May 29, 2016

Ready, Set, Weekend with Simply Beautiful Eating

Photo 2016-04-28, 5 05 07 PM

When Wedderspoon Organic reached out to me a few weeks ago, I was super excited to receive their samples of Manuka Honey. What is Manuka? I’m going to tell you, because this is what they told me.

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The Maori people of New Zealand have relied on this honey as a “cure-all” for centuries. Apparently, Gwenyth Paltrow and Kate Middleton have expressed their love for the therapeutic benefits of this sticky-sweet substance. Well? If it’s good enough for Gwenyth and Kate it’s good enough for me right?

Photo 2016-04-28, 5 05 26 PM

So what’s so good about it? It has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties and non GMO. That’s a quadruple threat if I’ve ever heard one. It is perfect for healing dry or problem skin and it has even more health benefits when consumed. I’m totally game to try this, as I have suffered for many years from specific skin conditions that don’t respond to potions and lotions, so I’m going to schmear this stuff on me from head to toe and see what happens next.

Photo 2016-04-28, 5 06 24 PM

Honey seems to be working wonders for my mom. She drinks her hot lemon tea each morning with a big dollop of honey swirling around in the cup. At age 94, she swears by this concoction and you know something? I think she may be right (mind you, she always is right). From all the research I’ve been doing lately, it seems that your body needs an alkaline kick start each day. I would never have known this, but lately I’ve become my own “WEB MD”. This alkaline in your body thing would include a cup of warm water, a squeeze of lemon and a dash of sea salt. With the addition of the Manuka Honey, this drink just upped it’s “AAA game” (antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory).

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But let’s talk the recipe du jour shall we? I’ve always made my mini carrots with a honey glaze. Like always. What can I say? I like sweet things. The other day at the market, I came across these mini rainbow carrots. Mini? Rainbow? Hello. In the shopping cart they went.

Photo 2016-04-28, 5 05 34 PM

I thought about how I could incorporate the Manuka Honey in this recipe and came up with a simple drizzle that is laced with cinnamon and the glorious juice from a blood orange.

Photo 2016-04-28, 5 41 45 PM

I’m totally in love with blood oranges not only for their deep rich color but their flavour differs from a regular orange. Light citrus notes with a hint of raspberry. Uh, you need blood oranges in your life, yes you do.

Photo 2016-04-28, 5 04 05 PM

This simple side came together quite easily and if I do say so myself, it was a plethora of beauty and goodness on a platter. The phrase “eat the rainbow” is the only thing that comes to mind when looking at this. Filled with delicious veggies, a sweet drizzle that is packed with nutrients, this is a winner for a side dish at dinner.

Thank you Wedderspoon Organic! I’m going to be wearing your honey inside and out.

Photo 2016-04-28, 5 05 49 PM


Roasted Veggies
-1 small bag of tricolor baby carrots
-2 yellow beets, spiralized
-olive oil
-salt & pepper
-fresh parsley, finely chopped
-½ cup fresh pea shoots
-½ cup diced red cabbage
-¼ cup pine nuts

Manuka Honey Blood Orange Cinnamon Drizzle
-⅓ cup blood orange juice, about 2 blood oranges
-zest from 2 blood oranges
-1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
-pinch of cinnamon
-2 tablespoons Manuka Honey
-pinch of sea salt
-1 tablespoon olive oil

Photo 2016-04-28, 3 49 01 PM

1) Preheat oven 400°F.
2) Toss your carrots and beets with olive oil, salt, pepper and fresh parsley. Place on a lined baking sheet and bake for 30 to 40 minutes until just tender.
3) Meanwhile, make your drizzle by combining the blood orange juice, lemon juice, orange zest cinnamon, honey, sea salt and olive oil. Whisk until combined.
4) Arrange carrots, beets, pea shoots and red cabbage on a platter. Drizzle with orange/honey mixture and garnish with additional blood orange segments and pine nuts if desired and serve warm.

Photo 2016-04-28, 4 58 49 PM

Photo 2016-04-28, 5 05 15 PM

Photo 2016-04-28, 5 12 46 PM

See ya next week!

debi @simplybeautifuleating

xx, Debi
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May 25, 2016

Memorial Day Cooking with Luke



With the long weekend coming up we’re super excited to share some really fantastic recipes with you from Kulinary Kids NYC. All can be found currently on our SNAPCHAT @ LMPNYC . Daniela, founder and owner of this NYC based company, specializes in cooking classes for kids. She came in to cook with Luke yesterday and they made recipes for the patriotic holiday.



Daniela got Luke suited up with his apron and they got to work. First up – they made strawberry + blueberry muffins topped with whip cream.  mmmmmmm mmmmmmm!


As they worked they giggled, told secrets and named the cooking tools. My personal fave was Wendy the Whisk.



