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October 21st

How to Host a TMNT Playdate

My kid is kinda obsessed with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles right now. So when my friend Ilana of Mommy Shorts passed along an invite to meet the Turtles at the Toys R Us in Times Square it was pretty hard to pass up.
This was not the type of meeting my son took lightly.
He dressed up in a collared shirt and hip sweatshirt to meet these guys. It was a ridiculously exciting day.
I took Gavin to an exclusive meet and greet with the celebrity voice talent and executive producers behind Nickelodeon’s hit animated series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Gav and I got to conduct an interview with this group and I’m not gonna lie…I really didn’t know what to ask them. I was dating back a good 20 or so years since I had seen the show myself. Yikes. 
SO…I asked you. Our readers! What would you ask the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles if you had the chance to meet them?And honestly guys? You gave us the best ideas! Here’s how the interview went…followed by how I was inspired to do conduct a TMNT Playdate for Gavin and his buddies…
LMP: Why do the turtles love pizza so much?
TMNT: Who doesn’t love pizza?
LMP: So what is their favorite pizza place in New York City?
TMNT: Johns…? Johns!! “Jonatello pizza” kidding.
Also, Lombardis.
However when in North Hollywood go to Little Tonies…not quite pizza pie but pizza cracker….good date night spot.  
Um…I want to go!
LMP: Gavin has recently gotten into Karate and may or may not think he’s some type of super hero.
TMNT: Was it the turtles that inspired you, Gavin to take up Karate?
Gavin: Um, no. Ninjago.

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October 16th

My Boys.

I tend to joke a lot about how much my kids drive me nuts. You know sometimes they do.
But no really, they are the ultimate precious beings in my life.
If I could bottle the love I have for these boys I would do so and slap a funky label on it. The bond that I share with these little people is unimaginable and more special to me then I ever would have dreamed.

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October 13th

The Apples of my Eye

The air is crisp, the leaves have turned and Thanksgiving falls one month early in Canada. It’s my favorite time of year to travel back home to visit my family. And what better way to spend a warm, sunny fall day then to go apple picking?
The orchards just outside Toronto are beautiful. Today we visited the Carl Laidlaw Orchard. It was perfection. A hayride, apples upon apples and a pit where you could roast your own hot dogs and corn. The kids had a ball.
The apples were crisp and perfect for snacking on while we were out today. We also brought bags of them home to make pie, crisps and stuffing with.
I have the fondest childhood memories of going apple picking and I hope to be creating the same precious memories for my kids. Talking about the colors of the leaves, recipes we can make together and fun we had with Aunt Mandy and my best friend and her kids…was a perfect way to spend a Sunday in Toronto.
Check back with us tomorrow…we’ll be giving you a glimpse into our Canadian Thanksgiving dinner with a sesame turkey and so much more.

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September 18th

Gavin’s Lunch Box

I’d like to interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post for a note from my muse: Luke.  Mom, you’re taking out the camera? Good. I’ll stand here and look cute. Need my arm behind my head?  Fine. Want a Cheese? Ok. Here you go.
gavin cooks4
Now let’s move on…to Gavin’s lunch.
So now that my older son is in Kindergarten I’ve talked to you about how I now have to send lunch daily. This is very new. Not something we ever had to do in preschool.
Back when I wrote this post I thought ok Gavin is a little Foodie who eats everything so lunch should never be an issue. Well guess what? I was dead WRONG!
gavin cooks5

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August 8th

Ready, Set, Weekend with the Garden of Eatin’

Want a fun way to spend a day with your kids outside during the Summer? Why not try Cool Whip painting? I mean really, is this not genius? You get your cool whip and tint it with *organic food coloring (I found some at Wholefoods), set up a table, hand them their paint brushes or let them use their tiny hands and off they go!  Remember the smell of finger paints? How about the mess?  I’m not gonna lie, this is pretty sloppy too but at least you will be able to hose them down if they end up wearing whipped cream. Weeeeeeee! This little DIY project is awesome because not only is it non-toxic, if your little ones happen to put anything and everything into their mouth well….hello….at least you can rest at ease that this won’t make them puke.
Here’s how you set this project up.
Cool Whip
Food Coloring
Wax or Finger Painting Paper
Muffin Tin
Dollar Store Paint brushes – or just fingers
(cheap and cheerful entertainment – right?)
Take the container of Cool Whip and divide it up in muffin tins. Drop in 2 drops of food coloring to each muffin well and mix. Now set up a box or table with the wax or finger painting paper.
Hopefully the kids will paint on the paper and not each other…..but the latter sounds COOLER doesn’t it?
How easy is this? I actually feel like doing this myself this weekend but I’m fearful of licking the paper off after the painting is done.
Stay tuned to see what I am whipping up next week.
xoxo Debi @thegardenofeatin

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