June 7, 2016

Strawberry Rosé Wine Slushies


I’m back in NYC for another amazing week with LMP. Besides doing some great DIYs, I’m taking over this week’s cocktail while Abby is having a blast at Bonnaroo. With the current heat wave in New York, we decided on something cool and refreshing. Plus, this cocktail will pair perfectly with some grilled salmon on the patio for dinner.


All you need is your favorite rosé, frozen strawberries, ice, fresh strawberries and lemons (for garnish).


We recommend first blending your strawberries with the rosé. They will sink to the bottom no matter what.


Fill your glass about halfway with the blended strawberries.


Next, rinse your blender and mix up the extra rosé with ice cubes, before combining with the blended strawberries.


Add your slices of lemons and strawberries for garnish…


And you are ready to serve! And the drink looks even cuter with Seri wearing The Coachella Handchain by Studdly ;)

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Screenshot 2016-06-07 16.08.16 copy

xx, Maggie
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May 25, 2016

Memorial Day Cooking with Luke



With the long weekend coming up we’re super excited to share some really fantastic recipes with you from Kulinary Kids NYC. All can be found currently on our SNAPCHAT @ LMPNYC . Daniela, founder and owner of this NYC based company, specializes in cooking classes for kids. She came in to cook with Luke yesterday and they made recipes for the patriotic holiday.



Daniela got Luke suited up with his apron and they got to work. First up – they made strawberry + blueberry muffins topped with whip cream.  mmmmmmm mmmmmmm!


As they worked they giggled, told secrets and named the cooking tools. My personal fave was Wendy the Whisk.



Luke loves muffins and more so loves whip cream. Daniela taught Luke how to make whip cream by shaking all of the ingredients in a jar. He was bouncing around like a bean. It was adorable and that whip cream was amazing!!


Once the muffins went into the oven they got to work on making corn dog muffins. The secret to these? Hiding hot dogs in the corn muffin batter. So smart and so delicious!  The kids ate every last one for dinner!


Now of course I took all the leftovers and styled them up for the holiday.



Happy Memorial Day Y’all! We hope you have a wonderful and safe long weekend.


xx, Seri
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April 22, 2016

A Simply Green Earth Day Party with Maggie Antalek


Happy Earth Day, everyone! At LMP we feel strongly about respecting Mother Earth on a daily basis. We decided to throw together a mini Earth Day party to show you our best tips and tricks on how to be a green hostess.


First, we made our way to the Union Square Green Market for some supplies. We always try to shop local first, if the budget allows. It’s reassuring to know exactly where your ingredients are sourced from, plus we love to support local businesses. The Market in Union Square also has its own community compost! We absolutely love seeing the neighborhood come together to to protect our planet.


We weaved and bobbed to find our favorite flowers to decorate the table. I kept getting distracted by all the PRETTY COLORS. But we had a plan for flowers to match our GREEN theme.


We landed on some beautiful white hydrangeas, tulips, peonies, and ranunculus to go with the green and blue decor, taken directly from a Little Miss Party in a Box. To make full use of our flowers, we always use them for other projects! This week, we were able to make a frozen ice bucket and beautiful table centerpiece using the flowers from our Earth Day party – I’ll be sharing the DIY for that one, soon!


Our tulips were especially amazing, because once the party was over we didn’t have to waste them by throwing them in the garbage. We were able to plant them in the garden! Those BULBS! Just fantastic.


Next, we searched around for some green tomatoes to fit the theme of our table! We also found some mozzarella and a beautiful basil plant. ALL of these ingredients were sourced from the market. With a little extra searching, you can always find a way to shop from local farms.


Also, a freshly baked baguette for a little crunch with our caprese! Because, BREAD. So yeah, it was inevitable.


Our next step was finding the perfect gift to send home with our guests. We found some beautiful mini succulents, and simply couldn’t resist after seeing this sign! Why give a party favor that your guest will just throw away anyway? Give GREEN! Succulents are the perfect plant for busy people, but still add the perfect amount of green to any space.


After shopping, we set up our ingredients.


After that, the prep was easy! We sliced the tomatoes, cheese, and bread.


We set the table and distributed food.


We drizzled balsamic, of course!


And suddenly, we had a beyond perfect green party for Earth Day. So remember, shop local, use your community compost, re-use all your decorative flowers, and give green-friendly party favors! Don’t be wasteful and enjoy Planet Earth!





xx, Seri
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March 30, 2016

Is Spring here to stay? **GIVEAWAY**

As far as weather is concerned, I really cannot complain. Winter on the East Coast was pretty tame this year. Spending Christmas Eve outdoors wearing a short sleeved shirt was definitely surreal. And glorious. But we did also have many months of bone chilling temperatures and sad grey skies. Like all East Coasters, I am ready for Spring! Well, Summer really…but I will take Spring in the meantime. We’ve been getting a sneak peak these past few weeks; Blue Skies, gorgeous daffodil blooms and smiles on the faces around me. Nicer weather must be coming soon. Not only are people just happier this time of year, but gorgeous weather means outdoor dining. My FAVORITE. Nothing is better than throwing something on the grill and eating al fresco. And with our new Let’s Go Outside Party in a Box, you can dine al fresco in style.

