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July 30th

Little Miss Chatty with “I Wash You Dry”

Do you love to cook yet hate to clean? Us too! Meet Shawn Syphus who created her very popular blog, I Wash You Dry, centered around this exact premise – fabulous meals that require little clean up. We were recently introduced to Shawn while working with General Mills on the launch of their fruitier tasting Trix cereal. We immediately fell in love with her site and were super excited to sit down with her to find out more about this busy mother of four.
We absolutely love the name of your blog…how did you get started writing it?  
Several years ago I had a personal blog that I kept updated with pictures of the kids and all the fun things we did so family members living in different states could keep up with us. I loved cooking and making fun new recipes, and eventually I had a lot of friends and family asking for recipes. I thought it might be easier to share the recipes online, and that’s when the idea of I Wash… You Dry was born. I remember going to lunch with a few girlfriends and shyly bringing up the topic of a food blog. I asked them if they would follow it, to which they replied yes. I’m pretty sure when I got home from lunch I sat down on the computer and got started on designing my site. The name, I Wash You Dry, was simply something that I felt really resembled what cooking is all about. Spending time together in the kitchen, cooking an easy meal that uses as few dishes as possible, enjoying said meal, and then quickly cleaning up. 

You’ve recently partnered with General Mills to showcase the new Fruitier taste of Trix cereal. How did you get involved with GM? One of the awesome perks of being a food blogger is being able to sample some of the newest and greatest products out there. I was contacted by General Mills last year to sample some of their cereals. Being a long time fan (and having 4 hungry children), I was extremely excited to receive a big box full of all sorts of cereals. I think the first package I received from them was full of the Monster’s Cereal, and they even sent me an awesome t-shirt (that I still wear as pajamas… along with some Lucky Charms pajama pants). When National Cereal Day came along they sent me another package filled with tons of party supplies (made by LMP of course), along with tons of tiny cereal boxes. There was a box of Trix cereal in there and being my oldest daughter’s favorite, she was super excited. I snapped a picture of her ready to devour some of the Trix and that’s when General Mills and I got to talking about the new fruiter taste of Trix and creating some recipes for them. My daughter pretty much fainted at the thought.

xx, Michelle

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July 29th

Styling Trix

Well…we are kinda busting right now. Please brace yourselves…because I never thought cereal could look…this good. Ready?
Michelle and I were asked to design a Little Miss Party in a Box for Trix. Celebrating 60 years, new flavors and a whole new look. Chic, Colorful, Edible, Go.
So we brightened up brunch!
The box serves 6 of your friends for Sunday brunch, filled with goodies from some of the most adorable gals and fellow “mompreneurs” to making cereal super chic.
Set your table with these awesome placemats from Outside the Box Papers. They designed these fabulous placemats for our party and are the sweetest to work with!
Top your table with the basic setting BUT…make it super cute:
Ice cream cereal bowls, biodegradable spoons, cocktail napkins and stripey straws all by the awesome Joanne of Oh Goodie Designs. She made confetti wands just for us….do you know how much fun it is to toss confetti? Try it. Trust us.
Glass milk bottles for your orange juice, milk or to set out some flowers! These fabulous striped bottles are from our fave party store online: Shop Sweet Lulu. Filling all of your party needs in the most chic way!

xx, Seri

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July 28th

Eat our decorations.

When designing a party we get pretty nuts with the decor. For some reason we just can’t contain ourselves. We live for those ridiculously chic details that makes a party stylish.
Of course…there’s nothing as important as the food. Keep everyone happy by having a nosh on something delicious throughout your celebration.
So we were thinking…
What if…
We could eat our decorations?
LMP loves cereal, especially when its sweet, crunchy, bright and bold.
Well lucky for us…we got to work with General Mills on an awesome project for Trix. Every day this week we will be telling you all about the new fruitier flavors that Trix has released to the shelves…and how we styled these delicious puffs! Make sure you check back daily for all of the amazing details. DIY tutorials, a special interview with a surprise, Canadian friend, a giveaway and more!
After coming up with super fun and some silly ways to use Trix cereal as party decor, we got to build a special edition of Little Miss Party in a Box for Trix. We sent out these boxes to some notable friends and cannot wait to hear what they think…
Since the theme here is edible décor…let us show you some fun ways to play with your food!
Let me ask you a question: Could it get any easier then this? Take yogurt of your liking (my fave is vanilla) and layer it with crushed and whole Trix. Add whatever else you wish in there such as fruit, granola, shredded coconut, you name it. Gorgeous, delicious, boom. Brightens up the room and makes a great dish for brunch.

xx, Seri

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July 25th

Ready, Set, Weekend with the Garden of Eatin’

Everything but the Kitchen Sink Salad by the Garden of Eatin’
Salads are an everyday essential in our home. I usually make a big ass one so the leftovers can be recycled into my lunch for work the next day. When I visit LMP out East I always seem to amaze the family with the crazy salad combo’s I come up with to accompany our meals. Here’s my theory, if it’s in the fridge and it’s not too weird, it’s goin in the salad.
I‘m all for adding lots of color and goodness to my salad creations. Here’s how it works. Open the fridge, take a look inside your veggie and fruit drawer. Take out what you think would be your salad base and then start going nuts. One of my biggest pet peeves is a lack of fruit in the house (and a lack of paper towel but let’s save that conversation for another time….Hello my name is Debi and I am a paper towel addict).
I like to stock my fridge with a combo of pears, plums, apricots, apples, avocados, grapefruit and strawberries.
Some typical MUST HAVE salad basics are:
Dried fruit
Easy? Yes. Fun? Wow.
You’ll be surprised at what you can combine just using a little imagination. You don’t have to stick with the basics listed above ….just go nuts.
Here’s one of the combo’s I made for a bbq recently hosted by LMP Toronto. It’s one of the few times that I go overboard with ingredients. Don’t be intimidated,  it’s really super easy to do when you just start grabbing things within your reach.
Mixed greens
Mix of red and yellow peppers
Dried blueberries or cranberries
Red Grapefruit
Crunchy dried peas
Slivered Almonds
Red Plums
English Cucumbers
(any dressing is fine….don’t stress)
@thegardenofeatin Salad 101 – Check!
Can hardly wait to see ya again next week.

xx, Seri

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July 24th

Cheers Bitches

Last weekend I hosted my five best girlfriends from Toronto at my summer home in Quogue, for the weekend. When hosting anyone, friends or family, I am ALWAYS prepared. That’s right…with a perfectly appropriate “Cheers Bitches” garland hanging and all. We found this adorable glitter garland on Etsy (of course!) and have used it for showers and bachelorette parties to spice things up. Always a hit!
This was a particularly special weekend since it had been five years since we all spent time like this together. Where those five years went? I have no clue. But I wasn’t going to waste one second with these gals on this child free (went to my in-laws) weekend!
When at my house out east, we have some pretty basic priorities: eating, drinking and eating more. When the girls arrived I had a platter of tomatillo and avocado dip with blue corn chips ready and waiting. We immediately started catching up while noshing and sipping on a glass of crisp white wine.
It’s always very important to me to make my guests feel at home. Each girl had an LMP welcome pail waiting by their bedside. The pail was filled with items they would need (and likely forgot to bring with them) over the weekend: sunblock, make up and nail polish removers, a bottle of water, granola bar, etc.

xx, Seri

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