February 22, 2017

Chef Luke Makes crêpes with Crêpes à la Maison

My favorite part of social media is when people discover Little Miss Party and get in touch to share their excitement towards our business and all that we are doing here. We recently received an email from Jennifer at Crêpes à la Maison who caught wind of Chef Luke’s little cooking show here and asked if she could come in to give him a lesson in making crêpes. Obviously we screamed YES! Please! How fun?!

Jennifer, the cutest, sweetest French gal came over with all the gear required to teach a little one how to make her delicious crêpes. She set up balloons, a menu, toppings to decorate the crêpes and more. She even brought berets for her and Luke to wear while they cook! Could you die from these two?!

Although Luke and her had some language challenges between her heavy French accent and Luke’s extremely fast speaking lip, they got along incredibly well and Luke listened to everything Jennifer said and asked of him.

Jennifer made making crêpes SO easy! And boy were they ever delicious. Jennifer offers crêpes making classes and events. What a great idea for a kids party or even an adults brunch right?!

She even came with a special crêpes making diploma for Luke AND a book about France. TOO CUTE!!

Your mouth is probably watering now and I’m sure you’re dying to try these yourself. So here is Jennifer’s recipe for these delicious crêpes.

And even better…here’s a video of Chef Luke and Jennifer whipping up crêpes together.

Can’t get enough? Watch Chef Luke decorate his crêpes here!


Video shot by Abby Copleston
Video edited by Maggie Antalek
Get in touch with Jennifer at Crêpes à la Maison

xx, Seri
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February 8, 2017

Chef Luke makes Vanilla Heart Shaped Cupcakes

We are HUGE fans of Weelicious. She is a chef in California who develops the most fantastic kids recipes. Chef Luke wanted to make heart shaped vanilla cupcakes for his class in honor of Valentine’s Day. So we adapted the Mini Vanilla Cupcakes recipe from Weelicious to bake these off.

These cupcakes were super easy to make and the best part was we had most of the ingredients on hand.

Luke has a little crush on a girl named Izzy in his class…and couldn’t wait to get his heart shaped decorating on.

We pulled out silver, pink, red, and lip shaped sprinkles for Luke to decorate with. He also requested that we make the frosting pink, so we added a few drops of hot pink food coloring to the cream cheese frosting that we made.

Of course Luke topped the cupcakes with the glitter lips from the Little Miss Valentine’s Day party in a Box. Super cute…

And then it was time to EAT!

Personally, I think that the frosting tastes like Pepto Bismol with the pink food coloring. So my suggestion…leave it out! Meanwhile…Luke was so happy and proud of his pretty, festive cupcakes. Watch how it all went down here and for the original recipe click here.

Video by Maggie Antalek and Abby Copleston

xx, Seri
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February 6, 2017

DIY Valentine’s Day Banner

Hello fellow craft-lovers! What a perfect way to celebrate your LOVE for crafts with this awesome DIY Valentine’s Day Banner. If you’re throwing a v-day party, this is the perfect activity to get all the guests involved with. Not only does it look super cute, it’s an awesome way to leave something fun behind for your Valentine’s Day Party hostess.

The best part? It’s SO easy. In fact, YOU don’t even have to do much work, other than to set up the Valentine-making station. After that, you leave it up to the party-goers to leave their own note for the hostess. Here’s what you’ll need:

string/ribbon for hanging the banner
paper for the Valentines
coloring utensils and stickers for decoration
pink tassels from the $1 section at Target (optional!)
clothes pins- plain or FUN, like our pink & red arrow pins from Target

Step 1: Hang your string on a plain wall. Add any extra decor pieces, like the tassels, to make it pop! Then set up your Valentine-making table with all your craft supplies.

Step 2: Get making! Create cute Valentines using the various craft supplies, making sure to sign the back so your hostess knows who made it!

Step 3: Hang your Valentines, and enjoy the outcome of your full banner!

Thanks for tuning in! Be sure to post pictures of your own Valentine’s Banner and tag #DIYwithLMP so we can see how it turned out!

xx, Maggie
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January 30, 2017

Chef Luke makes Sushi

Well did we ever hit the jackpot with the new discovery we made…it’s called SUSHEZI and omg. You can make sushi in minutes with this contraption! WOW!

Little Chef Luke has never been so excited to do a cooking show. Sushi is his FAVORITE!

So get your hands on the Sushezi and join in the fun!  Here’s how we roll…

Step #1:
Lightly oil the Sushezi to prevent sticking
Wet your hands in a bowl of water while you’re at it.
That’s some sticky sushi rice.

Step #2:
Fill both sides of the Sushezi with rice, pressing it in as you go.

Step #3:
Use plunger to press rice and make a grove for fillings.

Step #4:
Fill with your favorite fish or veggies.

Step #5:
Insert the plunger, put cap on and turn to compact the rice.
Remove the cap and and here we go…

Step #6:
Set Nori sheet on surface, glossy side down, push plunger, laying the sushi roll along the edge of Nori sheet.

Step #7:
Roll it up as tight as you can, and wet the edge with water to seal.
Let site for 10 minutes (for seaweed to soften) then cut with a sharp, wet knife.


Video by: Abby Copleston and Maggie Antalek 

xx, Seri
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January 23, 2017

DIY xoxo Marquee Lights


Hello crafters!

It’s been forever since I last contributed a DIY for LMP! I was so excited to come back to NYC this week to spend time with the team prepping for Valentine’s Day. Luckily, Seri set me up with these amazing “xoxo” marquee lights by Heidi Swapp. The best part about these lights is that you can really do ANYTHING you’d like with them. They’re a blank canvas, so you can use any craft supplies to decorate them. To give you some ideas, I’ve listed my supplies and showed you how I decorated mine!


You will need:

-The X and O lights, which you can purchase at Michaels.
-Mod Podge, hot glue, double sided tape, or any other glue method you prefer
-glitter, assorted papers, and fun washi tape- we recommend choosing a color scheme and sticking with it! We went with gold & pink.

IMG_5871Step 1: Remove the bulb lights from the letters so they don’t get ruined. The bulbs pop off easily, so just set them aside until you’re finished decorating.


Step 2: Start decorating! We went with an easy medium first, which was sparkle tape.



Step 3: If you’re adding any fun papers, just glue it down, cut around the edges, and poke through the holes to make sure you can bring the lights back through.




Step 4: If you decide to add glitter, use mod podge or glue all along the inside of the letter and sprinkle the glitter over it.


Step 5: Once every piece is dry, add your lights back in and reassemble the letters.


Step 6: Put on display and ENJOY!


IMG_6019 IMG_6026  IMG_6038


xx, Maggie
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