August 25, 2015

A Dinner date on the Beach for the little ones

We have a summer house that is located 2 miles from the beach. We have been to the beach about 4 times this summer. Yes, that’s all. Why you ask? Because it’s a schlep! There is so much to bring and lugging bags, chairs, umbrellas, etc. through the sand is NOT easy!
I’ve tried and tried to come up with ways to limit the amount of items that I bring…and for starters, I cut down on the number of people that I go to the beach with. Less people, less stuff. It works!
One of my favorite beach trips this summer was with these two little ones, Harlow + Luke. We decided to take them on a sunset run to the beach for a dinner date one night.
Sounds totally dicey doesn’t it? Well it was GREAT. Until “Sammy the Seagull” stole our food…but I’m not even going to get into that. Let me just tell you how we made this easy on ourselves…
Here’s a recap of how and what we packed:
To eat: Had to think like a toddler…what do they like to eat? I packed: chicken cutlets cut into strips so they could easily eat with their hands, corn on the cob and watermelon.
How to serve: Paper plates (shaped like watermelons of course).
What to drink: Water. Let’s not get crazy here. Mini bottles of water – easy does it.
How to pack it all: In a watermelon cooler bag. Obviously.
What are we sitting on? A plaid beach blanket of course. Who wants to lug the chairs? Not me!
The toys! I almost forgot the toys. I put the kids in charge of packing the toys that they wanted. They each grabbed a beach shovel, couple of pails and couldn’t have been more content digging up sand, looking for seashells and chasing the water.
The kids were relaxed and playing footsies. Not sure how I feel about that but I do know it was a perfect beach date.IMG_7952

xx, Seri
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August 18, 2015

A Creative Twist on Baby Wipes


Part of my duties at LMP is to be a catch-all for all of the new and creative ideas that are thrown around daily.  One recent idea that Seri came up with was to find a cute way to decorate a box of baby wipes.  While Seri was entertaining friends and family for Luke’s 3rd birthday party a few weeks ago, she noticed how everybody kept reaching for the baby wipes to clean up messes. Not only on their kids, but everywhere! She also noticed how plain the plastic container that the wipes came in  looked, and thought it would be fun to come up with a creative way to spruce up the box, so that it didn’t look so boring.

She asked me to take over and brainstorm a few ideas, and I landed on the perfect one – washi tape! Washi tape is literally take that comes in cool patterns and colors.  It is easy to apply, waterproof, and very easy to find.  Easy decision.

After a trip to Staples (where I was overwhelmed by the very abundant selection of washi tape) I decided to decorate our container of wipes with tape in varying tones of mint, with tape with some cool designs interspersed throughout.  After picking out the tape, the rest of the process was super easy.  Here’s how I did it!

What you will need:
4-6 rolls of different colored washi tape, depending on what you want your design to look like
plastic wipes dispenser


What to do:
Wing it! I decided to make a strip pattern, and basically just stuck the roll of washi tape around the container until the entire stripe was finished, and layered each strip twice so the branded sticker on the box didn’t show through.  You can pick any colors you want and get creative with your designs!


I love how the finished product turned out.


Later that afternoon, after Seri’s son Luke came home from camp, he and I decided that it would be fun to paint in the backyard.  After I got all of the painting supplies, you know what I grabbed next? The wipes!




They were perfect to have easily on hand to clean up all of the inevitable paint messes, and were way more fun to look at than a normal wipe dispenser.



xx, Abby
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July 29, 2015

Project Playdate: Bookworms

So the kids were having a playdate on a Sunday and wanted to do something a little different before hitting the pool. So we thought it would be nice to visit the library for some books…
We got to the library and it was closed. Ok woops! Should have checked that. So we window shopped our way over to the cutest little book store to browse through a few books instead.
These kids have such a wonderful love for books and reading. It is a quality a mother dreams of for her children.
We have a few people to thank for this (not including myself because I find it hard to find the time to read…) so I will give the credit where the credit is due here.
For starters, our nanny Kelsey. Kelsey was apart of our family during the kids earliest years and made it part of the daily routine to read to them. The library was a weekly activity and I love how the kids took responsibility over returning them on time – always asking – when are our books due?!
The other person in the kids lives who spend countless hours reading with them…their teachers of course. I have the utmost respect for teachers. They are a special type of person who have the most powerful influence over our children today.
The kids each left with a book and we headed back to Mazzy and Harlow’s place. And this is there the fun really began…BTS21
When the kids got back to Mazzy & Harlow’s house they ran away from us immediately to run wild and then sit down to read their books in private…hidden under the treehouse. How precious?!
Happy reading friends!

Back to school clothing by Gymboree
Photos by Reyna Sara Photography
More on this playdate over on the Mommy Shorts blog.

xx, Seri
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July 27, 2015

Mandy’s Meals & More

fruit ice10
fruit ice2
Ok, so no complaints here…but it’s been hot!
What better way to cool off then with a delicious summer cocktail/mocktail if your preggers like me.
fruit ice3
To accompany my summer drink I made fruit ice cubes with everything I had in my fridge.
fruit ice4
No need for any specific instructions as its only water and fruit. But the variations are endless!
fruit ice8
Lemon slices
Lime wedges
Orange juice
Lime/lemon juice
Coconut water
Pear nectar
Rose water
fruit ice12
Stay cool, and enjoy!
M xo
fruit ice9

xx, Seri
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May 26, 2015

Picnic Essentials

The warm weather is FINALLY here! And you know what that means? Picnics!
We go on a lot of picnics around here…because there’s kinda no better way to spend our lunch time then in a park with our little ones.
Last week there was a day where the air was perfectly warm and the farmer’s market was on in Union Square. A picnic was a no brainer. I set up the picnic as a playdate with my son’s friend and the boys had a ball.
I realized as I shopped through the market there are a few essentials that you need for a perfect picnic. Here’s a little cheat sheet for you to make your next picnic a little easier…
We found this super chill watermelon cooler from Shop
We chose the brightest color fruits and veggies from the farmer’s market for this picnic. Cherries make a huge mess but they are sooo good so we couldn’t refuse em.
The heirloom tomatoes were swarming the farm stands so we grabbed a few and made tomato, mozzarella and basil sammies along with some turkey and cheese.
And what’s a picnic without WATERMELON! The kids couldn’t get enough.
To drink I picked up a bottle of fresh lemonade and infused it with strawberries, lemon slices and mint.
I brought along some BBQ Chips to snack on and put a handful into paper bags for everyone to enjoy so there were no sticky fingers reaching in and out of a large bag. When we all left the park it was a perfect little take home snack for those who didn’t finish them all.
I’m just so excited to be eating outside on the grass again. And would love to know how YOU picnic?! Tell us! We want to know your picnic secrets….

xx, Seri
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