March 23, 2011

A drive to toddler paradise…

Today is the day I discovered something fabulous. Well, fabulous for my LM that is. The Stepping Stones Museum up in Norwalk, CT. It was a 45 minute drive down the I-95 during which LM napped the whole way, resting his little body for what was to come…

We walk into this newly renovated castle of a children’s museum and were immediately greeted with welcoming staff. We paid the dues (only kiddies under 1 are free), hung our coats and immediately smocked up to hit the water tables. NOTE: My dear friend who took me to this wonderland was kind enough to warn me of this and I came prepared with an extra set of clothes for the LM. VERY important.*

Now who wore it best? Yoda or the little man?

The tables were super clean and tons of fun. LM did not want to leave. NOTE: it is slippery in here so keep a close eye on your child. After a significant time of play in this sensory overload, colorful and wet play space we moved on to a dry kind of fun. The next room had tunnels, buses, a music studio, art studio, kitchen, slide, etc., etc. It was bright and super fun for the kids. There was also a contained baby/toddler section. LM wanted to play with the big kids so he didn’t last in there long but thought it was pretty cool when we first walked in!

Ok – hungry?! Yes!! There’s a spot to eat with lots of tables, highchairs and a typical museum cafe type food – with a decent enough selection. Nothing fancy but perfection for a lil one who doesn’t have much patience to eat!

Grand Finale: The 3rd room – as my friend calls it – is the make believe room. With a super market (promoting only healthy eating), ambulance, dentist, Asian jungle, Carpenter’s quarters, the list goes on…kids get to pretend to be something interesting from the outside world.

Oh wait, my gosh how did I almost forget? The outdoor play land! It was spacious with several cool contraptions for the kids to play with. Although today was a touch chilly, my friend and I parked ourselves at a picnic table (where you could bring your own food) and had a fabulous time watching the little ones play together and have a great time!

We spent a total of 4 hours at this place and loved every minute of it. A truly enjoyable experience – would happily go back.

Stepping Stones
Museum for Children
303 West Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06850

*an extra tip about packing for this trip:
pack light because you schlep a bag around all day long. here’s what I personally found most useful ~
* change of clothes
* sippy cup for milk or water at snack time
* hand wipes, butt wipes, lots of wipes
* diapers (2)
* squeezy yoghurt
* bib

xx, solidhex
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