October 25, 2016

Spiced Gin, Ginger and Cider Cocktail


Pretty sure we’ve mentioned this to you all before, but here at LMP, Halloween is our absolute FAVORITE holiday. It literally requires you to dress up and throw fabulous themed parties with cool, spooky decor… what could be better??


Since Halloween is coming up on Monday, I made this weeks cocktail with the idea in mind that this one would be an excellent option to serve at your costume shindig! Introducing… the Spiced Gin, Ginger and Apple Cider. This baby uses the finest and freshest Fall ingredients that will definitely be a hit among your guests.


Here’s what you need:
-fresh apple cider
-fresh apples
-ginger ale
-ground cinnamon
-ground nutmeg

Here’s what to do:
1) Add ice to each of your cocktail glasses. Measure out 1.5 oz. of gin into each glass on top of the ice.
2) Add 2 oz. of ginger ale to each glass.  Fill the rest of each glass to the top with apple cider.

3) Sprinkle some cinnamon and nutmeg to the top of each of your glasses.  Gently stir spices and ingredients together.
4) Add a few apple slices and an apple wedge to the rim of each glass for garnish.



Sip, and enjoy! This drink is perfect to serve at your upcoming Halloween Party. I styled these with these awesome bat stirrers that we had in our studio left over from a shoot.


This drink would fit in perfectly with our Halloween Party in a Box, which was just featured on the Today Show yesterday! We are ALMOST sold out — get yours while they are still available 🎃


Cheers, and Happy Halloween!

xx, Abby
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October 24, 2016

It’s a BIG Monday here at LMP.

LOTS to tell you today…Pay Attention because we have perks for YOU TOO!


First of all, Little Miss Halloween Party in a Box…will be featured on NBC. WHAT?  We are dying to see what they do with our party box…hope it’s something GOOD! Tune in to the Today Show at 10am to watch along with us.


To celebrate we’re offering a Buy One Get One Free on this Party Box! You heard us! BOGO FREE! Find this option in the drop down menu in our shop hereOffer ends tonight at 11:59pm EST. Grab your costumes and let’s get this party started…


Last but not least…our new friends at Hey Mama are talking all about us and our box today! We are SO flattered!  And Michelle is sharing the most fabulous Halloween Party tips over there. It’s time to pour a cocktail and start Halloween Party planning!


Can ALL Mondays be this fabulous please?!

Photos by Abby Copleston

xx, Seri
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October 21, 2016

Chef Luke makes guacamole with his brother


This week Chef Luke welcomed his brother, Gavin into the kitchen with him. With all the holidays coming up Luke decided to make his favorite party food…guacamole. He’s serving his guacamole…in a hollowed out pumpkin for a Halloween Party. Pretty perfect.


First things first…we needed some avocados. Luke went with Gavin and Kathleen to the supermarket to pick these up before getting started so they had to be ripe. Ripe avocados are soft when you squeeze them but not too soft or they will be brown when you cut inside.


To cut the guacamole you want to take your knife and circle it around the entire avocado. Then you twist and it will come apart. You can stab the pit with your knife to pull it out. Just be careful!

Once you’ve got the avocado split in half, take a spoon and go around the skin to scoop out the flesh. Or just squeeze it out like Chef Luke and Gavin discovered they could do…



Once you’ve got your avocado in a bowl, you want to hit it with some lime juice so it doesn’t turn brown. Then you mash, smash n mash.



While Luke was mashing…Gavin was busy chopping tomatoes to add in next. Using a child safe knife he chopped up plum tomatoes into cubes.




They added tomatoes, chopped red onion, a teaspoon of minced garlic, salt and pepper. Now STIR.



To serve the guacamole dip they filled up a hollowed out pumpkin. How festive is this for fall? Perfect for a Halloween party or playdate.




And don’t forget your Halloween Party in a Box. Now on sale! Enter LMP20 to receive $20 off your next order. Happy Halloween Eating!


OH, and here’s a little video of the whole process :)

xx, Seri
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October 20, 2016

Shibori Napkin DIY … it’s easy I PROMISE!

