April 25, 2011

Egg Dying

Thanks to Martha Stewart, more often than not, my go to guru for everything home + family related – I put on a lovely little Easter brunch today.

This Easter weekend LM spent 2 nights with his Grandparents. They always have the best time tiring each other out and my hubby and I got to party down. While LM was on the car ride back to the city with his Papa, I had some time to get some important work done to prep my Easter brunch.

We just had a couple of friends over for 12 noon and since it was during the 8 days of Passover where we did our best to keep Kosher (no bread, but yes bacon) I had a nice challenge on my hands.

Here’s the menu I came up with based on these data points…

* Scrambled eggs with roasted red pepper & feta
* Brown sugar topped bacon
* Herbed cream cheese with matzo for spreading
* Lox, lemons & celery…

* Fruit salad
* Coffee & OJ

Breakfast was easy, delicious and beautiful. Took me less then 2 hours to prepare…

10am – Took out 8 oz block of cream cheese to soften; set the table – used paper plates with blue + white stripes which were in the shape of eggs (very cute, got at Target).

10:30am – Took a walk to Murray’s Bagels to pick up fresh Nova Lox.
11am – Got the bacon into the oven. For the recipe click here.

11:30am –
~ Plated the lox with lemon wedges and celery sticks leftover from the Spring Fling party on Friday.
~ Chopped herbs, celery and scallions that were leftover in the fridge and combined well with the cream cheese (seriously, to die for delish)
~ Took out the bacon to cool
~ Set out the leftover fruit salad
~ Whisk together 12 eggs
As our guests walked in the eggs were made and LM had already started to sample…the food was a huge hit.

LM is wondering why the mozzarella balls are falling…I was a bit hungover. Couldn’t strive for perfection at this very moment. Give me a break would ya?!

Now – you’re probably wondering when we’re getting to the eggs? So after looking at a million sites and studying Martha’s tricks here’s how we dye…

1.) Boil your eggs + cool; save your egg carton for drying the eggs; set out newspaper on your workspace.
2.) Using a glass jar for each color, fill halfway with water and add a good splash of distilled vinegar.

3.) Squish out 5-10+ drops of food coloring into the water mixture.
4.) Wrap your eggs with rubber bands if you want to create a white design on your egg.
5.) Dip your egg. And let it sit in the mixture for a good 5-10+ minutes.

The longer you wait…the darker the eggies get.

6.) Scoop your egg out with a spoon and place in the reserved carton for drying.
7.) Once your eggs are dry…go nuts! Hide em, eat em or throw em in a bed of wheat grass…ha ha ha…

Have fun…We sure did!! And Happy Easter to all of our friends.

xx, solidhex
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