Luke loves muffins and more so loves whip cream. Daniela taught Luke how to make whip cream by shaking all of the ingredients in a jar. He was bouncing around like a bean. It was adorable and that whip cream was amazing!!


Once the muffins went into the oven they got to work on making corn dog muffins. The secret to these? Hiding hot dogs in the corn muffin batter. So smart and so delicious!  The kids ate every last one for dinner!


Now of course I took all the leftovers and styled them up for the holiday.



Happy Memorial Day Y’all! We hope you have a wonderful and safe long weekend.


xx, Seri
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May 24, 2016

Vanilla Bourbon Milkshake with a Cherry on Top


Are you ready for this?


To me, there is NOTHING like a cold, creamy milkshake on a hot day during the summer. And what better way to enjoy a milkshake with a little bit of bourbon in it?


Answer: there is none.  May 28th also happens to be National Burger Day, and burgers + milkshake = the most natural and American pairing since peanut butter and jelly.  So I whipped up this little boozy treat to help us all celebrate ‘MURICA.


Here’s what you’ll need:
-vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt
-fresh cherries
-ice cream scoop


Here’s what to do:
1) Scoop out 3 scoops of your ice cream into your milkshake glass.
2) Measure out 1 oz of milk and 1.5 oz bourbon into the milkshake glass on top of the ice cream.

3) Use a tall spoon or straw to stir and blend ice cream, bourbon and milk.
4) Take one of your fresh cherries and stick on top of garnish.


That’s it, you’re done!



I hope you enjoy this while barbecuing burgers on a beach with your friends and family. Relax and enjoy the lovely warm weather!


See ya next week!

xx, Abby
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May 20, 2016

Ready, Set, Weekend with Simply Beautiful Eating

Photo 2016-05-11, 11 34 07 AM

Sometimes when I’m just hanging around the house I come up with some great lunch ideas. Most of you already know I’m a creative thinker. To be honest, it’s really not rocket science. My favourite way to make a salad is to open the fridge and start hauling out ingredients from the vegetable drawer.

Photo 2016-05-11, 11 36 25 AM

I had some fresh organic kale, spinach and some leftover cantaloupe lurking around so it looked good enough to me!

Photo 2016-05-11, 11 34 43 AM

Oh and what about these kiwis? What about them? They were also just sitting there staring at me so I took my paring knife and made them pretty. Not as pretty as an avocado rose, but good enough. I also received a super cool melon baller from Zwilling Canada so I thought, hmmmmmmm ……….why not make a few cantaloupe balls to kick up the greens in this salad.

Photo 2016-05-11, 11 31 33 AM

Salads are really the easiest lunches to make. But like really. What does it take to throw some lettuce on a plate?

Not too much right?

The issue wasn’t so much the bed of lettuce, it was the topping for this creation. I wanted to make something nice, crunchy and with the addition of added protein. What’s better than chickpeas that are perfectly seasoned and roasted? I mean.

Photo 2016-05-11, 11 31 11 AM

These little babies are so addictive I found myself snacking on them all day. I’m talking about every hour on the hour, a handful here and a handful there. Hello “Chickpeas Anonymous”.

Photo 2016-05-11, 11 30 48 AM

And what about the dressing? Also something that adds a bit of boom to any salad. I mixed up some store bought hummus, mustard, olive oil, lemon juice/zest, seasonings and agave – an absolutely perfect vegan dressing. (you can whip up your own hummus but I happened to have a roasted garlic one in the fridge, so why not?).

Photo 2016-05-11, 11 13 17 AM

1, 2, 3 get ready to salad with me!


Roasted Chickpeas
-1 can chickpeas (750g) rinsed, drained and dried well
-Olive oil
-Sea salt
-Garlic Powder
-Cayenne (optional)

Salad Ingredients
-Sliced Kiwi

Vegan Caesar Dressing
-½ cup hummus, fresh or store bought (I used roasted garlic)
-1 tsp mustard (I used sweet & spicy)
-2 cloves of fresh garlic, pressed – *omit if using garlic hummus
-2 tbs fresh lemon juice
-zest from ½ lemon
-pinch of pink sea salt
-pinch of freshly ground pepper
-2 – 3 tbs olive oil
-1 tbs agave, honey or maple syrup
-1 tbs vegan mayonnaise – optional but really makes this very creamy

1) Preheat oven to 450F. Line a large baking pan with parchment or non stick foil.
2) Rinse and drain chickpeas, then blot well with a clean towel or paper towel. Make sure you get every last drop of moisture off the chickpeas, otherwise you will end up with soggy ones.

Photo 2016-05-11, 10 11 22 AM
3) Toss chickpeas in olive oil and season with sea salt, pepper, garlic powder and cayenne if you like them spicy.

Photo 2016-05-11, 10 21 54 AM
4) Spread chickpeas on baking pan, place in oven for 30 -40 minutes or until crispy.

