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April 17th

Dip, Drop, Dye it’s time for some Easter DIY

Doesn’t Easter just scream DIY? We think so! Especially when it comes to the kiddos. This year we tried egg dying two ways…here’s how…
With my lil man I went down the traditional road of dip, drop, dye. We went to Target and grabbed an Easter egg dying kit for $2.50 including a pastel color palette along with a bottle of vinegar.
Egg colors
The kit also included stickers, egg holders and glitter! We added glitter to each cup of dye to make for some fancy eggs. We also tied ribbon bands around a few of the eggs to make for some fun patterns when the eggs dried and we removed the bands.
collage pic
Of course Easter should be fun for the adults too. For the grown ups eggs we went GLAM. The easiest way to dress up your eggs is with some paint. Grab a bottle, shake it up and spray! It’s as easy as that and look at those golden eggs…pretty gorgeous right?!
We also tried a few of Rachael Ray’s ideas from her magazine that we love so much! She is always coming up with the best ideas. Check out these incredibly creative (and edible!!) tricks for your easter eggs here.
We followed her instructions on dying eggs with tea and juice to make for some really unique and pretty designs.
How are you dying your eggs this year? We want to hear your secrets and tips…tell us in our comment section, please!
Happy Dying…and a very happy Easter to all who will be celebrating this weekend from all of us here at LMP.
Happy Easter

xx, Seri

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March 10th

How to Host Friends with Families

Back in the day I would spend hours prepping my home for our guests arrival. Setting out water bottles next to the bed, clean towels, toothpaste and an extra toothbrush in the bathrooms…it all felt so cozy and relaxing. Well things have certainly changed. Our friends still come over…but now they have kids who are friends with our kids. Which can still be SO FUN. IF…you’re prepared. So now I prepare our home in a slightly different manner.
Here’s what I do to prep my zoo: Snacks. Kids (even picky eaters) love to snack. When these kids get together they don’t want to waste one second of playing…so they eat on the go instead of at the table for meals. I load up on fruit & veggies, veggie straws, mini water bottles and hummus. And here’s what I serve up throughout the day while they play: -Tangerines, Grilled Cheese and peppers
-Baby carrot sticks and hummus
-Plastic tumblers of mixed berries
-Veggie straws and water
Set up paper cups & straws, plastic forks and teach your kids to discard into the recycling bin when they are done. They are never too young to learn how to help out Mom around the house! We get most of our paper goods from Party City. We love their plastic cutlery and moustache straws for making meals fun!
FWF3 (more…)

xx, Seri

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March 3rd

Trix are for Kids and also for Party Stylists

It’s been pretty cereal heavy around here lately. First we crafted, packaged, stuffed and shipped. And now we’re eating our hearts out.
If you’ve been following along with us then you know by now that we have been busy working on an awesome project for General Mills. We had the opportunity to design a Little Miss Party in a Box for National Cereal Day which is officially this Friday March 7th. To kick off the week and this exciting collaboration we said we would give away one of our cereal party boxes to a lucky winner. To enter…you had to tell us what you love most about cereal. The answers were awesome! Here’s a few of our favorites…
I love how you can mix a ton of cereals together and they still all taste great!
- Jillian R.
Cereal for dinner is my favorite guilty pleasure!
- Rachel V.
I love the creative ways cereal is used these days–from doughnut toppings to cereal flavored milk!
- Hannah Baker
Without further ado…our winner of our cereal party in a box is: TIMMY G.!! Please contact us at to claim your prize! CONGRATS!

Today we’re not going to go on about how much we love cereal but instead we’re going to tell you how we would style cereal…to make a fabulous party!
First off…you kinda gotta think like a kid. Bright and colorful cereal always makes me think of my childhood!
Cereal can be eaten for any meal of the day. But if we’re going in chronological order here…we begin with breakfast.
To set our table for a cereal themed brunch we began with a chalkboard runner from Live Laugh Create where you can write your guest names, the cereals you’re serving or anything you fancy, really.
We used mini milk jugs as vases which looked super cute and very theme appropriate! And at each place setting we cut a cereal box for the place mat set up with a bright colored bowl & striped napkin from Party City, mini box of cereal, and the most adorable polka dot spoon and #cerealday stamped coffee cups from Tulle & Twig.
Trix are for kids. And also for Party Stylists! Fill a hurricane, drop a skinny glass inside filled with water, add some pretty tulips and boom. GORGEOUS decoration for a festive brunch.
We also decorated jars with bright colored ribbon for this party in a box and have a million different suggestions for how to use em…
* Adult sippy cups
* Cups for the kids
* Use for a parfait
* Fill with sugar for the coffee
The list can go on…
We used ours to fill with beverages with a personalized #cerealday stripey straw in each from Angie Hearts Jared.

xx, Seri

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February 13th

You know you have a parent from Canada when…

The freezing cold NYC weather has got me really missing home. Makes me think of those cold Canadian winters I brrr’ed through every year.
Last weekend we went out to spend time with family in Central New Jersey. The boys had a blast in the snow. I grew up playing in the snow…while my boys don’t have this same experience since we live in the city.
I think it became extremely clear that their Mom was Canadian on this weekend Getaway. So through the eyes of my lil guys…here are 5 reasons you know you have a parent from Canada…


canada2 copy

canada4 copy


Winter Shminter, we’re cold! Bring on the SUN!

xx, Seri

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January 31st

DIY with this Lil Guy

We’re kind of excited with how our record player cake stands turned out for the Rock Star themed first birthday that we did last week. So we thought we’d share. Hope you like this little DIY tutorial with my lil guy.
Record DIY7
Record DIY
Record DIY3
Record DIY5
Record DIY8
Record DIY6
All photos taken above by LMP and our girl Raquel.

xx, Seri

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