November 26, 2015

First time at the Big Apple Circus


Last weekend we got our hands on some tickets to the Big Apple Circus at Lincoln Center. I was pretty psyched for this show because I hadn’t been to the circus since I was a little girl and I have never been to the circus in New York City.


When I told Adam and the kids that I got tickets they were just as thrilled. What a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon with your family, right?


We weren’t 100% sure what to expect aside from some jugglers and maybe a few animals. So we went in bright eyed and bushy tailed and couldn’t wait to discover all that they offer at the circus these days.


When we walked in, it was exactly how I remembered the circus looking and feeling as a child. Every iconic feature was in place: The large tent, the red and white boxes of popcorn, stimulating art hanging from the ceilings and the walls and ushers who were making sure everyone got to their seat in time for the show to start.






As we walked inside I was surprised to see a rather small stage which I happened to love because the show just turned into an intimate gathering that made you feel very special to be a part of.


We took our seats and out came the ringmaster with a big ol’ top hat and a stripe coat with a long tail. He fit the bill and kicked off the show with a bang.


My boys could not take their eyes off the center stage from start to finish. The look of excitement and curiosity in their eyes was making my heart melt into a puddle. So much so I could hardly focus on the show.




When your child experiences something as magical as the circus for the first time and you are there to witness it, that memory burns into your mind forever. These are the moments that make parenthood feel extra cool. These are the special times you will always remember in your life.



The show was full of incredible talent, dogs and horses. The kids loved every single second of it and so did Adam and I. Oh I didn’t even tell you the best part…..they served wine! I wasn’t expecting that but boy was I ever pleasantly surprised!




We talked about the show for the entire walk back to the car at the end of the night. What we liked best, who made us nervous and why, when will the circus be back and can we go?! For those of you who live in New York or who are planning to visit  sometime soon, you’ve gotta get yourself some tickets. You will absolutely love the show.

For more information and to buy tickets to the Big Apple Circus click here.

This post was sponsored by the Big Apple Circus but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

xx, Seri
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October 12, 2015

Mandy’s Meals & More


This weekend I took a trip home to Toronto to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with Mandy, Baby Dylan and the rest of our family.

Me and the boys spend our Toronto weekends at my Aunt Marissa’s house with our cousin Bailey.  Bailey has quite the chef’s hand and whipped up the most incredible dinner for us last night. Check out the menu with recipes included….


Roasted beet salad with burrata and mint
8 beets (Bailey used a variety of colors) , peeled
Handful of mint, chopped
Olive oil
Balsamic Vinegar
Maldon salt
-Wrap the beets in tinfoil and roast at 400 degrees for one hour.
-When you take the beets out of the oven, carefully unwrap the tinfoil, slice and douse with olive oil, balsamic and salt so the flavors could marry into the hot beets.
-Take the burrata to bring to room temperature while the beets cool.
-Once beets are cool add the mint and burrata on the platter with the beets.
-Drizzle the burrata with olive oil and top with the salt before serving.


Squash Potstickers
Recipe by Martha Stewart


Brie, Apple and Caramelized onion Crostini
1 baguette
olive oil
sea salt
brie cheese, sliced
1/2 sweet onion, halved and sliced thin
2 apples
-Drizzle olive into a frying pan on low heat. Saute the onions stirring frequently until browned and caramel in color. Remove from heat.
-Slice baguette and place on baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil and salt. Bake at 400 degrees for 10 minutes.
-While the bread is in the oven, thinly slice the apples.
-Assemble the crostini: layer with slice of brie cheese, 2 slices of apple and a small spoonful of caramelized onions. Serve hot.


BBQ Rotisserie Chicken
Bailey used a rotisserie on her BBQ to make these bad boys. They were out of this world.
The basic steps here are…
Whole chicken(s)
Rub with Montreal Chicken Spice
Place on the rotisserie on your BBQ and cook on low, covered for roughly 6 hours.
Baste with Diana’s BBQ sauce (a Canadian favorite – I smuggle it home every time I’m here) after the 2nd hour of cooking, every 30 minutes.
Bailey placed tinfoil pans under each chicken to catch the drippings and make for an easy clean up.



Unfortunately I don’t have a recipe for this pie because Mandy picked it up from a local bakery. But c’mon people…how gorgeous is this?! Makes me want to eat it…and throw it in someone’s face. Don’t ask me why.

Of course my Auntie Marissa who is super crafty came up with the adorable idea of having a “giving” tree. She cut out leaves from construction paper and we all filled out a note of what we were thankful for this year. Then we went around the table and read our leaf out loud before placing it on the tree.




xx, Seri
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Party conversation
  1. Marissa

    Can’t wait for the next visit. Miss you guys already!

  2. Marissa

    Can’t wait for the next visit! Miss you guys already!

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September 7, 2015

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s back to school we go!


It’s that time guys. We are hanging up our towels and drying our swim suits. It’s back to school we go.
Today we opened a box that had arrived recently…from our friends at General Mills. And boy was this ever the perfect way to get us in the mind set…
With goodies from a handful of power Moms, my boys made their way through that box quickly…




gavin hair

The box was full of back to school goodies. A mini chalkboard and chalk is the perfect way to write notes and a clip for the fridge is perfect for hanging our calendars.


