April 16, 2011

Party Preppin’

I’m having a little ditty a week from today…just for a few friends, to celebrate spring. Even though it doesn’t feel like spring outside…and I have yet to retire my winter sweaters, brrr, I still thought it would be fun to ring in the new season.

A few things that I’ve done to prep so far are as follows:

* To do lists. I have lists for my lists. So what? They keep me organized.
* Pull out items to use for decor…such as solid/pattern paper in my theme color (green) to line platters with.

* Grow wheatgrass in eggs to use as table card holders (to display the names of the tapas on the main dining table). I visited my local nursery to pick up potting soil + wheatgrass seeds and followed the instructions that I recently posted on my blog a few weeks ago…

And I tested some recipes…including milk chocolate chocolate flowers. They were delish.

The prep continues this week. But first comes Passover…stay tuned for some down home Boobie inspired cooking!

xx, Seri
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