March 20, 2017

Flower Power

Today is about using fresh flowers to make pretty crowns just in time for spring…which is TODAY! Happy Spring everyone.

We recently brought a new team member on board, the most fantastic intern, Natalie who has been a great asset to our team. Her greatest skill in the LMP Office: flower arranging. Could she fit in any better?

She lead a flower crown making workshop for us and we of course turned it into a party. What a fun way to spend a morning with friends, huh?! We served a simple breakfast with fresh pastries, croissants and a enormous sweet brioche that we found at our local bakery. Abby brewed a pot of coffee and of course we toasted with pink bubbly.

If you plan to host a flower crown making party, ask your friends to dress for the season and no doubt they will pull out some pretty fabulous pops of color…

Here’s how you can make these flowers crowns with a few materials (easily found on Amazon) and a lotta flowers (if you live in warm climate then check your backyard first!).

Floral Wire
Floral tape
Good scissors
Leafy florals (ie. Italian ruscus, babies breath, spray roses)

1. Take your floral wire and fit it around your head so that you know how long it needs to be.

2. Shape the floral wire into a circle and then twist the end in order to keep it in place at the length you need. (For added security, make the length even longer and wrap the extra around the crown to make it thicker).

3. Take your floral tape and begin wrapping it around the entire crown (Make sure you are gently pulling the tape as your wrap, so that the tape becomes sticky).

4. Begin making small bouquets with your flowers and greenery. Then wrap the ends with the floral tape.

5. Take a long piece of greenery and twist it around the crown, then secure with floral tape.

6. Add in the small bouquets and secure with floral tape, add or subtract to your liking.

7. Take some pictures and have fun!

Photos by Gillian Stippa

xx, Seri
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December 12, 2016

Ho Ho Holiday Cards


Every year December feels like it creeps up on me super fast. My biggest responsibility at the end of the year is the holiday cards. Ever since I moved to New York 17 years ago, sending mail to my family has been a major priority for me. I print them photos of the kids and pop them in the mail, we always write thank you notes when they send gifts and most importantly is our holiday card.


The holiday card doesn’t just go to my family though, we send to everyone in my husbands office and then of course we print cards from the LMP team to send to all of our clients and vendors. Needless to say…I usually start this timely process as early as possible.


The fun part about sending these cards…starts with the photos. Every year it’s my reminder to take professional family photos. I cherish these photos with all my heart.


I asked Sasithon Photography (Sas) to take our photos this year and thought it would be most enjoyable if we were doing something we love…as a family. So I suggested we grab some dim sum and take a few photos around the area before we eat. It was perfection. We ate, we laughed and Sas got some of the most fabulous photos of us to date.



For our company photo this year, we tested out a new service called Covred. These guys are like the “uber” of photography sending a photographer over to shoot your family or company photos on demand. We tossed a lot of confetti and popped a whole lot of bubbly for this shoot staying on point with the LMP brand.


Once I narrowed down the photos and chose my favorites, I log onto our account with Minted and start leafing through all of the amazing designs. They have the most fantastic selection of cards for the holidays making it nearly impossible to choose because I want every single one, but incredibly easy to navigate once you find the perfect design!


I go the extra steps to make my life easier and choose the option that Minted offers to have all of my envelopes pre-addressed so that when I receive my order I can write a little note on the card, pop it in the envelope and drop it in the mail!



This year I chose cards that reflect our photos with complimentary colors and style. I think I  may have to frame each one because I love them so much!


Now….off to gift wrapping!

xx, Seri
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December 1, 2016

LMP Gift Guide Twenty Sixteen


We absolutely love gift giving here at LMP. Nothing puts a smile on our faces like selecting the perfect present for our family and friends. But yes, it can be difficult and stressful and time-consuming and did we mention stressful? Especially for the people in your lives who “have everything.” So to help out, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites for Her, for Him, for the littles and even the perfect hostess gifts.


Gifts include 1) The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer, 2) Miansai Cuff Bracelet, 3) Cosabella Never Say Never Thong set, 4) Vitner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum, 5) Ramblerose Santa Fe Stacker Statement Necklace, 6) Herbivore Botanicals Coco Rose Body Polish, 7) Digital Detox Bath, 8) Marc Fisher Alinda Over the Knee Boots, and the 9) Lively Geo Lace Bralette.


Gifts include: 1) Adidas Ultraboost Uncaged Running Shoes, 2) Series 2 Apple Watch Nike+, 3) Tall Bartending Glasses, 4) Skybuds wireless headphones, 5) Plume self-optimizing WIFI network, 6) Away Travel – The Perfect Carry-on, and the 7) Mouth Monthly Pickle Subscription Box.


