May 25, 2011

Reach and pull: Swim class

LM started swim classes a few weeks ago at Imagine Swimming in Tribeca – their flagship location. Talk about a great class…might be my favorite to date.

The facility is super clean and the pool is really warm which makes it really easy for me and the LM to get in. LM has taken a great liking to the water. Well he’s always really liked the water but in this class he LOVES it. Our teacher’s name is Jane. She is amazing with the kids. Extremely encouraging, strict with the kids so they understand they are in the water and cannot mess around and pushes the lil ones to their limits. Today she put the LM under the water twice. He loved it so much he was asking (in his own language) for more! I highly recommend this class…and starting your babes as early as possible. It was incredible watching the older kids swimming around like fishies in the water today. I predict LM could be swimming on his own by 2 like the little girl who joined our class today. Pretty cool!

Imagine Swimming
(212) 253-9650

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