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June 25th

No Brainer Dreamsicles by The Garden of Eatin’

I think by now you know that here @thegardenofeatin I’m obsessed with easy recipes which require a minimal amount of ingredients. Well folks, this frozen treat CANNOT be more simple to make. Haul yourself into the kitchen right now because you need to create these magical treats on a stick. Here’s what you need to do…..
Open your fridge. Look inside – most likely to the left in the back on the second shelf you should have a container of yogurt…preferably Greek. How did I live without Greek yogurt for my entire life? And what took the Greeks so long to mass produce this dairy product? These are questions I need answered but not right now. Now open your fruit drawer and see if you have any peaches (4 to be exact) ….if you only have 3 peaches and 1 nectarine you can improvise and substitute one for another or if you don’t have peaches you can use ANY form of berry that you have hanging around…no one will judge you.
Let’s grab that yogurt container and those fruities and get going because the only difficult part of making this recipe is waiting for these suckers to freeze.
12 oz of any flavour non-fat Greek yogurt (I used ZERO fat….which is even better for bikini season)
4 peaches or nectarines, peeled – remember, you can sub berries if you don’t have peaches/nectarines
(I hear you thinking out loud….why are there only two ingredients listed here…she must have forgotten to write something above OR while cutting and pasting she neglected to PASTE)
There are really and truly only 2 …YES 2 ingredients needed for this deliciousness. Wouldn’t life be grand if every recipe was 2 ingredients? Perhaps.
Fill the popsicle mold up halfway with the greek yogurt.
Freeze for at least 3 hours.
Purée the peaches or berries in blender and pour into the *ice pop mold.
Add the popsicle sticks.
*Here’s a little trick for you. I recently purchased a really cool ice pop maker by FOX RUN which comes with an aluminum top that has little slits for the sticks. I made a batch of blueberry ice pops last weekend and had a huge fight trying to release that top from the mold. So as to avoid throwing the whole thing against the wall this time around I simply stuck the sticks in and covered the mold with tin foil! Easy and no need to wrestle with the stupid thing.
Freeze for another 3 hours and…..

These are totally worth the 6 hour wait…. similar to flying from here to London to see the Crown Jewels.
xoxo Debi

xx, Seri

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June 3rd

Family Time, with a Perfect Picnic in New York City

People often ask what my favorite thing to do with my family in New York City is. I think the answer is getting boring already because it’s always: a picnic in the park.
New York is filled with the most beautiful parks all with history, scenery and grassy patches open for picnicking.
So now let me tell you about the most genius idea ever. Perfect Picnic NYC.

Since Father’s day is so soon I thought it would be fun to get some new photos with my family. When I called Raquel to schedule a mini father’s day shoot I told her I don’t want to meet in the usual spot – my apartment. As much as I love the photos that I have with us in my home, I wanted something different. Something fun and seasonal.
I gave the ladies at Perfect Picnic NYC a shout. They got back to me immediately and together we worked out the most fabulous picnic.
Really nice to have someone else do the thinking for once, just grab your basket and go!
Perfect Picnic NYC put together one of the most beautiful spreads I’ve ever seen on a blanket. There was no detail missed.
Imagine if you could show up in the park to this. C’mon seriously? It’s genius.


xx, Seri

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April 30th

The Biggest Baby Shower EVER by Big City Moms

Last night we had the opportunity to get involved with the Biggest Baby Shower EVER. What is that you are asking? Good question. The Biggest Baby Shower is the premier destination for all expectant and new parents!  The Biggest Baby Shower Ever is like no other baby shower you’ve ever seen. With over 100 of the best companies in the baby industry, it’s a one stop shop to test out, touch, feel and get educated on everything you can possibly need for your growing family.
Michelle and I were hired to add some of our specialized LMP details to the event. We worked with a color palette of white, gold, yellow and blue playing off the Biggest Baby Shower marketing. We put together gorgeous flower arrangements that screamed babies and spring time!
We also spray painted animals from Michaels and placed them on the bistro tables and bars.
One of the highlights of our set up was the balloons. We worked with the fabulous Tara from One Stylish Party on a couple of very special balloons that we designed together with her for this event. First was in the entrance when the guests arrived. They were greeted by a large stuffed giraffe who was holding a confetti filled balloon with neon yellow, gold and white tissue tassel hanging down.
Then there was the balloon made specially for LMP that we displayed on our table along with signage for all guests to enter a contest to win one of Tara’s balloons for themselves. How fab are these?!
As you know from our post yesterday we partnered with Sur La Table to run an incredible giveaway for this mother’s day. We are giving away a breakfast in bed LMP in a Box valued at $500 including a drip glass coffee pot, waffle pan, $50 gift card and so much more. Have you entered for this insanely amazing prize yet? What are you waiting for?! The contest ends Friday. See all the details to enter here.
We set up our table with the breakfast in bed products from Sur La Table and handed out postcards to create a buzz. And boy did we ever! New Yorkers LOVE Sur La Table! Everyone was so excited to enter our contest and to hear more about our launch of Little Miss Party in a Box!
These events are about collecting information, ideas and most importantly….SWAG! So we teamed up with our girl Clarelicious to serve personalized cookies at our table. She made over 200 cookies for us. Some with our logo and some with photos. She prints the images on edible paper and uses organic ingredients in her baked goods.
And what’s an LMP table without custom water bottles? We knew these would fly off the table since there were about 1000 pregnant gals walking around so our bottles were a pretty big hit.
Big hugs and thanks to all of our supporters and Big City Moms for bringing us on board!

