December 1, 2016

LMP Gift Guide Twenty Sixteen


We absolutely love gift giving here at LMP. Nothing puts a smile on our faces like selecting the perfect present for our family and friends. But yes, it can be difficult and stressful and time-consuming and did we mention stressful? Especially for the people in your lives who “have everything.” So to help out, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites for Her, for Him, for the littles and even the perfect hostess gifts.


Gifts include 1) The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer, 2) Miansai Cuff Bracelet, 3) Cosabella Never Say Never Thong set, 4) Vitner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum, 5) Ramblerose Santa Fe Stacker Statement Necklace, 6) Herbivore Botanicals Coco Rose Body Polish, 7) Digital Detox Bath, 8) Marc Fisher Alinda Over the Knee Boots, and the 9) Lively Geo Lace Bralette.


Gifts include: 1) Adidas Ultraboost Uncaged Running Shoes, 2) Series 2 Apple Watch Nike+, 3) Tall Bartending Glasses, 4) Skybuds wireless headphones, 5) Plume self-optimizing WIFI network, 6) Away Travel – The Perfect Carry-on, and the 7) Mouth Monthly Pickle Subscription Box.


Gifts include: 1) The Bamboo Balance Bike, 2) Shark Blankie Tail Sleeping Bag, 3) Balloon Giraffe Money Bank, 4) Darth Vader Boombox, 5) Rhythm & Roll Percussion Plane, 6) My Little Pony Crystal Empire Castle, 7) Peppermint Snow Tube, and the 8) Portable Sports Training Goal.


Gifts include: 1) Rosanna Booze Decanter, 2) 80’s Flair Chocolate Box, 3) Bubble Bath Gift Box, 4) In the Company of Women, 5) Metallic Wine Glass Markers; 6) Pure Brass Horn Coasters, 7) Soy Blend Pine Tree Candle, 8) Little Miss Party’s New Years Eve Bash in a Box,  9) Sunnylife Tropical Cocktail Kit, and the 10) Adopt an Olive Tree Gift Subscription.

Happy Holidays to you all, and Happy Shopping!

xx, Michelle
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June 30, 2016

The Perfect Portrait


Our friend, super talented photographer, Karilyn Sanders, recently asked if she could take portrait photos of us.


I didn’t really think through what Karilyn was asking to shoot here until she reached out to schedule a meeting to discuss the shoot. We never have meetings in advance of our shoots so I thought…hmmm….this is formal!


Karilyn walked us through the shots that we’d be taking, outfits we should plan for each and that she’d be having someone do our hair and make up the morning of.


So this was getting pretty exciting. Michelle and I plotted our outfits and came to work that day pumped up to get some photos taken.


Karilyn made me feel so at ease through the entire shoot (because truth be told…it’s a bit awkward taking photos ALONE). She told me exactly how to sit, stand, smile, raise my chin, turn my face, you name it. She did everything in her power to create the perfect portrait. At one point…she even asked Maggie to hold a hair dryer in my face to create a little wind….


I couldn’t have been more thrilled with the turn out of these photos. And now we are stocked with images to use on our networking accounts, media kits and framed on our husband’s desks.




For the details and pricing for Portraits with Karilyn you can email her here.

All photos above by Karilyn Sanders Photography

xx, Seri
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June 23, 2016

DIY with LMP: Easy Selfie Backdrop


Here at LMP, we’re always looking for a good spot to take a quick picture. Whether some new confetti arrived or we just bought the cutest cupcake, we absolutely love to document our best party moments. Jazz up a wall of your own with this easy DIY backdrop for your next party, and we promise it will end up all over Instagram.

You’ll only need a few supplies:
-cute paper (we love a little glitter!)
-string or cord (coordinate the color to your paper)


Step 1: Cut your paper into strips, about 2″ wide.


Step 2: Cut the strips into small triangles.


Step 3: Cut the string into 10 pieces that span the height of a door frame. Find a plain wall close to a window (for the best natural light!) and tape each string evenly across the width.


Step 4: Tape the triangles to the string, spaced out enough so that no piece is right next to each other on neighboring strings. Also make a decision about your color placement. We liked our colors to be well dispersed.


Step 5: Keep taping those triangles up until they run out! Fill each string with about 8-10 triangles to leave a nice amount of negative space.


Step 6: Take a selfie and test it out! We know it will be super cute.


That’s it! To see it in use on the regular, you can follow Seri on Snapchat; she loves to use the selfie backdrop! Best part is, it will last as long as that tape can stick. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

xx, Maggie
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June 15, 2016

Mandy Loves Minted!

Hi again! It’s me, Mandy from Mandy’s Meals and More. I’ve been in hiding for a couple months but I’ve emerged.


Not sure if you are aware but in Canada we are lucky enough to have a year of maternity leave. Sadly that time is coming to an end for me.

Dylan my daughter is headed to day care in August so when I got the email informing me that Minted is now doing gorgeous name labels for clothes, lunch boxes, etc.. I was beyond stoked!


As with all categories on minted, there are millions of options, sizes, colors and shapes. And the quality is unreal.



I am seriously planning on sticking these things on everything!


As sad as I am for this amazing year to ‎come to a close, I am so grateful to spend each day watching Dylan grow into the amazing tiny human she has become.

xx, Mandy
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October 5, 2015

LMP Welcomes Baby D

The LMP team has gained their newest member, Miss Dylan Ava Revzen-Dick!


After 40 weeks in her mommy’s belly, two days of contractions and twelve hours of labor Dylan finally greeted her family on August 27th at 4:14pm.


With a year of planning and pinspiration Dylan’s nursery was ready to roll! We knew we were having a girl but still wanted to stick to neutral tones. I’ve never been super girly so I stuck with easy non-gendered prints and colors.




For the artwork, we framed minted fabric in an ikea frame. Stunning right? You can find these and hundreds more here.


The beautiful floral crown was made by the talented Lady Hayes. Probably the girliest thing I own for Dylan but one of my absolute favorite gifts received.



Life has certainly changed since our little bundle has arrived. I can truly say I understand a love like no other. Dylan has absolutely rocked our world, but made it a far better place to be.



Click for vendor credits:
Animal Prints
Ikea frame
Sheepskin carpet
Change table/topper
Pendant light
Floral crown
Marquee “D”

All images were captured by the beyond talented Debi Traub of Simply Beautiful Eating.

xx, Mandy
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