Photo 2016-05-11, 11 05 06 AM
5) Wash and dry kale and spinach and place into large salad bowl. Add in about 1 cup of cantaloupe (balls or cubes is fine).
6) In a blender, combine all salad dressing ingredients. Blend until combined and adjust seasonings to your taste. I threw in some vegan mayonnaise to add some creaminess to the dressing. Totally optional but a really nice addition.
7) Place into a small mason jar with a tight fitting lid until ready to serve.

Photo 2016-05-11, 11 13 04 AM
8) When ready to serve, shake jar of dressing well, toss salad with a few tablespoons of dressing, top with chickpeas and garnish with kiwis. Any leftover dressing stores well in the fridge for 3 – 4 days.

Photo 2016-05-11, 11 30 06 AM

Photo 2016-05-11, 11 30 16 AM

xx, Debi
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May 13, 2016

Ready, Set, Weekend with Simply Beautiful Eating

Photo 2016-04-06, 4 31 58 PM

This past weekend, we celebrated the women who gave us life. Our moms! As you know, mine is very special to me and I was so happy and blessed that she was able to join us for our annual mother’s day celebration. Now, I didn’t serve these beet roses at the brunch, but you certainly can add these beauties to any menu. I know, I know….I’m obsessed with anything in the form of a rose. My avocado rose making days are set aside for now. I’m sticking to things that are sure fire.

Photo 2016-04-06, 4 39 24 PM

These little beet rosies are definitely easier to make. Oh and by the way. My Instagram friends have been so amazing. They keep tagging me in every possible avocado rose making tutorial video on the planet. Although it is great to see someone else accomplish this feat……I’m afraid I just stink at it.

Photo 2016-04-06, 4 31 09 PM

But what about these roses? Well, they are exactly the same as the Rose Apple Tarts and the Potato Roses I’ve done. Are they easy? Yes. Can you screw them up? Yes. Have I screwed them up? Yes. SO? How are they so easy? They just are. Trust me.

Photo 2016-04-06, 4 43 55 PM

What about the beets? Do they roll as nicely as the apples and potatoes? Yes. But only if you use a mandoline to slice them very, very, very thinly. Yep….there’s that mandoline again. This is the second time I’ve hauled that gizmo out of the cupboard to make something. It still scares me to death to use because your fingers do get dangerously close to the blade.

Have I cut myself? Yes. Did I notice that I cut myself this time around? No. Why? Because the beets are so red your hands look like they are bleeding anyways so it’s camouflaged. A “win win” scenario.

Photo 2016-04-06, 4 04 23 PM (1)

Now, let’s talk about the filling for a second. I happened to have found a Greek Yogurt Cream Cheese brick at my local supermarket. It looks like this → GYCCor like this → GYCC2 or even like this → GYCC3

BUT! If for some reason you can’t find this cream cheese, don’t fret. All you need to do is whip up a brick of regular cream cheese and add in 1/4 cup of Greek yogurt.


When you are putting these together, just be mindful of the fact that you are going to walk around with pink fingers for the rest of the day. It’s part and parcel of being “beetiful”.

Photo 2016-04-06, 3 08 44 PM


-1 roll of puff pastry dough, thawed
-¼ cup roasted red pepper dip (store bought or homemade)
-1 brick Greek Yogurt Cream Cheese (250g), softened
-2 tbls butter, melted
-3 medium size red beets, roasted, sliced VERY THINLY on a mandoline
-Fresh parsley for garnish

1) Preheat oven to 400F. Wash and wrap beets in foil tightly and place on a lined cookie sheet. Roast for 50 minutes.
2) Roll out the dough on a lightly floured board until it measures 10 X 12 inches. Width is 10, length is 12. Click here for the exact idea.
3) Slice dough into 6 equal pieces.
4) Mix melted butter and red pepper dip together in a small bowl.
5) Whip Greek yogurt cream cheese until light and fluffy in a stand mixer.
6) Using a pastry brush, paint the dough with the butter/red pepper mixture.
7) Using an offset spatula, coat dough with a nice layer of the whipped cream cheese.
8) Remove beets from oven and let cool slightly so they are easy to handle. Peel skin and slice very thinly into round circles and then cut those circles in half.
9) Start layering your beet slices along the edge of the first strip of dough, leaving half the strip at the bottom so that you can fold it up when you’re ready.
10) Fold up one edge and now roll them into a rose shape.
11) Repeat with all the strips.
12) Place into a well greased muffin tin. (I did mine in 3’s in a tart tin but you needn’t get that fancy)

Photo 2016-04-06, 3 07 09 PM
13) Brush with any leftover butter/red pepper mixture mixture.
14) Bake for 45 – 50 minutes or until nicely browned and crispy.
15) Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Serve with fresh parsley if desired.

Photo 2016-04-06, 4 04 12 PM

Photo 2016-04-06, 4 05 25 PM

See ya next week!

debi, @simplybeautifuleating

xx, Debi
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