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October 23rd

Snacks N’ Sips for Halloween

Halloween Fun9
I think by now you know we love to eat and drink things that are pretty and simple to make. So here’s what we’ve been serving up this month for play dates, cocktail hour and parties.
Skewers: You can put pretty much anything on a stick these days. We took yellow grape tomatoes and mozzarella and thread onto short bamboo picks. We lay em’ over a bed of basil in a small cast iron pan. Note…these will go FAST. Make a lot. And prep in advance so you have ready to go when you’re guests arrive!
Halloween Fun2
Witches Brooms: Mini Reese Peanut Butter Cups + pretzel rods = broomsticks! Does it get easier then this?

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October 22nd

A Day at the State Fair

Get ready for a whole bunch of cute! We recently had the privilege of planning a special little boy’s 1st birthday celebration. His Mommy grew up in Minnesota where the Minnesota State Fair was the event of the season so we knew we had to make this one big.
Let’s start with everyone’s favorite – Dessert! We fell in love with these cow patterned balloons which we anchored in baskets of apples on either side of the dessert table.

Our girl Angela at Making that Cake outdid herself again with these corn dog shaped sugar cookies and mini pies.


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October 21st

How to Host a TMNT Playdate

My kid is kinda obsessed with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles right now. So when my friend Ilana of Mommy Shorts passed along an invite to meet the Turtles at the Toys R Us in Times Square it was pretty hard to pass up.
This was not the type of meeting my son took lightly.
He dressed up in a collared shirt and hip sweatshirt to meet these guys. It was a ridiculously exciting day.
I took Gavin to an exclusive meet and greet with the celebrity voice talent and executive producers behind Nickelodeon’s hit animated series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Gav and I got to conduct an interview with this group and I’m not gonna lie…I really didn’t know what to ask them. I was dating back a good 20 or so years since I had seen the show myself. Yikes. 
SO…I asked you. Our readers! What would you ask the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles if you had the chance to meet them?And honestly guys? You gave us the best ideas! Here’s how the interview went…followed by how I was inspired to do conduct a TMNT Playdate for Gavin and his buddies…
LMP: Why do the turtles love pizza so much?
TMNT: Who doesn’t love pizza?
LMP: So what is their favorite pizza place in New York City?
TMNT: Johns…? Johns!! “Jonatello pizza” kidding.
Also, Lombardis.
However when in North Hollywood go to Little Tonies…not quite pizza pie but pizza cracker….good date night spot.  
Um…I want to go!
LMP: Gavin has recently gotten into Karate and may or may not think he’s some type of super hero.
TMNT: Was it the turtles that inspired you, Gavin to take up Karate?
Gavin: Um, no. Ninjago.

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October 20th

Gifts for your Hosts this fall

Over our 14 years of living together in New York City, my husband and I have met some of the most incredible couples. There are certain friends who you just know, will be in your lives forever.
This weekend we went to visit our very close family friends in Boston. They have two boys within the same age range as ours and they all get along famously.
I do not like going anywhere empty handed. Especially when spending an entire weekend with someone. So I wanted to have some fun with the right gift for our loving hosts. With Little Miss Party in a Box officially launching so soon, I can’t help make a box out of everything! So here’s what my husband and I came up with…
I am a sucker for wine and cheese. It’s always a go to when having guests – especially when they arrive from out of town. When Eleia opened this box of goodies she immediately poured the wine and set out a few blocks of cheese, grapes and crackers.
Amuse cutting board, $19.95
Gold wine glass writer, $3.95
Set of 20 Fox beverage napkins, $5.95
Jules juice glasses, $2.95
Every summer Jeff and Adam enjoy cocktails while BBQ’ing. So Adam thought…why not put together all of the ingredients to stir up a cocktail when we arrive.
Eleia and Jeff moved into a new home almost two years ago but this was our first time visiting them there. These gifts went over pretty well….and didn’t take us very long to break em in.
Harry rocks glasses, $6.95
Recipe cocktail plates, $24.95 (now $16.97!)
Jumbo ice tray, $7.95
Carter muddler, $12.95
Carter whisk, $7.95

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October 17th

Ready, Set, Weekend with the Garden of Eatin’

Please brace yourselves…
I have not been giving intros to Aunt Debi’s weekly LMP Columns but I just had to shout it out for this one because really…this is beyond FABULOUS! Easy as it is delicious and absolutely stunning. I know because I got to devour this bad boy at our dinner for Thanksgiving in Toronto last week. ENJOY!

Halloween is just around the corner and you know what that means? Oodles and oodles of mini candies laying around the house just begging to be eaten.
Before I tell you how to make an unbelievably easy dessert with all the LEFTOVER candy your kids have collected, let me give you a bit of history on Halloween in my home. When my kids were small, I sent them packing with king size pillow cases door to door to collect the goods. When they returned, the contents inside the pillow case were dumped onto the family room floor for inspection.
Inspection was always conducted by YOURS TRULY to ensure the following criteria:
A.   There was nothing sketchy looking inside the bag ( i.e. apples, homemade foods & razor blades)
B.    There were no tampered boxes or unwrapped candies floating around in the pile
C.   There were enough boxes of Kit Kats & Snickers bars to satisfy MY needs for at least a week
D.   There were at least 5 Twizzler packs to ONCE AGAIN satisfy MY needs for at least a week
E.    There were at least 6 mini boxes of Smarties with the same rules above

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