June 14, 2016

Sage Sips inspired by the Garden


Every summer I do my best to involve my kids in planting in the garden. I love growing veggies, though they don’t always pan out.


The one thing that is always a success is my herbs. And this year…I have enough sage that grew back PLUS I planted (why? don’t ask) that I figured I better start coming up with some recipes to use it.


I found a recipe online for a St. Germain and Gin but I didn’t have half the ingredients so I kinda made this up as I went along….

For 1 cocktail you’ll need:

1.5 tablespoons honey simple syrup
Sage leaves (2-3)
1/4 orange juice
1 shot of gin

To make a honey simple syrup take 1/2 honey, 1/2 water and bring it to a boil. Simmer till the honey dissolves and starts to thicken. Let cool before using. Can store in a container in fridge for 2 weeks.







In a shaker combine all ingredients above. Shake Shake Shake. And pour through strainer of your shaker. Garnish with whole sage and enjoy!


xx, Seri
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May 11, 2016

DIY with LMP: Mini Painted Pots


Hello to the all plant-loving, gift-giving, adorable crafters out there. I have something fun and easy for you to try this week!

Mini painted pots. The name pretty much explains it all, but I’ll walk you through the steps of creating a beautiful set of unique painted pots that will look great together or apart.


First you will need to gather your supplies. Pick up some mini potted succulents or springy mini flowers from the farmer’s market. Pick something small so it’s not getting in the way while you’re painting the pot. Next gather your favorite acrylic paint colors. I went with primaries and white, so I could achieve a pastel look for springtime. Paper plates to use as a paint palette. Foam paint brushes. And painter’s tape.


Once you’ve gathered your supplies and covered your table, you can get to work.Often after sitting at the greenhouse, the little plant pots gather some dirt and grime! Make sure they are perfectly clean before you start painting.


I laid out my colors on the plate and started to mix so I could get inspired by my color choices.



Then, I started to lay the foundation for my paint. I started by taping off a section on the pot that I would paint with my first color choice, blue.


Then, I painted my first layer. Keep your strokes smooth and steady, and don’t glob the paint onto the surface. If you do, it will start to sneak under the edges of the painter’s tape.


While waiting for that pot to dry, block off sections on your other pots and begin painting. It’s up to you if you want all your pots to match. I decided to switch my up, making large geometric sections on two pots, delicate diagonal stripes on another, and small scattered triangles on the last. You can approach making these sections of color by painting the pot entirely one color, waiting for it to dry, then using painter’s tape to create the desired shapes. Or, you can create sections of color using the tape, waiting for it to dry, then using new tape for the next section.


You will need to allow time for the pots to dry, so work on each pot in a circulation. I would recommend multiple coats of color to achieve a more vibrant, opaque look.

This project might take a little patience, but I promise you will love the outcome.


Plus, they’re beyond perfect for party favors! See how Seri styled these little beauties into our “Mother’s Day Brunch” last week.


Can’t wait to see your painted pots! Make sure you share them with us on Instagram (@littlemissparty)!

xx, Maggie
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August 28, 2014

The Evolution of Lunch

Back in the 80’s when I went to school the lunch boxes sure were somethin’ special. Pacman, Star Trek ,the Fonz, Care Bears, Gremlins, Fraggle Rock, The Smurfs….the list goes on…
These days, boy have things changed. With the extensive knowledge and awareness we all have for food, chemicals in food and organic eating, it’s no longer about the lunch box but what’s inside it that matters.
My friend Ilana of Mommy Shorts recently wrote a blog post about Mighty Nest. I was immediately drawn to their products as I was in the midst of preparing my son for Kindergarten which starts next week (gasp!). He will now need to bring lunch daily which is new in our home since he was never at school over lunch time during his preschool days.
I’m nervous and excited about sending him with lunch daily. Nervous because I have so little time as it is I fear I will have trouble coming up with creative and delicious ideas for food to send him to school with daily. However excited to be able to send him to school with healthy meals and probably little notes so he doesn’t forget me during the day (ha!).
Mighty Nest does not only make products that look adorable but they have the most incredible mission statement. They pledge to keep my family safe with toxin free products and when I placed my order they donated 15% of my purchase to my son’s public school. That was SO cool!
Now the challenge is the meals…
Today I played around with a few ideas to get myself ready for school next week so I wouldn’t be scrambling when I have to crack down and actually send him off with daily meals.
The lunch “bot” that I ordered has dividers to separate foods which makes it super easy for me to come up with ways to fill especially when thinking about color to make the box look appealing when opened. I also turned to the trusty cheat sheet that Mighty Nest sent out in a recent email that made lunch so much easier to put together. Choose one item from each category below and boo-yah.


