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September 18th

Gavin’s Lunch Box

I’d like to interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post for a note from my muse: Luke.  Mom, you’re taking out the camera? Good. I’ll stand here and look cute. Need my arm behind my head?  Fine. Want a Cheese? Ok. Here you go.
gavin cooks4
Now let’s move on…to Gavin’s lunch.
So now that my older son is in Kindergarten I’ve talked to you about how I now have to send lunch daily. This is very new. Not something we ever had to do in preschool.
Back when I wrote this post I thought ok Gavin is a little Foodie who eats everything so lunch should never be an issue. Well guess what? I was dead WRONG!
gavin cooks5

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August 8th

Ready, Set, Weekend with the Garden of Eatin’

Want a fun way to spend a day with your kids outside during the Summer? Why not try Cool Whip painting? I mean really, is this not genius? You get your cool whip and tint it with *organic food coloring (I found some at Wholefoods), set up a table, hand them their paint brushes or let them use their tiny hands and off they go!  Remember the smell of finger paints? How about the mess?  I’m not gonna lie, this is pretty sloppy too but at least you will be able to hose them down if they end up wearing whipped cream. Weeeeeeee! This little DIY project is awesome because not only is it non-toxic, if your little ones happen to put anything and everything into their mouth well….hello….at least you can rest at ease that this won’t make them puke.
Here’s how you set this project up.
Cool Whip
Food Coloring
Wax or Finger Painting Paper
Muffin Tin
Dollar Store Paint brushes – or just fingers
(cheap and cheerful entertainment – right?)
Take the container of Cool Whip and divide it up in muffin tins. Drop in 2 drops of food coloring to each muffin well and mix. Now set up a box or table with the wax or finger painting paper.
Hopefully the kids will paint on the paper and not each other…..but the latter sounds COOLER doesn’t it?
How easy is this? I actually feel like doing this myself this weekend but I’m fearful of licking the paper off after the painting is done.
Stay tuned to see what I am whipping up next week.
xoxo Debi @thegardenofeatin

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July 31st

Crafting with Trix

It’s summer, arguably our favorite season here at LMP.  The long days are filled with gorgeous weather, splashing in the pool and trips to the beach or park.  But what’s a mom to do when a day of rain sneaks in…OR you get the dreaded “Mommy, I’m bored!”  Instead of turning to the TV, we love to break out the crafts! We love to keep it simple using everyday items such as yarn, buttons, pipe cleaners and even a box of your favorite cereal.   We had a blast using the always colorful, and now fruitier tasting Trix!! Tap into your kids creative side with these easy projects that we assembled with items we found around our house!
How cute are these butterflies?  And they are easier than you think. Start by gathering these items: DIY9
Next, fill the plastic bag with Trix and twist the pipe cleaner in the middle, creating to “sides” of Trix in the bag.
Help your little one curl the pipe cleaner to create the antennae and clip on the clothespin to create it’s body.

Add some googly eyes and you’re all done!! How easy was that??DIY13
We love to hang bunting or banners at all of our events.  And our Trix Brunch was no exception!  Check out how the kiddies got involved in helping us to create this gorgeous decor.
Seri’s son, Gavin just loves to count. So his job was to separate out a whole box of Trix by color, into separate bowls.  It was the perfect task for him and he had a ball doing it!
Next, we helped him to stick red glitter letters onto the front of large plastic bags.DIY4
Each bag was then filled with a color cereal and pinned to a piece of twine.  Can you guess what we are spelling?DIY5

Easy, colorful and gorgeous !! Thanks Gavin, now our Trix party is complete!DIY7
We had an absolute ball using Trix for our DIY crafts. And the fun doesn’t stop here. Now you can participate at home with your kids! Click here to download a free PDF of Butterfly Craft or here to download the Cereal Bunting.  We would love to see your finished products!! Tag @littlemissparty on Instagram or Facebook.


All photos by Dave Robbins Photography

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June 25th

No Brainer Dreamsicles by The Garden of Eatin’

I think by now you know that here @thegardenofeatin I’m obsessed with easy recipes which require a minimal amount of ingredients. Well folks, this frozen treat CANNOT be more simple to make. Haul yourself into the kitchen right now because you need to create these magical treats on a stick. Here’s what you need to do…..
Open your fridge. Look inside – most likely to the left in the back on the second shelf you should have a container of yogurt…preferably Greek. How did I live without Greek yogurt for my entire life? And what took the Greeks so long to mass produce this dairy product? These are questions I need answered but not right now. Now open your fruit drawer and see if you have any peaches (4 to be exact) ….if you only have 3 peaches and 1 nectarine you can improvise and substitute one for another or if you don’t have peaches you can use ANY form of berry that you have hanging around…no one will judge you.
Let’s grab that yogurt container and those fruities and get going because the only difficult part of making this recipe is waiting for these suckers to freeze.
12 oz of any flavour non-fat Greek yogurt (I used ZERO fat….which is even better for bikini season)
4 peaches or nectarines, peeled – remember, you can sub berries if you don’t have peaches/nectarines
(I hear you thinking out loud….why are there only two ingredients listed here…she must have forgotten to write something above OR while cutting and pasting she neglected to PASTE)
There are really and truly only 2 …YES 2 ingredients needed for this deliciousness. Wouldn’t life be grand if every recipe was 2 ingredients? Perhaps.
Fill the popsicle mold up halfway with the greek yogurt.
Freeze for at least 3 hours.
Purée the peaches or berries in blender and pour into the *ice pop mold.
Add the popsicle sticks.
*Here’s a little trick for you. I recently purchased a really cool ice pop maker by FOX RUN which comes with an aluminum top that has little slits for the sticks. I made a batch of blueberry ice pops last weekend and had a huge fight trying to release that top from the mold. So as to avoid throwing the whole thing against the wall this time around I simply stuck the sticks in and covered the mold with tin foil! Easy and no need to wrestle with the stupid thing.
Freeze for another 3 hours and…..

These are totally worth the 6 hour wait…. similar to flying from here to London to see the Crown Jewels.
xoxo Debi

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June 3rd

Family Time, with a Perfect Picnic in New York City

People often ask what my favorite thing to do with my family in New York City is. I think the answer is getting boring already because it’s always: a picnic in the park.
New York is filled with the most beautiful parks all with history, scenery and grassy patches open for picnicking.
So now let me tell you about the most genius idea ever. Perfect Picnic NYC.

Since Father’s day is so soon I thought it would be fun to get some new photos with my family. When I called Raquel to schedule a mini father’s day shoot I told her I don’t want to meet in the usual spot – my apartment. As much as I love the photos that I have with us in my home, I wanted something different. Something fun and seasonal.
I gave the ladies at Perfect Picnic NYC a shout. They got back to me immediately and together we worked out the most fabulous picnic.
Really nice to have someone else do the thinking for once, just grab your basket and go!
Perfect Picnic NYC put together one of the most beautiful spreads I’ve ever seen on a blanket. There was no detail missed.
Imagine if you could show up in the park to this. C’mon seriously? It’s genius.


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