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November 18th

These guys…

Every September our dear friends host a big BBQ at their summer house. Food, swimming and a lot of running around is what takes place and everyone has a blast.
Well each year this BBQ falls on the first weekend following the summer which for some reason is the busiest weekend of our year.
I haven’t attended one of their BBQ’s in the last 4 years.
I thought this year was gonna be different. The invite came out and my calendar was clear!! I was so excited to join in on the fun.
The forecast came. Rain and wet. They moved the BBQ out to Sunday…the day I did book for an event. What a bummer.
I moved on and kind of forgot about it all until last week when an email showed up in my inbox full of the most beautiful photos from that day.
Viktoria, the host and my friend, had hired a photographer, Marina Vykhodtseva who captured the most precious shots of my family.
I’m sure you can imagine just how thrilled I was when I saw these beautiful photos which I will now always treasure.
With thanksgiving coming up next week, these pictures remind me just how lucky I am to have such a special family who I love with all my heart. These guys are my everything.

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June 26th

A birthday celebration for Well Rounded NY

Many of you have met our friends Jessica and Kaity from Well Rounded NY;  we helped them with their launch party last summer and also featured the two talented ladies on last weeks Little Miss Chatty.  Well, a year has passed and it was time to say Happy First Birthday!!
We were thrilled to find out the event was to be held on the rooftop of the Bloom Baby headquarters. The space was amazing but very large. Using a “summer in the city” theme, Seri and I knew we needed some really impactful rentals to stand out in such a huge space, without breaking the bank.  It just so happened that the week we were coming up with ideas for the event we had a meeting with Please B Seated where we found some pretty stand-out rentals which were perfect for this outdoor event.
These hedges made for the perfect photo backdrop. We strung colorful lights on them and turned it into a polaroid station where guests could take pictures with funky sunglasses and the giant polaroid props we made.  Guests used mini clothes pins to clip up their pictures for an extra special touch.
We loved how the black and white beach balls made such an amazing background and filled up this blow up pools.  We set out some colorful beach chairs and hoola hoops and we were all set.
Check out these huge Bloom letters the guys brought up from their showroom? Of course Seri and I had to pose in them!
For the bar we also used a hedge, which looked absolutely awesome. An oversized mason jar dispenser was the perfect vase for the centerpiece of our bar. Pom Wonderful  helped to sponsor some drinks so we created a very tasty cocktail and served it out of this gorgeous Pottery Barn beverage dispenser. Guests were also sipping on coronas and water to keep cool.
What better food for a summer party in NYC than hot dogs and soft pretzels. The Bark Hot Dogs and Cafe Katja pretzels were stacked in lucite trays and accompanied by a fully loaded toppings bar. Cucumber relish? Yes Please! We used mini terra-cotta pots that we sprayed pink to stick in food place cards.
What was for dessert you ask? Baked by Melissa cupcakes of course. Those little treats are seriously addicting. They looked amazing stacked into a galvanized tiered tray and were eaten up in no time!
Another sweet treat to cool guests off were popsicles which were passed on white melamine trays lined with lemon slices. Gorgeous and delicious!
Guests were given this fabulous tote sponsored by Babyganics - it was filled with some really useful goodies for moms. I was especially happy about the sunscreen because I always seem to lose mine in my diaper bag!
We love these gals and were thrilled they asked us to be a part of another milestone event.  Best of luck in your second year Well Rounded NY. Cheers and see you next year!

All gorgeous photos courtesy of Lara Levine Photography

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June 25th

No Brainer Dreamsicles by The Garden of Eatin’

I think by now you know that here @thegardenofeatin I’m obsessed with easy recipes which require a minimal amount of ingredients. Well folks, this frozen treat CANNOT be more simple to make. Haul yourself into the kitchen right now because you need to create these magical treats on a stick. Here’s what you need to do…..
Open your fridge. Look inside – most likely to the left in the back on the second shelf you should have a container of yogurt…preferably Greek. How did I live without Greek yogurt for my entire life? And what took the Greeks so long to mass produce this dairy product? These are questions I need answered but not right now. Now open your fruit drawer and see if you have any peaches (4 to be exact) ….if you only have 3 peaches and 1 nectarine you can improvise and substitute one for another or if you don’t have peaches you can use ANY form of berry that you have hanging around…no one will judge you.
Let’s grab that yogurt container and those fruities and get going because the only difficult part of making this recipe is waiting for these suckers to freeze.
12 oz of any flavour non-fat Greek yogurt (I used ZERO fat….which is even better for bikini season)
4 peaches or nectarines, peeled – remember, you can sub berries if you don’t have peaches/nectarines
(I hear you thinking out loud….why are there only two ingredients listed here…she must have forgotten to write something above OR while cutting and pasting she neglected to PASTE)
There are really and truly only 2 …YES 2 ingredients needed for this deliciousness. Wouldn’t life be grand if every recipe was 2 ingredients? Perhaps.
Fill the popsicle mold up halfway with the greek yogurt.
Freeze for at least 3 hours.
Purée the peaches or berries in blender and pour into the *ice pop mold.
Add the popsicle sticks.
*Here’s a little trick for you. I recently purchased a really cool ice pop maker by FOX RUN which comes with an aluminum top that has little slits for the sticks. I made a batch of blueberry ice pops last weekend and had a huge fight trying to release that top from the mold. So as to avoid throwing the whole thing against the wall this time around I simply stuck the sticks in and covered the mold with tin foil! Easy and no need to wrestle with the stupid thing.
Freeze for another 3 hours and…..

These are totally worth the 6 hour wait…. similar to flying from here to London to see the Crown Jewels.
xoxo Debi

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June 3rd

Family Time, with a Perfect Picnic in New York City

People often ask what my favorite thing to do with my family in New York City is. I think the answer is getting boring already because it’s always: a picnic in the park.
New York is filled with the most beautiful parks all with history, scenery and grassy patches open for picnicking.
So now let me tell you about the most genius idea ever. Perfect Picnic NYC.

Since Father’s day is so soon I thought it would be fun to get some new photos with my family. When I called Raquel to schedule a mini father’s day shoot I told her I don’t want to meet in the usual spot – my apartment. As much as I love the photos that I have with us in my home, I wanted something different. Something fun and seasonal.
I gave the ladies at Perfect Picnic NYC a shout. They got back to me immediately and together we worked out the most fabulous picnic.
Really nice to have someone else do the thinking for once, just grab your basket and go!
Perfect Picnic NYC put together one of the most beautiful spreads I’ve ever seen on a blanket. There was no detail missed.
Imagine if you could show up in the park to this. C’mon seriously? It’s genius.


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May 22nd

These are a few of my favorite things

It’s been warm this week. Thank goodness! I’ve never been so excited to feel the spring air…
I gathered up a few items to showcase what I’m loving this season…flats, jewels & a dish (a perfect gift from the sweet Hannah Baker!), shorts & sparkly hangers plus my new favorite bag. See below for all of the shopping details.

Blog Image

Metallic Flats // J.Crew

Jewel Necklace // Anthropologie

Neon Bag // State of Escape

Flowered Shorts // J.Crew

Sequin Clothing Hanger // Pearls & Pastries

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