November 8, 2017

Maybelline IT Girls in New York City

Sometimes, we have to pinch ourselves around here. Last year, we were honored to be part of executing a truly spectacular event for the Global Maybelline IT Girl influencers in, which was held the Hamptons thanks to the incredible team at AMP Agency who are the masterminds the whole program.

Last week… we got to do it all over again!  This time, the girls were in NYC for a week, and we were beyond excited when the team at AMP Agency asked us to be a part of the experience.

The events kicked off on Halloween in the penthouse at the Hotel Indigo on the Lower East Side. The incredible girls at AMP Agency directed us to meet the brand’s aesthetic and together we came up with a pretty fantastic layout for the events.

The girls at AMP worked with Brian Kaspr to create custom logos for the event. We worked these logos into decals, neon signage, and Maggie used the icons to create a custom designed art piece, which lived on the wall in the penthouse that acted as home base for the week.

We took every opportunity in the penthouse to incorporate branded decor pieces, such as the coffee table that you could look down on from the balcony above.

You know how much we love arranging flowers around here, so we were excited to include beautiful floral arrangements into the decor.  The color palette for this event was one of our absolute favorites. Specifically, for Halloween where we mixed millennial pink with deep red and green.

The other task we had was to find unique items for decor and make up display. We found these black python candle holders at Target, and I could just eat their heads they are so cute. The super chic cement vessels were from CB2. Since the gals at AMP Agency know how to style the make up best, they would walk around and place lipsticks, eyeshadows, mascaras and foundations in the most beautiful ways using all the gorgeous trays, containers and unique vessels that were styled throughout the penthouse.

We also had Confetti System make us these gorgeous custom iridescent fringe letter props. The girls used these in their photos in the penthouse and on the balcony with the panoramic NYC views.

We thought it would be fun to style some of the flowers into black skull candy jars giving an unexpected, spooky look to one of the make up station tables.

Now this is my favorite…
When we were pitching our ideas for decor we wanted to bring in the incredible Oh Joy for Target round barcart. Last year they had it in pink, but this year they made it in green, and the pink has been discontinued! We had initially thought we could buy the pink version for this event, and had already planned so much decor around it. When we made the  realization that it was no longer available, we had to think fast… so what did we do? We called on Crafty Maggie to paint the green cart and make it pink + black. Does it get more fabulous than this? I don’t think so!

The girls were due to arrive at the penthouse on Halloween night at 7pm. The sun was setting and the neon lights were glowing through the windows, and with all of our fabulous decor set up the space was party perfect.

When the girls arrived in the space they were welcomed with specialty cocktails made with dry ice – spooky and festive for Halloween night.

There was candy and make up styled all over the space available for the girls to experience first hand.

On the upstairs floor the girls were invited to get pampered with make up, hair styling, halloween accessories like headbands, cat ears, fangs and flower crowns that Natalie created custom for this event.

The day after Halloween, the Maybelline It Girls were back in the penthouse, which we had changed over to a feminine and modern space with florals, make up displays and comfy furniture for the girls to enjoy breakfast, pampering and lounging.

There were several activities planned for the girls while they were in the penthouse such as a lip lab where they had the opportunity to create their very own custom lipstick!  Also offered were Essie manicures, massages and hair blow outs.

There was beautiful and delicious food at all times, provided by the team at Mr. Purple, which is the hot spot bar and restaurant in the hotel.

The week’s events were a hit, the girls had a blast and we were so thrilled to be a part of the “dream team” behind the execution of it all.

xx, Maggie
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