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April 15th

A 30 Minute Seder

Passover is a holiday we never miss. Each year we gather our friends and family for a meal which we call the Seder honoring the Jews who escaped from slavery in Egypt. My key to a successful dinner party is being super organized. At least one week prior to the holidays I make a master shopping list separating the ingredients out by store so when I go to shop I know exactly what I need to pick up. I also prep as much as I possibly can in advance. Many Jewish foods taste better after the flavors have a chance to marry and sit together over night…such as gefilte fish which I make from scratch.
Next up is my tablescape. First you need to pick your color scheme. Think about what you have in your cupboards. What will you be setting the table with? My set of dishes are white, silver and black. So I wanted to add bright pops of color to go along side.
Since my seder plate is turquoise blue I choose to roll with that color and add accents in lemon yellow. I LOVE how this turned out! I kept the table setting simple. A few bud vases with fresh flowers and aqua linen napkins that I found at CB2. I also added a few mercury glass votive holders and a chevron runner that I had on hand.
For the place cards I planted baby succulents into egg pedestals and silver tea cups. They were perfectly festive given the season and made for a great take home at the end of the night.

I also placed a menu on top of each place setting which I designed on my new favorite IPad app called Makr.
We appreciate the traditions that go along with celebrating Passover which includes reading the stories from a Haggadah. Since we have two lil ones who are now at the table and have the patience of a flea, we had to find a way to speed things up a bit. So we downloaded the 30 minute seder and took turns reading excerpts as we went around the table.
Passover is a great night to get the kids involved. The four questions, finding the afikomen (hidden matzo) and singing songs.
This year I ordered dessert from my fave girls at Fatty Sundays. I’m eating tons of leftovers today…!
If you celebrate Passover we hope you have a good one…L’Chaim!

xx, Seri

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April 3rd

Brunch by LMP

Spring is here and what better way to celebrate then by hosting a brunch.
Brunch makes me think of sun, eggs, coffee and mimosas. I find all of the above colorful, addicting and delicious.
Here’s how we do it.
For starters: Keep the menu simple. The brunch that we styled here is for four. The menu was easy and pretty:
~ Fruit (we set this pre-plated as an appetizer): We sliced citrus, chopped strawberries and added a drizzle honey & mint.
~ Bacon wrapped figs: We wrapped a slab of bacon around a fresh fig, secured with a toothpick and baked at 400 for 35 minutes. Bake away to make it extra crispy…just keep your nose out so you don’t burn your bacon.
~ Parfait shooters: Using a piping bag we filled shot glasses with plain greek yogurt. We topped with a small spoon of granola and fresh berries.
~ Ricotta Crostini: Slice a french baguette. Mix ricotta, lemon zest, mint and honey together in a bowl. Spread onto each slice of bread and garnish with mint on the plate.
~Scrambled egg croissants:  Ok…so we really cheat here. Sorry but I have a weakness for Pilsbury dough. Just roll it out and bake the crispy, flakey and sinfully buttery croissants then let cool. Slice in half. Top with scrambled eggs, top with chives and serve with sliced avocado and cherry tomatoes with salt and pepper.
To end off on a sweet note we baked chocolate chip muffins. mmmmm muffins. We love. For this brunch we topped our muffins with a cream cheese frosting, dash of cinnamon and a dried banana chip. Oh so delish.brunch5

And the easiest decor of all – a few flowers. Here we picked up a couple of bunches of peonies (our all time fave – it’s almost the season!!) and used recycled milk glass bottles for vases.brunch6
Whether you’re gathering friends or celebrating an occasion, there’s no reason your brunch cannot look this good.
All photos above taken by Scott Clark. We miss you!!

xx, Seri

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March 17th

Foolproof Cooking with Barefoot Contessa

Don’t be fooled by the title of this blog post. I did not actually get to cook with Ina Garten however it was one of my dreams. Ever since we started spending our summers out east I hoped I would run into Ina and have the guts to go up to her to invite her over for dinner. HA. A girl can dream, OK? You know Michelle got to meet her in Italy while on her honeymoon. Lucky(!!).
In the meantime, I will continue to dream on and use her cookbooks to craft beautiful meals. Last week I tried a few numbers from her latest given to me as a gift by my mom: Barefoot Contessa Foolproof. The recipes are easy enough to do with my lil man and so delicious!
I asked Gavin to help me choose the recipes this time – he wanted shrimp with garlic and fennel for dinner and chocolate peanut butter globs for dessert.
Of course the cookie “globs” were where Gavin got to shine. He loves to flip the switch on the Kitchenaid and take it for a spin. He also loves to stir, scrape and savor.
For the full recipe to these heavenly globs click here.
ina2 copy



When it came time to make the shrimp my lil man hit the couch and waited for his cookies to cook. So I was on my own. I poured a glass a wine and got chopping on the fennel. That was the biggest job involved in this recipe. It was so fast and turned out so pretty! I plated over some rice and boom. Was a delightful meal. My boys gobbled this one up.
For the full recipe click on over here.
Ina…my door is always open and I would love to cook for you. I’m waiting patiently for this day…
Happy Eating cooking and friends!

xx, Seri

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February 24th

Hello, Cereal Lovers…

I don’t know many people who don’t love cereal. Breakfast, snack sometimes even for dinner…we here at LMP couldn’t live without it! With that said…we were pretty excited when General Mills stumbled upon the cereal bar that we did for Harlow’s 1st birthday and asked us to get involved with National Cereal Day!
March 7th is officially a day to celebrate your love of cereal and we put together a Little Miss Party in a Box for this special day.
LMP for NCD 1
There are so many ways to celebrate this fun food holiday. We took our favorite elements of cereal to create a Little Miss Party in a Box for National Cereal Day and guess what? We’re giving one AWAY! Our box includes bowls, polka dot spoons, napkins, a carafe for your milk, a mini milk jug that you can use for flowers, a chalkboard runner, cereal box bunting, party hats and more!
LMP for NCD 8
LMP for NCD 4 copy
We’ll be keeping you posted on how we are prepping for National Cereal Day over the next couple of weeks. You can also check out the Hello, Cereal Lovers website. We were inspired by the site to come up with a couple of LMP recipes to celebrate National Cereal Day and are excited to share with you…check em out.
LMP for NCD 5

xx, Seri

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January 10th

Christmakka in Toronto

We can’t help but swoon over this dinner party by my sis or as we like to call her…Little Miss Party Toronto.
Every year Mandy & Jason host “Christmakka”. This year, Mandy wanted to use glitter + plaid to dress up her table and we love it!
Mandy sprayed Canadian Moose figurines and glittered them in gold. She wrapped old books in plaid paper to make risers for the glitter moose and ivory pillar candles. Simple, chic yet festive.

xx, Seri

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