktail tables, skinny dining tables and chairs.  You need to be creative and come up with a way to best use the space to accomodate your guests.

We styled the table with seasonal flowers and leaves. We styled gold and black sprayed pumpkins and gourds as well as birch planks to give some dimension to the table.

Our client found the most fabulous laser cut name cards for each place setting and she hired a personal chef to take care of all the cooking so she could be a guest at the party without the stress of cooking for a large group.

A few of my favorite details from this table setting were the menus that Crafty Maggie designed and hand painted with gold leaf paint…

As well as the black matte utensils that we included in our rental order from Please Be Seated.

The set up was so beautiful and the guests reportedly had a fantastic time. Just how a milestone birthday should be.

xx, Seri
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October 30, 2017

5 Stylish Ways to Use Balloons

The team at LMP absolutely loves to use balloons as a decor element in our parties. As much as we fawn over flowers and cakes, balloons truly do “wow” the guests. Whether it’s a kids party or an adult soiree, balloons kick up the level of fun in any space. See our 5 favorite ways to style balloons into your event:

1. Solid Garland with Greenery and Florals: For Dylan’s first birthday, Seri and Mandy went with a fiesta theme, using hot pink, orange, yellow and green in contrast to the beautiful white party space they used in Toronto. This plain white garland was chic and festive, making the florals and greenery really come to life.

2. Jumbo Confetti Balloons with Tassels: When we’re trying to please a younger crowd, like at this state fair themed birthday party, we love to add color anywhere possible. Confetti and tassels on our jumbo balloons add the perfect touch for a party of kids.

3. Color Theme Wrap Around Garland: We love balloon garlands of any kind, but this pink themed garland at the Women Who Inspire Brunch last summer was particularly stunning. Not only did the colors pop in against the bright blue summer sky, but the wrap around the column made a serious impact on the decor.

4. Printed Balloon Clusters: For this Barnyard Birthday Bash last year, the cow print balloon clusters gave a fun look to the entire party, drawing the eyes of the guests up and around the room, when usually they’re so busy looking down at their kids. Giving the parents a chance to appreciate the party is just as important as impressing the kids!

5. Mixed Balloon Clusters with Themed Weights: For this amazing Around the World Bat Mitzvah, LMP styled some amazing mixed balloon clusters- jumbo, metallic, and solid balloons with amazing ribbons, tissue fans, and weighted by GLOBES. How cute.

Have a great idea for balloons? Let us know so we can test it out sometime!

xx, Maggie
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September 7, 2017

5 Ways to Elevate Your Party Using Florals

If you want to know one of our favorite ways to dress up a party, just take a look at our photos and you will see that we’re flower CRAZY. The truth of the matter is that flowers are the easiest way to bring your party decor from bland to grand- as long as you know how to use them! Today, we’re sharing our favorite ways to boost your flower game.

1. Amazing Centerpiece Arrangements

Okay so we know this sounds obvious, but having a stunning centerpiece on your main table could be everything you need to dress up the room. You can then add matching single stem bud vases in other areas of the party to tie the look together, just like we did for Mandy’s amazing Backyard Baby Shower.

(Flowers: Sweet Woodruff)

2. Romantic Floral Table Runners

Easier said than done? No way- DO try this at home, kids. The best option is to use a linen to protect your table and line the middle area with your greenery. We love to use ruscus or eucalyptus, but there are lots of options out there that can survive with little water while you wait for your guests to arrive. Then, add your pops of color with great flowers, like roses or peonies. Be sure to have floral water tubes on hand for ultimate freshness. Weave the stems together and hide the tubes under the greenery. Decorate the rest of the room with the same flowers in vases to tie it all together, like we did for this intimate last minute wedding.

(Flowers: Little Miss Party)

3. Floral Topped Cake

Honestly, it’s simpler than it looks. After arranging our florals in vases, we use the leftovers for this favorite party trick. We trim the stem down to about 1-2 inches, rinse thoroughly in the sink, and start sticking them right into the cake. If your cake is small and your flowers are big, cover the top entirely, like we did for this romantic Dinner Party for Two! Otherwise, choose one edge of the cake, place the largest flower in the middle surrounded by smaller flowers cascading to the sides.

(Flowers: Little Miss Party)

4. All White Everything

Flower Power is a real thing- if you want to make a serious statement, curate your flower selection to an extremely specific color. As much as we love every color of the rainbow, sometimes picking one theme will give your party a big WOW factor. We created this stunning floral runner for a Dreamy First Birthday and we couldn’t get over how amazing it turned out.

(Flowers: Little Miss Party)

5. Well Rounded Floral Color Scheme

Choosing a color scheme can be difficult when planning a theme, and sometimes narrowing it down is the hardest part. Don’t feel like you have to restrict yourself, either, as long as the colors remain consistent in every part of the party. For this beautiful First Fiesta, we choose pink, yellow, and orange. We incorporated those colors into the bud vases along the table, on top of the cake, in vases on the food table, and even into the beautiful balloon garland.

(Flowers: Little Miss Party)

I can’t wait to share more of our favorite entertaining tips with you, and would love to hear what you’re most interested in learning about! Is it balloons? Tableware? Let me know by sending me an email! (

xx, Maggie
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August 16, 2017

A Dreamy First birthday

I’m sure you’ve heard of first birthday shoots before. The baby of honor sits around smashing a cake with perfectly styled props all around him or her. Well thats what we had the pleasure of working on just a few weeks ago, except we took it to a whole other level.

The backdrop for this posh shoot was in our client’s Brooklyn apartment. The clean white lines served as a blank canvas for us to work off of. The wooden dinning table, being the star of the show.

All shoots must have a theme, and for this we went with a rustic bubble bath. Doesn’t sound like it would work right? Well it did, oh so chicly. We blew up huge jumbo balloons to act as bubbles, these were floating all around the floor and were kept on hand to throw up in the air as pictures were taken of the guest of honor.

No bubble bath is complete without rubber duckies. Thats why for this we had to incorporate them, but with an edge. We found ducks of all different shapes and sizes and sprayed them a metallic silver and then glued glitter crowns to each for a festive look.

For a dramatic look on the table, Natalie created an all white floral runner down the center of the table, hanging off down to the floor.

To create dimension on the book shelves that we styled, we took old library books and covered them with pretty paper. Maggie hand wrote words, the birthday and name of the child on each. For extra texture, we threw in honeycombs and paper lanterns so that we would have a variety for our “bubbles”.

First birthdays mean big, fabulous cakes. We worked with our favorite Brooklyn bakery, Nine Cakes, who knows how to master the “naked” cake look. We’re sure you’ve seen the trend happening on Pinterest. Each table setting had its own person cake and we had larger ones styled around our runner.

The pictures turned out better than we could have ever imagined thanks to Dave Robbins Photography. These photos will definitely be keepsakes for this happy family for years to come.

xx, Seri
Party conversation
  1. Mary

    Absolutely love this theme and the soft neutral tones and white light. Its all so delicate and lovely. The bubbles are such a unique and charming touch. Love it all! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Princess & Tiaras

    This just looks so perfect! Surely the soft natural hues give it a whole new feel. It comes across as one of the most amazing birthday party theme for 1st birthday of babies.

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