July 13, 2017

Ice Cream Parlor Party

In honor of National Ice Cream Day this Sunday, July 16th, we decided to host our own Ice Cream Parlor Party. And what better spot to enjoy ice cream than under an umbrella by a pool in The Hamptons?! From sundaes to sprinkles, we ate it ALL.

First, we picked up our favorite ice cream flavors and set up our toppings bar. Seri has a new rolling cooler which was brilliant for us to fill with ice and store our ice cream in!

Our ice cream filled afternoon went something like this….


Fan favorite here at Little Miss Party is the sugar cone. Have you ever really explored the Ice Cream section in your grocery store?  I often find the most fabulous selection of cones (sugar, waffle, bowls!) at mine so I picked up an assortment for our guests to choose their favorites.

Don’t forget the cherry on top!

You know what else Ice Cream works well with? SODA! How about an ice cream soda float? Ok! Yes please!

So what do we say for National Ice Cream Day? Bring it on and Hip Hip Hooray!

xx, Maggie
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