xx, Seri

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April 29th

Breakfast in Bed with Sur La Table – Our Biggest Giveaway Yet

Sur La 4
We have been “cooking” up a ton over here at Little Miss Party.  As you may know by now, we’ve been working on a very exciting new piece of our business: LMP in a Box.
We were invited to style the Biggest Baby Shower for Big City Moms. It’s their tenth year hosting this fabulous event targeted to expectant mothers in New York City. There will be over 1500 guests there and we will be showcasing our party in a box this evening at the event.
Sur La 16
What’s even more exciting is that we teamed up with Sur La Table to run a contest for our biggest giveaway yet…a limited edition Mother’s day LMP in a Box. This prize is made of products that we chose from the Sur La Table stores to make for a mother’s day breakfast in bed and brunch with friends later. We are so excited we cannot contain ourselves!

I got a bit nostalgic while working on this project. Sur La Table is where I registered for my wedding. I have always had a great love for cooking and it’s one of the reasons the LMP business started.
Sur La 13
From essential basics to hard-to-find specialty tools and cookware, Sur La Table is sure to have something for every cook… even tools for the lil ones! With cooking classes in over 50 locations, Sur La Table operates the largest avocational cooking school nationwide.
Sur La 9
People often ask me how I spend time with my children and how I manage the business and having two little ones. Getting them involved in cooking is one of my favorite ways of spending time together. They love to try new foods and to get their hands dirty.
Sur La 11
They are also a great help with prepping for our events. From taking a trip to the flower market to helping us put custom labels on water bottles, they are our best assistants.
Sur La 17
This mother’s day we thought to ourselves, let’s put together the perfect gift box. A box that would make US, the ultimate party girls, happy. One thing that I truly miss about my pre-children days is my sleep. So what better way to treat mom then with breakfast in bed. Let the kids do the work that morning…serving you fresh coffee, homemade waffles, flowers and pretty cloth napkins. Turn on the news, open a magazine and exit children. Let Dad take over for a little while. Enjoy it!
Sur La 1a
And what about when Mother’s day ends? It’s only one day and then it’s back to reality. Being a mom! This LMP in a Box special for Mother’s day is not only great for a gift but everything is useful thereafter. The glass milk jars make for perfect bud vases, the napkins could be used as colorful placemats and the Acacia wood tray is great for serving mimosas.
Sur La 15
We are so looking forward to the Biggest Baby Shower event tonight. We will choose one lucky winner for this Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed LMP in a Box prize this Friday May 2nd.
Contest rules are as follows:
1.) Follow Little Miss Party on Instagram and Facebook.
2.) Follow Sur La Table on Instagram and Facebook.
3.) Leave a comment on our blog post below or on the Little Miss Party Breakfast in Bed Photo.
Sur La 2Sur La 2Good Luck!
Oh and here’s a handy little image you can print and leave on your hubby, children’s, partners pillow…hint hint wink wink nudge nude…!!

Sur La 2

xx, Seri

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April 17th

Dip, Drop, Dye it’s time for some Easter DIY

Doesn’t Easter just scream DIY? We think so! Especially when it comes to the kiddos. This year we tried egg dying two ways…here’s how…
With my lil man I went down the traditional road of dip, drop, dye. We went to Target and grabbed an Easter egg dying kit for $2.50 including a pastel color palette along with a bottle of vinegar.
Egg colors
The kit also included stickers, egg holders and glitter! We added glitter to each cup of dye to make for some fancy eggs. We also tied ribbon bands around a few of the eggs to make for some fun patterns when the eggs dried and we removed the bands.

xx, Seri

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