August 31, 2011

Date night in the Hamptons

For the first time this summer my husband and I got to go out on a date, by ourselves. It’s been probably the most hectic summer of our lives with guests visiting, my LMP biz getting started and the stock market taking a nose dive into the dirt. So going out to dinner alone was a real treat for us.
Since coming out east for the past 5 years we’ve been dying to try Stone Creek Inn. Stationed in an old B&B looking type house this romantic restaurant is the perfect place for a night out with a loved one. The setting is very cozy and rustic feeling almost like you’re dining in a ski lodge which is a trip during the summer. The service was decent though it felt like it was rookie night where the waiters lacked the experience you would expect from a fine dining establishment like this one. The food on the other hand was superb. I started with the yellow fin tuna tartare which was tossed with ginger, soy sauce, chives and topped with a wasabi caviar. I could have eaten 10 plates of this.

My hubby got the smoked salmon platter which was buttery and beyond delicious. We started off on a high note.

We shared a bottle of Cakebread chardonnay which was a lovely compliment to the appies and for dinner had a glass of red Malbec which went perfectly with the insanely succulent baby lamb chops that I indulged in.

There was a $30 prix fixed meal which was surprising given the upscale vibe to this restaurant but much appreciated considering the current state of the world. From this my hubby ordered a pork chop as his main entree and was decently satisfied. Unfortunately I’m not sure we’ll ever eat a better piece of pork since dining at The Patio in Westhampton. Their pork chop is flash seared and then finished in the oven with a maple mustard sauce. Beyond to die for. Not sure why we ever bother ordering pork anywhere but! However he still enjoyed and better yet got a decadent chocolate trio dessert to round off the steal of an order he placed from the PF menu.

We had a fantastic night out and I’d highly recommend this joint for a nice dining experience out east.
Stone Creek Inn
405 Montauk Highway
East Quogue, NY  11942

xx, Seri
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August 29, 2011

I’ll have S’more please

My cousin Carly was visiting me out east last week with my Auntie Marissa. We had the perfect mix of meals out at my favorite spots in the Hamptons and home cookin’. Luckily, since I don’t love to bake, Cousin Carly was here to take care of desserts. She had the bright idea of making s’mores pizza. I love pizza, I love s’mores, so how could this go wrong? It was out of this world. I literally ate half of this delectable dessert by 10pm evening of the baking. The recipe was adapted from a post  Carly found on a site called Dinner Or Dessert. Trust me on this one…you want to try it.

xx, Seri
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August 27, 2011

An East Hampton Engagement Soiree

Michelle and I put on our first party together this July. It was an engagement party for 50 people in East Hampton and was absolutely perfect. The weather was incredible, sunny and clear, the food was delicious and the decor was beautiful. Our bride to be sent us a link to Style Me Pretty for the inspiration for her party. With this we designed a black, white and yellow engagement soiree.

We designed the party with the base of a damask print and worked our color around this to add pops of yellow throughout the party. Since the party was held at our client’s private residence in East Hampton we wanted to keep a beachy vibe by using lanterns on the tables and starfish as napkin weights.

Our bartender was fantastic and totally on top of the drinks that we served. We kept the bar simple with ice cold beers which we served in galvanized beverage tins with sunflowers stuck in, white and rose wines, prosseco and a signature drink which was the hit of the party – an organic vodka lemonade.

Our LMP assistant Ali designed personalized bottle labels for the water we served on our bar. They turned out looking chic and were a fun way to display a simple product for the guests at the party adding some pizzaz to the bar.

As far as the food we put together a table of “nibbles” including summer gazpacho shooters, a crudités bar, fresh focaccia, prosciutto wrapped melon + figs and marinated mozzarella, tomato + basil skewers that we presented in wheat grass crates.

The table came together beautifully. Everything looked and tasted fresh and the guests were nibbling away as they sipped on their cocktails and mingled at the start of the party.

For the dinner portion of the evening we served foods that could be eaten while standing and chatting. We passed the following around to the guests:
* Sage and lemon meatballs served with balsamic for dipping
* Rosemary lamb chops with fresh mint and parsley sauce
* Shrimp salad LT’s (lettuce + tomato)
* Zucchini ribbons with goat cheese
* Chicken summer rolls with a peanut sauce and chili cilantro for dipping
* Garden veggie orzo salad cups

An LMP signature “extra” is the personalized napkin. Always a nice touch to add a little something special into the mix with the food we serve. Another LMP “extra” that we provided for this special couple was a scrapbook for their friends to sign. We added a Polaroid camera with extra film, sharpies and tape so each guest could snap a shot, stick it into the book and sign a note. A wonderful keepsake filled with good advice and wishes for the future Mr. & Mrs.