The best part about this little cheat sheet is my lil man shares my love of food. When I showed this to him he got super excited and wanted to be involved in choosing the food from each category to build his lunches. Well that certainly makes life easy. And to top that off…he loves making his lunch with me! From picking tomatoes out of our garden to cutting cheese into the shape of ducks…he does it all. Seems as though this won’t be as difficult as I thought it would be. Yay!
Ok so here’s what we’ve got…you ready?
Lunch #1: Hippo shaped sandwich of hummus and avocado, all dressed pretzel chips, sliced cucumbers and a tomato & duck shaped mozzarella salad. In the awesome “Lunchskin” which is a reusable snack pack (great for the environment!) we filled it up with cheddar popcorn, my son’s favorite food to nosh on.
Lunch #2: Bowtie pasta with basil tomato sauce (truth be told these were leftovers. So what?!), blueberries, sun kissed cherry tomatoes and lentil crackers topped with bunny shaped muenster cheese. To snack: cheddar cheese puffs.
Lunch #3: Flower shaped raisin bread sammies filled with strawberry cream cheese, raspberries, black grapes and peanut butter panda puffs. To snack: honey mustard veggie straws.
I’m not gonna lie to you…I’m kinda jealous. I want these FABULOUS lunches made for me daily! No one sends me to work with lunches like this, that’s for sure!
Ok now I need your help guys…I have to do this 5 days a week for the next 9 months! AH! How the heck will I keep thinking of fun, healthy, appealing to a 5 year old, ideas?! Please please tell me your school lunch secrets! I need all the help I can get.
Oh, and don’t think I didn’t order this tank top to kick the school year off….because I did. I heart you J.Crew.

xx, Seri
Party conversation
  1. Annie at MightyNest

    We LOVE your post! We’re thrilled that you found us and have started using this fantastic lunch packing gear and supporting your son’s school! Cheers to a great school year!

  2. marissa

    Gavin is going to have the coolest lunches in school.

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April 10, 2014

Cheers to our mother, Earth!

Horizontal base1
earth day10
Earth day is less than two weeks away. Did you know that? What are you doing to celebrate our mother earth on April 22nd?
My friends in Canada take recycling and garbage disposal very seriously. I often tease them for it. Well no longer my friends. If we don’t respect our earth we are in trouble and forget about us…our kids will be in great danger.
earth day11

xx, Seri
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September 2, 2013

Does it have to end?

Growing up I went to sleep away camp. I spent 10 summers there. It was the best 10 summers of my life. When the summer would end and I came home to begin the school year, I would spend approximately one week sobbing in my room. I missed the summer so much I couldn’t bear the thought of it ending. Well that feeling never really went away. As much as I love a good fall wardrobe and the cooler nights I hate to see the pool days go…
Here’s a little recap of how this summer went for my family…along with the winner for our “Join the Party” contest…drum roll please….
Congratulations to Amanda Kauffman!  You have won yourself a Little Miss Party in a box for a party for 8! Please email me here to claim your prize.
And now for my Ode to Summer:
Oh, to the late afternoons by the bay
Oh, to be sipping on loads of Lemonade…outta mustache straws.
Oh to be cooking up a storm on the Big Green Egg…Ribs…Beer can chicken and Brisket…

xx, Seri
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