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April 23rd

Little Miss Chatty with Gracious Goodies AND a Giveaway!

Welcome to another edition of Little Miss Chatty.
Today we are featuring the two adorable ladies, behind the genius brand Gracious Goodies - welcome bags for hotel guests.
Have you ever driven for what seems like hours, got to the hotel room excited to rummage through the welcome bag and been sadly let down? Us too. That half crushed bag of pretzels and mini water bottle only go so far. Seri and I know all too well the importance and value of a well thought out gift bag. Enter Gracious Goodies; a NY and LA based company specializing in custom and locally themed gift bags for all of your out-of-town guests and late night partygoers.   And these gals Sara and Bree thought of everything.  In addition to the carefully curated selection of treats, you have the option of choosing from a ton of thoughtful extras such as magazines, (US weekly anyone?) beach towels, kids coloring books, local maps and more.   Simple choose your tote, make your selections and they handle the rest — pretty easy, right?  Bags are hand delivered if you are in the NY or LA area and can also be shipped anywhere nationwide.  And these stylish totes are not limited to just weddings. We love this idea for corporate functions or as a custom party favor! Your guests will thank you — we promise.

xx, Michelle

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April 22nd

Sip in Style this Spring

The sun is out, it’s warming up and we’re putting away our puffer coats. It’s time to style spring! I hit the shops and found some looks that are fresh and fabulous for the warmer weather.
LMP Shops 9
Let’s start here, with the perfect casual outfit for a quick cocktail…LMP Shops5

Shirt + Shorts: J.Crew // Headband: Urban Outfitters


xx, Seri

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April 21st

Easter in the burbs

I want to first say HAPPY EASTER to everyone! Hope the warm weather here on the East Coast made everyone’s weekend extra special.  I am happy to announce our winner for the Fatty Sundays Giveaway … Mayuri Amuluru! Congratulations! Email me here to claim your prize!

Yesterday, my husband and I hosted 18 people for Easter. This was my first major Holiday post baby and all I can say is WOW was that exhausting! So incredibly fun, but the prep work/clean up was enough to make me sleep for 2 days — which everyone knows is impossible with a baby.  Obviously, in my craziness I forgot/was too busy to take a lot of really good pictures, so please forgive my very rushed iPhone pics! Hey – not everything can be professionally shot :)

I always start every holiday/dinner party by setting my table.  It helps me to feel super organized and also sets the tone for the event.  For more than 10 people, I start with my solid white porcelain dishes from Target.  I absolutely LOVE these dishes bc they are so chic and clean, they are super affordable so if one breaks it’s no biggie, and they pack away in convenient cardboard boxes with handles for easy storage in my basement.  For a larger group, they really are a no brainer!
I wanted to use a palette of coral and green, so I started with these Nicole Miller napkins from HomeGoods that I found a few months back and have been dying for a reason to use them!  To keep it simple, I used bright green pitchers that are part of the Oh Joy! for Target collection as vases.  We love repurposing at LMP!  Tulips are classic Easter flowers and I chose bright orange and yellow since you can never have too much color after a winter like we had.
I prepared a pretty huge feast for Easter so I went with a small number of appetizers for people to nibble on when they arrived.  Can you guess what my first app was? A cheese plate? Wow – how did you guess? Ha! I am pretty predictable in that department.  What can I say…I love cheese! That and I am also addicted to using this fabulous Williams-Sonoma cheese board.  It’s so gorgeous and always the star of the show.  I set out a few cheeses, a few cured meats, some olives and dried apricots.   In separate square bowls I had spring baby veggies with a fresh dill dip.

xx, Michelle

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April 18th

Ready, Set, Weekend with Hannah Baker

Things I love: miniature food.  Baby artichokes?? Adorable. Thus I thought I’d try my hand at some roasted baby artichokes.  Super simple, very few ingredients. Pair with a rotisserie chicken and a side salad and you have an easy, healthy and delicious summer meal.  And even though it just snowed mid APRIL here in NYC, I’m ready for the summer meals.

Recipe was adapted from the Food Network.
Here we go -

9 baby artichokes (about 2 pounds)
2 lemons, cut in half
1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil
2 to 3 tablespoons good-quality balsamic vinegar
2 teaspoons kosher salt
1/4 teaspoon freshly cracked black pepper
2 cloves garlic, peeled and minced
1/4 cup grated Parmigiano-Reggiano

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.

Prepare artichokes. Remove the tough outer leaves of the artichokes and trim the stems. Use a vegetable peeler to remove the tough outer green layer from the stem. (This is VERY important! These will come out very tough if you don’t cut them down). Cut off the top third of the head to remove the tough ends of the leaves, then split it down the middle. Rub with lemon as you work so they don’t turn brown.

xx, Seri

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April 17th

Dip, Drop, Dye it’s time for some Easter DIY

Doesn’t Easter just scream DIY? We think so! Especially when it comes to the kiddos. This year we tried egg dying two ways…here’s how…
With my lil man I went down the traditional road of dip, drop, dye. We went to Target and grabbed an Easter egg dying kit for $2.50 including a pastel color palette along with a bottle of vinegar.
Egg colors
The kit also included stickers, egg holders and glitter! We added glitter to each cup of dye to make for some fancy eggs. We also tied ribbon bands around a few of the eggs to make for some fun patterns when the eggs dried and we removed the bands.

xx, Seri

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