May 7, 2011

FINALLY! A tray for the Bugaboo…

So one of the features of the Bugaboo strollers that was a HUGE turn off for me was the fact that you cannot attach a tray to it. All of the other strollers I looked at has this option…but of course I still went with the Bugaboo anyway despite this…

Back when I was trying to decide if I should go with the Bugaboo my friend told me she has a friend in San Diego, CA who’s working on creating a tray for this stroller. I was super excited at the time and immediately signed up for her wait list so I’d be the first to hear about this tray…Well guess what? I got the email today. eeeee!! I’m so excited. I just placed my order and cannot wait to get this tray! Now I’ll be able to put a toy, snack or drink in front of LM while strolling along to keep him entertained when needed (ie. in Whole Foods when he starts the “dead fish” move and tries to slither out of the stroller so he can run around each isle causing havoc).

And if I wasn’t excited enough about this tray get this – quote from the founder:

Beyond the tray’s design, quality and safety have been my highest priorities from the beginning. I have gone to great lengths to make sure my product is safe for your child. I have not only followed all FDA guidelines for a food contact surface, I have gone even further by contracting an environmental testing laboratory to ensure my trays are free of lead, bisphenol-A, PVC and all phthalates.

Just makes this tray that much more appealing! I cannot wait to get this in the mail…can’t wait!

For more information on this tray click here…and be sure to place your orders right away!

xx, solidhex
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