Check out how we used this box to create the Ultimate Sammies and Sorbet party!
These bright colors are sure to brighten up any gathering. In this Limited Edition Collection, you will find Large orange chevron plates, Yellow rugby striped napkins, matching rugby striped cups, orange striped straws and bright yellow cutlery. We rolled our napkin around our cutlery using a few pieces of twine – a simple and easy trick!
Want to take your sandwiches up a notch and impress your kids? Take out your favorite cookie cutter and your otherwise boring sammies will come to life!
DSC_0259 DSC_0252
Nothing says SUMMER like sorbet and ice cream. Which is why we’ve included these adorable ice cream bowls, which come with wooden spoons. Perfect for two scoops of your favorite flavor. Or fruit for those working on their bikini bodies :)
DSC_0241 DSC_0239 DSC_0236 DSC_0235
Do you love these gold glittery pineapple toppers? You do? GOOD, they come in the box too!
This warm weather always gets me thirsty…so I will keep my colorful plastic pitcher filled to the brim with something delicious. Perhaps some rosemary infused lemonade? This pitcher has a center compartment that is removed, filled with water and frozen before the party, so your drinks will stay cool in the hot sun.
DSC_0209 DSC_0263
Did you happen to catch the pineapple centerpiece we made? If you didn’t…here it is again. Would you believe us if we told you this masterpiece was made in 5 minutes? That’s right. Hollow out a pineapple, put in a small glass of water, and place stems into the water to cover the glass. That’s IT.  Are you ready for summer yet?
DSC_0268 DSC_0244 DSC_0243
Now that you’ve seen what we’ve done with this adorable Party in a Box, we want to see what YOU can come up with. We are hosting a giveaway on INSTAGRAM this afternoon. Three winners will receive a Let’s Go Outside Party Box of their own to style. The one who comes up with the most gorgeous tablescape will be our Grand Prize Winner and will receive a $100 Visa Cash Card…perfect for your next PARTY!! GOOD LUCK!

LMP Rules and Regulations for the Let’s Go Outside Party in a Box Challenge:
Entries can be made on the Little Miss Party Instagram Account.  To enter you must:
1. Follow @littlemissparty on Instagram
2. Leave a comment below telling us why you love to entertain and tag the friends you’d invite to your party.

The 3 winners of the Let’s Go Outside Party Box will be selected in a random drawing of the entries properly submitted during the giveaway period. Winner will be announced on Saturday April 2, 2016. 

Once selected, the winners have until April 4th, 2016 at 6 PM to send LMP their shipping information to abby@littlemisspartyplanner.com in order to receive their Party in a Box.

The winners must set up their Party in a Box and post 1 photo of their completed tablescape to Instagram by 6 pm on April 15th, 2016, tagging @littlemissparty and including the hashtag #LMPinaBox, for a chance to win a Grand Prize of a $100 Gift Card. 

Photos that have been properly submitted by April 15, 2016 will be judged by Little Miss Party plus two surprise judges who will be announced on March 31st and the Grand Prize Winner will be announced on the @littlemissparty Instagram by 6 pm on April 18, 2016.  Grand Prize Winner will receive a $100 Visa Cash Card. 

Contest is open to US Residents only.

xx, Michelle
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August 25, 2015

A Dinner date on the Beach for the little ones

We have a summer house that is located 2 miles from the beach. We have been to the beach about 4 times this summer. Yes, that’s all. Why you ask? Because it’s a schlep! There is so much to bring and lugging bags, chairs, umbrellas, etc. through the sand is NOT easy!
I’ve tried and tried to come up with ways to limit the amount of items that I bring…and for starters, I cut down on the number of people that I go to the beach with. Less people, less stuff. It works!
One of my favorite beach trips this summer was with these two little ones, Harlow + Luke. We decided to take them on a sunset run to the beach for a dinner date one night.
Sounds totally dicey doesn’t it? Well it was GREAT. Until “Sammy the Seagull” stole our food…but I’m not even going to get into that. Let me just tell you how we made this easy on ourselves…
Here’s a recap of how and what we packed:
To eat: Had to think like a toddler…what do they like to eat? I packed: chicken cutlets cut into strips so they could easily eat with their hands, corn on the cob and watermelon.
How to serve: Paper plates (shaped like watermelons of course).
What to drink: Water. Let’s not get crazy here. Mini bottles of water – easy does it.
How to pack it all: In a watermelon cooler bag. Obviously.
What are we sitting on? A plaid beach blanket of course. Who wants to lug the chairs? Not me!
The toys! I almost forgot the toys. I put the kids in charge of packing the toys that they wanted. They each grabbed a beach shovel, couple of pails and couldn’t have been more content digging up sand, looking for seashells and chasing the water.
The kids were relaxed and playing footsies. Not sure how I feel about that but I do know it was a perfect beach date.IMG_7952

xx, Seri
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