Shibori is a Japanese form of dyeing fabric that consists of binding and folding fabric to create amazing patterns. It’s usually done with indigo dye, but I had a vision of deep purple napkins for my tablescape, so I veered a little bit away from the norm. Regardless of the color….the results are GORGEOUS!
There are endless ways to fold and bind the fabric, but I used a very simple and straightforward method.  Here is what you will need :

* fabric dye or an indigo dye kit – found at all major craft stores.
* cloth napkins – preferably made of natural fibers — these will absorb the dye best
* rubber gloves
* cardboard
* rubber bands or twine/string
* scissors
* bucket or large bowl

I started by folding each napkin into a small rectangular shape, using an accordion method.  First, lay the napkin flat on your work surface.
Fold the napkin in half. And then in half again.
And then in half a third time, so you have a skinny napkin fold.
Next, you will pleat the napkin in the opposite direction, alternating which way you fold.
You should end up with this at the end :
Next, cut two cardboard pieces out, roughly the size of the flat folded side of the napkin. You can use any cardboard you have, I happened to use a paper plate because that is all I had at the moment!
dsc_0249-copy dsc_0253-copy dsc_0256-copy
Place a rectangle at each end of the folded napkin.
dsc_0278-copy dsc_0279-copy dsc_0280-copy
And wrap the bundle with rubber bands or twine/string.
dsc_0282-copy dsc_0283-copy dsc_0286-copy dsc_0288-copy dsc_0291-copy
Now it’s time for the fun stuff ! Mix the dye according to the package directions. I was only dyeing 8 napkins and didn’t want to waste my whole bottle of dye, so I made up a small batch in a plastic bowl instead of using a large bucket.
dsc_0295-copy dsc_0297-copy dsc_0303-copy dsc_0306-copy dsc_0311-copy
To avoid making a huge mess, I actually did my dyeing right in the sink!! For big jobs, I would probably take this project out on the grass so nothing in your house gets accidentally dyed. Take each napkin bundle, wet it with water (so the dye absorbs better) and then pour the dye all over it, covering both sides. You can repeat this step depending on how rich you would like the color to be.
dsc_0312-copy dsc_0317-copy  dsc_0323-copy dsc_0328-copy
Once you are done, you will wrap your napkin bundle in cellophane and leave it overnight to dry.
dsc_0333-copy dsc_0336-copy
After a good 24 hours, you can unwrap and behold the beauty !!
You can experiment with several different shapes of cardboard like triangles or squares. Or even just using rubber bands to bunch around the fabric. It’s all about creating the negative and positive space.
dsc_0342-copy dsc_0345-copy
These turned out perfectly for my upcoming table scape!

xoxo, Michelle

xx, Abby
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October 19, 2016

A Barnyard Birthday Bash



Well this may be it folks…our most adorable birthday party to date! Seriously….this barnyard bash was udderly fantastic! (Pun intended).


This birthday was a joint party for two adorable little gals turning 3 and 4. Obviously best friends and lovers of all adorable animals.


Our clients, two very stylish woman, booked an event space that blew our minds. Industria NYC located over on the west side has several spaces that are commonly used for events and photo shoots. The studio that these ladies booked for their daughter’s birthday party had concrete floors, exposed brick walls and a garage that opened up right onto the streets of NYC.




To create the ultimate barnyard bash they asked us if we could bring in a pony for the kids to ride and farm animals for the kids to pet. Needless to say…this idea went over pretty well! Thanks to Aly’s Ponies who brought in a variety of farm animals such as ducks, goats and bunnies. Their staff was super friendly and the kids had a blast touching, feeling and taking photos with these animals.




We didn’t stop there with the entertainment. Ramblin’ Dan & The Freewheelin’ Band came in to preform for the kids. They are our favorite kids band in NYC. Dan is so animated and FUN! Plus he plays songs the best songs including top hits that he puts a really awesome spin on appealing to the whole crowd, kids and adults.



We also set a table up for Melinda Prom and her team to paint the faces of all the kids at the party. Also…a HIT!



For the food buffet, we called in Poppy’s Catering for an assortment of children’s sammies and platters of cheese, meat, fruit and veggies. Poppy’s also make the most delicious homemade chips that they package up so beautifully for parties. Was the perfect mix of food for the parents who were busy chasing after their kids at this party. Our favorite part of this food buffet? See that barn on the wall?  Don’t even ask how we got it up there. It involved using a horse on a stick…HA!




Huge thanks to Abby’s grandmother who gave us tons of antique items straight from her farm in upstate New York! We’ll forever cherish these items and use them over and over again at our events.



For the cakes, each birthday girl told us their favorite animal. One requested a farm animal  favorite – the cow, and the other gal wanted a cake that looked like her favorite stuffed animal doggie! We worked with the amazing team at Tribeca Treats who totally nailed these cakes.



How about our Barnyard Bar? Homemade lemonade from Poppy’s Catering, paper cow cups, milk and chocolate milk boxes and of course water bottles with adorable custom labels designed by Maggie.





As a thank you and a send off to all the kids who attended our clients found stick horses. How amazing?! So fitting for the party theme and too cute for words.


Now I think you can see what I mean about this party being pretty fabulous and a fave to date. Happy birthday to our new friends!

Photos taken by Abby Copleston
Rentals from Please be Seated

xx, Abby
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