Gifts include: 1) The Bamboo Balance Bike, 2) Shark Blankie Tail Sleeping Bag, 3) Balloon Giraffe Money Bank, 4) Darth Vader Boombox, 5) Rhythm & Roll Percussion Plane, 6) My Little Pony Crystal Empire Castle, 7) Peppermint Snow Tube, and the 8) Portable Sports Training Goal.


Gifts include: 1) Rosanna Booze Decanter, 2) 80’s Flair Chocolate Box, 3) Bubble Bath Gift Box, 4) In the Company of Women, 5) Metallic Wine Glass Markers; 6) Pure Brass Horn Coasters, 7) Soy Blend Pine Tree Candle, 8) Little Miss Party’s New Years Eve Bash in a Box,  9) Sunnylife Tropical Cocktail Kit, and the 10) Adopt an Olive Tree Gift Subscription.

Happy Holidays to you all, and Happy Shopping!

xx, Michelle
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August 24, 2016

We are officially inspired to write a book….


A few months back we met some really lovely ladies who started a company called Tweed Wolf. They came in to our office to explain what they do and our eyes immediately lit up. These gals craft beautiful photo books. The best part is…you don’t have to choose the photos. They will do it for you!


Remember back in the day when you had FILM? We had to snail mail it in to get photos printed. Then buy photo albums with sleeves and stick the photos in there. Yeah, well, I have about 40000 photo albums from when I was a kid…up until about my first born was one. Now…I have NOTHING!  It’s all online, totally unorganized and all over the place.


So when Tweed Wolf came over and said “We’ll take all of the beautiful photos you have from the years of work you have done and we’ll cull them down into a photo album for you…” we were like, yes please!


Before sending the photos we did however come up with a concept for this book. A way to showcase the photos so they make sense to other people who may flip through our photo book.


After receiving this album from our friends at Tweed Wolf we have decided to keep this concept hush for the moment….because this book is so fabulous it has quite literally inspired us to get writing! And hopefully one day have a Little Miss Party book that we can share with the world.


And you know what else? This may just have to be my new go to gift for milestone birthdays. This weekend my niece is turning one. I hired a photographer for the event….guess what I’ll be doing with the photos?!


Huge huge huge thanks to Tweed Wolf for the work and effort they put into creating such a beautiful album for us. We will cherish this forever.

Tweed Wolf albums can now be purchased through the Little Miss Party in a Box website.

xx, Seri
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May 26, 2016

Nibbles N’ Nails


These days, I don’t really get much time to myself. Between the kids, my husband, friends, running a business, oh and LIFE (!!) it’s kinda hard to ever just sit back and relax.


In an effort to avoid burning out, I decided to carve out some time for me and my girlfriends whom are all in the same boat to enjoy a few moments to ourselves.


I booked a babysitter and asked my husband to make plans with friends so I could go into this knowing everyone is looked after.


I thought, it would be nice to pamper everyone with nibbles n nails. So I went over to my local Walgreens and searched for the essentials: Chocolate, nail polish and ice.


Yes. The weather just took a crazy turn and it is now 90 degrees out there! We are going to enjoy ICE COFFEE!


When it comes to chocolate, my preference is milk and I love a crunch to it. I recently tried NESTLĖ Damak®  and was in instant heaven. This chocolate is brand new to the U.S., and actually hard to find sometimes as it’s so popular! This Turkish chocolate is the perfect combination of creamy chocolate and savory pistachios. Definitely the indulgent snack that I was looking for. And to make sure I satisfied the likes of all of my guests, I got a mix of milk and dark chocolate.



I set the table with succulents and greenery making it feel relaxed and inviting. I set out an ombre of nail polishes, cotton balls and nail files for the gals to help themselves to manicures.




We enjoyed every second of this “time for ourselves” brunch and couldn’t have been happier to nosh on chocolate and paint our nails.




So what do you think? You deserve a little time to yourself too…Right? If you want to follow our lead here, we’ve got great news.  Beginning June 26th, receive $2 off when you purchase any two (2) NESTLĖ Damak® Chocolate with Pistachios 2.82 oz. bars. Go to to receive your coupon, then visit your local Walgreens with coupon and card in order to redeem the offer.

Enjoy Mamas! You deserve it. And for more inspirational ideas just like ours, follow along with the #DiscoverDamak Pinterest board to indulge and escape the everyday.


I was asked to participate in the #DiscoverDamak campaign, sponsored by NESTLĖ Damak at Walgreens. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

xx, Seri
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