Last but certainly not least was dessert. We served stationed at the same table used for the nibbles and had a sweet and pretty assortment including lemon + chocolate macarons from our favorite spot in the city called La Maison Du Macaron, brownie bites topped with raspberries, fresh fruit skewers, chocolate hearts and chocolate covered pretzels topped with sunshine sprinkles.

For the guests to take away we served a bowl with M&M’s along with a scoop and berry containers to be filled with the small treats.

As for the photography, our bride works for the incredibly talented Christian Oth. From the studio Shawn Connell worked the engagement party and took magnificent shots.
Overall the party was a huge success and the bride + groom we worked with were absolutely darling. The family and friends who were at their party were also terrific and it was a great pleasure working with this entire bunch. We look forward to sharing many more celebrations with M&J in the future!
Best wishes from LMP on your wedding.  xx

xx, Seri
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August 24, 2011

LMP’s annual family BBQ

Every year I put on a family bbq to gather my husbands relatives for a weekend of swimming, good food and tons of fun. Ok, so this is only the second year I’ve done this…but hey, it’s a new tradition that I’m going to play it out as long as I can! It’s a great way to get all of the kids together. There are 7 little ones and they are all very close in age. They get along so incredibly well and it’s been so sweet watching them bond over the past couple of years.
Last year I learned my lesson by serving a menu that was not all that easy to prepare, so I took a different approach this time. Thanks to the Hostess with the Mostess who supplied this incredible menu plan, printables and advice for table and decor – I set up a make your gourmet hot dog bar,  Um, brilliant.  I knew this crowd liked to eat…but boy did they ever gobble this menu up leaving me smiling and proud!

The table was fun, the toppings for the dogs were delicious and the Frito’s corn chips used as part of the decor were a fantastic compliment to the ball park franks. I gave the potato salad job to our Uncle Steve becuase he’s got the magic touch when it comes to mayo. Though he arrived a bit late and put me into a panic when my indi potato cup servings were empty…his tater salad was a huge hit and made an encore for our dinner.

I kept the bevvies simple by serving Pellegrino, bottled water, ice cold beers, wine and soda and dessert was simply sliced watermelon. The kids couldn’t get enough and the adults devoured the juicy triangles of the farmer’s market melon.

Rewind to Friday night. We had a family dinner to kick off the weekend and to make things super easy I just took out some chicken that I had frozen (on Thursday am as it has a long defrosting period), doused in extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper and threw it on the grill on high.  With the help of my dear Canadian Diana’s sauce, I slathered on the bbq sauce at the very end of my cooking process and just let it carmelize for a few minutes. On the side I served a macaroni salad, light on the mayo and a tomato + mozerella salad.  Easy peasy and totally scrumptious!

Cute for the kids…the zoo-animal plates from Target. They have cups with lids and straws too…always a hit!

Saturday morning…needed to feed 10. Made an overnight blueberry frenchtoast bake.  Holy mother of you know what, was this decadent and amazing.

Saturday night AFTER the family BBQ…that’s right, they don’t leave (ha!) we planned well in advance and smoked a pork butt. Now this is way out of my league so my husband and cousin Craig were in charge. 18 hours (that’s right, started Friday night…) smoked on the big green egg. Best pulled pork you’ll ever eat in your life. We took the recipe from the internet so if you have a smoker and you want to try this you can do the same. And if you’re wondering why this butt is getting a shot…it’s apple juice being injected into the rump…for extra flavor and juiciness. Hmm hmm was this ever good.

xx, Seri
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August 18, 2011

A fresh take on invitations

A friend of mine, Kaitlin, has recently launched a new business designing invitations.  I know you’ve seen countless sites out there in the printer’s world, BUT Kaitlin’s designs are fresh, hip and totally affordable and I am super excited to announce Kaitlin Mahony as LMP’s newest invitation partner.  She is currently working on her website and of course once she launches we’ll be sure to update on our blog roll.  In the meantime, here are a few of her designs and of course if you’re looking for pricing, special design requests or have any questions you can go through the LMP services website to order.


xx, Seri
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