The survival guide from Mommy Shorts was a huge hit with a brush, batteries and a bright yellow container for holding Cheerios.  These items were totally random to me until I read the Mommy Shorts Back to School survival notes that came with:
* Morning hack #2: Hand over the TV remote only after your kids are fully dressed; just make sure it’s charged! (AA batteries – ah ha.)
* Morning hack #7: Brush during breakfast so the kids sit still. (Gavin now brushes his hair every 30 minutes. His coif has never looked better.)
* Morning hack #9: Pack extra snacks for after school munchies.  (they were fighting over this tiny box like it was gold or something.)




My personal favorite among this group of items was the Family Calendar Cookbook by Kelsey Banfield. We are huge fans of Kelsey! We ran a giveaway for her first book the Naptime Chef which was a brilliant collection of recipes that she came up with while her kid was napping!

When the kids pulled her new cookbook out of this box I gave off a small squeal and immediately packed the book to take to the beach with us yesterday.  I was a total nerd sitting on the beach writing out my meal plans for the next few weeks…


Of course the box included our favorite cereals like Chex! I was instantly inspired to whip up a Chex party mix for our guests who were coming over yesterday afternoon, saving the rest of the mix to use for after school snacking for the kids.


Now we’re knee deep in laundry, labeling clothes, packing our school supplies and prepping lunches. It was a GREAT summer but we are ready for the air to cool down and to see all our friends back at school!

This blog was not sponsored just a big ol’ Thank you to our friends at General Mills.

xx, Seri
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Party conversation

    Love that hairdo!!!

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August 25, 2015

A Dinner date on the Beach for the little ones

We have a summer house that is located 2 miles from the beach. We have been to the beach about 4 times this summer. Yes, that’s all. Why you ask? Because it’s a schlep! There is so much to bring and lugging bags, chairs, umbrellas, etc. through the sand is NOT easy!
I’ve tried and tried to come up with ways to limit the amount of items that I bring…and for starters, I cut down on the number of people that I go to the beach with. Less people, less stuff. It works!
One of my favorite beach trips this summer was with these two little ones, Harlow + Luke. We decided to take them on a sunset run to the beach for a dinner date one night.
Sounds totally dicey doesn’t it? Well it was GREAT. Until “Sammy the Seagull” stole our food…but I’m not even going to get into that. Let me just tell you how we made this easy on ourselves…
Here’s a recap of how and what we packed:
To eat: Had to think like a toddler…what do they like to eat? I packed: chicken cutlets cut into strips so they could easily eat with their hands, corn on the cob and watermelon.
How to serve: Paper plates (shaped like watermelons of course).
What to drink: Water. Let’s not get crazy here. Mini bottles of water – easy does it.
How to pack it all: In a watermelon cooler bag. Obviously.
What are we sitting on? A plaid beach blanket of course. Who wants to lug the chairs? Not me!
The toys! I almost forgot the toys. I put the kids in charge of packing the toys that they wanted. They each grabbed a beach shovel, couple of pails and couldn’t have been more content digging up sand, looking for seashells and chasing the water.
The kids were relaxed and playing footsies. Not sure how I feel about that but I do know it was a perfect beach date.IMG_7952

xx, Seri
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August 18, 2015

A Creative Twist on Baby Wipes


Part of my duties at LMP is to be a catch-all for all of the new and creative ideas that are thrown around daily.  One recent idea that Seri came up with was to find a cute way to decorate a box of baby wipes.  While Seri was entertaining friends and family for Luke’s 3rd birthday party a few weeks ago, she noticed how everybody kept reaching for the baby wipes to clean up messes. Not only on their kids, but everywhere! She also noticed how plain the plastic container that the wipes came in  looked, and thought it would be fun to come up with a creative way to spruce up the box, so that it didn’t look so boring.

She asked me to take over and brainstorm a few ideas, and I landed on the perfect one – washi tape! Washi tape is literally take that comes in cool patterns and colors.  It is easy to apply, waterproof, and very easy to find.  Easy decision.

After a trip to Staples (where I was overwhelmed by the very abundant selection of washi tape) I decided to decorate our container of wipes with tape in varying tones of mint, with tape with some cool designs interspersed throughout.  After picking out the tape, the rest of the process was super easy.  Here’s how I did it!

What you will need:
4-6 rolls of different colored washi tape, depending on what you want your design to look like
plastic wipes dispenser


What to do:
Wing it! I decided to make a strip pattern, and basically just stuck the roll of washi tape around the container until the entire stripe was finished, and layered each strip twice so the branded sticker on the box didn’t show through.  You can pick any colors you want and get creative with your designs!


I love how the finished product turned out.


Later that afternoon, after Seri’s son Luke came home from camp, he and I decided that it would be fun to paint in the backyard.  After I got all of the painting supplies, you know what I grabbed next? The wipes!




They were perfect to have easily on hand to clean up all of the inevitable paint messes, and were way more fun to look at than a normal wipe dispenser.



xx, Abby
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