May 14, 2011

A special kind of love

So my dear friends got married a couple of weekends ago…and it’s hard for me to explain what their love is like. It is beautiful, blind and perfectly perfection. I just couldn’t be happier for these two guys.

Love is precious and never to be taken for granted. I love my friends. They are beautiful, inside + out. I love my family and most importantly, my husband and my baby. I love life and just want to always be happy. This couple, always remind me of that. They treat my family, like their family. They treat me, like royalty. I couldn’t be luckier to have friends like these in my life.

Check out these beautiful pictures from my friend’s wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
*Photographs taken by Carlos Melnick

Read more about their event at the gay wedding experience.

xx, solidhex
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